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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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27,236 backers pledged $5,004,614 to help bring this project to life.

Wave 2 is Mailing Out!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

We are pleased to announce that Wave 2 shipping continues on schedule!

  • APAC hub will finish mailing out pledges to backers by the end of the week.
  • Australia hub has just started mailing out pledges.
  • EU hub starts mailing out pledges today.
  • USA Hub will begin mailing out pledges next week (this includes South America, Africa, and others)
  • Canada hub is still waiting for the container to arrive next week before they can start mailing out pledges.

Please be patient, as it may still take some time until you receive your tracking number and pledge.

All of the new Wave 2 figures.
All of the new Wave 2 figures.

For the Green Horde!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Trevor G on

      Same here in Canada. Still no show. My local game store has had it on its shelf for a few months now. This is ridiculous... Any update is helpful?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeff Butler on

      Still waiting on my pledge to arrive. No details have been given about tracking. Others have already received theirs. How do I track down mine?

    3. Mike Mills on

      I have not received base game or anything. U.S.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jan Buß on

      Germany still waiting :-(

    5. Missing avatar

      scott voigts on

      Had anyone in the states received their shipment? Any updates as I am still waiting.

    6. Simon Forsyth on

      Australia, still waiting

    7. Federico Faenza on

      aaaand I never received the pledge manager link, that was the problem in the first place.
      Hope it will be sorted!

    8. Federico Faenza on

      I'm in Italy, and I haven't received my pledge yet. And it's coming to stores this week, so I'm kinda disappointed.

    9. Nick Carris on

      I am in the USA and have not received anything yet either.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jakub Hais on

      I´m from Czech Republic and I have not received my pledge yet.

    11. Mike Lucas

      I am in the USA and I have not received my game or the tracking number yet.

    12. Missing avatar

      Lukas on

      No wave 1, neither wave 2, trancking number. I'm from Europe Czech Republic

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Homes on

      Still no sign of mine in Australia.

    14. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      I live in Brazil and haven't received anything... :/

    15. Tomas

      I als o still haven't received my pledge Europe Czech Republic. What is wrong?

    16. Daniel Hahn on

      No notification , washington state USA

    17. Benjamin Kastberg Kristensen on

      Well, according to your tracker I picked up my package on the 13th, only I wasn't even in the same country at that date. So clearly a mistake was made on your part, but your support has ignored me for more than three weeks now. I'm fairly close to demanding a refund at this point.

    18. Suzette McNeely on

      We have not received anything as well.

    19. Missing avatar

      Erik Piekarski on

      I still haven't received my pledge, calgary alberta.

    20. David 'another kiwi in oz' MacDonald on

      Im in the 'not even a base game' basket..
      Perth Aus..
      A little frustrating when people are getting their 'part two'

    21. Chris Smith on

      nothing yet...not even base game. Tennessee

    22. Missing avatar

      timhof123 on

      nothing yet, northern California

    23. Missing avatar

      Jared Blaise on

      Any update? In KY and still no wave :(

    24. Federico Faenza on

      Italy: still haven't got anything :(

    25. Missing avatar

      Brandon armstrong on

      I am in the same boat as Patrick Hayes. No wave 1 nor Wave 2. Also disgruntled in Utah!

    26. Corentin Closset on

      30th July and I wait for wave 2. Cause guys write a bad address on my package. The pledge should come back in USA and then they re-send package.
      In this case: why CMON don't send me an another "pledge"?
      I have to wait 3 more months than the other pledge?

      Bad service after sale...
      If any issue this week, I copy all the mail I received on socialmedia/boardgamegeek and tric Trac.

    27. Patrick Hayes

      Still no Wave 1 nor Wave 2 tracking info in Utah, USA

    28. Iker on

      No wave 1, neither wave 2, trancking number.

      From Spain.

    29. PockeTiger on

      I'm living in Europe, Hungary. Haven't recieved the Wave 2 order yet either. Anyone has any news on this?

      No tracking number // no new notice beyond this update which happened in May.

      Supposed if they had any problems during the production or delivery then it would been sorted out or at least communicated with those affected.

      Give us some updates please CMON staff.

    30. Miguel Angel Carrasquillo on

      Why the radio silence? I'm genuinely confused? I got my order from A song of Ice and Fire weeks ago, and its KS started 2 months after this one ended! I've gotten no notices in Minnesota, yet I know somebody who lives in the same city as me and already has it. Whats going on?

    31. Michael Thomas Bradley on

      Yo! It's almost August. No delivery, updates...what's going on?

    32. Kill-Krazy on

      No wave 1 or 2 tracking number. Live in Utah.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jess Robinson on

      No wave 1 or 2 tracking numbers. Live in Iowa.

    34. Justin Dana

      No wave 1 or wave 2 tracking orders yet. Live in NJ

    35. Missing avatar

      Richard F Jensen on

      Have not received tracking number or package of goodies yet. Just received my pledge from song of ice & fire two days ago. Any updates?

    36. Missing avatar

      RebelStud on

      No wave 1 or 2 tracking numbers yet. I'm is Melbourne, Australia.

    37. Charles on

      No wave 2 tracking number for me yet.

    38. Missing avatar

      Lo Giudice Ettore on

      No wave 1 or 2, no tracking number yet. I'm in Italy

    39. Missing avatar

      Juan Sebastian Tomic Hume on

      No wave 1 or 2, no tracking number yet. I'm in Chile (CL).

    40. Missing avatar

      sayam sampim on

      Hi, never received my items yet. It says o was slotted for a June delivery 📦

    41. Missing avatar

      Castella Mathieu on

      No wave 1 or 2, no tracking number yet. I'm in France (EU).

    42. Missing avatar

      Juan Salazar on

      i have no trackimng number yet.

    43. Henry Huang on

      Hi, when I will receive tracking number for wave 2?

    44. Daniel Hahn on

      Wa state, no info yet.

    45. John Chief on

      Same, I have not received the first wave or tracking (I live in Wa USA)

    46. Brian Cassidy on

      Was late in returning the shipping info, but to date I still have not received the first wave or tracking info...or any info really. Is there someone I could contact to just get an update on this?

    47. Missing avatar


      anyone missing an item from wave 1 and 2? i am missing one core box and 1 sean a murray box. And it's not nice to know that shops are already selling it. I payed to get it in advance :(

    48. Missing avatar

      Gilles Chassignol on

      still have not recevied either the boxed games or the extra figures in France, and no message or tracking information... quite disapointed at present...

    49. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      Living in Sydney, Australia. Still have not received a tracking number. Was not a late pledge. How are things looking?