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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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27,236 backers pledged $5,004,614 to help bring this project to life.

Wave 2 Shipping Update!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

First off, just wanted to show you one picture that was missing from the previous update, and that's the Extra Fatty Bursters that backers could add to their pledge:

Extra Fatty Bursters packaging.
Extra Fatty Bursters packaging.

Well, with that out of the way, let's tackle the meat of this update: WAVE 2 SHIPPING IS UNDERWAY!

Yes, all Wave 2 packages have already been sent out from the factory and are making their way to the distribution hubs worldwide. These packages contain all the Stretch Goals and Optional Buys you got for this campaign.

Here's the delivery info and schedule. Keep in mind once the shipments arrive at port, there is still time required to unload the containers, take them through customs, drive them to the distribution hubs, and then have the hubs mail out each package to their owner.


  • Vessel: MILANO BRIDGE 002E
  • Containers: 4
  • ETD: 10 April
  • ETA: 20 May
  • Vessel: BREMEN EXPRESS 060E
  • Containers: 4 
  • ETD: 17 April 
  • ETA: 17 May
  • Vessel: OSAKA EXPRESS 072E
  • Containers: 1
  • ETD: 24 April
  • ETA: 21 May

Canada Hub

  • Vessel: NEW YORK EXPRESS 027E
  • Containers: 2
  • ETD: 19 April 
  • ETA: 15 May

Australia Hub

  • Vessel: XIN YAN TIAN 032S
  • Containers: 1
  • ETD: 30 April
  • ETA: 12 May

EU Hub

  • Containers: 5
  • ETD: 25 April
  • ETA: 20 May
  • Vessel: CMA CGM ZHENG HE
  • Containers: 3
  • ETD: 2 May
  • ETA: 27 May


All packages are being mailed directly to backers at this moment.

For the Green Horde!


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    1. Clawtouch on

      I don't received anything. No mail, no nothing!!!
      Do you know how can I ask for the status of my deliver?
      Thank you

    2. Missing avatar

      Jon Catron on

      I'm still waiting for WAVE 1 myself...

    3. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      Still waiting for shipping tracking on WAVE 2. Should I reported this to CMON?

    4. Missing avatar

      Teresa frost on

      Still waiting on WAVE 1. I pledged when it started. My son pledged after kickstarter finished (second chance) he's received his WAVE 1 and just confirmed his WAVE 2 is in the post. So as you can appreciate not happy with the way you manage the pledge system . Pledge after it's finished get it first. You have my money so can I have what I have paid for please
      Thank you from the UK

    5. Clinton Macgowan

      So, just found that there are two ships for Australia, not one. Got an update from the distributor saying that they are now sending out all the copies from the shipment but if you didn't get a tracking number, yours is in ship two which they have no information on. Thanks for the heads up CMON. Any info on the name, eta of the second shipment?

    6. Brent Knoll on

      Haven't received wave one yet. What's up?!

    7. Pete Wyse on

      @Andrew - hah beat me to it.

    8. Pete Wyse on

      @Nibelungu - don't panic, none of us have (to my knowledge). It'll take a couple of weeks for them to get it all sorted.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lambrecht

      @Nibelungu It can take up to 2 weeks after the ships make port before the shipments are unloaded, processed through customs and then are sent to and reach the local distribution company. You likely won't see a tracking number until the shipments get to the distribution point, so another couple weeks most likely.

    10. Nibelungu on

      Please, i din't receive the shipping tracking code!!!!
      Can i receive it!??

    11. Pete Wyse on

      @Danimal13 - I saw that, and predicted it when they were released. I don't think it was the sculpts that drew attention... in every previous Zombicide the lookalikes were caricatures of actors or characters, cartoon versions that came across as homages rather than rip offs. The sculpts in Invader are much the same, but the artwork for them!! Wow. CMON (or more specifically, the artist) were super lazy this time around. These three in particular just looked like photoshops of the actual actors, instead of original art based on them.

    12. Missing avatar


      @matt - why?
      this shipped ahead of schedule and is loaded with content. i could see if this was lodged against invader as they've bumped shipping costs, and are switching items afterwards

    13. Pete Wyse on

      @Matt Cowling - how come?

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt Cowling on

      I will never buy another CMON game ever...

    15. Skye Williams on

      @Adam - IKR! I must have worked in some sort of transport industry of something. :P

      @Stephen Crabtree - You don't. If you want to change your address then you might need to do this:

    16. Missing avatar

      Stephen Crabtree on

      How do you figure out what boat you are on, and how do you change address?

    17. Adam Hamilton on

      @Skye - Fabulous thanks very much for the info :) god knows how you worked that out lol

    18. Skye Williams on

      @Adam Hamilton - Both ships are heading to the U.K. and it looks like CMA CGM KERGUELEN will be arriving...I'd say this week or at least the beginning of next week (but really looks like this week). Both ships port is in London (unless the shipping lanes closed then...probably Newcastle...but that's not going to happen).

    19. Adam Hamilton on

      So when does anything get to the UK? Sorry I’m a bit thick I didn’t understand the shipping places lol

    20. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      @ Skye Williams: It troubles me a bit that the CMA CGM ZHENG HE's last ship position was sent on May 8...

      Ah, well, all should be well, right? Also only 3 out of 8 EU containers are loaded on this ship, surely "my" container would be on the CMA CGM KERGUELEN which made port in Spain already. Right? Right? *whimper*

    21. MANUEL on

      I dont have the wave 1 yet,

    22. Skye Williams on

      Here is the vessels for the EU shipping:



    23. Patient 0 on

      According to the shipping information, I should be able to see my pledge sailing past me on the way to Sydney.

    24. Kenna

      I'm guessing I'll be one of the last to get this, since my wave 1 only just arrived. Oh well, worth the wait!

    25. Patient 0 on

      Cool, Australian shipment is only 2 days away from Sydney.

    26. Rocket Pig Games on

      Great work CMON on keeping consistent with shipping estimates! Most KS cant even come close! Great quality and great consistency, we're very happy with every game/KS you guys put out! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Dennis Lubitz on

      Ohh no. Have to hurry and painting the rest of the BP-campaign. :O

    28. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      I hope it will arrive at me latest june, 10th. That would actually be a sweet birthday gift.

    29. Josh Hawkins on

      Still waiting on my wave one :(

    30. Clansman on

      @GAUDET: As you're in the EU, you need to contact GamesQuest - the EU Hub. You can raise a support ticket with them at:

      I moved house in February - GamesQuest acknowledged my request to change address and asked me to check back around the time of Wave 2 to confirm the system had updated correctly. I emailed them about this yesterday and am awaiting their response.

    31. Majin Dozer on

      Awesome news, good job Cmon, will be excitedly waiting at my door

    32. Missing avatar

      Martin k on

      The Canadian ship is only hours away now. Wave 2 shipping updates are now live. Good luck, Canucks!

    33. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      @Imbert, contact your post office / local courier service. Address have been locked down for a very long time now.

    34. Missing avatar

      IMBERT on

      I moved on an another city last week. How can I change the delivery adress?

    35. Ben Sheppard

      @Daniele CMON didn't lose your game. The delivery people did. The 35 days they mentioned is because they are waiting for ANOTHER COMPANY to ensure that your package was actually lost. They want you to get a game, and are willing to send you another copy for FREE. As of now, they want to lose money on getting you your game. They will work with the shipping company to get what money back they can from the shipping company's failure.

      As far as Wave 2 goes, the fact that your Wave 1 package got lost in the mail has absolutely zero bearing on the fact that you have a separate package ready to be delivered. The shipping company does not know that the two packages are related. This is why they are not giving you a refund yet.

      If giving you your money back is the only thing that will make you happy, CMON is offering to do that. However, if they do that, then they do not want to give you everything you're due in Wave 2 because at that point, YOU NO LONGER PAID FOR IT. If you still want your money back, they will find the package that is supposed to be sent for you, and guarantee that you do not get that one either. Once they confirm that, then you will get your money back.

    36. Missing avatar

      Damion Judkins on

      Thank you for your hard work and news CMON. Thank you for trying to please everyone, even if somethings are out of your control. You guys are really doing great and need to know it. Even your bad news letter to Danielle posted below was professional and reasonable. Kudos to you for your efforts to maintain good business practices.

    37. Jimmy Trinket

      @Keltickope, give 'em a break. I've been in their situation and it's not fun. Whilst their comments carry a lot of emotion, it's easy to see they're just worried they're going to lose their money. Some of us work hard to scrape together the funds to pay for these games and the idea of losing that cash is hard to take. They need words of wisdom and comfort not abuse. As some of the more wise backers have said, patience is the key. And be diligent in checking your emails and keeping your new address up to date. Try not to post abusive comments, they really don't help at all. My problem was moving and not being able to change my address in time. It took a long time to get my game too but my perseverance paid off. CMON were very helpful and so were the delivery company. Hopefully yours will come soon.

    38. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      This is great news! Looking forward to finding a place to store all the boxes, haha.

      In the meantime, I'd still love to hear an explanation for why shipping Wave 1 took so many months (I finally received mine a few weeks ago, after several emails; I see others are still game-less, which is INSANE).

      Like, just a sentence or two acknowledging this problem! Along with the steps you're taking, or have already taken, to avoid a repeat for Wave 2? Pretty please?

    39. Dave the Dead

      The fatty bursters truly personify the word fatty.

      Simply awesome.

    40. Streams

      @Keltickope - Well said... glad I didn't have to take the time to drop a comment like that this time... I will cut and paste yours for future use...

    41. killakatze ❤ Lucy Fer

      Nice to know, that the parcels are on their way, I just hope they are not again using Game Quest for the EU. Last time it was so chaotic.

    42. Jennell Jaquays

      If you moved since the project began, go to Fed-Ex, set up an account with them, and then start the process of setting up Delivery Manager. START THIS NOW. It involves some snail mail to verify your address, so don't wait until you get notice that your package is shipping. With Delivery Manager in place, you can redirect a shipment from your old address to your new.

      To CMON: This is NOT good customer service. Please investigate ways to incorporate the fact that with year or more long projects, customers MOVE. Maybe you can have a chat with REAPER Miniatures about this. They seem to manage it.

    43. Jennell Jaquays

      @Orange Boy, your commiseration is noted, but I know very few people who can forecast exactly where they (or their friends and family members) will be living in a few years. After seeing the shipping label on one of my recent rewards packages from CMON, I understand their process (pre-pack all shipments at factory in China), but I don't agree with the inflexibility it creates in updating addresses prior to shipment.

    44. Josh (no not that Josh)

      I absolutely LOVE the rules for a mob being on a card. This is FAR better than the sheets of paper.... that I lost and then had to buy again on Ebay because I was an idiot and left it out where my kids were 'cleaning' never to be seen again.....

      I digress. Love the card with the mob rules on it :D

    45. Benjamin Alvarez on

      With Wave 2 shipping, can those of us who screwed up our pledge manager and only ordered the base game, can we order the desired additional product with our credit?

    46. Michael Brooke on

      @Daniele .. That's the proper way to do it -confirm it's disappeared and not sat at the hub holding a door open.. Remember the hub isn't part of CMON.. Surely as you backed the game you also want the game.. If you were to get a refund, then they need to stop wave 2 getting to you

    47. Mark Havener on

      Woot! Top-notch job once again, CMON!!!

    48. Missing avatar

      James Cornerstone Cunningham on

      Nine containers for the United States of America =) Woot woot!

    49. Orange Boy on

      Nice update. I feel bad for people worrying about address changes. Need to start having stuff shipped to a family member or friend who isn’t planning on moving in the next few years when backing these campaigns.