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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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Green Horde Army Painter Bundles

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

On previous Zombicide games we have teamed up with The Army Painter to allow our Kickstarter backers an exclusive offer to get new paints for the new game… this time is no exception.

There are as many ways to paint miniatures as there are gamers – that is the beauty of the painting hobby; there is no right or wrong! Some just want to get paint onto the minis as fast as possible and then crack on with gaming while others wants to spend more time on the fantastic miniatures, building up the highlights. To help you get your green skinned zombies painted in whatever way you fancy The Army Painter is presenting three different exclusive paint bundle deals, specifically designed for Zombicide Green Horde.

We know you need more than just Warpaints to get the maximized gaming experience that comes from painted miniatures - we have assembled some bundle deals with pretty much everything you need to paint the awesome miniatures from Zombicide Green Horde.


 The GREEN HORDE BASIC BUNDLE contains everything you need to paint your miniatures; a starter paint selection with 18 essential water based Warpaints a green spray Colour Primer for your basecoats as well as a satin Aegis Suit Varnish spray for protecting your painted miniatures:

  • WP8012 Zombicide Black Plague Paint Set 
  • WP8031 Zombicide Green Horde Set 
  • CP3005 Colour Primer Army Green spray 
  • CP3027 Aegis Suit Vanish spray 
  • WP1126 Warpaint Barbarian Flesh 
  • WP1476 Warpaint Glistening Blood

All this you get for the price of $67.94 (originally $79.94) or €56.91 (originally €66.96).

Go to to order GREEN HORDE BASIC BUNDLE and punch in the promo code Kickstarter-GH-Basic before February 28th 2018 and save 15%! Free shipping will be added to your order automatically.


The GREEN HORDE MEGA BUNDLE allows for a wider choice of Warpaints and sprays for a much broader choice of colours. The bundle contains the award winning Mega Paint Set with 50 Warpaints as well as the new Zombicide Green Horde paint set totaling 56 Warpaints! You also get two different Colour Primer sprays (Army Green and Necrotic Flesh) as well as the tough satin Aegis Suit Varnish spray for protecting your painted miniatures. And we have added two extra Wargaming Brushes to the bundle – you always need an extra detail brush…

  • WP8021 Warpaints Mega Paint Set 
  • WP8031 Zombicide Green Horde Set 
  • CP3005 Colour Primer Army Green spray 
  • CP3013 Colour Primer Necrotic Flesh spray 
  • CP3027 Aegis Suit Vanish spray 
  • BR7005 Detail Brush 
  • BR7009 Small Drybrush

All this you get for the price of $166.35 (originally $195.71) or €143.19 (originally €168.46).

Go to to order GREEN HORDE MEGA BUNDLE and punch in the promo code Kickstarter-GH-Mega before February 28th 2018 and save 15%. Free shipping will be added to your order automatically.


The GREEN HORDE QUICK-PAINT BUNDLE contains everything you need to get your horde of undead greenskin miniatures onto the gaming board fast using the famous The Army Painter Technique: Spray – Paint – Dip – Done! The bundle contains both Zombicide Black Plague and Green Horde paint sets, a Army Green Colour Primer spray, a can of the amazing Quickshade Strong Tone and a matt Anti-Shine varnish spray. We also included two extra essential Warpaints; a skin colour for your survivors and the gloss effects paint Glistening Blood – can’t really paint zombies without it! 

  • WP8012 Black Plague Paint Set 
  • WP8031 Black Plague Green Horde Set 
  • CP3005 Army Green 
  • CP3003 Anti-Shine Vanish 
  • QS1002 Quickshade Strong Tone 
  • WP1126 Barbarian Flesh 
  • WP1476 Glistening Blood

All this you get for the price of $93.44 (originally $109.93) or €79.00 (originally €92.95).

Go to to order GREEN HORDE QUICK-PAINT BUNDLE and punch in the promo code Kickstarter-GH-Quick before February 28th 2018 and save 15%. Free shipping will be added to your order automatically.

Add-on Bundle (4): BASING BUNDLE

With the contents of the BASING BUNDLE you can do scenic bases on miniatures with pre-coloured gravel and the fantastically realistic Battlefields Tufts. This selection of basing materials – including the PVA Basing Glue – gives you what you need to decorate your bases, taking the miniatures to the next level.

  • BF4010 Battlefield Rocks 
  • BF4001 Battlefield Black Battleground 
  • BF4201 Swamp Tuft 
  • BF4206 Wasteland Tuft 
  • GL2003 PVA Basing Glue

All this you get for the price of $23.75 (originally $27.95) or €22.05 (originally €25.95).

Go to to order BASING BUNDLE before February 28th 2018 and save 15%.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING: since we will be shipping aerosol sprays, this offer is only available in the countries we usually ship to; USA and EU. Please see for more info. If you are living in countries we unfortunately cannot ship web orders to, please head down to your local games store to get your Warpaints, Colour Primer and Quickshade.

During the next months we will be releasing step-by-step guides to painting miniatures from Zombicide Green Horde, check out the guides on our website at!

Enhance your gaming experience – play with painted miniatures!

Raise thy Paintbrushes!

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    1. Dana Sanchez

      I was on deployment when this came out and just now started looking at the updates. Will any of these bundles come back at all?

    2. Jon Pryor on

      Thanks for offering bundles ^_^ cool to see good support for the games.

    3. Missing avatar

      Elicia on

      For weeks I umm'd and hmm'd over this deal. I decide I'm getting it. Something wrong with the checkout... dammit Army Painter doesn't ship to Australia! :( Should have read those last few lines in this post D: super sad face.

    4. Stephanie Boyle

      Hi! In the US, still haven't received the game... tracking for our shipments to the US? Thank you in advance! :)

    5. John Fiala

      What's amusing to me is that I've gotten a shipping number for my paint purchase - it's going to arrive before the game will.

      Oh, well, I haven't really painted my Black Plague set yet either.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dale Skinner on

      Ya it’s sad it’s not available to Canadians!

    7. Gunar Hering on

      NO SAVINGS for EU - just compared prices for content of bundle 3 with those of a German online store. Almost exactly the same price with the advantage that the online store allows me to pick each paint individually.

    8. Mårten Carlzon on

      +1 to @Nameless post.
      Removed the primer and vanish from the big package since I already had those and the code for the big bundle worked.

    9. Pierre V on

      @CMON, any luck in making the Green Horde Army Painter Bundles available to Canadian backers?

    10. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      @Michael: You are right, but here I am getting a bit more.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ulf Göransson

      @Weresheep: They are old paints with new names; I found the updated reference sheet earlier today. The original names are Drake Tooth, Mutant Hue, Venom Wyrm, Hemp Rope, Military Shade and Rough Iron (the last one has kept its name).

    12. cfaerber on

      I'm located in Germany. Compared to my favourite online shop for gaming stuff, the price of the Basic Bundle is actually a bit lower. That makes it good value but not a steal.

    13. Missing avatar

      Zhute McIver-Underwood on

      Wow. Is it weird that your paint prices make games workshop a cheap option! Comeon guys! Why are you ripping off your backers? Give us a decent price at least for backing your projects.

    14. Namless on

      @Samantha I just took the Green Horde set, with an Army Green colour primer and an Aegis Satin Varnish, and the code worked ;)

    15. Orange Boy on

      +1 for Samantha’s post. Have a pack with just the green horse set. GH set, primer, aegis, and a brush or two.

    16. Michael Sprague

      @benjamin you can pick up the mega set (by itself) for under $100 on Amazon - that's nearly 25% off retail, and free shipping

    17. Sufian

      Booo. They don't deliver to Singapore. I'm sad now.

    18. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      I was just about to order the mega set so this is a great deal for me at the right point.

    19. Claudia Fortin-Dorego on

      Awww would love a mega bundle paint set but sad it doesn't ship to Canada :< Wish I could order without the aerosols at worse, just want all those paints and brushes!

    20. Samantha Walkowiak

      How about a promo code to save on just the green horde paint set? We have all the rest!

    21. victor etherington

      CMON if you are going to offer something that WILL NOT apply to all your backers, next time put that information at the TOP of your update NOT the second last paragraph very disappointing after reading through the whole update that it does not apply to you.

    22. Christian Bay on

      These bundles cost about the same as just buying the paints in your local hobby store and then you have to add shipping on top of that, if they even ship to your country. This is really a shitty deal.

    23. Pedro Ferreira on

      They’re not shipping worldwide? That sucks

    24. Finagle

      I am irritated...why does the update show two either/or prices while I find only one of them at the Army Painter Shop?

    25. Fennek

      I'm one of the lucky ones who got their game already.

      But I'm not sure I like the idea of "anti-shine vanish". If I ever manage to get mine painted, the last thing I want to happen is for them to vanish!

    26. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Are these new colors or just old paints with new names? Getting tired of Army Painter just slapping a new name on an old paint to fit a certain game.

    27. Missing avatar


      This shop only ships to the usa. How do we get free shipping to our country?

    28. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Was expecting something about the current status of the shipments. It's nice that this is available but we haven't had an update on shipments in 6 weeks:(

    29. Chris Z.

      Lol hey for the record I’m not tired of it. I’m sincere this is kinda entertaining for me for a few minutes. I don’t have the game yet and I’ve had the kickstarter where I was anxious or upset or stressed about not receiving something...heck I even have the hundreds of dollars lost in kickstarters that seemed to disappear without fulfillment of rewards. I’m not better than anyone here, but I decided not to stress or be upset or something on kickstarter which I can’t control and I know I’ll receive. I’ll stress about my job and trouble in my relationship instead thanks lol! ;)

    30. Nathan Land on

      Definitely good way to show customers you could care less about them.

    31. Ours Bleu on

      And... Nothing for Canadians. :-/

    32. Jonathan Demers-Loiselle on

      @Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell, thanks for the information!

    33. Brubs Weverson on

      Too bad they do not deliver here in my country.
      I would love to buy more ... Brazil is not the target of its deliveries ...

    34. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      @Jonathan, if you go to your flgs they would be able to order this for you. Also if you go to the army painter website you can get the information there as well. If you don't already have a hobby set of paints, there are much better/cost effective brands out there. In most shops in Canada, you can get Vallejo for the same price as Army Painter. Vallejo is a much, much better product.

    35. Tamas Gajdo on

      Trying to add the cupon code and I get the following error xD

      Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: &currencycode=EUR

    36. Jonathan Demers-Loiselle on

      Quite sad that there's no update about the shipping progress or at least to know what is the issue with the america shipment.

      Also, for Canadian backers, is it possible to know the paint colors or number so we can get them from other hobbie shops?

    37. Michael Sprague

      This is not a good deal, especially after shipping - you can pick all this up via MM or Warstore much cheaper - and you're not stuck with Aegis Suit - that stuff is horrible, frosts up the minis badly... And why would you prime in Army Green? Why not necrotic flesh or even skeleton bone?

    38. What's On The Shelf?!: Host: Jen

      I'm a big painter of my minis and it's sad that this doesn't work for Canada. Also what is going on with shipping?

    39. Jacques Dahl

      What's the coupon code for the basing set?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jon S on

      No update from you guys since before Christmas, and when you finally do it's to sell us more stuff rather than an update on where the US orders are wheh the rest of the world are getting more of theirs every day. I'll be damned if I'm going to buy more stuff when you can't be bothered to tell us where the stuff is that we've already paid for. Fuck you CMON.

    41. Blake Curry on

      This is a cool offer. I do confess that when I saw there was an update that it would be about shipments in America, as from what I can tell nobody around here has received the game yet. However, this is rather early, and I *just* got Rising Sun in, so I have plenty to pass the time!

    42. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      As per usual, not available to ship to Canada... Not sure why you guys send this via the ks, maybe just have the deal on your website, or Army Painters... Don't want to be that guy, but if its not available to everyone, don't send the tease to everyone, just saying.

    43. Missing avatar

      Renaud Tilte on

      No love for canadians ;-(

    44. Anthony Sharpe on

      Hi @Chris Z.
      I get that you're tired of seeing comments from people worried that they may not receive the package that you've no doubt already received. Early or not, people were getting notified that things were on the way.
      These things turned up for a section of people, didn't for others, while yet more haven't received an iota of information first hand.

      Show a little empathy and put yourself in the second two positions. People *want* to play this game. Seeing everyone slowly but surely get their copies and others not is quite frustrating for a decent amount of people. They're not looking for anything extra, just simply what you yourself are already enjoying.

      Is it wrong that they want to enjoy what you're enjoying?

    45. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh

      By the way, i have received the game. Just wait guys. Be patient.

    46. Jean Von Popowl' on

      So you have enough time for an update but not to answer my request ...

    47. WinPin

      Don't know what you guys want...just received last week my Z:GH wave 1 and played it last weekend...I live in germany and I am waiting for the second wave with the SGs and addons

    48. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh

      @david i think we have those here in the Philippines.

    49. Missing avatar

      Daniel Duplechin on

      Will it ship the same way green horde core box did? Did it even ship? Who knows! Probably get the paint before the game!? Lol

    50. Missing avatar

      David Johnston on

      Any news about reprints for the crowz and npc-2? I can't find them anywhere.