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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Leite on

      Please, help me.
      Brazilian postal services screwed up my order and my Zombicide Green Horde core box package has "returned to sender"! How should I proceed to get it back? I am aware I'll have to pay the shipping again.

      I am desperate, this never happened to me before.

      Best regards,

    2. The Kingfisher on

      Any news from the AZ front still waiting????

    3. GentlemanMaj on

      No news my end living in England fingers crossed will hear something soon...

    4. Missing avatar

      Rafael Collaço on

      Hi, I haven't received any information about the shipment to Brazil. I'm wanting the tracking or the base game to be delivered in my home.

    5. Geordie Calhoun on

      2 friends in the area got theirs weeks ago. Still no news for me. Just be patient?

    6. Josh Walker on

      Still no tracking info. Two friends in area received theirs 3 weeks ago.

    7. Daniel Pedrinha on

      Hi. Any update on the Brazilian delivery? I got nothing yet, not even shipping information.

    8. Stoney Brooks on

      Glad to know that I am not the only one still waiting for tracking. TN, USA.

    9. Will Urban on

      So people who have received their core box, did you get a shipping notice sometime before? I still don't have that, I re-verified my address and that I payed shipping and nothing. I was hoping it would magically show up on my door but yeah.

    10. Jon Shelky

      Nearly as worried that is.

    11. Jon Shelky

      Still waiting in AZ, but based off recent posts, not nearly as I was minutes ago

    12. MalykaOfHearts on

      @Jen It's "upsetting" to you that they are following the plan they posted several times over the last year? "Upsetting" they delivered on there promise? Come on... be reasonable.

    13. MalykaOfHearts on

      Just got my order in Alberta, Canada. Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Killape on

      grow up please. Cmon very clearly communicated that wave 1 is for the corebox. Be grateful that they send it earlier then promised. They did not have to do that, but they did. Thats why you can play now.

    15. Missing avatar

      Maxim Carriere on

      Received my core box yesterday. Some people find this slow, personally I was expected the core box in June as the initial estimated date of delivery was. Might be because I thought when I first backed another game that I would received everything by that date when I actually received a fraction only. Anyway... Glad to have my hands on the Green Horde.

    16. What's On The Shelf?!: Host: Jen

      Good to know but still upsetting.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dale Catello II on

      I mean, that's all you were supposed to get. Everyone is getting the Core game now, and the expansions and exclusives are going to be shipped in another wave this year. They've talked about this repeatedly in the updates.

    18. What's On The Shelf?!: Host: Jen

      So I got a tracking email last week. Got my package today. Just wow CMON, I ordered almost everything and just got the base game in. This is the third Kickstarter from them that I have had problems with. It really turning me off of wanting to back anything else after them. I will give it till Friday before I start writing emails to customer support.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Q on

      No tracking. No delivery. Still waiting, PA USA

    20. Missing avatar

      That One Guy on

      Got a tracking notification today (Shanghai, China) and they showed up on my doorstep this afternoon. Disappointed that the Asia shipping was so slow; I expected it to be faster than trans-Pacific shipments! Any idea if Wave 2 will be the same slow pace?

    21. Qiaosi on

      Just received mine today here in Xi'an, China! No shipping notification, just showed up.

    22. Tevvo on

      What about internacional orders? Sorry if that was already answer

    23. Missing avatar

      on For the Canadian update I just mentioned

    24. Missing avatar


      For Canadians I would expect delivery in the 1-3 week range depending on where you are.

      There is a thread about Canadian shipping updates on BGG and I am going off of this post specifically

    25. Missing avatar


      No tracking, no game down here at Mexico :(

    26. Missing avatar

      Eugene Smith on

      My roommate received their copy but I have not received mine yet. Is there any way to check the status of my order? I know that it is paid for.

    27. Baron Alaine on

      I have not gotten my basic game yet (Melbourne Australia)

    28. Missing avatar

      Walter on

      Still waiting here in Chicago as of March 1st. No tracking info either.

    29. Gord Ball on

      I live in BC and haven't received shipping information yet, is it just that they're still sorting in the distribution centre?

    30. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      Mine came in today in Florida

    31. Miko

      Just rec'd my base game here in California. Nothing else yet.

    32. Missing avatar

      Noel Spilbor on

      Just received my base game in Summerville, SC today!

    33. Virginia Rogers on

      I'm in Canada and have not received any information yet at all. Is there any estimate for delivery/shipments to Canada?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Just got mine in Raleigh, NC today.

    35. Anthony

      Seen someone in Greenville SC say that they got there’s. Hoping it comes to columbia soon

    36. Felix Rodriguez on

      Augusta, Ga checking in. Just got mine! I got tracking info about 1 week ago.

    37. Jonathan Blanford on

      Anyone in SC received tracking info?

    38. Missing avatar

      James T on

      I'm wondering if anyone in Canada has gotten theirs yet, I have not received any tracking emails yet. Am I the exception or the norm here?

    39. Missing avatar

      Adam Badgley on

      Got mine this week also in Washington, USA. Had tracking and all, but forgot it is just the small box in wave 1, so had some anxiety when the small box was delivered. All was well though.

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Wolf on

      Got my wave 1 Washington USA, fantastic expansion to the first set. We played this weekend and it was a ball. There were a few typos but nothing that ruined the game. I got no tracking for this and it freaked me out a bit since the ETA was almost a month ago. Maybe work on that next release. Thanks.

    41. Luke Thompson on

      Just got mine today, Florida, USA

    42. TPag on

      Raleigh-Durham, received my Wave 1 today. Thank you!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jacob Stevens on

      South Carolina, USA backer got mine today.

    44. Missing avatar

      John Welborn on

      Got mine today outside Chicago, IL

    45. shawn warcot

      recieved the core set today, I always get weird about wave 1 , wave 2 etc , then i see the next wave wont arrive till june. thats all cool so long as I know whats up ! SUPER!!! CANT WAIT!!!

    46. Joseph Saldano on

      received my core box in Southern California today, can't wait to get the rest! :D

    47. Missing avatar

      Kendall Sorensen on

      Received my Wave 1 box today. Living in UT. Excited to try this out. Cannot wait for Wave 2 as well.

    48. Scott McLean

      Got my copy of the base game today. Looking forward to see the rest later this year!

    49. Elijah Leffingwell on

      Update: Got it yesterday (base game. no addons yet.) Came in CMON box with not much wear on shipping box. Inside was fine with styrofoam shell protecting corners like I was getting a new dell PC or something. :) very nice packaging. Kudos. I miss the old CoolMiniOrNot logo on my black plague boxes but the CMON 4 pattern is cool as well I guess for a logo. Simpler and cleaner. Looking forward to getting the rest of my kickstart. Keep us updated. Thank you again.

    50. Brian on

      Got it today (base game, of course) - West Allis, WI. Got my Geekfunder e-mail today or yesterday, so the shipping was ahead; seems to be the MO for CMON games I've kickstarted...!

      Looks badass - have to get into this, along with Rising Sun that arrived a week-and-a-half ago.

      Hope all get there's super fast!