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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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Production Update - Dice, Hedges, and Barriers.

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

It's been a month since our last update, and a busy month it has been. We went to the Essen Spiel and put the Green Horde to the test against the wit of German players. Reports are that a good time was had by all!

Achtung, Orc Zombies!
Achtung, Orc Zombies!

But it hasn't been all fun and games. Production of Green Horde continues on schedule. Packing Slips for the Wave 1 delivery of the core box have been processed and send to the factory and distribution hubs. Shipments will leave the factory in December, bound to the distribution hubs where they will then be forwarded to backers, which should expect to receive them around February.

Meanwhile, all the rest of the expansion and promo material is being finalized. All of the print files have just been wrapped up and are being sent to the factory for production. Refinement of all moulds for the plastic figures are underway, with samples being produced for final approval. Delivery of Wave 2 remains on schedule for the original estimate of June 2018. We'll keep you updated as things become clearer.

Finally, we received a few more final samples for you to check out:

The Kickstarter Exclusive Green Dice are looking great!
The Kickstarter Exclusive Green Dice are looking great!


Final plastic Hedges, now in their proper color, really make the board pop!
Final plastic Hedges, now in their proper color, really make the board pop!


And the final plastic Barriers in their final color create a very realistic environment.
And the final plastic Barriers in their final color create a very realistic environment.

For the Green Horde!

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    1. Nick Bennett on

      Hi have used other system to leave messages but can you confirm my pledge on its way?

    2. Lau on

      Things such as doors & walls are things l'm actually content having as mere tokens (except for the MD chests), but l kinda wish l had the cash to buy the hedges & barricades =/

    3. Missing avatar

      Ganesh on

      @Brian Monkelbaan : The pledges were locked a few days before this Update so unless they unlock the pledges after wave 1 delivery Trunkmonkey wont be able to add anything to his pledge.

    4. ExSheex Vanale on

      @ Tyrell - Agreed. Very happy with the quality look of these items. I would say that they wouldn't be mad going ahead and releasing walls packs; pretty sure people would love to make their games of Massive Darkness and Zombicide even more 3D. If the numbers for the Hedges and Objects packs reflect it, I'm pretty sure they'll make a wall type for their next Kickstarter of one of those two games (probably Massive Darkness 2 since the KS was in 2016 and it's already out). If the walls are a hit for that game, it'll be a no-brainer for them to release more walls for the other. They do have plastic broken walls already, so that's a logical next step to make pretty much the entire game fleshed out in 3D.

    5. Steve R. Bullock on

      That terrain looks FANTASTIC! I am glad I bought multiple sets! : )

    6. Tyrell on

      I am so happy I orded the hedges and the barricades! Next Zombicide or Massive Darkness Kickstarter needs walls.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian Monkelbaan on

      Ganesh, I disagree. The packing slips are printed for Wave 1 only (the base game). Wave 2 will not ship for six months or so, therefore the packing slips are not done. However, I do not know if the pledge manager is still open. If it is still open, then it stands to reason that you should still be able to order items that will ship in Wave 2. (I try not to disagree with deities. Mythology is full of examples of negative side effects. :-) )

    8. Missing avatar

      Ganesh on

      @Trunkmonkey. No, you wont be able to add anything to your pledge. They can't be modified anymore. That's in the Update, the packing slips already have been edited.

    9. Elfo on

      Can we please add the hedges and the barricades to my order? They look great!

    10. Yannick De Vos on

      @Heretik Yea I made the assuption that your english is good enough :) I fear CMON won't be there as I don't see them in the list of publishers. but then again that does not mean anything of course and I stil hope they are there as I missed them on SPIEL. and if you like zombicide season 1 then you wil like the medieval one, I own season 3 and its expansion and a buddy of mine has the black plague and its expansion and they are both realy fun to play that is why we are buying all of the zombicide stuff. little by little we are getting al of the core games and expansion pack because they did an amazig job on them as you can combine everything in one huge game, or only use certain things from certain expansions.

    11. Heretik on

      @Yannick de Vos Oh yeah well as you can guess I do speak english a bit kickstarting whole games in this language ahah. I am in Brussels so if it really interests me I'll move to Antwerp, people have talked to me a lot about this city in good, to be honest it will depend on CMON being here or not ahah, because I can't wait to try Green Horde (I am a huge fan of the 1st season but I have never tried the Medieval version) and ASOIAF which seems amazing from the beginning !

    12. Yannick De Vos on

      @Heretik yea the site is only in dutch because it is not a realy big event I think. most people probebly won't speak french i believe but if you can speak english you wil be fine because in these parts most people speak english over here. but keep in mind that it is not realy a big event, it is nothing like SPIEL in essen. if you open this link it wil show you the map (of last year) so that wil give you an idea on the size. I wouldn't want you to drive for a long time especting a huge event just to see that it isn't that huge.

    13. Michael Moore

      @Roland Wuerth - Everyone will be in Wave 1 for the core game.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ronald Wuerth on

      How does one know if they are in wave 1 or 2?

    15. barry morgan on

      CMoN quality/quantity of delivered gaming goodness PLUS regular interesting timely updates after KS closes = bexperience on kickstarter.

    16. Heretik on

      @Yannick De Vos is Spel 2017 being also accessible to french people ? Because their website seems to be only available in dutch...

    17. Kym on

      Everything looks gorgeous! Though I did think that the Green Dice would have been more translucent... It's all good! I'm happy!

    18. Danny Shafer

      I am so glad I bought 2 sets of hedges and 1 set of hedges and barricades. They look great as do the mini's.

    19. Dragon_Keeper_of_Valoria

      Nice, can't wait

    20. Kenn Mejer on

      Beautiful miniatures, really!
      Saw them first hand, now I can't wait to get my hands on them :D

    21. John Archer

      @NecroMancer: "Rising Horde, Green Sun"! Sounds like a new sci-fi action movie :)

    22. Sharkey on

      Damn, I regret not getting the barricades and hedges now, those look awesome!

    23. NecroMancer on

      Rising Sun and Green Horde at the same time?!

    24. Evan on

      Delivery in February‽ I thought I would have time between Rising Sun and Green Horde! That's going to be a great month!

    25. Yannick De Vos on

      You guys where at SPIEL? We went there from Belgium for 2 reasons. First for steamforged games for the resident evil game. And we hoped to see you guys but we could not find you guys and we didn't found your name on the list of standholders. Really unfortunate that we did not found you cause we really wanted to say hello and test the green horde. Are you going to be at the "spel 2017" in Antwerp in 2 weeks?

    26. Missing avatar

      VonTesse on

      Nice! Love the 3d terrain. Looks great.

    27. devilman9050

      Ah CMON, keep doing what you're doing you KS veterans you, even if it costs me a fortune every time haha

    28. Ben Kuhn

      Next campaign will have an add-on of walls...

    29. JLo on

      Great scenery!

    30. Benjamin Kubczak

      Those hedges and barricades look wonderful! (And everything else too!)

    31. donnbobhardy

      Very realistic... as long as you ignore the lack of walls. :P

    32. MaltaX on

      Wonderful news. Please open up the PM for address changes after Wave 1 has been fullfilled in February! Thanks :)

    33. John Archer

      Holy crap those hedges and barricades (and orc zombies!) look amazing - you guys rock! Solid update, thanks! Coming to CMON Expo 2018, hope to see this and more there :-)

    34. Antony Barlow on

      Fabulous. Bring on a bit of Valentines Day love from Black Plague. Lol.