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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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    1. Kill-Krazy on

      Tola looks so Bad Ass!

    2. Missing avatar

      Lamespard on

      TOLA is PERFECT : as you love Paul's art, thix mini is exactly what you want.

    3. Stefan S Huddleston on

      Just my perspective, to each their own, but I like them being various sizes. It's not as if all people are the same size or have the same size heads IRL.

    4. Doug Williams on

      The dragons both look great. Kinda wish the exclusive dragon was a bit bigger. CMoN needs to get all their sculptors into one room and say " Look we need to get on the same scale." I have 7 dwarf heros, not one has the same size head. Black Plague has guest boxes with ork heros, they look great and are to scale with MD orks. So what the crap is Tola? This is a terrible sculpt. Stiff weird pose, stupid giant head. Like if orks showed up on Sesame Street.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gidian on

      Thank you Isadora.
      So no Green Horde for me - that saves me some money. Also fine. ;)

    6. William Z. Cohen

      Still cannot LOG ON. WTF????

    7. Vileblood Hunter Isadora Collaborator on

      You can still confirm the pledge and be part of the late confirms. Meaning that your package will not be part of the Wave 1 or Wave 2 deliveries. Your pledge will be shipped (if we still have product in stock) after Wave 2 has been delivered.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gidian on

      Is the PM still open? I´m a 1$ backer and it seems as if I could still buy all the stuff in the PM (haven´t saved anything yet). Is that right?

    9. Sigmar Draco on

      Got the same login issues as some folks here. Unable to get into PM as it does not recognize my password. Did not receive any e-mail with login credentials. Wonder what happens now? Did anyone with this problem receive word from CMON with instructions?

    10. Pete Wyse on

      I signed into the new PM no issues. Same password. I'm not sure what issue others are having, but the PM works for me.

    11. Daniel

      I can't log in to the pledgemanager now. NEither of them, actually. (old or new). it declines my password as incorrect and when I try to request a reset link on my mail it tells me it has sent it, but nothing shows up in my email box...
      For all intents and purposes, you have broken the pledge manager for me. Not going to dare throw more money at you guys until you resolve the pledge manager problems

    12. Tim Pedersen on


      God. Damn. I just recently purchased the Zombie Bosses pack and was completely dumbfounded by the scale of those Abominations... and now this?

      I should get an airbrush soon.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dark Elf on

      Like seriously? Remodel the feral dragon, he looks ridiculous being blind (no eyes), having only one horn (the other one is missing even though in the campaign he had one full horn and second half broken) and still his silly legs? that may be just an assembly problem. But seriously CMON get your model together he looks more like a statue than a scary big ass dragon!

    14. johnklauk on

      @Strogar Thanks. Unfortunately, the link they have provided does not allow me to login. From all the comments over the past few updates, best I've been able to discern was that the email CMON sent out contained the UserName (the email address it was sent to you under) and Password for logging into the PManager. I never received the email with that information, and therefore could never login from the site the provided link pulls up. I've contacted CMON with no response outside of these comment threads. It would appear I am SOL, even though my payment was made immediately upon the KS funding. This is my first KS with CMON, and until the PM portion, it was a GREAT experience.


    15. Paboook on

      I have payed few days ago and it shows "Order status:confirmed". However, I have not received any email (like many others it seems). I also cannot confirm my address.

      @CMON: Many of your customers are confused. New informative update would be much appreciated.

    16. Skritter on

      They STILL have me locked out.

      I want to Update my pledge before the deadline passes, and the UNLOCK button has gone!!!

    17. SchuleinP

      @Ostlander: Just got a link to the pledge manager and I was able to fill in and confirm.

    18. Strogar on

      the survey has nothing to do with the order page where you have to pay for shipping costs and confirm the pledge, if you did not do that before today then you are SOL....
      you don't need an email with a link, the info has been posted tons of times and CMoN uses the same webpage page for every KS.

    19. Missing avatar

      T Mc on

      I also paid and confirmed moths ago. Still waiting for CMON to confirm that all is good.

    20. Ostlander

      Same problem here, let me know if you've solved somehow

    21. johnklauk on

      Survey taken, paid months ago, best I can tell - never got an email for the Pledge Manager (so can't get logged into it), and yet to get a response from CMON. I am sad. Hopefully they will go by my survey? Suggestions from anyone?

    22. Ekorren on

      That's a big dragon.

    23. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Since you said it's prototype moulds I trust you to fix that drunken stumble of the feral dragon, lol. I'm also in the camp "big enough bases, please", as some Z:BP minis keep falling over (I'm looking at you, Abom and wolfz) and these dragons are too cool to join the facedown club. :)

    24. SchuleinP

      I never got a link to the pledge manager either. I've been trying to confirm my pledge through the link in this update but no luck. Password is wrong, apparently, and when I try to get a new password, the e mail simply doesn't arrive. And I've been trying since yesterday. We have ever other zombicide kickstarter, it would really be disappointing if we can't get this one because of what must be a technical glitch?

    25. Skritter on

      Hey I wanted to Update my pledge before the deadline, and the UNLOCK button has gone!!!

    26. Gervill Froad on

      @Brian - It has eyes... they are just small and hard to see with the lighting in these pics

    27. Missing avatar

      Jessee Andrade on

      I too was wondering if I can pay ON the 10th!?! Or do I have to do it tonight???

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      feral dragon have no eyes?

    29. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      Holy handgrenade... Those look amazing... This game can't get here fast enough... Woooow... Just woow...

    30. Gervill Froad on

      @DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage - ok, thanks!

    31. Sharkey

      Is this until the end of the 10th, or is it closing tonight at the end of the 9th?

    32. Gervill Froad on

      Can someone help me out here-

      My pledge manager says my status is confirmed but my address is still showing and has red asterisks... Should i be worried or is that how it is supposed to look?

    33. Stefan Bendel on

      @feedanumbaone; Ah, thx that makes sence, so I feel much better now.

    34. Eric M. on

      Will it be like last time, just one corebox delivered or all corebox delivered ?

    35. Missing avatar


      If you pledged the 120$ tier, the money was aotomaticly collected by kickstarter after the end of campaign. And if I'm not mistaken it's not only common but you must register with a credit card, otherwise you can't pledge.

    36. Stefan Bendel on

      I have a question to the payment:
      When I sign in into the pledge manager the order status is shown as „confirmed“
      Then a List of Costs is shown:
      Sub Total xxx$
      Shipping xxx$
      Pledge amount xxx$
      Total 0$
      Total Outstanding 0 $
      So I assume everything is payed?
      I remember (and can see it in my Paypal Account) that I have payed the shipping cost, but I can‘t remember having payed the pledge cost; is that done automaticly? E.g. Is it common to register at Kickstarter with a credit card and it was charged?

    37. Missing avatar


      If I try to save changes or confirm adress its just loading forever, maybe PM is just overload?

    38. Missing avatar

      sigasana44 on

      Yea the ferral dragon needs some improvements. I cant see the details of its face from the pic, unlike the render

    39. Strogar on

      you don't need an email with a link to the pledge manager, CMoN always uses the same thing and it has been posted tons of times.
      shipping info usually gets updated on the same order page eventually even if you don't get an email with tracking info it still shows up on the order page when the package ships (sometimes after it has been delivered).
      if you open the order to add new stuff it will just ask for the updated payment of the additional items plus shipping and then you will need to pay for the new items and close the order again or it will not be shipped even though you already paid for stuff, gotta close/confirm that order.

    40. Ostlander

      I can't access PM and I've sent a mail to the Support Team, but still no response...
      I'm starting to feel desperate...

    41. Manuel Fernandez on

      So if i have confirmed my pledge already, is it too late to add that expansion? Do I just need to hit the unlock button? and would the charge now be for the new item? or the what I have paid for before which was the shipping and another item? Thanks

    42. Orchid

      Make sure the bases are big enough especially for those bigger top figures! We have a few previous game figures that topple over because they don't have big enough bases.

    43. Ron

      @Steve, yeah that's what I tried doing. Ive pledged many other CMONs too and never had a problem but the saved password isnt working and I cant get the "forgot my password" to work either.

    44. Missing avatar


      Ronald: No, I never actually got an e-mail with a link to the pledge manager which is why, for the first time, I'm finishing my pledge at the 11th hour, I went in via the link above. I've pledged other CMONs so already have an account. Just click on the word 'here' in the sentence "You can access the Pledge Manager here." at the top of this update and you should get in to it that way.

    45. Ron

      they usually do a CKPM invitation for the pledge manager, but for some reason did not this time, at least i never received one, just the link in the update

    46. Missing avatar

      Turbo on

      Feral dragon has such an odd awkward just doesn't look right somehow...and definitely needs more detail. It looks really inferior next to the necromantic one, but maybe that's intentional by CMoN...afterall the big one brings in the extra bucks.

    47. Melhilion

      my order status is confirmed as well. but did anyone receive a confirmation email? me did not...

    48. Ron

      @Steve, did you get the link and password? I have not yet