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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Agus Wijaya on

      Hi, i can't access my pledgemanager
      havent received my password reset to my email to.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew sears on

      Phew, locked my PM in, but had to pass on some of the extras right now since we have a baby on the way in about a month.

      Got the Ultimate Survivors, MD Crossover, and Rat King since those are all exclusive. Hoping I can pick up the two expansions with their exclusive minis after everything has been shipped. Heard sometimes CMON lets backers purchase extras if they have more available. If not, guess i'll have to hit up eBay.

    3. Germain "Troll" Saussaye on

      @Ronan Abbott :
      There shouldn't be any reason adding a core box moves back your shipping date.
      As long as the PM's open.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ronan Abbott on

      I've had my pledge paid for and locked in for I'd say over a month, but I kind of want to go add in another core set. Any idea if that will cause my original pledge to be shipped out late? I know the deadline is Oct 10 but it still makes me nervous.

    5. Missing avatar

      Butakka on

      My pledge manager page says confirmed at the top with the yellow "unlock pledged" at the bottom. However, the "confirm address" button remains green and active no matter how many times I press it. Am I good to go?...

    6. Alex Shamis

      Hey @Thiago what about Massive Darkness? You guys posted that everything has been shipped, but there are a ton of backers (including myself) that are commentating that have not received any updates at all, nevermind not having the game.

      Kind of hard to want to do the pledge manager for this one when that game hasn't arrived yet, no information is provided, and you guys are saying that everything is fine and done

    7. Skritter on

      My pay doesn’t get processed until the middle (15th) of the month. Can we get it extended another week.

    8. Missing avatar

      2nd Layer on

      So CMON doesn't need the money and wants us to pay later? No problem. I'll wait another week to confirm and pay. I'm fine with keeping the money on my account for one more week.

    9. Kenna

      @Tony - Seriously, if you intend to continue with more projects, keep a spreadsheet. I update mine with dates, pledge amount, add-ons, images, and pledge manager info. Makes it a lot easier.

    10. Kenna

      @MARTIN! - Go back to the page and click to unlock it on the bottom right. You can make your changes and add additional money as needed. You may have to add a little bit of shipping if the box weight increases with your add-ons, but what you have paid is already there. Just be sure to check the box to confirm your pledge again when done. Hope that helps!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      I figured out the following. The Pledge Manger is accessed at the CMON website which is available at the link provided in Update 58. I had to search my old emails back to 8/30/17 to find an email from CMON, where they displayed the email and password I needed to use on the CMON login page. Once logged in I could navigate to the Green Horde pledge and see the green order status displaying "confirmed". Good thing I didn't delete that EMAIL. I am not a fan of having to register at these websites, this should all be handled in Kickstarter. I'm in 9 different Kickstarter pledges and it's crazy to have each one require their own website registration. Many kickstarter programs will be running a year or longer so trying to keep track of all this registration data is frustrating. I hope someone from Kickstarter is listening ......

    12. Missing avatar

      MARTINI on

      Hi there! Just a little question, I have already paid the game and the 2 extensions (my credit card got already charged) but i would like to add other optional buys...Can I unlock my pledge on the pledge manager to add them without having to repay the shipping cost?

    13. Missing avatar

      Martin k on

      Thank you, Thiago, for the clarification. It is helpful and appreciated.

    14. DungeonMaster 4 the ban of fossil fuels

      Not sure why those that may have needed those few extra days to finish Thier pm are getting insulted. Just shows what type of person you are.

    15. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      This was perfect for me, far too many projects needed closing in September, so I ran out of funds... I had to take a chance that my salary that arrived the 2nd of October was in time for this campaign.. I was so stressed it would be too late... I never asked for an extension, but thankfully you gave one anyway...

    16. Matt Pie on

      Hey guys I have a weird question: so a few weeks ago I completed my pledge manager and paid using my credit card. However, I just checked and for some reason my pledge does not say confirmed. So I'm a little confused, I paid (saw the credit statement that shows they received the money), put in my shipping info and completed my pledge manager, so i am not sure why it still says it isnt confirmed. Can anyone help me out?

    17. Thiago Aranha Collaborator on

      Again, to be clear. The only reason we extended the PM for one week is that we assertained that wouldn't cause any delay in the pipeline. Wave 1 will only ship from the factory in December, and Wave 2 won't start production for at least a month still. So extending the PM a week can only help some people who might be waiting for their salary to drop at the start of the month, and will have no repercutions for the rest. But please, DO confirm your pledge soon!

    18. Melhilion

      thx wonderful decicion

    19. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      That dragon wing in the background. Great that I will have the base game jan or feb, to bad that I have to wait for Kirag & Thorg, the Dragon and Finarton so long.

    20. Punxnbutter on

      F the buffoons who can't budget or figure out how to close out pledges. What is the deal with people getting regressive each year? Time for some life lessons for the people who can't get by without being coddled.

    21. Mike Nogle on

      I'm thankful for the delay. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have had anything to complain about until December ;)

    22. Blaz

      Thanks for this delay ....
      Time was already long enough.

    23. Missing avatar

      Martin k on

      This is really disappointing. Extending by 8 days is effectively a delay. I truly don't understand some backers who can't get their act together and simply confirm their order and pay a few bucks for shipping; you had a month � .

    24. Eric Johnson on

      I think I may have been one of the folks who hadn't completed the pledge manger but totally thought I had. Decided to go back and doublecheck. Payment had been made including the extra for shipping was charged to my credit card. But I think I missed that little tiny check box the first time, and since I didn't know what the pledge manager should look like when all is confirmed, I thought I was done.

      Now I see the green "confirmed" banner when I look at my order. Would totally be good to show unconfirmed in Red if it isn't confirmed. I saw my total balance due as $0 and figured I was good.

    25. Agreave (A new wardrobe IS required) on

      Well-I suppose we’ll have to bare this delay for those paupers who pledge for things they can’t really afford, but the knock on will be quite annoying-just saying! :)

    26. 8-bit Video James on

      I'm sure I'll catch hell for this, but just wanted to say thanks for slowing things down in general. Summer 2015 - summer 2016 was brutal on my wallet with you guys. Just one game after another that I couldn't keep up. I had to skip quite a few games I really wanted. Much better pacing recently. More time until the PM, longer PM window, and more downtime to financially recover between games.
      I was just about to quit you after Massive Darkness, like giving up a bad habit that was getting out of control. But then, you slowed it down to a much more manageable pace. Thanks!

    27. Germain "Troll" Saussaye on

      @Clint Lee Werner : Money is collected right after you pay the shipping and potential additions in the PM.

    28. Sławomir Ruszkowski on

      YESSS!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! :D Some have pay ten every month instead of the first day of the month. : D

    29. Craig "Daikaiju-Bile-Runner-san" Hatter on

      I've backed 3 CMON games and had ZERO issues filling out the pledge manager on all 3 occasions. But there's enough people posting comments in the main page with very basic misunderstandings of what is going on I think CMON should just have a standard format user guide or video or something taking someone through a dummy explanation of how their pledge manager works and how to login / troubleshoot / answers basic questions. Because in all 3 campaigns there's the exact same questions being asked (which for me are silly questions that could be easily answered by an FAQ / idiots guide type video showing step-by-step details for people that encounter problems with these things). Do not extend the deadline again. Just teach people how to complete your pledge manager better and/or directly contact people that have not completed their pledges.

    30. Ian Explosivo on

      Is it too much to ask that people just pay for the stuff they ordered when the pledge manager goes live?

    31. Missing avatar

      Maltaverne Aurélien on

      Je ne sais pas quoi mettre comme adresse de livraison, que faut-il mettre en France ? Toutes celles où je peux être livré comporte un numéro de Boîte Postale... Help please !

    32. Hoodakey

      @Clint. The "I got mine" attitude doesn't bother me as much as the "not without me" attitude.

    33. John Petersen on

      @Clint: The "I got mine" attitude is bad, yes, when we're talking about health care or food or other necessities, but Zombicide is strictly a luxury. If you're not flush with cash, then you shouldn't be spending hundreds of dollars on tabletop games.

    34. 8-bit Video James on

      Thank you for the extra week!

    35. adventuro on

      well this is new.. NOT

    36. Gilberto Guillen on


      You are going to do the same SH#$%^^# you did in MD?

      I confirm on day 1, just follow the rules and don't make excuses

    37. Kalibos on

      Little confused here. When I look at the pledge manager it shows as "Confirmed" and down at the bottom my sub-total is $368.00.

      However, when I look at the Kickstarter side of the pledge it only shows $253.00 had been accounted for.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Do I need to have an account setup on the CMON web site to check Pledge Manager? I tried using the link in this email but I get sent to a login web page. I enter my kickstarter login but just get an authentication error. WTH !

    39. Creoterra on

      oops late comment :)

    40. Creoterra on

      I think it's mainly because so many people have been asking for an extra week, and not related to production

    41. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      These emails asking to complete pledge manager are confusing and annoying. I believe I completed the pledge manager on 8/30/2017. But trying to verify this on kickstarter is confusing. I can see that I pledged but there is no receipt to validate this. I completed a survey and can see confirmation of that. If I completed the Pledge Manager please stop bombarding me with requests to follow up..... You have the information so figure out who has not completed the process and send only them an email. Using the kickstarter "update" message board just spams all of us.

    42. Clint Lee Werner

      @david - yeah, because we all know a week is going to cause so much trouble with delivery. Put the phone down and learn some empathy. Not everybody is so flush with cash that they can get everything they're looking at. Extra week for me means the difference between waiting for retail on a second set of the expansions for my daughter or getting them in the KS. Othere people I'm sure are looking at missing expansions completely without the extra paycheck a week might mean. The 'I got mine' attitude is a disease with people these days.

    43. Abraxus Games on

      Do you have an estimate on how long after fulfilment packs that I was not able to pledge will go to retail? Really want to buy some of those guest artist add ons!

    44. Clint Lee Werner

      @lau - You can still go in and edit your pledge to include them. I don't think CMON collects the money until the PM closes

    45. Mike Nogle on

      Cool, just a little extra time makes all the difference. I was already getting one of everything, this just gives me enough time to upgrade to two sets of dice and three sets of hedges

    46. Missing avatar

      david on

      .... Ridiculous, People had enough time to completed, why wait more..... So here we start with the delays

    47. Lau on

      Fuck, now l regret l didn't get the little guy riding the big one with a mask, looks awesome!

    48. Kenna

      @CMON - Thanks for the feedback! It's good to know what to expect.

    49. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Kenna: This has no effect on the base game delivery in Wave 1. But regardless of that, Wave 1 will not deliver before Christmas.

    50. Kenna

      Aww man, I hope this doesn't cause the base game to arrive after Christmas.