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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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27,236 backers pledged $5,004,614 to help bring this project to life.

The Green Horde assembles!


Hail Survivors!

The Pledge Manager is being set up right now, so keep an eye out for it, as it should launch in 1-2 weeks.

Zombicide: Green Horde made its first appearance to the general public at GenCon last week. Reports are that a blast was had by all who managed to demo the prototype. We have some pictures from GenCon below. And do note that those miniatures used are actual plastic figures, already using the revised Zombie Orc green color!

Survivors on the move.
Survivors on the move.


Orc Walkers forming a literal barrier.
Orc Walkers forming a literal barrier.


Good thing that Orc Abomination can't climb the waterhole ledge.
Good thing that Orc Abomination can't climb the waterhole ledge.


The mighty trebuchet! So near and yet so far.
The mighty trebuchet! So near and yet so far.


Maybe use him as bait while he's not looking...
Maybe use him as bait while he's not looking...


A horde of Orc Fatties.
A horde of Orc Fatties.


And a horde of Orc Walkers.
And a horde of Orc Walkers.

As you can see, the Green Horde components are looking very good! And by the feedback we got, so is the gameplay. Things are going so well for the core box that we actually have an announcement to make:

While the expansions still have considerable work ahead of them, the Green Horde core box is in such good shape that we're going to produce it and ship it to backers in advance! This means this campaign will ship in 2 waves:

- Wave 1 will contain only the Green Horde core boxes you order. It will ship from the factory before the end of the year. Unfortunately we can't promise delivery by Christmas, but we'll try our best. It's very possible some backers will receive it In January-February 2018. We'll keep you updated.

- Wave 2 will contain all the Stretch Goals and Optional Buys. It retains the same initial delivery estimate of June 2018.

With this early Wave 1 it's even more important that, once the Pledge Manager launches, you complete it and confirm it quickly, otherwise you'll have to wait a long while.

For the Green Horde!


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    1. Forsetius on

      It would make sense for the 3D Doors, the Deadeyes and the Plastic Token Pack to be shipped in Wave 1 - has anything been mentioned regarding this?

    2. martin cloutier on

      Shipping for me ended up to 18.25 USD so, pretty nice!

    3. Peter Hare on

      Thanks everyone! All sorted!

    4. Adam on

      @Peter - Correct. Once you add all your extras and confirm your shipping address, it will show you how much you owe less the amount that you paid once the campaign closed.

    5. Francois on

      Hello CMON, would it be possible to talk in private about a problem with my pledge manager ? I'd rather fix it as soon as possible.

    6. Peter Hare on

      @Kathleen, Thank you, so under the "extras" I need to re-enter what I confirmed here within kickstarter + any extras I've decided to get since then?

    7. Missing avatar

      Kathleen on

      @Peter : anything else you want you can account for in the EXTRA tab. fill in the things you wanted and they'll take off your bill the amount you already pledged. no worries! they know that you already payed for other stuff

    8. Peter Hare on

      Anyone mind giving a newbie to KS a quick answer? I've been given the pledge manager, and it says my backing level was $120, I paid $235 and listed the options I wanted, they don't appear in the list, just the horde backing and the special guest box that we all get, It doesn't look like I've had the official confirmation that I've ordered those extras, I have the bank statement proving I've paid of course, but no acknowledgement from CMON.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hotcut on

      I just got mine some 5 minutes ago - I assume they are sending them out in batches.
      So give it some time :)

    10. Pere Morata on

      My brother and I are backers of this project, he has received his pledge manager two days ago.
      I haven't received it yet. Is it normal?

    11. Jon Shelky

      I'd be a lot happier about this announcement if I had already received Massive Darkness, as is not so interested in completing paying for this kickstarter when I've yet to receive the previous one.

    12. Lau on

      It's a shame about the KSE MD crossover..

    13. dafrca on

      @ DungeonMaster Nift is Garbage: What do you mean my statement is false? There are lots of the Erik figures on ebay and I do have mine in my hand. Why would you call me a liar?

    14. DungeonMaster-Nift is Garbage!

      There is non on eBay I think your statement is false.

    15. dafrca on

      I like the idea of having the game earlier. Nice. This means this week is the week of the great Zombie news. I am going to get his early and I received my Erik Summoner figure yesterday in the mail. Wonderful. :-)

    16. DungeonMaster-Nift is Garbage!

      @Rocket you know this or are assuming it? Either case cmon stated that retail may get theirs before backers.

    17. Rocket Pig Games on

      It would have been nice to at least receive Massive Darkness, before paying for "all in" Green Horde. Not to mention it was for sale at Gencon to non-backers even. Doesn't make you feel too good seeing that.

    18. Humberto Villela on

      I see plenty of people from Brazil concerned about being taxed twice for the game. Personally, I don't think this is an issue, because as far as I know package invoices state only what's being carried, not your total purchase. Actually this could be a good thing if the odds are in your favor when Customs gods start sorting packages for taxation. The only real issue is HIGHER SHIPPING COSTS, which of course will have impact our sad south american pockets.
      That being said, if @CMON is willing to split shipping costs between waves (a very unlikely possibility in my opinion) that's no harm done. Otherwise they should give us the choice between 1 wave or 2 waves shipment.

    19. Missing avatar

      Fleshharrower on

      On the surface, this sounds like a great thing - we're getting the core box ~6 months early and the rest on the original timeline. However, what about the shipping costs? Do we need to pay more for the second wave shipping? It would be great to hear an answer on this issue that many have already raised in the comments.

    20. Marc-andre Ferland on

      Well, I cannot say that I am super happy about this wave thing, but I can understand this.

      I would like for CMON to specify the shipping cost "unclear" thing.
      I would also like for them to see if they are going to be strict on the pledge manager deadline

      I know its dreaming to have proper answers, but what are you chance to respect the dates?

    21. Epervier on

      Creating "one wave" and "two waves" shipment options would be fair regarding all the comments which have been written.
      I too prefer the one wave shipment and I perfectly understand why other backers prefer the other way around.
      I hope everyone get heard.
      Thanks CMON

    22. Epervier on

      Creating "one wave" and "two waves" shipment options would be fair regarding all the comments which have been written.
      I too prefer the one wave shipment and I perfectly understand why other backers prefer the other way around.
      I hope every get heard.
      Thanks CMON

    23. Diogo Lugarinho on

      I don't like surprises like that... i would like to recieve in one wave only!

    24. Marcos Oliveira on

      Hi, as another brazilian backer I'm really concerned about this "2 waves" shipping, as mentioned before we pay a huge tax (60% importation, plus 18% from the state, with creditcard and other taxes it's almost a new game), and it's based on the invoice.
      If in both shippings the game's price is full, it means we'll pay twice the tax, not only we'll pay the game twice, which we already expected, but we'll have to pay it 3 times, the game itself and the taxes twice.
      As not to mention if the cost of the shippment is on the invoice we also pay tax over it, it can raise the price of the game from $130(core) + $80(shippment) to $630 total with the taxes. And only MoneyGod to save those who bought the extras.
      Please, PLEASE, consider that.
      Make this 2 waves shippment an option, or split the stated cost of the cost+shippment in two invoices.
      You guys have been doing a wonderful job so far, keep up the good work.

    25. Insulin King on

      Yes!!! This means I MIGHT be able to have the core all painted and done by the time the SGs get here. Great news!

    26. thedoad on

      What are the Odds that the USA gets green horde Before massive darkness?

    27. japester

      @Surgeon Sturgeon
      Nope. We pledge manager closed long before they decided to split the BP pledges into waves. It wasn't announced until very late in the process. Announcing it this early means they could technically bake the extra cost in if they wanted.

      Also, BP only shipped one core box per pledge early. So people with multiple pledges had to wait for the rest of their cores until Wave 2. I assume this time all cores will ship at the same time, but who knows?

    28. Kym on

      @TheBeholder yes, you can.

    29. PKDeathDealer on

      at this rate I'll probably get Green Horde before I get Massive Darkness :/ happy they are so ahead of Green Horde though :)

    30. Leandro Campos da Silva on

      I have a 2 questions: 1º 2 shippings, 2 times? In brazilian territory, this generate 2 huges importation tax (60% (product value+ shipping)).
      2º And the SMOG? Same schedule date?

    31. Kenna

      In cases like this where the base game is so much further ahead in readiness, they can end up paying more to store the games than it would cost to just ship them to us while they get the rest ready. That happened in the past and we ended up getting the base game for Christmas. Either BP or Z season 3? Maybe both?

    32. Surgeon Sturgeon on

      Did everyone forget that they did this exact same thing with Black Plague?!?
      No we didn't pay shipping twice.
      You pay once and they ship in two waves!

    33. Missing avatar

      Caitlyn Byrne

      I also would appreciate CMON clarifying shipping costs.

    34. J B on

      So now we pay twice the shipping hmmm...

    35. Missing avatar

      Ryan Winpenny on

      Bloody hell, that's impressive. I'm hoping you can keep to your schedule. Please be strict around the Pledge Manager closing date. You said that caused big delays for Massive Darkness.

    36. Sig le Troll on

      That is some curious and unusual news. I guess it favors the retail aspect of this game. No judgement here, I don't really care. Good for CMON if it helps their business.

      Maybe I'm a bit weird ... but I'd rather get everything in Junetober 2018, in "one wave". I don't see myself (and the group) playing only the core box for a few months ... and waiting to play the game again when all the cool stuff arrives. The core box will probably wait for wave 2 before seeing any play.
      If there was an option in the pledge manager to receive everything in wave 2, I would go or it.

      But, I guess its good news for those that don't want to wait.

    37. TheBeholder on

      @CMON Will I be able to change my shipping adress. A sudden life change has required me to move and idd like to update where my plastic goes!

    38. Norbert R on

      I guess 2 smaller packages with less weight per package. The total shipping cost increases a little I think

    39. Erebos on

      Wow - that´s fantastic. Thanks guys.

    40. japester

      Also, for those who are new to CMON KS's (and those with poor memories) **NOWHERE** in this update did they promise backers would receive anything before retail. It is quite likely that the first core boxes will go to retail first (in time for Christmas) and THEN backers will start getting shipments. I have no problem with this as I read the full campaign description, and I know that the added value for this project is the tons of exclusives and freebies we are getting with our pledges (none of which will arrive until next year). CMON specifically warns that pledges often get their items after retail. So anyone who misreads this update, sees a core box in their local store first, and complains about CMON "disrespecting their backers so I will never support them again!" should be prepared for a public tar and feathering. ;-)

    41. Missing avatar

      Yeom Cheol Woong on

      Will shipping cost rise than before? then, i don`t want 2wave shipping ...T_T

    42. Jean on

      @CMON Maybe add wave information to the FAQ as related to shippingcost/tax
      I live in the USA but others may need more info.
      Will shipping cost be handled all at once? ect.

    43. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Navarro on

      I wish to receive the core game with wave 2. I have no money to pay taxes twice in brazilian customs..

      Façam um esquema opcional pra receber tudo numa só wave. Vai quebrar os bolsos como aconteceu com o Black Plague.

    44. Missing avatar

      Milton C Junior on

      In Brazil we have some tax issues, so I ask if is possible to split the values on the invoice for us in Brazil don´t pay the tax twice.
      Thanks! :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Xavon on

      Will this cost more for shipping? And can we choose not to split the shipment?

    46. Missing avatar

      julia harrod on

      CMON is awesome. Thanks for great news. You guys rock!

    47. Steven Martens // DJ Wax on

      oh CMON tnx for making my day! I had a shitday at work and this totally made it ok :D

    48. Hubert Coustan

      No, as Black Plague (1st game) they will really target Christmas, reason of the 2 waves. If too late they would maybe make 1 wave only in June.

    49. Ekorren on

      Amazing news. Looking forward to play.