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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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A New Wondrous Stretch Goal - and some new Optional Buys!

Posted by Guilherme Goulart (Collaborator)

Hail, Survivors!

We are entering the final stretches of the campaign!

We've now unlocked the bonus Kickstarter Exclusive Horde Tile for all backers:



Before we get on to our new offerings, however, don't forget about our previous selection, which includes:



And much more - just check out the front page for the full list!

 So what is our next Stretch Goal? Only one of the mightiest warriors in all the land!

When we reach $4,150k all backers will unlock the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Princess Ayla, including her miniature and ID card!


Princess Ayla's figure 3D render
Princess Ayla's figure 3D render



But we're not done with the reveals just yet! You, our loyal Survivors, have been asking for more Optional Buys, so we've collected two more offerings for you.

First up, we have the Green Horde Extra Tiles Pack:


This Tile Pack is an extra set of the tiles available in the Core Box of Green Horde and in the "Friends and Foes" expansion - immensely useful for those out there who want to make their own custom scenarios, as well as play on truly massive sized maps. 

Next up we have another very special Box, introducing the Kickstarter Exclusive Rat King & Swamp Troll, with art by the very talented Adrian Smith!




This Kickstarter Exclusive box comes with:

  • 1x Rat King necromancer
  • 1x Swamp Troll abomination
  • 6x Swarms of Ratz


Rat King's figure 3D render
Rat King's figure 3D render



The Rat King & Swamp Troll box also includes 6 Swarms of Ratz
The Rat King & Swamp Troll box also includes 6 Swarms of Ratz

The Rat King, as his name would suggest, has a particular affinity for the vermin of the world. When he spawns, as well as when he activates, he'll also begin to flood the board with more of his summoned Swarms of Ratz minions as he makes his escape - making him not only a terrible nuisance but a massive threat if he is not dealt with immediately!

Concept art of the Swamp Troll
Concept art of the Swamp Troll

Next we have the Swamp Troll! This cunning abomination lurks in the deep waters of the map, waiting to surprise any weary Survivor who happens upon its nest. When the Swamp Troll spawns, it will spawn in the Watering Hole closest to a Survivor, leading to a deadly ambush from which they may not survive!

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the relevant amount. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

Can you hear that, Survivors? The very ground shakes, stronger than before!

The correct scale for the Giant Zombie and Finarton, the Giant Survivor!
The correct scale for the Giant Zombie and Finarton, the Giant Survivor!

As it turns out, Finarton is even larger than what we initially showed. He's in the same scale as the Zombie Giant (to the great rejoice of his allied Survivors)! Get ready to throw zombies from new heights!

For the Green Horde!

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    1. barry morgan on

      RE - rat spawn cards in rat king box.

      I messaged CMoN to get confirmation whether the rat king box came with spawn cards for rat swarms - this is their reply:

      No, it looks like the Rat King spawns rat swarms himself:
      When he spawns, as well as when he activates, he'll also begin to flood the board with more of his summoned Swarms of Ratz minions as he makes his escape - making him not only a terrible nuisance but a massive threat if he is not dealt with immediately!
      Thank you for your interest.

    2. Frederik Achen on

      When will we seen the swamp troll mini?

    3. Ur Shulgi on

      Here you can have an idea of Abominations size (and praise a great sculptor) :

    4. KingVoodoo on

      Now we just need a Cheshire cat to deal with the rats :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Hamubata on

      What size is the Swamp Troll ?

    6. Majin Dozer on

      Aw, I liked the zombie giant being bigger

    7. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      What's the difference between the lurker and the swamp troll? I'm not sure of all the rules but I was intending that once the lurker hits the water it stays there forcing you to find a way to kill it or go around. Will the Troll pursue or head back? How many actions does he have? 2-3 would make him scary especially having to wade thru water and not knowing if he will turn up and maul you

    8. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      W0W! those are some great looking renders if they hold up I'd say they will be two of the best figures here. The Ayla mini looks truly amazing.

    9. partenopei on

      Rat King is best miniature yet

      he has dampened my sadness on mssing out on the Abominarat in BP

    10. Missing avatar

      Aaron Burr on

      I love this! We all get a memento of @thiagos wild ride, AND that Adrian Smith box is awesome! It'd be really cool if the sculpts of the rats were consistent from the Rat King to the Ratz swarm too, but TBH I'm just super stoked about it anyway. :)

    11. hithwen on

      Best update so far, both the addon and the sgs are awesome!

    12. Missing avatar


      Which size is the Rat Kind and the Swamp Troll?

    13. Missing avatar

      joseph essex on

      Please have the new box added in the MD crossover as the others are

    14. Eric Johnson on

      Would be nice if the images were reduced before putting them on your website or sending them out in emails. I'm in the boonies right now and the main page was taking forever to load. Then I checked and one image was 6.5MB!! Goodness!

    15. Larson McCade

      If there's still any hope whatsoever...

      +1 for the KSE MDXO pack - there's some beautiful sculpts that are just begging to go subterranean...

    16. Herbert Geekswain on

      @Tuomo Heiska: I'm wondering if it will be a rubble token - I've been wondering how we'll be representing the dragon's stomp the centre of its tile mechanic

    17. Herbert Geekswain on

      Absolutely fantastic sculpts!! Nice one CMoN! Love Ayla (and I can pretend she's not Wonder Woman, in fact she's Not-Wonder-Woman!). But the Troll and the Rat King Necro - WOW! Really excellent job, guys.

    18. Missing avatar

      Brendon Robinson on

      R.O.U.S. from The Princess Bride.

    19. Chris FR on

      next SG to 4 228 060$, i hope big and great SG

    20. Mike the Knight on

      Giants 2x the size of a survivor is fine no need to make them 3x the size.

    21. Germain "Troll" Saussaye on

      It just hit me, the big rat beside the Rat King looks like a RaT-rex.

    22. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      Agree to what some said underneath... that rat king and orc would be sublime in Massive Darkness. Please provide a card in that box to make them playable there as well, would really love that :), especially the rat catcher... ow, and Zombie cow hord/herd :). Love the art for the rat catcher btw.

    23. DanWolf on

      Hahaha your daughter is a wondergirl? Oh, believe me, she is! Wonderful idea, very, very nice! And by the way a lovely mini!

    24. FlorianAliasJoe on

      Sometimes I wonder if CMON is not playing with us :p
      When we asked for more tiles, that meant different tiles than the original ones ^^ (as in MD)

      About Wonder Ayla, I first thought she had a diadem, but according to the art, I was wrong, what is it ? Carved symbols into her face ? Not sure what to think about that ^^

      Still, I love Finarton, I think we do already have enough survivors, but when they are really original like him, that's worth it !

      Moreover, I think that putting Exclusive Artist Boxes with ennemies is a better idea for this campaign as we already have a lot of survivors (and those like me who have kickstarted BP have even more ^^).

      Well as I always says : "don't get me wrong", I'm not complaining, I'm ecstatic and I'm just commenting :p

    25. Missing avatar

      Tuomo Heiska on

      What is a "1 Token Punch Board" in Extra Tiles Pack? Board with spawn zones, noise tokens etc. or something else?

    26. Danny Wagenaar on

      Ayla means "from a strong and resilient place" in Scottish and is commonly spelled Aila or Isla.

      Not a bad name for someone strong, resilient and of an island.

      The Dark Knight from season 1 has a partner, but do we really have to wait till season 3 for the Shining Knight of Steel? It would be such a great climax, aargh!

    27. Pedro Nunes on

      Great update! Thanks for the bigger giant!

    28. Dali on

      Hope to see Mini of the Swamp Troll soon.

    29. EtePetete on

      Support the diabolo cow abo choral :)

      Muhmu mumumuuuh

    30. Diego Serrate Pinilla on

      Wow , I love the Rat King and swamp troll , but I'm agraid I will not get them if they are not available for the MD crossover. Please include them!! They are just perfect for MD , even fits better than for Zombicide!

    31. Digimortal on

      Amazing, just came home from the cinema after seing Wonder Woman and I see this :)

    32. Paula on

      I love Wonder Woman!!!! YA!!

    33. Kelly Lee Robinson on

      You can update your pledge after the campaign if you can't afford all the goodies up front, just sayin.


    34. Tabletop Tribe

      Bemused by all the "why are there more rats in this?" comments when the model is called KING RAT. And not everyone is buying the No Rest expansion you know?

    35. Kelly Lee Robinson on

      Still holding out for them zombie cow/abomination optional buy �

    36. Ian on

      Princess Ayla! Everyone's waiting for you.......

    37. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      @Ray Gans: Ratz are getting an extra activation nevertheless every time you are drawing their spawncard, no matter if you have still Ratz.

    38. Rafael Igino Serafim on

      Why Princess Ayla don't have a lasso ?

    39. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg

      Have they confirmed anywhere that the rats in this box come with their own spawn cards or if they only spawn based on the Rat King?

    40. Rainmaker on

      Would love a big box to hold everything.

      Congrats Thiago, I have a 2 week old daughter also, so good luck with sleeping. It's all about Mom early on.

      +1 3D render of princess is hunched. I am sure you will fix it.

      +1 Would love to see 2 more Orc heroes. Maybe a Goblin and an Orc. Some goblinoid types.

      Love you guys.

    41. Tony Henrichsen on

      Wow! A truly Wondrous survivor indeed. Plus rad optional KSE super excited!

    42. Rafael Igino Serafim on

      What is exactly the "token punch board" with tiles pack? Thx

    43. Petr Baumgartner on

      +1 deck holders, please!!!

    44. Ant on

      Yay, the giants are more the same size! I'm flooded with a sense of relief.

      The new add on looks cool but I have to question the inclusion of rats in this and in the other expansion. In not sure which one to get now, but it probably won't be both.

    45. Missing avatar

      Andreas Melander on

      +1 more rats as an optional buy would be great!

    46. Missing avatar

      skotos on

      No Kickstartter Exclusive Stuff in "Green Horde Extra Tiles Pack" ? :-(

    47. Ray Gans on

      We need to be able to purchase more Ratz - else we'll likely get overrun by extra activations whenever a spawn card comes up after we've run out of them.

    48. Missing avatar


      Ugh my wallet.... how many more "Optional" buys left?

    49. Missing avatar

      RPGFanboy on

      Will we get cards to use the rats without the abomination?

    50. Marco on

      i heard we might be getting survivor dashboard cards from season 1 -3 of zombicide (modern) that will fit into the plastic dashboards of ZcideBlackPlague?! any truth to this?!?!?