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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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Finarton is not a quiet companion... I think we need some stealth...

Posted by Michael Shinall (Collaborator)

Survivors! We have unlocked the earth-shaking survivor that is Finarton!

No doubt this was assisted by our latest optional buy, the Black Plague Ultimate Survivor Pack!

And while Finarton brings his own brand of usefulness to the party, sometimes you need to approach things in a more... stealthy manor. That is where our next Survivor comes in:




3D Render of Lorentz's Model
3D Render of Lorentz's Model


And while unveiling Lorentz would be celebration enough, we also have another unveiling- this one a bit more personal here for the CMON family!

Those who follow the Comment section of our Kickstarter will know that Thiago Aranha, who was running the campaign, had to step out suddenly on account of his firstborn showing up early. We’re very pleased to say that the whole family is doing very well, and little Ayla is already practicing her prescient powers with the Magic 8-Ball.

Eventually she will find and catch an 8-Ball of her own, per family tradition.
Eventually she will find and catch an 8-Ball of her own, per family tradition.



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    1. Missing avatar

      James Lee on

      @Trevor Payton I forgot about the disappearing pig trick! The perfect way to get the baby to safety, but you'll have to work on the names and use the 'contact me' link to suggest your idea to CMON. Maybe as a 'special event' add-on for backers if it doesn't get added as a kick-starter. Let me know if and when you do so I can add my support.

      Some names you might consider: Wilago Daranhais (Willow-Warwick Davis-Thiago Aranha mash-up) with Baby Aylora (aka as approved), and Madaryl Kilree (because the Norman Reedus and Val Kilmer mash-ups Kildus and Reemer just don't work). Oh, and in your idea, also try to work-in a shield surfing escape trick! That was both awesome and amusing.

      With a kickstarter total of almost $4M for a $300K goal, these two bonus backer rewards with a final update including something along the lines of that "from small things, true greatness can grow" message would really be the icing on the cake.

    2. Missing avatar

      Trevor Payton on

      @James Lee
      Yes, a Willow connection would be amazing! Brilliant movie. You could even do his disappearing pig trick! He was a halfling wizard who was very devoted to Baby Elora (aka Ayla, aka Lil' Ass Kicker).

      You could also have a Madmartigan/Daryl character who gains an extra melee attack action if Elora/Ayla/Lil' Ass Kicker is within line of sight. The possibilities are endless!!!

    3. Lau on

      +1 KSE MD crossover

    4. Missing avatar

      James Lee on

      Just wanted to reiterate my previous comment and ask (again) that CMON seriously consider the @Trevor Payton idea for "Thiago & Ayla" (wizard or entertainer, holding a baby in one arm and a wand in the other) Survivor(s) but, as already mentioned, with a slight twist.

      Instead of making it look like Daryl from the Walking Dead, try a Halfling Wizard with baby Ayla. Bear with me here, a Daryl variant could be the following Survivor as the warrior-protector of the Halfling-Wizard who cares for the baby and looks like the great entertainer Warwick Davis (who has stared in movies including Star Wars Return of the Jedi and Rogue One)...

      Folks who like old movies might actually get this one, but just to make sure... Will, oh, will CMON consider it? Too subtle? Fine. The movie was Willow. Warwick Davis played a Halfling entertainer who became a wizard and helped save the chosen one, a baby girl named Elora. The message from the movie is just as apt for CMON and for the Aranha family: from small things, true greatness can grow

      Congrats again, Thiago, your greatest adventure begins with baby Ayla

    5. Vincent on

      I think the survivor who get the most positive comments is the baby. That give her a lot of ferries to live a good life. Children are life ! Have a good one.

    6. Sean Wheeler

      Any chance of a crows add on as I cannot get them for a good price.

    7. Be(a)st on

      Then we could have a survivor based on the "lone wolf and cub" character ;)

    8. MindFlayer Games on

      Not sure if I should go with the Ultimate Survivor add on pack. Is it really worth the additional $30

    9. Ian short on

      Thiago survivor would be great. Samurai with babycart.

    10. Kelly Lee Robinson on

      I would like to second bat riding somethings, preferably bad guys or a boss orc of some sort.

    11. Rand Chua TL on

      Congratulations to u Thiago! Cute litte Ayla! (Seem Ayla would be a Magic user?)
      We would get rid of the green horde to bring u a better future! :p

    12. Marc-Antoine Paquet on

      Geralt Of Rivia !!!! please x)

    13. Green_Lumux on

      Congrats Thaigo! I have a daughter that was born during the Black Plague Campaign!

    14. Mr Suitcase on

      Pfft.... you guys are crazy. I've seen Stranger things. That's obviously not Lucas. It's either Denzel Washington or Michael Jackson. Or Michael Corleone.

      So obvious.

    15. Mike the Knight on

      Congratulations Thiago! Also yay Lucas is out hope we unlock him quick.

    16. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Hopefully we can move on to characters from other fantasy races like the giant. Really would like to put together a couple of teams of just orc and goblin survivors, or just dark elves or elves, a couple of minotaurs please, with a centaur or two. Wishful thinking.

    17. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Now is this the kid everyone has been up in arms over? Silly people wanting kids to be zombie food hope you can all sleep at night.

    18. Missing avatar

      James Lee on

      And people thought there was nothing more than Z: GH of which Thiago could be proud, yet Miss Ayla has proven there's no competition! Your life will be filled with that pride, joy, wonder, excitement, and fulfilment in measures that far eclipse the worry that little blessing brings over the years, and the horror of the next two-to-three years of nappy-changing (been there, done that - three little ladies and approximately ten-thousand nappy changes all up... stay strong, brother). Congrats, dude. Also, what @Trevor Payton said. Outstanding reply. Awesome idea. Seconded, with a slight tweek: make the Wizard with that cute little button a Halfling, an appropriately huge grin, and a 'stinky-nappy-of-flinging'!

    19. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Awww she is so cute! You are very lucky Thiago, congratulations.

    20. Missing avatar

      Trevor Payton on

      Congrats Thiago!

      @Bruno (re: "So when will we get a new hero named after Ayla?")

      I think that's a great idea! How many times does the guy running a KS have a child during the KS funding period? If we have heroes to honor celebrities who have died this year, then how about future celebrities who are born this year?

      My suggestion: "Thiago & Ayla" (wizard or entertainer, holding a baby in one arm and a wand in the other). For flavor, make it look like Daryl from the Walking Dead (because he's the one who came up with Baby Judith's nickname).

      Background story:
      "For many years Thiago was a popular wizard and entertainer, beloved by the masses for his uncanny ability to give them just what they were asking for. But then the zombie outbreak happened, and civilization all but collapsed. One day later, Thiago's daughter was born: Baby Ayla! As the first child born after the zombie outbreak, Thiago and his fans saw her as a sign from the gods, as a symbol of hope for humanity. Some of her friends even called her "Lil' Ass Kicker."
      As anyone knows, babies make a LOT of noise. But Thiago used his arcane awesomeness to both protect his beloved daughter and his friends at the same time. He developed a form of Magical Vantriloquism, whereby he could make her cries sound as if they were coming from another area of town. No harm will come to his child...because the harm will be headed elsewhere!"

      Blue Ability:
      Magical Baby Vantriloquism: Whenever you use the "Make Some Noise" action, you may instead choose to place up to 2 Noise Tokens in any space within line of sight.

      Orange Ability:
      Lil' Ass Kicker: Once per round, add +1 melee die to an ally's attack roll. [...because Baby Ayla inspires heroism in the hearts of her new family!]

      Obviously the abilities need tweaking for proper wording and balance, but it's a start. :)

    21. Clint Lee Werner

      Congratulations Thiago!

    22. Herbert Geekswain on

      Awesome sculpt of Not-Lucas btw.

    23. Matthew Friett on

      Any chance of updating Johrgrund with Giant rules/sculpt to match his fluff?

    24. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Congradulations to Papa Thiago! I became an uncle myself 2 weeks ago to the day (granted that rather less demanding than being a father LOL) so best of luck for the new addition to the family (and the soon to be very busy parents...)!

      Also, awesome that we got the full set of Stranger Things kids coming up soon.

    25. Jean

      Happy Birthday!

    26. Danny Wagenaar on

      Thiago! Parabéns pelo nascimento de seu bebe! Now we want a baby zombie mini as well though!

    27. Carl Harris on

      Congrats Thiago! A mini-me you made earlier - just need her as a hero now......

    28. Marco on

      Congratulations Aranha family

    29. Missing avatar

      Ryan Martens on

      How many minis are we at total now?

    30. iKofolos on

      Congratulations @Thiago!!!

    31. Kenna

      Horray! She is beautiful! And glad to see them close out the ST group so people will cease their worrying!

    32. Missing avatar

      Briesi on

      awww,cute.well done thiago!

    33. Morpheus on

      Congratulations to Thiago family !
      Like this campaign, Ayla is splendid !

    34. Paula on

      Thiago congratulations. She is gorgeous.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jon nix on

      thiago congrats on the new addition to the family, now back to the game with the completion of the stranger things crew that leaves only my final request an all nonhuman survivor guest box with a bat riding goblin survivor

      +1 bat riding "green goblin" survivor

    36. Dustin Call on

      Thiago! Congrats!

    37. Shucked on

      So cute. Congrats, Thiago. Also, Lucas!!!

    38. Jason Statham on

      That's no Magic 8 Ball. That's a Magic ball of Destiny. You can't fool us. :P
      Congrats to Thiago and here's to his family's health and happyness.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Ryan on

      congrats to Thiago. she is beautiful!

    40. Vadhagh on


    41. Missing avatar

      Michael Wolf on

      This is just an early sculpt, The finished model is going to be way different. They always do.

    42. Bruno Mannato Angius on

      So when will we get a new hero named after Ayla?

    43. Ultimate Annwyn on

      Congratulations @Thiago - good to see you're already guiding her in the ways of the CMON Oracle

    44. Missing avatar

      Jay Santos

      Zee's pastry obsession!!! LOL!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jay Santos

      Zee's pastry obsession!!! LOL!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jay Santos

      Zee's pastry obsession!!! LOL!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jay Santos

      Zee's pastry obsession!!! LOL!

    48. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      Congratz, Thiago.
      I want a Z-Nation Abominababy.