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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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Heroes Return in Ultimate Survivors! As well as a rather large newcomer...

Posted by Isadora (Collaborator)

Hail Survivors!

The menacing warrior Spearhead joins our ranks!

To celebrate, not only do we have a very special Stretch Goals (at the end of this post!) but we have another surprise for you as well!

We're sure you've no doubt seen some of our previous Optional Buy offerings:


And today we have one more very special offering for you...

Some of you might have been wondering- with the new threat of the Green Horde, just what have our Black Plague Season 1 Heroes been up to? It would appear that they have been gathering their strength, honing their skills, and, most of all, reaching legendary status in their fight against the Necromancers!

Presenting the Kickstarter Exclusive set of Black Plague Ultimate Survivors!

Gather the original group of Black Plague in their new Ultimate Survivor versions! See how this band of heroes has progressed during the Plague Times with new experiences and training- and of course, being the Ultimate Survivors they are, that means two blue Skills right off the bat! 


Ultimate Baldric
Ultimate Baldric



Ultimate Ann
Ultimate Ann



Ultimate Clovis
Ultimate Clovis



Ultimate Nelly
Ultimate Nelly



Ultimate Samson
Ultimate Samson



Ultimate Silas
Ultimate Silas

Please note all images shown are 3D Renders of the Sculpts!

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add $30. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

But wait! We're not done just yet! The excitement just keeps coming! In honor of our returning friends, we also have a very unique survivor joining their ranks!



 And just so you understand how big this guy really is, here he is next to another survivor for reference:

Finarton here is a unique case among the survivors- namely in the fact that he is a Giant- which brings with it some unique properties, such as being able to see over building and hedges that the "shorter folk" cant (of course, this means he can be seen as well), as well as having a longer reach than most when it comes to attacking.

Perhaps his most interesting feature, however, is his unique power to, well, throw things around (hey, being that big has plenty of benefits). Friends and foe alike can be tossed by the mighty Finarton, dealing damage based on their equipped weapon (in the case of allies) or how big they are (in the case of enemies)- Oh, and don't worry when it comes to tossing allies around, it's a coordinated effort, so they won't get hurt! ... Though we're sure they would appreciate not being thrown into a large mob of zombies!

The crusade against the Green Horde continues, survivors! Take up arms and bright the fight to the Necromancers!


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    1. Philluminati on

      Samson bigger hammer or shield!!!

    2. dafrca on

      @ Nathan Beitler : Well written. Bravo.

      And people, please remember this is an Optional add-on. No one is forcing you to buy them. Having said that, I am for sure in on this one. :-)

    3. Craig "Daikaiju-Bile-Runner-san" Hatter on


    4. Missing avatar

      Jon nix on

      awesome new stretch goal hope we get an MD card to go with this giant (if not easy enough to homebrew) still waiting on an all nonhuman survivor guest box and one last stranger things survivor

      +1 bat riding "green goblin" survivor
      +1 lucas from stranger things

    5. Nathan Beitler on

      In regards to pricing on these newly sculpted survivors...

      1. You DO realize that a typical guest box of 4 non-exclusive heroes runs $20-25, right?

      2. I did not see nearly as many complaints about the other guest artist boxes which are actually more expensive than this new box of survivors. If you were OK with the price of those, you shouldn't have a problem with the pricing on these.

      3. The Grim and Thalia 2-pack (Conan and Red Sonja) that was a Kickstarter exclusive in the last campaign was $18 for TWO FIGURES. Compare...

      4. People, online, regularly pay $20 or more for a single KSE exclusive. How much do you think they are going to be willing to pay for survivors that are actually BETTER and more powerful in the game?

      Time to relax. Just take it for what it is and don't purchase it if you don't want it.

    6. Missing avatar

      Westley - TheDreadPirateRoberts on

      This is probably my favorite update. THANK YOU!

    7. André Altemari on

      Why the Ultimate Survivors is an exclusive KS Item??? WHY ??? I should be interested in paying $30 for the same survivors with new poses & cards ONLY in KS. What they have to justify buy them now and not later???

    8. Nathan Beitler on

      A few comments about the sculpts on these newly revealed characters:

      As far as the giant goes, THANK GOD the sculpt is better than the artwork. The legs in the art are ridiculously thin! It reminds me of the old comics I own that Rib Liefeld drew. The sculpt is much better than the picture. If I would change anything at all, it would be to make his head looking slightly downward.

      Sculpts on the newly update BP characters are also fine. Some are saying that they aren't as detailed, but the "armored up" look is a bit more refined than their rag-tag appearances in Z:BP.

    9. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Love the giant as a new idea, although I agree with others, he should look down a bit.
      Won't get the ultimates, though. We love playing the original cast, but the only sculpts hubby and me like even a little bit are the dwarf and wizard, sorry. They look too old, too bulky and too much plate armoured. That's not a Nelly I wanna play. Btw, Silas leg armour glitched through his robe, hope you'll fix that for the buyers. ;)

    10. AlwaysArdent on

      Holy Moly almost every comment request has been answered with a SG or add on perfectly...

    11. Missing avatar

      Iron Man on

      So you'll do Black Plague characters, but not the crossover set for MD? Lol

    12. Missing avatar

      Leo Steinmetz on

      +1 Lucas. I cannot stress enough how uncomfortable the thought of being shipped a "Stranger Things White Kids" set makes me. Like, leaving Will Byers out would make sense cause he's missing for half the season. Leaving Eleven out would make sense cause she's not part of the original crew (although we desperately need the female survivors so it would still suck). Leaving Lucas out is... well... bad. I really do get the fact that stretch goals are just that - goals, not obligations - and I do appreciate it if he's already set as the next goal and you're certain you're going to raise enough money that he'll be included, but if not... it looks pretty bad.

    13. DarthTomkat on

      Is there a problem with silas's left leg? It looks like his cape is "tucked into" his leg armor, or that the plates are floating over the cape...

    14. Josef Ferguson on

      Wait, Ultimate Survivors? Why is this necessary? Can I not just play with my original BP survivors in GH? Would they be underpowered? Will the survivors in GH be overpowered in the original? My assumption of cross-compatability (power-level-wise) was the deciding factor in jumping on with this pledge. Would appreciate some input from CMON here.

    15. Chris Z.

      Just take my money LOL

    16. Zeljko on

      Finally Silas is rocking bow and arrow!!!
      Thank you <3

    17. Perry Grosshans on

      Great update! The ultimate survivors are cool! disrespect to the artist, but this is one case where the sculpt of the giant is better than the artwork, lol! The legs are all...weird looking. DON'T CHANGE THE SCULPT THOUGH! It is awesome!! But the artwork could use a little buttering up on the legs. Again, no disrespect to the artist (I know all the creatives involved work hard at these games!)

    18. Pedro Nunes on

      Ann art is ok, except for her left shoulder. Don't like the shoulder and armor boobs from the figure.

      Clovis is all messed up, art and sculpt.

      The others are actually good enough.

      Anything that help us get more SG is welcomed anyway

    19. Blake Curry on

      Is this giant a reference to something?

    20. Blake Saindon on

      I'd like to see Lucas Sinclair added, the rest of the stranger things group is here....

    21. Missing avatar

      jordan sinteff on

      And where is silas front leg? ... fail 3D render^^

    22. Luiz Feitosa on

      Ultimate Survivor can not be exclusive, have to sell later!

    23. Missing avatar

      jordan sinteff on

      why the artwork of the giant has animal (horse ?) legs and the mini has human legs?

    24. SMTK on

      I like the giant sounds great fun to play

      The Survivors look nice but we already have loads and tbh they don't offer good value to warrant picking them up, maybe if they came with a quest book

    25. Kittye

      Just popping in to encourage proofreading before final printing. Baltdric just doesn't roll off the tongue...

    26. Grediel on

      The prices they come out with make no sense to me. How are both expansions with dozens of minis worth $50 and even get one extra free and then they want $30 for 6 minis? The same happens with special guest boxes always overpriced, I mean Hero Box-1, 5 miniatures AND dashboards for $20, so this or the SGB should've been $15-20 tops. PASS

    27. Ryan on

      Was expecting notoriously plagued goblins or something.

      I don't get this one. The same recycled vanilla survivors that we already have for $30 and you're not revealing their cards? Lame.

    28. Isadora on

      I'd love to play with Ann on GH, but $30 is way too much :(

    29. Samir Sardinha on

      Ultimate survivors will come with a new experience deck?

    30. Jake Schultz on

      Omg, that giant is amazing. This is EXACTLY what we needed to mix up the gameplay and add new elements to it :) awesome SG!

    31. Jason O on

      Yeah, 5 was a mistype, I meant 6. And IMO, these are 6 new survivors, as the sculpts and skills will be different enough from the BP versions. But to each their own. That's the beauty of an optional buy is that if you don't like it, no one is forcing anyone to buy it. :-)

    32. Dali on

      still love the giant :)

    33. Old Gregg Gentile

      Who am I kidding, I'm probably gonna buy this as well...bought US2 last time and after tax and shipping Hell that was more, hehe

    34. Dali on

      Yeah. Cmon only has to say this is KSE and the people are going crazy.

    35. Missing avatar


      nice front leg silas!

    36. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      @Jason; It´s 6 survivors and the Paul Bonner Box actually has 4 survivors and 1 Necromancer, but 4 miniatures.
      And you could allways argue that the Paul Bonner minis are unique while the "new" heroes are just stronger versions.
      Don´t get me wrong, this is the first optional buy that made me increase my pledge.

    37. Gamborg on

      I for one welcome our new ultimate survivor overlords! I hoped for more of these and I love that they are from the Zombicide universe. I can even see some cool house rule possibilities on how the survivors could "evolve" during a quest. 10/10

    38. Missing avatar

      S.K. on

      Together with a bunch of new equipment cards the $30 would be ok

    39. Yug the Juggernaut on


      Yeah, the legs are too skinny on some of the miniatures and artwork. However, overall the miniatures are great.

    40. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg

      I too don't buy things to flip on eBay. It has to be worth it for me to buy and get enough use out of it to justify the cost.

      I'm currently getting over 30 survivors plus the ones I have from the first BP. I highly doubt I will play the game enough to play every survivor and combination of survivors. For $30 I could buy an entire other game.

      A "valuable" dust covered box does not have value to me. There is obviously value for other people out there and more power to you.

      This is a crowdfunded project. Every one is free to spend their money how they see fit and provide input.

    41. Missing avatar

      Evan Strong on

      I am SO EXCITED for the ultimate survivors. We love playing the original cast, even with all the hero options we have. To have upgraded and badass looking versions - they deserve a next level paintjob. can't wait.

    42. queerchameleon

      Wow those sculptures look nothing like the artwork on the cards. The way there posed is awkward.

    43. Jason O on

      $30 for 5 survivors sounds cheaper if I'm doing my math right vs the Paul Bonner box....

    44. Missing avatar

      S.K. on

      I like the ultimate survivors. Maybe they should also have some new equipment cards like cloaks, potions, shoes, etc. coming with them and the boards should have 2-3 armor slots?

    45. Swedishbear on

      @Berserker. Agree with you. I pass on this addon.

    46. DanWolf on

      A giant! Can't believe it, I mean... a GIANT! WOOHOOOOO! Thank you, CMON!

    47. dafrca on

      @Kal, it is just you. They look great and keep in mind most are now in Full Armor. Either way, I love the3 sculpts. I hope the figures look at least as nice.

    48. dafrca on

      I Love the giant. The sculpt is wonderful. I bet he looks even better painted up. :-)

      The Survivor Pack is a must buy as well IMO.

    49. Missing avatar

      Orcmeister on

      The ultimate survivors pack is is taking me close to triggering taxes on the shipment where I am, so much as I'd like it, I may have to give it a miss. I wish it was not an exclusive as then I could easily pick it up later.

      Love the giant though. New enemies and gear are usually more welcome than new survivors, but this one looks like it is adding something distinctive and fun to the game.