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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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    1. Missing avatar

      stuart wilson on

      Yes Nelly is great, probably my favorite of the bunch

    2. Sarblade on

      Nelly it's great, shut the fuck up boring people.

    3. 8-bit Video James on

      any word on the contents of the survivor box? Does it contain more trays? equipment cards? $30 is a LOT if it's just 5 minis and 5 cards.

    4. Missing avatar


      also interested in more info on the urvivors pack

    5. Sangrial on

      What I still want to know is if the Ultimate Survivors box will bring an experience deck or, at least, the exact content of the box.

    6. Shendie Dragon on

      Can we please have some more information on the ultimate survivors box. Will there be equipment cards? How will the gameplay differ from the original versions of the characters? I need to know a bit more before I will pay $30 extra.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mr Genialo on

      Please rethink Nelly, the actual design (sexist high heels and jartelle) is just sexist and completely off with the game.
      and +1 about the left leg of Silas

      PS: I love the giant :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Lamespard on

      Do the ultimate survivors come along with experience cards like in classic zombicide ???

    9. Missing avatar

      Zircov on

      reading Silas' new description i believe the next BP is going to use elves.

    10. Christophe AMAND on

      The magic swirl on Ultimate Baldric's left hand is not needed - at least IMHO. Even if you are willing to make it more dynamic, I prefer when this kind of effect is left to imagination...

    11. Giuseppe CALCAGNO on

      I intended the update of the ID cards

    12. Giuseppe CALCAGNO on

      next stretch goal or optional buy, the update to Ultimate Survivors of all the survivors of Black Plague, Wulfusburf, guest boxes and kickstart exclusive thanks

    13. Missing avatar


      +1 Change Sila's left leg, it's awful !
      +1 Seing Survivors' Id cards

    14. Missing avatar

      Shinwon Moon on

      Please fix Silas' leg. Thank you!

    15. Sean Wheeler

      Smart phone typo their not there!

    16. Sean Wheeler

      Those epic survivors have just added another $30 to my pledge they look fantastic. Love the idea of campaign mode and it works to a degree only issue I have is once my survivors (in the games I play) get some good gear and get there second orange skill the horde is almost a walk over, even multiple abominations (with careful planning and good dice) fear our party. Now with Green Horde things look dire once again.

    17. Herbert Geekswain on

      I'm kinda of conflicted by the Uktimate Survivors. I love the idea and like most of the artwork concepts - I actually like the sculpts better than the art in pretty much every case. However, I really am not keen on Nelly. Her short skirt looks ludicrous and I don't get the rapier - I love her original model and it's two handed sword.. I wished they'd given her a massive broad sword, like Amri in Pathfinder. I actually dislike her so much that it's put me off the whole box (utterly silly, I know). I should just get it and sell her figure...

    18. Andrew Lee on

      I take it the giant is a tribute to the deceased actor from Game of Thrones who played the giant at the wall both names begin fin (Neil fingleton).

    19. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      I have one question regarding Finartons ability to see and be seen over hedges. Does this work for Kirag and Thorg too, actually only for Kirag, since he is on top of Thorg that he actually should be able to see over hedges too.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jonson Karlo Mangubat on

      Aside from the ultimate minis and their cards is there anything else for this add on? Equipment cards for example. Its a tad expensive otherwise. There are already a lot of survivors as it is. These figs should also have awesome gear to match.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jimer on

      Nitpicking here bit why is Silas' kneepad visible through the cloth on his left leg?

    22. dafrca on

      Raudom wrote: "I don't like the head of the giant model, looks better in the art"

      I think it is interesting how we all see the same picture and have such different reactions/thoughts. I felt the sculpt was 100% better than the drawing, including the head. Just goes to show how even among a group that ha shared interest, we still have various opinions. :-)

    23. Missing avatar

      N-Tengine on

      @ Thiago, @ Michael,
      Love the Ultimate Survivors, but Ultimate Survivors need Ultimate Gear. In the story for Samson it even says he's been making equipment for them. Please include an item, or even a set of items, that correspond to the individual heroes. For example:
      Nelly - A flaming sword and special armor
      Ann - Holy armor and a sanctified blade
      Clovis - A ice blade - or a pair of them, or a blade and shield
      Samson - Mithril armor and a hammer
      Silas - An elvish great bow and special quiver/arrows
      Baldric - An uber spell/enchantment and staff
      Would love this treatment for the ZBP survivors. And it would make them even more "special" and unique. I think it would turn this pack into a must buy for every backer.

      Love what you've done so far.

      And +1 Corpse Cart

    24. Missing avatar

      Zdawg on

      Was it mentioned anywhere if the Ultimate survivor box is going to come with experience cards and rules insert for developing characters from mission to mission like came with the modern Zombicide ultimate survivors box?

    25. XofMdS on

      @CMON, Thiago:
      I am very concerned: How will all those extra rules be reminded or presented for the giant???

    26. japester

      First line of the Kickstarter: "Zombicide: Green Horde is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players that is both a standalone game, and fully compatible with Zombicide: Black Plague and its expansions! "

      So the Ultimates can be used with either. But since the foes (and the terrain) in GH are tougher, the Ultimate Survivors will probably fit in better there. Z-cide is a sandbox game at it's core. So you could always field a smaller team of Ultimates for a greater challenge.

    27. WizardsGrimm on

      Those Ultimates look amazing, and the giant too. So hyped for this.

    28. Dali on


      You can mix everything with everything. You can play GH with the Wulfsburg expension. You can play a BP mission with zombie orcs etc. etc.

    29. Charles-Antoine on

      Can you please stop showing your mini on a different visuel plane. You did the same for MD and some on the minis looks smaller than it should be at the end.. You don't need to do that. Just my 2 cents

    30. cRuEllY

      Is this "Kickstarter Exclusive set of Black Plague Ultimate Survivors" for "Zombicide: Green Horde", for "Zombicide: Black Plague" or for both?

    31. Raudom on

      I don't like the head of the giant model, looks better in the art

    32. TheSirSpence on

      Are we going to get the ultimate survivor cards like in modern?

    33. Missing avatar

      NJ3478 on

      $30 for 6 survivors from the BP? wow, i can get a brand new complete board game for that amount! Pass... I will just use my original ones.

    34. Missing avatar

      Kedriko on

      @Zelko : +1 for the Giant head, way better in the artwork
      and +1 to change this weird Silas leg ????!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Monsieurzin on

      Heroes sculpts are awesome!! The giant is great, i agree with the rules propostions (can t enter in rooms)

    36. Zeljko on

      And also Giant's beard and face are way better in drawing than sculpture.

    37. Zeljko on

      On second glance, Giant's head is way better on art than in sculpture.
      In model looks just like normal human head.
      It does not need proportionally bigger brain. Can you please make it a bit more like the in drawing- where he has different head proportions?

    38. Deadication on

      +1 fix Silas' leg please.

    39. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Really like this add on hope the mini's hold the detail and Ann actually has a face this time. Hope there are some cool equipment cards thrown in to match their gear as well. Love the giant hope there are more like this before the campaign ends other races are one of the things I've been hoping for the whole time.

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Another +1 to fix the armor on Silas' left leg.

    41. Rand Chua TL on

      Do the Ultimate Survivors come with their weapons and armors cards as show in the mini and pictures?
      Please, please include them if not!

    42. donnbobhardy

      We've already got several ultimate survivors in SGs. And several that aren't that are OP anyway.

    43. Tony Henrichsen on

      Totally awesome. Love the giant and the ultimate survivors. I really disagree with the whole head tilt thing. He is looking ahead and gonna throw Klom into the middle of a swarm... again.

    44. Craig Johnson on

      The giant is an interesting new concept. Really liking it. I'd agree with others that the mini should be looking down a bit. Also, the giant's mini looks much better than the artwork IMHO.
      I'll go in for the Ulitimates as I like the original cast from BP. Zombicide is pretty customizable when it comes to increasing difficulty. It's all about how you configure the spawn deck. Nice to have new versions of the originals that can handle a tougher game.

    45. Adam

      +1 to fix the floating armour over his cloak on Silas' left leg.

    46. Scott Quincey on

      I'm not interested in any of the new sculpts, except Silas with a bow. I would like CMON to comment on their reasoning for the introduction of "ultimate survivors" and how this will impact game balance. Without seeing some of the survivor cards to see how this will play out I can only guess the impact will slant the balance towards the survivors. I think there are better ways to adjust game balance than this (spawn deck being the best, IMO).

    47. Francois Therrien on

      Sila's left leg is wrong. The giant is awesome :D

    48. Jorune

      Whoops, meant What a lovely stretch goal, playing off What a lovely day from the movie.

    49. Jorune

      @Belisarius. No, spearhead is Mad Max Fury Road. That's why the JS update with him quoted the movie "beautiful day".

    50. Daniel Kane Hercus on

      A better Silas! My god! I wonder if there is anything to make the game more difficult when you play with an ultimate survivor?