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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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27,236 backers pledged $5,004,614 to help bring this project to life.

What a Lovely Stretch Goal!

Posted by Michael Shinall (Collaborator)

Hail Survivors!

With a flick of the wrist, we have unlocked Grayson Grüber!

This no doubt had some assistance from our latest optional buy:

Our next stretch goal brings us a taste of fanatical rage:

When we reach $3,430k all backers will unlock the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Spearhead, including his miniature and ID card!


3D render of Spearhead's model
3D render of Spearhead's model


Hopefully this dauntless survivor won't live, die, and then rise again as an undead terror!

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    1. Agreave (A new wardrobe IS required) on

      Wonder how long this will stay KSE? :)

    2. Nathan Stiles on

      We made it! What a lovely, lovely day! :-D

    3. Joshua

      @Silas - Warchief was Lividia, I believe...

    4. Silas Ramsey on

      @Paul that may have played into part of the design, but the character is definitely from Mad Max: Fury Road. The quote, the spears, the gear and metal armor scraps in the design are obvious. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw his Warchief soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Cvijaxo on

      Anyone else who think that C´mon is loosing imagination with stretch-goals? That' bunch of minies and nothing more. Rally interesting things we have to pay for. That wasn't so with Rising sun and Massive Darkness (box for extras, plastic tokens, tiles with mini campaign...). C´mon C´MON surprise os with somtehing fresh in this last days!

    6. Paul on

      I reckon this is the psycho from the Borderlands game covers. It even has the red and white stripes on his head.

    7. Missing avatar


      @Mellekai as addon for good price is always welcome

    8. Justin Gould on

      @CMON - Any chance we can get an optional buy for enough broken wall pieces to be able to cover the board like the optional hedge pieces?

    9. Mellekai

      Most backers do not wanted more dice towers.

    10. Thomas on

      I feel we got way more with Black Plague. Dice tower comes to mind.

    11. Arthur on

      I think Z1,Z2 & Z3 were more viral created. Black plague might have been magically created

    12. Sean Wheeler

      +1 to all those who would like to see crows as an add-on.

    13. donnbobhardy

      @Chris - I believe they were an unpopular mechanic.

    14. Chris FR on

      i have a question for all old zombicide backer, in zombicide 1, 2 and 3 there are Survivor and Zombivor.
      Why there are not Zombivor in BP and Green Horde?
      i hope to beat 4.225 M$

    15. Epervier on

      @Jeremy Miller: I get both points of view, thumbs up (no icon here).
      @Jeremy Miller @Kurazo: Have a nice day guys :-)

    16. Francois Therrien on

      Well for me it's definitely Eddie as a drawing but Kratos as a miniature :)
      Thanks CMON!

    17. Ralph on

      Deck Holder please :(

    18. Akira on

      @Olly, just look at the past campaigns, you can relive them all! expect some survivors and some monsters and some surprises!!! expect about 10 more SGs. based on the last year i'm hoping for a nice box to hold the SGs

    19. Moses Bad on

      Hey, CMON, how about a new card add on idea?
      A card set to turn every survivor into a zombie. That way we can use the survivors even though not not playing them.
      And maybe another set for the survivors of the last KS.
      Like you have a bunch of zombie activation cards that tell you it's not your run of the mill walker roaming but a survivor and then you draw x number of zombviver cards with some stats that differ them from your base zombies and let them slouch through the streets.

    20. dafrca on

      I love many of th egreat ideas expressed in the comments sections. Some great stuff to mine for the next KS for sure. Just please, please have Lucas to round out the Stranger Things crew.

    21. Reyos Blackwood

      @Travis_Kitteridge Look up Hitch

    22. Eric H

      @Olly ... head over to the 'overall' comments section and ask that there ... you'll get more of a response than you actually want ... but it will be very informative

    23. Eric H

      @Daniel Donnici ... we'll do over a million between now and the end ... roughly 6-9 more SGs will fall

    24. Erik Tyrrell on

      @Daniel Donnici In the Black Horde kickstarter over a third of the funding came in the last 5 days.

    25. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      @ All - I am new to Zombicide. I have bought the retail version of Rue Morgue and I am loving it.

      So my question for the veteran Zombicide KS backers. What can I expect to come in the last 5 days of Zombicide KS. Survivors seem to be a given but what else?

      From your experience what can we nearly always count on, ya know the good SG / Add-on stuff that is yet to come?

    26. Missing avatar

      Pacoloco on

      He looks badass!

    27. euansmith

      "Witness me, shiny and chrome!"

    28. Travis Kittredge on

      @joltanddestroy, thats awesome...Wish I was able to get in on that KS but I am just now getting into zombicide. Would have loved to have had that survivor.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Miller

      @Gavilán Yeah, Kurazo's comment and others are can be crass (ya internet anonymity). However, Brian's 'Quit asking for Massive Darkness add-ons unless they also bring some benefit to Green Horde' comment, while correct with a narrow view on the project, is flat out wrong when looking at the whole. The MD add-on benefits Z:GH by bringing in backers and pledges, just like the Zombicide add-on in MD brought Zombicide players into it's Kickstarter.

      In the past 3 days we've had 5 add-ons added to the list, 3 from the previous campaign and 2 from backer requests (hedge and cross over packs). During that time, are average pledge increase per day has been about 83k. The mid-campaign days without add-ons tended to average around 45k, 53K if you include the days after the $50 dollar expansions. That's an additional 90-114K added mid-campaign with 5 days left (things tend to kick in around 3 days) and I wouldn't be surprised if another add-on gets dropped today or tomorrow.

    30. Kurazo on

      @Gavilán Nice shot!

      But your backing CMON not just Zombicide it's a busisness.
      It's a add-on no need to complain take it or not.
      It's a good add-on because it's attract MD backers so they can make your SG more higher.

      - 06/02/2017: Meh! This is a boring pledge day... Yes it was boring so it's today ;-)

      - 06/02/2017: -1 dog position need to change that yes it need correction because it's look weird.

      When I see something not useful in the add-on I don't whine I just close Kickstarter hoping for something cool.

      have a nice day

    31. joltanddestroy on

      He was a survivor tho not a necro

    32. joltanddestroy on

      @Travis - They did that in the BP KS. Hitch

    33. Epervier on

      @Vincent: Thanks!
      @Jeremy Miller,
      Brian W Adams' comment was legitimate, respectful and wasn't 100% against MD as long as it brought some benefit to Green Horde too, what shows that he was far less radical and narrow-minded than other backers.
      The response he got wasn't constructive. Yours, on the contrary was, so thank you for sharing your point of view nicely.
      I didn't care about the MD cross-over add-on. I don't want it, but other players are thrilled to get it, so good for them :-)
      Now I think we can vary the requests so that everyone's feed back is taken into account.

    34. Travis Kittredge on

      With this addition to Zombicide having some goblins in it...We need a necromancer model of The Goblin King from Labrinth. :)

    35. Vincent on

      @Gavilan : Waw ! That was a head shot. I do agree with you.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Miller

      @Gavilán To be fair, it is just an add-on (people don't have to get it) and it does have relevance to Z:GH since it requires the models to work. If it was a stretch goal I would understand the complaints but people seem to forget that, while some add-ons might not cater to their tastes, it still means more money is coming into the Kickstarter and unlocking more stretch goals for everyone. People will only be able to spend so much on this project individually and being able to pull in MD backers who might not have had a strong interest in Zombicide will help increase the backer count and the final total. It's the short-sightedness of the 'this doesn't cater to me so it sucks and shouldn't exist' mentality that bothers some folks enough for them to speak out.

    37. Epervier on

      @Kurazo: Actually, Brian W Adams is right. A lot of backers don't have MD. We are backing GH.
      And when you tell Brian to make something of his life which is not complain, please read again your own comments:
      - 06/02/2017: Meh! This is a boring pledge day...
      - 06/02/2017: -1 dog position need to change that

    38. Jean-Nicolas Gagnon on

      for a 3430 k stretch goal ... it's kinda verry lame ... people want big shots reference not 3rd level character

    39. Kurazo on

      @Brian Keep calm and just don't pledge it and do something of your life that is not complain.

    40. Ioannis Panagos on

      @CMON - nice miniature, but the face need a bit work, especially the mount

    41. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @Daniel Donnici - since this is your first KS, I think you'll be surprised where this ends up. The last 48 hrs we'll see almost another million.

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Donnici on

      With 5 days to go, and about 80k to get strech, i think that will be the last, if it passa at all

    43. Heretik on

      I really like having a heroe with such a face as him, that's one of my favourite minis ! That's also very cool to have some heroes not looking so heroic

    44. Dan on

      Seems like a warboy to me- One of them attacked a buggy with spears similar to those. Plus the mini steering wheel and circle plate under the belt were all in fury road. Tho I can see people saying Kratos bc of the facepaint. 2 for 1.
      An Immortan Joe drawn up by Adrian Smith would be awesome! Or Rictus as an abom

    45. Gilberto Guillen on

      Dead eye yes, hard to find, but Crowz are at $20 around retail, see around, is no really necessary to request them if you can still find them at retail at good prices

    46. Brian W Adams

      There is already one add-on in this campaign that does not benefit those who only back this campaign, and is completely useless unless you did a Kickstarter backing of a previous campaign, or are willing to pay scalper prices.

      This campaign is for Green Horde, NOT Massive Darkness. Quit asking for Massive Darkness add-ons unless they also bring some benefit to Green Horde.

    47. Roberto Carlos Araiza on

      I love that we are going to have TONS of minis, but there is just one huge problem.
      I am waiting on Massive Darkness and I have the crossover bought for Black Plague, but I am afraid that we only have 2 campaigns for that
      How about an extra Campaign for Massive Darkness with the Zombicide minis?

    48. Aviose on

      The deadeye walkers were in such demand and so out of stock that they were going for as much as $250 on amazon. CMoN and GG were cool to release them in this KS. Crows are still pretty easy to find at reasonable prices, though.

      Maybe we'll see crow add-on come back... Who knows.