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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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Massive Horde, Green Darkness! The Crossover is here!

Posted by Isadora (Collaborator)

Hail Survivors!

We're now in the last week of the campaign, and well on our way to unlocking the next Stretch Goal:


It's now time to offer what's probably the most requested item throughout this campaign:

For $13 this Optional Buy brings all of the retail characters introduced in the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter campaign into Massive Darkness. It contains 64 cards converting 17 Heroes, 5 Mobs, 2 Agents, 7 Roaming Monsters, and 3 Familiars to use them in Massive Darkness. As this is not a Kickstarter Exclusive item, it does not include any of the Kickstarter Exclusive characters introduced in this campaign, and those will not be converted to Massive Darkness.

Mockups of some of the Massive Darkness Crossover cards (texts are merely placeholders).
Mockups of some of the Massive Darkness Crossover cards (texts are merely placeholders).

Here's a list of all that will be included in this Crossover set. Please note that, as these conversions have not been developed yet, it is possible a few of these might change in the final product:


  • 6 Heroes: Asim, Berin, Johannes, Megan, Rolf, Seli 
  • 2 Mobs: Orc Walkers, Goblin Runners 
  • 1 Agent: Orc Necromancer 
  • 1 Roaming Monster: Orc Abomination 


  • 2 Mobs: Spectral Walkers, Swarm of Ratz 
  • 1 Roaming Monster: Feral Dragon 


  • 4 Heroes: Katelyn, Solveig, Doran, Kabral 
  • 1 Mob: Tainted Walkers 
  • 1 Roaming Monster: Tainted Abomination 
  • 3 Familiars: Dog of War, Flying Feline, Wolf 


  • 3 Roaming Monsters: Lord of Skulls, Doom, Gloom 


  • 4 Heroes: Kiran, Thorg, Tola, Carol 
  • 1 Roaming Monster: Faolan 

SEAN A. MURRAY SPECIAL GUEST BOX (Included in all Horde pledges)

  • 3 Heroes: Cardinal Birmbauer, Kendra, Spellbones
  • 1 Agent: Grand Inquisitor

Note that the Massive Darkness Crossover set only contain the cards for these characters, you'll need to aquire the corresponding Optional Buys in order to have the miniatures to use them. Of course, you'll also need a copy of the Massive Darkness core box to use this item.

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add $13. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

For the Green Horde is Massive, and full of Darkness!

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    1. Goodsound on

      So if the Special Guest Boxes are included in the MD Crossover, where are the cards for the Ratking & Swamp Troll Box? 🤨

    2. Missing avatar

      Dennis Lubitz on

      It will be the necromantic Dragon due to the Feral is KS exclusive :)

    3. Missing avatar

      MrK on

      The picture shows the necromantic dragon, and the text speak of feal dragon.
      Which is false, which is true ?
      I hope to play these two huge monsters in MD.

    4. Sulucion

      oops, meant MD cross back to zbcide

    5. Sulucion

      Exactly what was stated below me - why aren't cards included to bring ZBCide chars over to massive dark. That's actually where the bonus would be...

    6. Ian Thomas on

      Was hoping that this would include the stretch goals from MD being given Black Plague versions

    7. Bernardo Miguel Nuñez moraleda on

      hi, the new box ultimate survivor and other you could made could be added to this crossover, becouse is more expensie than previos crossover for massive darkness.

    8. Simon Crouch on

      I guess I still need to go to the secondary market to get massive darkness minis into zombicide. Still, at least they aren't making this kickstarter exclusive.

    9. Sean Wheeler

      Ignore my last, just thought and realized how dumb that comment is.

    10. Sean Wheeler

      Am I right in thinking the the crossover is one way? Green horde stuff to use in Massive Darkness (which I am waiting for), but cannot use the hero's in Massive Darkness for Green Horde. I brought the MD crossover and I am sure it was both ways?

    11. Missing avatar

      Maksymilian on

      I really wish the KSE optional buy for MD crossover of all KSE abominations, fatty bursters and feral dragon. Please CMON.

    12. Agreave (A Dining table set IS required) on

      Meh, cmon have a strange concept of KSE-so likely in the next KS!

    13. Ray Dexter

      On the subject of " No Rest For The Wicked" As a retail pack it makes perfect sense. Remember, the retail customers will love having access to the dragon and Ballista.
      Breaking down the box for the campaign makes absolutely no sense. It would result in re-locking SG's as backers dumped the box in order to just get the items they wanted. I don't see this happening.
      However, A stretch goal for the expansion that includes things like new KSE missions, Tiles, equipment, etc. would make perfect sense and please a great number of people while preserving the retail box and increasing pledges. It's a win, win, win.

    14. Ray Dexter

      It's $100.00 plus $20.00 shipping from Amazon

    15. Ray Dexter

      MD as an optional buy would be crazy awesome! 8)

    16. Missing avatar

      TigreBH on

      @Thiago and all team...
      Is it possible to add some exclusive content for those who buy during KS? At least 3 cards are welcome, Feral Dragron, Demargogon and Vampire. Maybe some survivors. The cost would be minimal and would please the vast majority claiming for it.

    17. Christopher Baughman

      @Ian I agree, I really want to see MD as an optional Buy.

    18. Tim van Wijngaarden on

      I absolutely adore this.

      I just hope there's a chance to pick up the crossover set from the MD campaign, as I did not pick that up the first time around, being a stupid idiot and all.

    19. Goodsound on

      ALL backers get KSE minis, some buy guest boxes, still crossover contains cards for guest boxes but not KSE. Maybe CMON saves it up as another add on pushing the evernext SG?

    20. Ian Williams on

      Give Kickstarter backers an inch, and they'll complain it wasn't a mile.

    21. Black Ankh on

      It’s not my kind to complain, the campain is once again amazing !!
      I was expecting this add on since the begining.

      I bought Zombicide 1, then pledge on Zombicide season 2 and 3 and all the extension and a LOT of ad dons.
      i pledged on Black Plague too, and on Massive Darkness.
      I now pledge on Green Horde… but, in fact, i was more interesting in grabbing stuffs to complete Massive Darkness. Indeed, i mostly play « modern » zombicide for the set, and wanted something different gameplay wise in a Heroic Fantasy world.

      I cannot compare this cross over pack to the one in the Massive Darkness kickstarter.

      The Zombies orcs are the equivalent as the Classic Zombies in Black Plague.
      You proposed this :
      - 1 mob of zombie, led by a Fatty
      - 1 Necromancer as Agent.

      In Green Horde, so far it’s the same…
      - 1 mob of Orc Zombies led by a Fatty Orc
      - 1 Orc necromancer as Agent.

      But in Black plague, the Abomination was the leader of the Runner Mob.
      There, the Goblins are One Mob… and the orc Abomination is a roaming monster.
      I can understand that… because of the goblins.

      The Ratz and the Spectral Walkers goes the same way as the DeadEye = Alternate sculpt for leader.
      Normal and understandable.

      The tainted are the same as above, (lack of Faty) and the Tainted abomination is a roaming monster. This sound quite normal as they look really different.

      but the Goblins and Tainted with no leader, or the Orc abomination solo bothers me a little.
      In the same way, you’ve created 5 heroes that might go the same way as the « Hero Box » in Black Plague, and their profiles where add-ed to the pack of cross over in Massive Darkess

      I totally get that there is the problem of what goes retails, and what is exclusive.
      This time, the cross over is not exclusive, and then might go retail.
      On the other side, those 5 first heroes are Exclusive to the campaign.
      So, this cross over pack is for what goes to retail

      BUT ….. can’t there be a possibility that you create a EXCLUSVIE cross over pack ?
      In that, would go the 5 heroes.
      You could add the Burster as a « leader » of the tainted Mob … it would be pleasing on the board, and no need for extra rules.
      The Ork Abomination can become the goblin leader, terryfing them to obey…
      And most of all : you could add ALL the eclusive Monster !
      Massive Darkness is all about defeating Mighty Foes ! And this there are TERRIBLE MONSTERS there !! The DRAGON !!! The Rabbit !! All of them are great.

      And as an « exclusive to kicsktarter only » cross over pack, it can contain profiles for exclusive only minis !

    22. 10,000Lumen on

      +1 to pay extra for crossover of KSE cards

    23. DanWolf on

      After all it's always the same desicion: take it or leave it. And I'll take it. Grumbeling after I missed the MD crossover and order it now with delay and additional shipping cost, but so what. I'm in :o)
      Maybe CMON brings another Crossover for the KSE. I will grumble and I'll be in again.

    24. NecroNuke9

      Since we got an Add-On that brings some of the BP:GH material into MD, maybe there should be an Add-On to bring some monsters from MD into BP.

      Abominations: Hellhound, Giant Spider, Flesh Golem, Iron Golem, Living Construct, Nightmare Thing, Fomorian, and Lord Tusk.

      Necromancers: High Troll, Ogre Shaman, Abyssal Demon, Lilliarch, Cun-Ha The Mummy, Oni, Overseer, Hellsbane and Chromatis.

    25. Vincent on

      If cmon sell a crossover KSE before the end of KS, do everybody who is shouting will they offer one’s apologise to cmon?

    26. donnbobhardy

      Rum & Bones wasn't a crossover. It was an upgrade kit, and those are usually offered at cost to support previous customers. Not exactly a fair comparison. Especially since we don't know what future SGs may add to it.

    27. Forsetius on

      +1 on the crossover tile to MD tiles
      +1 Bundles

    28. Forsetius on

      +1 on the crossover tile to MD tiles
      +1 Bundles

    29. Daniel Unger on

      Thank you so much CMON!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Aleksander P on

      RUM & BONES crossover:

      Upgraded Hero Dashboards for all previous Heroes (Including all Core Boxes, Expansions, Previous Kickstarter Items, and Promos. Over 70+ Heroes!)
      Skill Cards for all previously released Heroes (Over 200 Skill Cards!)
      Updated Kraken and Sea Dragon tiles.
      Updated Objective Tiles for Wellsport Brotherhood, Bone Devils, La Brise Sanguine, and Mazu's Dreadful Curse
      Updated Full Color Tide Decks for Wellsport Brother, Bone Devils, La Brise Sanguine, and Mazu's Dreadful Curse
      Updated Rulebook

      All that for $15 ...

      Zombicide: Green Horde crossover:

      64 cards converting 17 Heroes for ... $13 :-)

    31. Christopher Davis on

      Knew I shoulda backed Massive Darkness...

    32. donnbobhardy

      @David - I think that what many were asking for, and what they actually got, are not the same thing. I tried to temper expectations, but everyone was expecting a 2-way crossover that included KSEs. It was never going to happen, but they thought it would, so this did not meet expectations.

    33. David 'another kiwi in oz' MacDonald on

      There really is no pleasing some people..
      There has bee so much chat about this, I thought more would be happy?!?!?!?

    34. Ian on

      I'm thinking a lot more people would go for the add-on if they also put MD (and maybe all of the add-ons) as an optional buy.

    35. Missing avatar

      S.K. on

      At least they could mirror the doublicate weapon pictures, use bread instead of apples and wine instead of water and add some potions that grant some abilities temporarly.

    36. Missing avatar

      S.K. on

      I hope CMON will work on the equipment cards, video shows a lot of doublicates to ZBP. I hope they will change them to new items.

    37. Daniel Kane Hercus on

      I would pay extra money for a KSE conversion set as well. Get that it might not be possible though.

    38. Daniel Kane Hercus on

      @Sharkey +1 to your idea!

    39. Kelly Lee Robinson on

      I would like to second Cross over tile set for MD and BP/GH. doesn't need to be a SG, I would gladly pay for that type of tile set, bigger more diverse maps is always awesome....


    40. Missing avatar

      David white on

      Having said that, CMON, you really need to bolster up NRFTW. Cards, tiles, missions...

    41. Missing avatar

      David white on

      My feeling is,(if you don't already house rule it yourself), another XO will come next year. For a lot of the stuff missing from this one. No sweat.

    42. Hans von Z on

      i'm glad to see this isn't a stretch goal since i don't own Massive Darkness . nice add on for MD owners though , congratz to you !

    43. Missing avatar

      T Mc on

      I'm in! I would pay more fore a KSE conversion set as well. Just saying.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ryan Tek on

      Anyone who seriously thinks the supposedly KSE BP crossover from the Massive Darkness KS will actually remain an 'exclusive' obviously do not know CMON strategy too well.

      You will see the Crossover from MD rear its head again, don't you worry.

    45. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      It's the Necromantic Dragon, not the Feral Dragon that's gonna get a card right?

      I'm glad that my Massive Darkness crew will be able to become dragonslayers in their campaigns one way or another even if it is through a hand-me-down. It was a classic enemy that was definitely missing from all the baddies over there.

    46. Derek Ewaskiw on

      Sad to hear there won't be KSE cards for the crossover - would be willing to pay extra for that to happen! Makes painting the KSE characters a bit more justifiable if they can be used in multiple game systems.... assuming I could actually get everything painted!!

    47. Jean

      Does anyone else not have MD? What do you think of this, since you and I have missed MD's KS, are you just going to wait until it comes out retail and buy it to expand Z:GH?

    48. Missing avatar

      Marcus Hellyer on

      @Brad. I'm already working on a house rule where the ZBP vaults work as a gateway to the MD dungeon tiles.

    49. Brad Hermann

      How is I possible that this doesn't contain scenarios to officially use the GH content? Ideally it would even include tiles to join them together and really cross the games over.

    50. Sharkey on

      If CMON makes a $5 add-on that includes all 9 current KSE monsters, I'll happily buy it as I'd love to see Feral Dragon and etc in my MD games! =)