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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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We want... more shrubbery!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

As much as you've been admonished to stay away from it, we're getting very close to the Abominabunny!


To speed us on our way, we do have another Optional Buy created to meet the demand of several backers for more shrubbery:

For $16 this Optional Buy contains 14 Kickstarter Exclusive 3D Plastic Hedges.

The 3D Plastic Obstacles optional buy previously announced was meant to fully replace the 6 Barrier and 6 Hedge cardboard tokens that come in the Green Horde box. However, many backers requested an option to be able to actually place 3D Hedges on top of all the Hedges printed on the Tiles for each scenario. With this purpose in mind, we are offering this Hedge-only add-on!

The number of Hedges featured in a map can vary greatly. In the Green Horde scenarios it ranges from 5 to 33 Hedges on the map (not counting superfluous Hedges such as those on the edge of the board, those standing against a wall with no door, or those standing against another Hedge). If you're already getting the 3D Plastic Obstacles pack, adding 1 copy of the 3D Plastic Hedges pack will be enough for half of the core box Quests. If you get 2 copies of the Hedges pack, you'll have enough for all of the core box Quests. And if you want to be safe for any other map layouts, or to also feature any superfluous Hedges, you may want to get 3 copies of the Hedges pack.

If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

For the Green Horde!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      @Agreave: Standing about 8cm long, 5cm tall, and 3cm wide,

    2. Agreave (A Dining table set IS required) on

      How 'bushy' will the bushes be? Also what dimensions are talking about per bush? :)

    3. Paula on

      I like the idea of a pile of bones for the bunny to sit on, or at least some around him. Keep the same pose though and put him on them. That would be wicked. I am curious if there is an update on the Iron man figure. He was so strangely posed it would be nice to see an update on him too. Again LOVE the Zee character and the changes. She looks great and it is fantastic that you listen to your consumers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Hughes on

      A little disappointed in this, makes the barrier/hedge pack on it's own poor value for money and only useful if you're willing to spend a few dollars less than one of the expansions. Why not separate it into a barrier pack and a hedge pack? I know it's an optional buy but unlike the rest of your kickstarter it really isn't worth what you are asking.

    5. Anders Bastrup Kold on

      Can the Abominabunny only be killed by a holy hand grenade?

    6. Anders Bastrup Kold on

      Can the Abominabunny only be killed by a holy hand grenade?

    7. Captain Malevil on

      Could you please add guest boxes (including old ones)? With so many unplayable homages, some medieval heroes would be awesome

    8. FlorianAliasJoe on

      Don't get me wrong, I think it's a very good idea to be able to place 3d edge on the board, but like Raphael Manck said, it seems wrong to have to buy 3 sets to have "enough for a Game" (that means 48$ only for edges).
      If you don't have enough edges, you can't cover every edges on some missions, to me, that means you won't cover any. It's like saying "don't buy it if you don't buy 3 of them" :/ .

      Maybe adding more edges in a 16$ box would be better ? For example 17 or 18 edges so that you "only" have to buy 2 boxes of them.
      Please :'( ^^

    9. Missing avatar

      Raphael Manck on

      Am I the only one a bit disgruntled about the "buy one set of this ob and three of those and then you have enough for a Game"?

    10. Steven LeMay on

      Would be nicer just to add a few more hedges to the Obstacle package. Bit pricey for a few plastic hedges, dontcha think?

    11. David 'another kiwi in oz' MacDonald on

      Good on them..
      The people spoke... many times..
      And they listened, more shrubbery!
      Nice to know they are watching the feeds. Maybe they will do that xover people keep on about too? I dont need it, but anything to bump up the numbers..

    12. Nero on

      maybe if he sits in a mountain of skulls will be nicer and more abominable

    13. GameMatz on

      Do you have any real photos of the hedges? I feel like you would sell more with photos since these renders are very heavily cloned in photoshop, especially the right side hedge in the promo graphic.

    14. Vincent on

      @Herbert : Thank you. I totaly agree with you. At least, I ’ ve got the same question reading this.

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Knowles on

      @Timothy The cardboard hedge tokens are there so you can add more hedges to the tiles as well as the ones already printed on there.
      MD crossover, this may come in MD 2, (if there is one).

    16. Skritter on

      @Ryan. If they are rut out of ideas, it is NOT the idea of giving the crowd what they asked for.

      These add ons that you referred to are only what many have constantly asked for. Most would give CMoN praise for listtto the backers. I suppose the are some like yourself whom wish to criticise.

    17. Herbert Geekswain on

      @Henry: Hmmm, is this a Zombicide KS or a Massive Darkness KS?

    18. Ur Shulgi on

      @Ryan : quite the opposite, they keep their scheduled add-ons fort the lasts days :).
      Add-on Storm is coming!

    19. Akira on

      i bet you'd sell a lot more of these if it came with a shrubbery hero card and massive darkness crossover hero card

    20. Akira on

      any chance you could show a picture of shrubbery on a game map tile?

    21. euansmith

      I think I might need a Hedge Fund Manager.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ryan Tek on

      lol, you can tell they have run out of ideas... all the recent add-ons have been re-releases of their previous game items or modifications of add-ons they already have.

      Ultimate hedge.... green scour pad and some craft work. Also means you dont have to mess around with so many larger pieces of plastic on the board.

    23. Ian on

      This is much better than the 3d obstacles.

    24. Aviose on

      @Timothy Correct, if you don't intend to cover the current board's hedges then you probably don't need more shrubberies... Unless you want extra for extra large boards that combine all 4 sets of tiles that many people will have by the time this KS is delivered.

    25. Aviose on

      I would be fine with an MD Crossover Kit and I never plan on buying MD

    26. Missing avatar

      Henry on

      hmm... I am disappointed. Some days are gone and nothing new comes out. We still have hedges! Where is the MD Crossover kit? Where are the Special Guest Boxes?

    27. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      Yes, thank you. I hadn't read the rule book I suppose I should have done that first, but that makes sense.

      So my next question would be if you don't care about covering the hedges already printed on the board 6 3D hedges should be enough to accomodate adding extra hedges to the board right? Assuming you didn't want to have a shrub world custom quest.

    28. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      Massive Darkness crossover, please!

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Šumbera on

      No, we don't. We want Massive Darkness Crossover, Murder of Crowz and more nightmarish Abomination.

    30. Aviose on

      Deadeye walkers, specifically, had an MSRP of 27 dollars, yet Amazon listed them at $214 USD. The deadeyes were amazing as a KS add-on (and weren't exclusive anyway).

    31. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Oh, and take this herring with you.

    32. M. Scott on

      +1 To the Deck Holders Set please!! So Hard to find them here in the States.

    33. Wizard of AZ

      +1 Massive Darkness Crossover

    34. Daniel Power on

      Needless to say, I will be picking up at least one of every non-exclusive thing during this campaign, seeings as I missed the first one.

    35. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      Starting to look like the well has dried up with all these addons being introduced to push forward the totaliser.

    36. Daniel Power on

      @Matt Yes, I am still paying against the dollar and paying shipping. Due to the fact that CMON takes a hit in costs and ships from within Canada and the price for shipping my entire pledge will be fractional compared to what I'd have to pay just to ship the doors and tokens from the US, it saves me a lot of money. I've search for tokens and doors and it ends up being almost 40 bucks Canadian per after shipping online. I can get doors and tokens for just over 20 bucks per during this campaign and the shipping includes my entire pledge. Winded, but just wanted to clarify. You were right to say so.

    37. Missing avatar


      @ daniel aren't you still paying against the dollar here and cmon will charge shipping?

    38. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      Getting some for this ... and for Warhammer.

    39. barry morgan on

      @matt - that's the storage boxes - I'm looking for the card deck holders!

      thanks though

    40. Ur Shulgi on

      @Timothy :
      There's edge already on the tiles. They are always there (of course ^^).
      And there's 6 hedges token in the box, to put at precise places for some quest.
      That was the main reason of the first add-on. Is it clear now, why 6, and not 20/30/9000?

    41. Missing avatar


      @ timothy alot of people create there own missiona ists sonyou can be creative and increases the games replayablity

    42. Gavin Meakings on

      @Timothy. The point of the cardboard hedges in the box is to add new hedges to the tiles to block off pathways and change the map layout.

    43. Daniel Power on

      Thank you so much CMON for the option to buy the 3D doors and plastic tokens again! I'm Canadian and only getting ~70% on the dollar means I pay almost double the price for them online if you factor in shipping costs. This presents the best possible opportunity for me to get the non-exclusive content at a proper price. For those people moaning about offering old product, some of us can't afford the exaggerated and inflated prices. +1 CMON for excellent customer service.

    44. Missing avatar


      My annoyance isnt the fact that there is call for the previously released items its that cmon will only release a finite number of addons if they are all used up on items that anyone with a ebay account. How are we gonna get good ideas like the knights of ni and strange things characters if cmon can farm out left over stock. It will ultimately end up being one or the other and id rather something new and awesome

    45. Mark-Ders on

      Excellent addition ... getting two ...