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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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Meet the most evil and ill-tempered rodent you'll ever see.

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

Pushed by the recently announced Classic Optional Buys, Another Stretch Goal has been blown away, giving all backers the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Zee:


Make sure to check out our two main expansions, being offered along with a couple peculiar Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors:





Jumping on to the next Stretch Goal, we have the cutest Abomination ever:

When we reach $3,210k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Abomination known as the Abominabunny, including its miniature and spawn cards!

The Abominabunny may be small and cuddly, but its devilish smile reveals its true lethal nature. Whatever you do, stay far away from this creature. When it attacks, it instantly kills EVERY Survivor in its Zone, no matter their health or how well armored they may be. The Abominabunny is also so small and nimble that only a Dragon Fire effect is able to kill it (something the recently unlocked Orb of Death is perfectly suited to handle).

Abominabunny's figure 3D render.
Abominabunny's figure 3D render.

For the Green Horde!


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    1. Christian Gudmann Johansen on

      so happy we got the bunny, that is why i love zombie stuff that doesn't take itself seriously

    2. Paula on

      I don't know why but this bunny makes me smile :) I love him!

    3. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      I'm totally happy to get this rodent. :-)

    4. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      this is bloody awesome!!!!! Over a year ago I was a massive part of ZBP and named the Abominnabunny, all that time ago! Holy Hand Grenade, Black Knight, and more!

      All we need is a Shrubbery and the Knights of Ni!!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Gene on

      This is sooo cool! I hope that they give us extra tiles next though.

    6. Missing avatar

      John Evans on

      Massive Darkness crossover. Please!

    7. Simon on

      Ken Brzuziwski : Yeah ! Please, new vault weapons ! :)

    8. David 'another kiwi in oz' MacDonald on

      Thats all the main Holy Grail characters..
      The Beast of Aaaaaaaaarg.
      The killer rabbit..
      Holy grenade is in the 3000k cards..
      All we need are helper characters..
      Coconut guy.. Sir Robins musicians..
      Maybe a three headed Knight as an abom??

    9. Missing avatar

      Dominik Honke on

      @ Ken: Already got it in the 3mil SG

    10. Neil H on

      Pretty sure there are plenty of female survivors both in this Kickstarter and the previous one, I can only think of a couple of examples of scantily clad ones at that (Paulo Parentes guest box which is his art style and the Thalia one (Red Sonya homage), not sure what Pedro is referring to either.

    11. Ken Brzuziwski

      We need the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch now..

    12. Missing avatar

      John Evans on

      I am clearly in the minority here, but I am not a fan of this sculpt. When compared to the Abominarat (oh how I want thee) and some of the other zombified Aboms I feel like much more could have been done with this rabbit rather than give a big bunny an evil grin. Still excited for a lot of other minis in this game, just not this one.

    13. Kephri on

      +1 to a tiny sized mini for this bunny of doom ^_^
      +1 to less survivors and more monsters or other things
      Great job guys ^_^

    14. Herbert Geekswain on

      @Pedro Nunes: What you talking about, dude? Megan has clothes on as does Zee.

    15. Dan Ormond on

      @ Achim Seeburger - they already did! :) Check out the item cards stretch goal from update 34 :D

    16. Missing avatar

      robin on

      Yeah agree with some NPC too

    17. Lance Banson

      People just glaze over the fact that we already have a HHG item not two stretch goals ago
      People not realizing the Magenta Monster is another Monty Python reference
      People wanting the bunny to be big


    18. Eelco on

      This abomination the Orb of Death and the survivors from the original black plague that look like the monty python holy grail cast will make a great costum playthrough. go on a quest to find the holy hand grenade and kill the bunny.
      I hope we get some npc zombies like in the last black plague.

    19. Achim Seeburger on

      I hope you know that you HAVE to give us the "holy hand grenade" as an extra item.. ;)

    20. Michael B on

      Small and nimble... Always hit last and 3zones per action? Ignores doors as if they were open?

    21. Sean Wheeler

      @Iker +1
      @Jake, the rabbit looks as big as the dog models so small it isn't, though that is a guess looking at the size of the base. A comparison with other models would be nice to get a true scale of it's size.
      @Neil +1 we have over 40 survivors which is over 10 more than we will need or maybe even use. Not even used them all on Black Plague yet and more and likely won't.

    22. Neil H on

      Adding extra tiles and extra game pieces seems to trigger people into the 'kickstarter exclusive' frenzy, example of this is the exploding fatties. Adding survivors/abominations and Necromanceers seems the safest way to keep the pledges coming in without poking the bear.

    23. Darren

      That is awesome. Please keep the mini small,

      + 1 African and European Swallow minis
      + 1 Run away card to allow you to escape the Abominabunny when he attacks.

    24. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      @Rabbits are lagomorphs
      Yes, they are, but were originally rodents. They are lagomorphs since the 20th century. So rodent is here correct, in a game which is set many 100 years earlier. :-)

    25. Jake Chambers on

      Hope you don't listen to those asking for the mini to be huge. The funny thing about this bunny is that it looks like a cute, regular sized bunny at first and you underestimate it. The it starts attacking with its sharp teeth and brutal speed and leaves no man alive!

    26. Iker Aguayo on

      This is great. Please no more survivors. More cards or tiles. Thanks anyway

    27. Sean Wheeler

      Auto kills every survivor in its zone on an attack and only dragon fire can kill it. I can see lots of people say "Run away" when this turns up and if you don't find the holy orb or dragon fire quickly, this could be a short game. However AWESOME.

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel Šumbera on

      I hate survivor figures. It's just a ton of needless plastic. But abomination ... hmm :) And this Abominabunny is cool and scarry :)

    29. EtePetete on

      Female wizard with clothes on? ... i'm more fan of chain mail bikini and ultra short wizard robe ... I think heat is also more authentic *g*

    30. Pretty Dead

      Found a cheap place for your piles of skulls you can glue to the base

    31. Deadication on

      +1000 pile of skulls on the base. It looks a little bare without some bones & gore around him.

    32. MGAC

      Epic win.

    33. Jared Bond

      +1 little
      +1 pile of skulls on the base

    34. Michael Sprague

      I'd love to see some scale.... Is he little???

      He really out to be on a pile of skulls :)

    35. Jared Bond

      Where is the rabbit trojan horse?

    36. Deadication on

      How big is the bunny! Make him HUGE! :D

    37. chris chacon on

      now the holy hand grenade in equipment. the counting shall be three

    38. Erk on

      I'd love being able to get the rest of the Holy Grail kse's since I missed the last ks...

    39. Nathan Stiles on

      We better get Lucas. I want the whole strange gang!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jon nix on

      finally got our abominabunny now we just need a guest box with more non human survivors
      +1 bat riding "green goblin" survivor

    41. Missing avatar

      Samuel KOHN on

      Yes ! Finally the bunny.

      +1 for Abunnynation

    42. Game R on

      rabbit is gorgeous. Thank you for hearing us!
      +1 hero box only Orcs
      +1 hero box dwarves
      +1 hero box elves

    43. Marc-andre Ferland on

      would be nice to see the size compared to as survivor

    44. Orange Boy on

      Best abom ever

    45. GameMatz on

      Love the bunny render! Just look at those teeth :)

    46. Pedro Nunes on

      +1 Hero Box 2 with mixed races and female spellcaster (with clothes on like the other beautiful female characters of this KS)

    47. Pat Gallagher on

      Ooh, great big pointy teeth!

    48. Missing avatar

      Michael Arroyo on

      Can you re-release the Monty Python crew as an add-on pack again for those that missed the first go-around like myself?

    49. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh

      Abunnynation is better.