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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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We have some Classics to offer you!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

The quest to unlock Zee is getting close to the end:


To help us get there faster, we have decided to offer a few classic Optional Buys that have been often requested:

The Deadeye Walkers optional buy box comes with 21 Deadeye Walker miniatures and 6 spawn cards to add these skeletal zombie archers to your game! The Deadeye Walkers come in three different sculpts.

Deadeye Walkers function like standard Walkers for most game purposes. Same place in the targeting priority order, 1 action per activation, 1 Damage to kill, 1 XP per kill. Of course, the huge difference comes when they attack with their fearsome bows! Deadeye Walkers Attack whenever they activate while having a Line Of Sight on a Survivor (or more) at Range 0-3. Then, they perform a standard Zombie Attack on the designated Zone.


This optional buy contains 27 doors, coming with 7 different base colors, and with 3 different door sculpts for extra variety!



The Plastic Token Pack optional buy contains 62 plastic engraved tokens, consisting of:

  • 10x 3D Broken Wall 
  • 4x Vault Door 
  • 6x Spawn Zone 
  • 6x Necromancer Spawn Zone 
  • 10x Objective 
  • 4x Dragon Bile 
  • 18x Noise 
  • 1x Exit Zone 
  • 1x Rotten 
  • 1x Free Action
  • 1x First Player Metal Coin

If you're interested in purchasing any of these optional buys, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

For the Green Horde!


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    1. Tage Lind on

      SWEET!!! NOW THAT you guys are offering these, How about the deck holders and black base markers?!?!?! They are the best add-on that I purchased in my opinion.

    2. Philippe on

      Where's the Massive Darkness crossover kit ?

    3. evenpoint on

      Yay. But but but...
      The 3 Zombie Bosses would have been great too :(

    4. Bronson Murphy

      Any chance that you will sell the old guest boxes? Missing a few

    5. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      I have never been so glad to be proven wrong!

    6. Mark Richard Baumgartner on

      Dang it! I just bought the doors on Amazon! At least I won't have to wait forever for them...

      I'm excited about the deadeyes, though. I'd also love to get Massive Darkness hero crossover cards. I didn't back it initially, but I'm going to want to bring Ann, Clovis, and the rest of the crew over.

    7. Sharkey on

      I own all of these and they are all fantastic items, but them up newbies, especially the Deadeyes! =D

    8. Michael K. on

      These are priced too high.

    9. Krzysztof Lityński on

      Maybe some classic MD crossover?

    10. Missing avatar

      James C on

      My wallet hates you CMON

    11. John Ling on

      Can we also get the crowz? I never did et that one on the first run through