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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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27,236 backers pledged $5,004,614 to help bring this project to life.

We have some Classics to offer you!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

The quest to unlock Zee is getting close to the end:


To help us get there faster, we have decided to offer a few classic Optional Buys that have been often requested:

The Deadeye Walkers optional buy box comes with 21 Deadeye Walker miniatures and 6 spawn cards to add these skeletal zombie archers to your game! The Deadeye Walkers come in three different sculpts.

Deadeye Walkers function like standard Walkers for most game purposes. Same place in the targeting priority order, 1 action per activation, 1 Damage to kill, 1 XP per kill. Of course, the huge difference comes when they attack with their fearsome bows! Deadeye Walkers Attack whenever they activate while having a Line Of Sight on a Survivor (or more) at Range 0-3. Then, they perform a standard Zombie Attack on the designated Zone.


This optional buy contains 27 doors, coming with 7 different base colors, and with 3 different door sculpts for extra variety!



The Plastic Token Pack optional buy contains 62 plastic engraved tokens, consisting of:

  • 10x 3D Broken Wall 
  • 4x Vault Door 
  • 6x Spawn Zone 
  • 6x Necromancer Spawn Zone 
  • 10x Objective 
  • 4x Dragon Bile 
  • 18x Noise 
  • 1x Exit Zone 
  • 1x Rotten 
  • 1x Free Action
  • 1x First Player Metal Coin

If you're interested in purchasing any of these optional buys, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

For the Green Horde!


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    1. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @Agreave (sofa cushions ARE required) - "retail only KSE"? Isn't that an oxymoron?

    2. Enivek

      @Kevin We only got that in BP because of Hero Pack 1... here's hoping for a Hero Pack 2.

    3. Skye Williams on

      Crowz & N.P.C. 2 please. So glad for the tokens, doors and deadeye walkers.

    4. Agreave (A new wardrobe IS required) on

      @Cmon, The metal coin was KSE! Why is it on offer here? So all KSE can be up on the next KS now then as I'd like those retail only KSE from ZBP!!! :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Nice but would still like to see some extra player dashboards somewhere in this kickstarter

    6. Timothy on

      I thought murder of crowz to be polite was a bit of a con as I had a set from zombicide. I think they was the same sculpts just different box art and cards?
      Really need NPC box 2 though. Just didn't have a spare £400 in the coffee pot to buy everything from Black Plague kickstarter at the time :-/

    7. Lau on

      MD crossover & gul'dan necromancer!

      These ob came as sg in rising sun, feels weird to pay that much more for it.

    8. Lau on

      MD crossover & gul'dan necromancer!

      These ob came as sg in rising sun, feels weird to pay that much more for it.

    9. Thomas Jul Christiansen on

      Would also really like to the the deck holder.

    10. Matthias Nagy

      I want the Crowz as well!

    11. Joshua

      Howzabout extra decks of equipment! Including our new batch from $3mil??

    12. Jeff (IdleHacker) on

      @Alex - it will ship next year with the rest of your pledge

    13. Herbert Geekswain on

      Oh, and of course the Morrigan's dead - Crowz

    14. Herbert Geekswain on

      Absolutely delighted with this add on!!!

      As someone who missed ZBP KS, and had to buy at retail, I've been wanting to get the Deadeyes but haven't been able to find a reasonably priced set.

      Now just hoping you'll also offer the Notoriously Plagued NPCs

      Thanks CMoN

    15. Enivek

      It's the counter bases offered in BP that I really wish for.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Just curious, if I place an order for the Deadeye Walker optional buy, will that ship immediately or will I have to wait until next year when Green Horde ships?

      Also, is this Deadeye Walker optional buy the reprint I have heard about or will there be a separate retail reprint?

      Thanks! :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris0013 on

      Nice. Any possibility to have " deck holder " available too ?
      I already got one last BP Season 1 KS, but another one will be nice

    18. Dan Ormond on

      I can't recommend the Deadeye Walkers enough! They totally change how you approach a game as they attack on line-of-sight and never miss. No more standing out in the open waiting for the horde to come to you :D

    19. Enivek

      @Holoporter some of the zombies can bust though walls.

    20. Tabletop Tribe

      If you're offering Deadeye Walkers, how about the Murder of Crowz?

    21. MRiley on

      I just ordered the doors for a bit more money than that...buuuuut I didn't have to wait months for them and can start using them right away, so fair deal. Good stuff if you don't already have the game going in your group and should move the pledge needle.

      I haven't given in to plastic tokens yet, so that might be an add on.

    22. Timothy on

      I seen people paying £30-£40 for those add ons lol. Thank goodness I waited.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dominik Honke on

      @Holoporter There is an abomination in BP that can crush through walls.

    24. Missing avatar

      Woopike on

      Why not the black bases plus necros.......why........ :-(

    25. Timothy on

      I think the broken walls are for the Minotaur boss when he breaks through walls.

    26. Timothy on

      Cool I couldn't afford these last time. Hope they
      Offer the special guest survivors too.

    27. Marcel Jordan on

      Deadeye walker+ 1
      Really nice. Please.. Crowz.. I would buy them twice: D
      But will the classic boxes playable in green horde?
      If I remember correctly.. The crossover set was only available for the basic figures

    28. GrandKhan44 (Thilo M) on

      What is the use of the 3D broken walls?

    29. Missing avatar

      Adrian Konikow on

      Here's what I want to see.... Zombies with counters on their bases for when a horde of 15+ walkers on one square is slowly making its way across the map. Give me some of and I will gladly pay for them!!!

    30. Lance Banson

      Already got 'em, but hey, classy for the new players!

    31. Missing avatar

      Poundshopper on

      this is evil, was ready to draw a line under the expenditure but now... well i just have to have the dead eye walkers at that price!

    32. Missing avatar

      Chakuk on

      those adds-on on will stay for pledge manager i guess?

    33. Missing avatar

      Chakuk on

      oh yes thanks i will add plastic token for sure! I have others already, but great add-ons!

    34. Omid TF

      Perfect!!! Thanks a lot!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Camilo Hernandez on

      will this ship with the green horde stuff? can it be earlier, just to make the wait seem shorter.

    36. Markus on

      +1 for the counter base pack - pretty, pretty please?

    37. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      Dang, just ordered doors and tokens off Amazon today. $40 isn't going to matter much in this KS, but still... Oh well.

    38. EtePetete on

      Deadeyes are One of the best addons... also crows (I'm sure they will follow)

      The doors are also nice :) have ordered both with the BP kickstarter

    39. Jason Brown

      Great to see these. I have them all but the tokens are a must!

      I second that I would like to see the Counter Base Pack (having six bases for the necromancers was really handy), The Crows and the Deck holders. I have enough of the latter but they are a god send.

    40. Wesley Wilkinson on

      Welp all my money is gone.

    41. Missing avatar

      <insert catchy name here>

      These are NOT overpriced. The deadeyes are 24.00 at CSI and the doors are 24 as well. The tokens are 17.50 so you lose .50 on those.

    42. Missing avatar

      urik86 on

      It would be great to have also the "deck holder set" and "counter base pack" from Black plague. I could not buy it anywhere.

    43. Daniel Kane Hercus on

      I highly recommend the plastic tokens!

    44. aviator_60 on

      I second @Sharkey about the Deadeyes. I don't think there is another enemy that changes your strategy more than them (maybe the Centaur guy, but he doesn't come out that often).

    45. Enivek

      Now this is where the problem lies... couldn't we have gotten X tokens for Pink, Purple, Grey and White. At least please consider changing the green and blue in the base game to one of those four so that we can use those colours.... or come up with an optional buy with the four x's and perhaps a few other colours with matching doors. you could also add on a few other hidden passageway colours that way us players can come up with epic games. Please and thank you.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Thompson on

      Not the optional buy I was looking for, but I am glad to see these again.
      +1 optional buy for KE items

    47. Gamborg on

      No deck holders? Those were cool

    48. Cador

      can we please also get the crows?