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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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We have some Classics to offer you!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

The quest to unlock Zee is getting close to the end:


To help us get there faster, we have decided to offer a few classic Optional Buys that have been often requested:

The Deadeye Walkers optional buy box comes with 21 Deadeye Walker miniatures and 6 spawn cards to add these skeletal zombie archers to your game! The Deadeye Walkers come in three different sculpts.

Deadeye Walkers function like standard Walkers for most game purposes. Same place in the targeting priority order, 1 action per activation, 1 Damage to kill, 1 XP per kill. Of course, the huge difference comes when they attack with their fearsome bows! Deadeye Walkers Attack whenever they activate while having a Line Of Sight on a Survivor (or more) at Range 0-3. Then, they perform a standard Zombie Attack on the designated Zone.


This optional buy contains 27 doors, coming with 7 different base colors, and with 3 different door sculpts for extra variety!



The Plastic Token Pack optional buy contains 62 plastic engraved tokens, consisting of:

  • 10x 3D Broken Wall 
  • 4x Vault Door 
  • 6x Spawn Zone 
  • 6x Necromancer Spawn Zone 
  • 10x Objective 
  • 4x Dragon Bile 
  • 18x Noise 
  • 1x Exit Zone 
  • 1x Rotten 
  • 1x Free Action
  • 1x First Player Metal Coin

If you're interested in purchasing any of these optional buys, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add the amount of the items you'd like to get. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

For the Green Horde!


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    1. Unjustly Vicious

      OK, now one of my earlier questions still remains unanswered. I am aware of the 3d hedges/ barricades and 3d doors (i ordered them) but, what about the plastic token packs. Since the 3d hedges/ barricades are kickstarter exclusives, will there be a separate plastic token pack for the horde? perhaps a plastic upgrade pack?
      Specifically plastic replacements for hedges/ orc necromancer spawn points (since these are very different from normal necromancers)/ barricades/ or perhaps just plastic door tokens (for when not using all the 3d items).

    2. Missing avatar

      MrK on

      The First Player Metal Coin isn't a KSE of ZBP ? SG of 620k$

    3. Germain "Troll" Saussaye on

      @Matty Magic : Nope, no door token.

    4. Missing avatar

      IG on

      I am serious. Thanks for the info, I was thinking he was supposed to be this death dealing machine but I have a friend who does like to follow the rules very closely so I know this would come up eventually.

    5. DanWolf on

      How big are the Deadeye-minis?

    6. Matty Magic on

      This has probably been asked already, but does the plastic token set come with door icons also? I can't see it listed, and I feel like my set would be missing something without them.

    7. Missing avatar

      bobakirafett on

      @George Ip

      You have to increase your base pledge by the dollar amount of the extras you want to add. You don't actually choose the extras until the pledges get locked in and production starts to get finalized.

    8. Missing avatar

      George Ip on

      New kickstarter backer here - Just wondering how I go about adding some of these extras to my pledge? When I click on the "Manage your pledge" button, I don't see any options to select the Optional Buys.

    9. Missing avatar

      Christian Käser on

      Dennis: that's why it says "classic optional buys". Everything listed here is from Black Plague.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dennis Wozniak

      The Deadeye Walkers look the same as the ones I purchased for Black Plague. Since the box looks the same too, (it doesn't say Green Horde), can I assume that these are the same with the same cards, etc?

    11. Missing avatar

      John Silveira

      Got excited and thought the meant they were going to be reissuing all the Exclusives from Black Plague

    12. Missing avatar

      Jimer on

      I admit to not thaving read the rulebook yet, so what function does the different coloured doorbases serve? Just thinkin if I could use the doors from Massive Darkness instead...

    13. Missing avatar

      Alessandro Peres on

      Will the Plastic Token Pack be like the image or it will be some differences form the tokens of ZC Black Plague(like the image of the orc necromancer Instead of the human one?

    14. WinPin

      Wow, thank you CMON. Now, I need only the Cardholders, Abormination-Box and Murder of Crowz. It would be also cool, if you would offer the special guest boxes from Black Plague also....and maybe Grom & Thalia? :-D

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Šumbera on

      And "The Murder of Crowz"? I want them too. And, of course, MASSIVE DARKNESS crossover.

    16. Minty on

      @IG: Unsure if serious but - I would say that the intention behind the Abominabunny is that it is the mightiest of mighty Abominations. The shield you are referring to might offer armour roll saves VS Abominations but...not all Abominations are Abominabunnies. I think the intent behind our killer bunny is that it wipes you out if it attacks you - instadeath. :D :D :D

    17. Dirka Dirka on

      I was so close to buying the doors on Amazon. Guess I can remove it from my cart. Now we need the deck holders so I can avoid buying the broken token thing I found.

    18. Missing avatar

      IG on

      Hello everyone. I have a question. So...the abominabunny. It says it ignores armor but since all abominations say that (to my knowledge) does that shield in the NPC - 1 pack actually let you do armor rolls for it? Since it says you can do an armor roll vs an abomination. Just wondering.

      Also to the creators of the game (the person I see every now and then replying...starts with a T) any plans on more guest boxes? I never knew of the original KS but when I saw the Paolo Parente guest box with the rare very nice ladies in it I bought that on amazon. Any plans for more guest boxes and anything (even if just one) like the Paolo Parente guest box?

    19. Nickelangelo

      I'd love it if they would include plastic door tokens as well in the Plastic Token Pack.
      Not sure how I feel about the 3D ones. Guess the cardboard tokens will do the job just fine.

    20. Patient 0 on

      The deck holders from Z:BP are great, I bought two sets at the time but I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to get some more. They are great for sleeved cards.

    21. GameMatz on

      The Deadeye Walkers look really cool, I will have to add them on.

    22. Francois Therrien on

      Well.. I'm just waiting for Lucas to buy the expansions. If it ends with no Lucas, be sure that I will not buy any extension. I hope I'm not the only one to think like that..

    23. Missing avatar

      Trevor Payton on

      [that's the sound of $58 suddenly and inexplicably leaving my bank account]

      Wow, I'm so happy with these optional buys! I don't own any Zombicide yet, so these are a must-buy for me.

      Also, I offer many thanks to all who spoke from experience, urging us Zombicide newbies to get these buys. I still really want a Friends & Foes expansion, but we'll have to see if I've still got enough dough left when the KS closes.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jimer on

      Really happy to see these return! Too bold to hope to see the Abomination box and Crowz as well...??? :D

    25. Aviose on

      I would wager that there is a high probability that the gorgomination will use broken wall tokens the same way that the abominotaur did.

    26. Captain Firepants on

      @CMON. Goodsound is right. I need some new deckholders too.

    27. Varian on

      Can backers just pledge for the Classics?

    28. Antony Barlow on


      The doors were impossible to buy in the UK so I am super stoked and pleased that the eBay scalpers will have to lower prices to compete :)

    29. Gutris

      +1 Crowz! But still, happy to get doors and plastic tokens finally as well :)

    30. Goodsound on

      +1 to Please, offer the deck holders and NPCs from Black Plague as well as add on!

    31. Simon on

      by "offer" i meant "propose" (sorry i'm french ;) )

    32. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      @ All - I am new to the "olde" Zombicide. I have only played Rue Morgue which I really enjoyed.

      Please don't flame the question, but are we expecting the broken wall items to be part of the missions and thus replace cardboard broken wall tokens?

      Or are the plastic broken wall items left over from Black Plague and have no relevance other than ascetics in Z:GH?

    33. Brian on

      @Reyos - not everyone here backed Z:BP and as some pointed out these are way cheaper then they can get locally.

    34. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @Stephen Watts - these will ship with the rest of your GH pledge. They will not ship sooner. If you want them now - you'll have to buy them from a store, FLGS, eBay, etc.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rafael Sapia on

      Well done again!
      Please, consider including the deck holder and NPC-1 from Black Plague

    36. Reyos Blackwood

      Honestly not interested, bought all of these when BP came out originally in that KS. I am looking for additions not the same stuff over again. I know some people didn't but aren't these all retail available now anyways?

    37. Ur Shulgi on

      Why offer? You want too much for free, sg are there for that.

    38. Simon on

      I was hopping some new and cool "estension" like "Friends and Foes" or "No rest for the wicked" but ok ... So why don't you offer NPC box ? Abomination box and other stuff from first ZBP kickstarter ?

    39. Grandmaster Stevo on

      I'll happily add these to my pledge today if we can get confirmation that they'll ship well in advance of the GH stuff. Any official answer? My only push to get them now is to use them for Massive Darkness which arrives soon and for our current playthru of Z:BP.

    40. Missing avatar

      Luis Daniel López López on

      PLEASE C'MON open the possibility to optional buy to CROM and Thalia survivors, abominalpha and abominarat.

    41. Michael B on

      Seeing Deadeyes on the campaign is awesome.. Best offer I've seen recently was $100 (then add import & postage), being late to the Black Plague, I've been grabbing as much as I can from Amazon UK, hadn't thought if trying the US site before someone mentioned it on here, so I should be able to get all the guest boxes between the two.., just Nerd & Howe to get, then may as well Get GiPi and Adams out of completism,

    42. Ioannis Panagos on

      +1 Murder of Crowz
      Thnx for the update you help the newcomers catchup a bit.
      (1 plastic token pack is enough? - or do i need more?)

    43. Missing avatar

      mrspepper on

      Can we please also get the Crowz !?

    44. Dave the Dead

      @Agreave (sofa cushions ARE required) : I bought the tokens at retail after the last campaign and the coin was in it. Either they goofed or it wasn't KSE.

      Is there any chance of getting a supplementary pack of Green Horde specific tokens (like the necros?). It's no biggie, but I'd buy it.

    45. John Ling on


    46. Brad Hunt on

      It's like they knew the deadeye walkers and the 3D doors were the straw that breaks my will power to resist add-ons. Gutted I didn't get them with black plague so I'm not going to miss them this time!

    47. Ur Shulgi on

      Extra tiles set form ZBP would have been great, but anyway, thank you for those interested in what's here!