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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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She's our friend, and she's crazy powerful!

Posted by Thiago Aranha (Collaborator)

Hail Survivors!

It seems you were all eager to unlock the vault and get to the new equipment it held:


Make sure to check out our two main expansions, being offered along with a couple peculiar Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors:





The next Stretch Goal brings a young sorceress with amazing powers:

When we reach $3,100k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Zee, including her miniature and ID card!


Zee's figure 3D render.
Zee's figure 3D render.

For the Green Horde!

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    1. Marcello Malheiros on

      @Cdr. Shepard's Favorite On the Citadel Maybe... But it's probably because in portuguese Eleven is "onze". And they translated exactely like this. When Mike calls her "El", in portuguese he says "On". The second part of the word to make "onze" reads "ze" (as Ze in zebra)

    2. PhePhe B on

      It just occurred to me... I was thinking if this is Eleven, then maybe they could have named her Xi (XI--roman numeral 11). Then I realized, how would "Xi" be pronounced?
      Maybe I'm reaching, but if not... well played CMON.

    3. Francois Therrien on

      I would say that maybe a simple COPY / PASTE of Warchief Lividia's hairs should do the trick on this model.

    4. Jean-mathieu Gauthier on

      plz make extra item for sale on market i have black plague and no interest on green horde but the extra item is realy great

    5. Missing avatar

      Trevor Payton on

      @dafrca: I 100% agree. I think we're getting a fabulous value for our $ on this KS (as per usual).

      The only (and I do mean ONLY) downside is the 12 month wait to play the game! 12 months! "Oh, Chuckie, say it ain't so. Say it ain't so, Chuckie!!"

      I've never played Zombicide before, but now I'm itching to spend $80/100 on Z:BP just so that I can start playing before next June. And hey...the games will complement each other perfectly, so that's a win!

    6. dafrca on

      I have to say I like all the survivors we get. Not to say I would not also accept any additional free cards or tiles or anything else they wish to toss into my box for me for free. I pledged for a core game and the couple of add-ons I selected. All of the stretch goals are just free stuff they add to my box. I appreciate it all.

    7. WizardsGrimm on

      Personally I'm a fan of individual sculpts. I love painting individual models. The more we get, the happier I am. I agree with what people are saying though, and seeing as most games see 6 survivors, having more than say 12 seems overkill and those that backed BP probably have over 100 with this set. (I didn't back it so I don't know). As I say though, as a painter, I like the individual survivors. And as each one is announced, except a couple, I am so excited for this! Also, I received Zombicide Black Plague in the post today. Playing my first game tonight!Can't wait.

    8. Ruslan Zakirov

      Nice work! Keep 'em comming!

    9. Alex

      I view the survivors this time as redressing the balance against the overwhelmingly knightly dudes with swords we got as SG survivors last time.

      As long as we get Lucas too, I'm happy.

    10. Chris FR on

      Personally I took a $180 pledge, horde pledge $120, green dice 10$, and an expansion $50, I think of adding $50 for the second expansion.
      If you want more SG you can add some dollars to your pledge, if you are sure to take expansions during the pledge manager.

      i hope Dice Bag and more Dice exclusive (bleu, glow in the dark) for my collection.
      More Abomination
      more exclusive sculpt Zombies

    11. William

      So, the extraordinary SG (only 50k/something that will add to every game played) was to celebrate hitting 3 Million. Now we are back to fillers, where people only get discuss the sculpt. I assume that was to be expected when stuff you tend to see as stretch goals in other projects (like custom dice) are turned into pay-for add-ons. But fans also seem to be reacting to the higher price point a bit: At the moment 19,430 backers "supported" this project with slightly over 3 million dollars. The original Black Plague got a bit over 4 million dollars from 20,915 backers. Up until now fans seem to spend (about 20%) less per person, even though prices went up. I'm interested in seeing how this plays out and how the ratio will change towards the project's end.

    12. Sean Wheeler

      I thought once we got those equipment cards we would get better SG's, but here we are with even more characters what are we up to now with these? 41 or something now of which maybe 25 or so will be used. No idea who this one is never watched that show and getting extremely bored of seeing one character after another. It is what it is, but this may well be my last CMON, I guess with all these characters I will not need another of the guest boxes at least, so maybe I should be thankful.

    13. dafrca on

      Or they could fix the face/sculpt as it is just a 3D sculpt at this point in the process.

    14. Michael Tighe on

      Paint it with rosier cheeks. It'll look pretty similar.

    15. Missing avatar

      Chakuk on

      the face look like a young boy on the miniature. not like the art that really look like a young girl.

    16. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Really have to find out what this stranger thing's is.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kris Caughey on

      Teenage mutant ninja turtles based on the live action movies as a group of 4 fatties as the next stretch goal.

    18. Jake Chambers on

      I have to admit I also think the 3D model needs more work. The head is too different from the drawing. I know sometimes what's drawn doesn't work on 3D but in this case it shouldn't be too difficult. The hair looks as if she just had shaved the sides of her head and had more hair on top, combed to the back. Also, the eyes look too big...

    19. KingVoodoo on

      I want an ent.

    20. Ioannis Panagos on

      +1 for continuing to work on the model.

    21. dafrca on

      @Maestre; The old line of D&D Pre-painted minis has a Raistlin Majere figure. If you picked one up all you would need to do is switch the figure for one of the other casters. :-)

    22. Chris FR on

      9 days to beat 4 228 060 $!!!!!

    23. Maestre on

      Raistlin Majere of Dragonlance's books please!! (like Necromancer Ostokar style) and more tiles & quest!

      +1 Cristopher Lee & Alan Rickman

    24. dafrca on

      @DanWolf: I must be missing something. Are you saying there is or isn't a Lucas figure. I didn't see one but then I admit I have been known to miss things in the past. :-)

    25. DanWolf on

      ...but talking abut racism. Did you ver notice that a dark skinned boy has the role of the dark character? Maybe the mini isn't enough. Real sad.

    26. DanWolf on

      @Deadication: Yea, sometimes life can be so simple... ;o)
      I'm still voting for Joyce.

    27. Deadication on

      Is there something weird with Eleven's hands on the show, or did the Illustrator just have a rough time with those? Not trying to be nitpicky, actually asking...

    28. Deadication on

      "So to prevent racism".... hahaha.

      Who knew all these years, all it took was a Lucas mini. ;)

    29. DanWolf on

      Thank you for El...Zee!
      So to prevent racism Lucas would be the next, I think? If I had the joice, it would be Joyce. WYNONA! :o)
      Great work, CMON!

    30. Tamas Szabadi

      +1 for Alan Rickman!

    31. Beetleguise on

      Bard should be some kind of unique undead mini

    32. Epervier on

      Lol, that's quite a good point from 8-bit Video James!

    33. Galleon of Ghosts on

      I'm still a bit bothered by two of the KSE characters being in add-ons, especially since 2 of the 4 featured Stranger Things characters being separated.

    34. 8-bit Video James on

      Um... CMON, you do realize how bad it looks that you have the whole cast for Stranger Things except for Lucas the one black kid, right? �
      I mean, you added Will the missing kid who was barely in the show before him. Why do you hate black children, CMON?! Why?!!
      First there's no justice for Barb, and now none for Lucas! LOL!

    35. Missing avatar

      Daniel Donnici on

      Plz, do a Cristopher Lee Survivor/necro. Any would do Dracula(we already have one), Count Dooku or Saruman(This would be my favorite)

    36. Ian short on

      +1 for Alan Rickman, preferably as the sheriff of Rottingham. Since they've started on super heroes they could bring in green arrow (in place of robin hood).

    37. Dagda

      Ugh, what an ugly illustration and mini. Up to five minutes ago, I didn't know that all these kiddies come from a tv show... I guess they work for fans.
      Although it is great to have a diversity of ages, genders and races available for heroes, I would prefer to have less kiddies going on a killing run. Some other races would be cool (treant, rat man, half demon, half angel, centaur, satyr,...). Or how about somw characters from literature? Tin man, mad hatter or card soldiers come to my mind.

    38. Missing avatar

      Clayton Kilduff on

      And after Eleven/Zee, all we need is a Lucas.
      I know its been mentioned before but would love to see a Massive Darkness crossover too.

    39. Dan on

      Just saw figure render on big computer screen instead of small phone..... yikes! Lop that head off and try again haha. If you cover the body with your hand it looks like an angry martian

    40. Kelly Lee Robinson on

      I'm really excited for all the new figures. I'd like to see one more familiar figure as a stretch goal. I would also like to see a couple tiles in the second expansion box.
      New baddies are always great too. Really great job so far, hope to see more unlocked before the campaign ends!

    41. Jonathan Bowen

      Another great stretch goal. Am really looking forward to playing with these survivors.

      As a suggestion I would also like to second the possibility of some Massive Darkness cross over for survivors and monsters both.

    42. Missing avatar

      James Lee on

      @Jim Redd A good business is focused on responding to its market, and CMON has demonstrated a capacity and willingness to do this on a few occasions. Richard Smith provided a good example, and The Grand Inquisitor is another. It was originally a survivor but after they reviewed the feedback he was changed to a Necromancer.

      The alternative approach is to dictate what the market will and won't do, and then combine it with extreme arrogance, poor quality game-mechanics, prices that alienate your market, and legal actions to crush competitors and clients alike. A search on articles about GW will show just how flawed and self-destructive that can be, and why CMON avoids that by actually encouraging and responding to market feedback.

      Flexibility and adaptability are key to producing a popular product and good reputation, which is why CMON has managed to get almost 20,000 backers and raise $3M for this kickstarter: you keep creating good product, you keep your market happy, they keep buying your product. So, yeah, looks like they'll keep responding to suggestions and creating new stuff. Have at it

    43. Richard Smith on

      With arcadia quest inferno they released an art image that was not in the game as a model. Due to fan feedback they added a new SG for her and had a model created for her.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jim Redd on

      Question, why do people expect their suggestions to effect the outcome of whats offered?. Surely the art work and 3D renderings have been completed for this Kickstarter, or are they still creating them?

    45. Missing avatar

      Jim Redd on

      Question, why do people expect their suggestions to effect the outcome of whats offered?. Surely the art work and 3D renderings have been completed for this Kickstarter, or are they still creating them?

    46. Michael Martin on

      Oops, maybe not. I was hoping for a petal faced one, not the double headed thing... :(

    47. Michael Martin on

      Oooh, but will we get a demi-gorgon?!?

    48. Michael Martin on

      Love the Stranger Things figures, but I do hope they put in Wonder Woman...

    49. Missing avatar

      Ian Bryce on

      I really hope Lucas is next to finish out the 'Stranger Things' set. Considering the only black survivors (in GH and BP) are homages to films or dead celebrities, it'd be pretty awful to leave him out. Especially as there's only a week to go and these stretch goals seem harder to reach.