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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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27,236 backers pledged $5,004,614 to help bring this project to life.

Let's open the vault to get some new equipment!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

The Kickstarter Exclusive 3D Plastic Obstacles optional buy has ironically cleared the way!


And so one more Stretch Goal has been unlocked:


Make sure to check out our two main expansions, being offered along with a couple peculiar Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors:





To celebrate the next milestone we have something backers have requested for a long time:

When we reach $3 Million all backers will get a Kickstarter Exclusive set of 10 new Equipment cards, half of them normal equipment and the other half special Vault items!

Work-In-Progress Artwork for the new Equipment.
Work-In-Progress Artwork for the new Equipment.

Keep in mind that both the artwork and abilities are still work-in-progress and NOT final.

Here is what we're developing for this special set:

  • Spiked Armor: This may not protect its wearer as well as something like plate armor, but all those spikes mean that weaker Zombies are killed after attacking you in Melee!
  • Shield Gauntlet: This dual purpose weapon not only allows you to make Melee attacks, but also gives you some decent armor protection.
  • Pit Fighter Gloves: Fighting Zombies practically bare-handed is not for everyone. While these spiked gloves may not do a lot of damage, they do allow for very quick attacks, granting an extra free Melee Action to use them.
  • Magic Ball of Destiny: This mysterious device is somehow able to peer into the immediate future and resolve its outcome. Before making an attack, the Survivor may consult the Magic Ball of Destiny, determining whether the success of the upcoming attack is certain, very doubtful, or whether it cannot be predicted now.
  • Sword Gauntlet: This is a dual purpose weapon, similar to the Shield Gauntlet, but while it doesn't offer quite the same protection, it's a much better offensive weapon.
  • Mace Gun: The futuristic technology powering this projectile weapon is a mystery throughout the land. That's probably why it was given a dual purpose by adding a very effective mace at the end of it.
  • Animal Armor: Familiars are loyal companions, and their owners sometimes try to protect them by decking them out in full armor. This item (which comes with 2 copies) allows your Familiars to make Armor saves to try and avoid attacks.
  • Orb of Death: This holy artifact possesses explosive power that rivals that of Dragon Fire. Just make sure you carefully follow the proper procedures to employ it.
  • Grappling Lance: This cleverly designed melee weapon can be used to hold a Zombie at a safe distance from you, keeping it from attacking.

For the Green Horde!


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    1. FlorianAliasJoe on

      Thank you, that's great ! :)

    2. FlorianAliasJoe on

      Thank you, that's great ! :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Michel Charbonneau on

      YES at last new equipment cards....thank you :-)

    4. Ian Williams on

      @Galivan I absolutely agree. I would say that what's been announced so far is worth $120. To me at least. I still believe people have the right to complain, although you're right that it does go overboard.

    5. Missing avatar

      Xavon on

      Seriously? No-one else caught the reference to the hammer-gun meme?

      Oh well.

    6. Epervier on

      @Ian Williams:
      Thank you to share your point of view. I agree, SG are not really free.
      But considering we know how the campaign works, the massive complaining is annoying.
      I wouldn't pay $120 + shipping either for the game alone. However, it comes with an exclusive Dragon pack, and I made my pledge knowing that SG would come along.
      So I had the choice to buy the game at my retailer's or take my chance and back the game on KS and get all the bonuses, wether I like them or not.
      Until now, CMON has proven that they are listening to the backer's feed back (we got Lemmy, extra vault cards, 3D add-on for example), so a lot of comments seem rather picky to me.

    7. Akira on

      is there only one of each except for animal armor? that would be great if we could have 2 or 3 of each!!! these are awesomely fun designed weapons!

    8. Missing avatar

      Stephane Rainville on

      @Krzy - I saw that... might be a 2 familiar addon coming soon to add those armors!

    9. EtePetete on

      @Krzysztof Lityński
      Yes, I won't fit one of the heros:)

      In my eyes cmon can boost their addons with strechgoals. It is a good way, make them more attractive :)

    10. Garuk on

      That I like!

    11. hithwen on

      About time we got a different type of SG!

    12. Krzysztof Lityński on

      Do I understand it correctly that Animal Armor only make sense if connected with Friends and Foes expansion pack?

    13. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      A Shrubbery AND the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch both in one update!!!! This is just awesome!!!

      Now all we need is the The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog and Knights of Ni!

      Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing!

      Thank you for respecting the key milestones at last Cmon, been too many campaigns that missed them, but this is just a treasure trove of awesomeness for the 3 mil mark!

    14. Vincent on

      In the picture, we can See that some vault cards are accessible since the yellow level. That’s such a good idea. In general, vault cards are pritty useless on orange level.
      With friends, we created spears that allow you to attack in zones 0 or 1, but it’s still considered as a melee weapon. The basic spear make you throw 1 die and touch on a 5+. The vault one is the Britney ’s spear, with 3 dice and anables to kill dead zombies again in différent zones in the same attack, if the targets are in the same line.

    15. Daniel Kane Hercus on

      @David - the last SG was that low because making cards is a lot cheaper than adding a new mini. SG costs are based on how much it will cost to add

    16. David 'another kiwi in oz' MacDonald on

      Only 50k between SGs is the way to go...
      Hope fully they do more this close together.

    17. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Well hopefully this is just the start as I know this is a much needed game element. These are a bit goofy but I know some are very requested items. Making some add on decks would be awesome CMON, a couple of one time use deck with spell items, healing items, potions to boost attributes for a turn and similar things would be great. A deck filled with magic artifacts that grant skills while equipped to the backpack opens a lot of possibilities. While a additional weapon deck with spears, halberds, morning stars, maces, dual hand axes, throwing knife bandolier, dwarf battle axe, elven swords, various orc blades, double handed ogre weapons, I could go on with a well that's been untouched. Tap that well CMON! Even if they go straight to retail at my local hobby store bring on the inventory. I'd even give you a list of items if you needed one.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rbbt on

      More stretch goals like this please! As someone who bought BP at retail, one of my main gripes with the base game is the lack of vault items

    19. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      awesome. I wouldn't mind more SG like this.

    20. EtePetete on


      Yes great idea.... or survivors have to spend in total 3, not 2 or 4,actions to activate the item :)

    21. Erebos on

      Yeah, great SG - love it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Stephane Rainville on

      Teleport spell anywhere a fellow survivor or yourseld included as LOS on. More spells please!! MAges are slightly at a disavantage vs. melee and range!

    23. FranHoiss on

      The orb of death should take 3 turns to explode...
      no more.... no less...

    24. Michael Pflug on

      This is the best stretch goal so far!

    25. EtePetete on

      Yeah... the holy grenade :) ..."Man zähle bis 3..... love it so much :)

      And ghe eight ball :) very nice cards.

      Yes that was,no is a fantastic stretch goal :)

      And the hope is growing that we will get the abbomrabbit :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephane Rainville on

      Adding trap tokens would be nice to differentiate each one and smashed building tokens too! (Remember those dragons hitting the ground in the middle zone of a tile and crushing everything...) we need debris tokens to replace what dragons destroy in their path... hope we get it, or buy it!

    27. Missing avatar

      Stephane Rainville on

      By traps, I mean the ice one could slow zombies down, just like iceblast spell (1 turn). Fire trap could deal 1dmg in a zone while not killing every zombie (roll). Explosive traps deal 2dmg with a designated roll too. If any survivor forgets, well, he triggers the traps in the designated zone!

      Super strengh skill and/or consumable could help in pushing that trebuchet/ballista faster by saving actions!

      A Vorpal sword vault or magical weapon: can be used at orange, 0 range, 3 dices, +3 hit, 1dmg, on any 6 it becomes a 3dmg hit on the target. So this weapon could basically decapitate an Abomination. By putting it 1dmg weapon and not 2dmg, well it creates a difference to other magical weapons so its uniqueness is not dimished, just like if a survivor has the skill +1 dmg melee... Any survivor could wield it and have a chance of killing an abomination with a lucky 6!

    28. Roberto Carlos Araiza on

      OMG Holy Hand Grenade :) :) :)

      Now all would wrap around a golden bow with a Bunnybomination

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephane Rainville on

      More food cards to deversify missions. New civilian figurines to compliment and deversify missions. 2 more familiar armors would be nice. Backpack cards that could be attached to familiars, maybe a 3-4 slot bag. Trap cards (ice trap, fire trap, explosive trap, etc... A wagon/cart that could be moved around like a ballista and could stash alot of equipment.

    30. Rand Chua TL on

      Can we have some more weapons, spells and equipment cards?

    31. Missing avatar

      Stephane Rainville on

      More fist weapons needed to compliment our pugilist survivors that were unlocked; 2 clawed and 3 clawed hands, (any insert metal) fists, rope/hook/ladder to scale towers and down , walking through walls echantment to escape hordes or see whats going on in buildings, waterwalking echantment, one ressurection spell to revive a fallen survivor and a few consumables (healing potiions 1hp-2hp-full, water walking, super strenght, speed, stoneskin)

    32. Blake Curry on

      I love that we're getting the magic 8 Ball but how exactly does it work?

    33. Missing avatar

      Stephane Rainville on

      Nice SG!! CMON should continue their good work and be adding a few other equipment SGs just like this one, or sell a pack of a few dozen equipment cards to go with the game!

    34. Oliver Schaaf on

      Nice! Love new equipment. Really good SG!

    35. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      fantastic stretch goal. looking forward to playing with these!

      i wish there was an "all in" add-on that combined some/all of the add-ons at a discount, similar to the Dragon Pack from Arcadia Quest: Inferno. There are a lot of add-ons here and they're pretty pricey, where in previous campaigns they might come free or bundled.

      Also, please please please a Massive Darkness crossover kit!!!

      Looking forward to the last days of this campaign and the inevitable surge to the finish line!!

    36. Mike P

      Now for more pets, and still want El Cholo.

    37. Marc-andre Ferland on

      very nice, very cool, very happy

    38. Grediel on

      This is what I'm talking about great SG!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jon nix on

      so now we get the magic 8 ball of destiny awesome

    40. Robert Lorenz on

      Isn't the sword gauntlet from Willow?

    41. Robert Lorenz on

      Love the new SG! I'm also down with the dragon or dragonborn that is on the players side. Or a pet. Same with a werewolf who is on the players side! Awesome stuff CMON!

    42. Tony on

      Great stretch goal (always nice to have more weapons, especially vault weapons).

    43. Akira on

      thanks Thiago! this should shut up some of the haters! Bravo to the 3Mil shorter SG!!!!

    44. partenopei on

      i thnk the magic 8 ball should be a vault item and the grappling lance a standard item?

    45. Deadication on

      Love the vault weapons, please can we get a spell for the mages? ;)

    46. partenopei on


      yes, new equipment is not that difficult/expensive to create and is always welcome

      I have designed many custom items like flying guillotine, sticky rice, holy water, bread, three section staff etc, it is a blast

    47. Dondon

      BEST SG ever from the Zombicide's Campaings. I hope you have at least 2 more of this up your sleeves :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Rafael Sapia on

      Well done!
      More equips!

      Would be nice to see more exclusive enemies.

    49. partenopei on

      this is fantastc!

      this KS campaign has been run so well and with lotsa reaction to all the backer demands for survivors, 3d thingies, moar zombies, moar necros, mar aboms, moar different monsters and now moar equipment.

      well done CMON!