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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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    1. Erebos on

      in that case we need 25 - 30 pieces of this...

    2. Ur Shulgi on

      The hedges here are NOT there to replace those of tiles, but to replaces the tokens inside the corebox which allow already for custom and some quest.
      It's not there to put on the tiles instead of hedges already on tiles ...

    3. Mike the Knight on

      I'm thinking the hedges might be too tall and too thick. Doesn't even look like they would fit lined up on the tiles properly. These would really get in the way.

    4. hithwen on

      @Ryan, Even if we unlock a SG every remaining day there won't be as many SG as in BP and so far there isn't much variety on them. People are asking for equipment (that's finally coming) more tiles and more scenarios, green dice would have been a nice SG (BP had the black ones unlocked super early) etc. One of the expansions is just a miniature box and kind of voids the kickstarter exclusive dragon, all that that's why the campaign can be seen as tasteless.

    5. Curtis on

      I love that they are putting this out their like they did with the 3D door sets. For those that aren't impressed however, you can create great, cheap hedges on your own, and they have incredible housing kits and 3D printer blueprints designed for Zombicide if you take some time to google search. While those methods are likely cheaper, they are more time consuming. Having a pick up and go set of terrain from the company in a box form would be amazing.

    6. DerricDice on

      That's awesome really like this. But I would really love to see some cross over card for massive darkness. The abominations and character. Please consider thx. But all aside keep up the great work.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jim Redd on

      These look great.

    8. Deadication on

      I might be in the minority on this one, but I looooove these. They look good, have fun gameplay elements, and are going to be AWESOME for House Rules and homebrew campaigns.

      Don't try to cover the entire board with these, just get 1-2 packs and you're good to go! :)

    9. partenopei on

      these are meant to replace the cardboard tokens of barriers and hedges in the game

      not the hedges on the tile artwork

    10. Patient 0 on

      This is the first time I have looked at a stretch goal and thought "I could make that out of bamboo skewers!". Shame it isn't the barricades in short supply.

      I have added four, one for each pledge and a spare, because it is a KS exclusive, but as someone mentioned, a set of hedges would be nice, and as they are already printed on the board it shouldn't add too long to the set up time.

      They will get in the way though.

    11. Cyrano on

      I do like the hedges and barriers, but agree theres not enough hedges. I would be very expensive to get enough packs to cover the whoe board and then there will be so many unused barriers, a set of p hedges and 3 barriers would have been better and would encourage people to buy multiples.

    12. Gernot1

      puh... i love Zombicide but the is nothing for me, it´s not worth for me, sorry

    13. Skritter on

      I agree with a previous poster.

      The hedges could easily be half the hight and provide at least double the quantity.

      This would stop them being too TOP heavy to tip over, still provides the visual value and enables twice as many to be provided for the same amount of plastic.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Roy on

      This should be a SG. This game cosy way too much, im considering looking for another game.

    15. Mark Jonny Konrath

      i like the add on.
      for future stretchgoals i´d like to see an orcish hero, maybe the white orc from the hobbit or stryke from Stan Nicholls Orcs books, because i guess not only the other races are unhappy with the zomified orcs and they are for sure attacking their own people too

    16. Antony Barlow on

      Now that's just plain rude.

      Still flummoxed as to what use these six pieces of green plastic are for in the actual game. Yes they might LOOK pretty (and green plastic) but only six? And all the issues you'll have when using them (knocked over, space on the board etc). Plus all those tiles that won't have hedges. Or walls. Or doors. Or towers.

      Please enlighten me with your amazeballs out of the box blue sky thinking because I'm old and stupid.

    17. JB on

      can we please get a bigger box of hedges or price change or something I mean its like 80 dollars if u wanted to cover all barriers on some combinations of tiles

    18. Missing avatar

      Marco Meier on

      Could we maybe get a box of hedges and a box of barriers ? I love the barriers and would like to pay for them but I don't see any use for 6 hedges.... 6 Hedges aren't enough to cover the map... and I won't pay the price for the full set of hedges. So is there an option for that?

    19. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Hey now, it's 15$ for SIX bits of green plastic AND six bits of light brown plastic. At least get your numbers right. And frankly if you're unable to think outside the box then that's your problem, not CMON's.

    20. Antony Barlow on

      I don't understand why you need 3D hedges. You need so many to cover the map, far more than six on offer here. Plus there's the overload of barriers. If you buy enough hedges to cover the map you'd have so many barriers what would you do with them all? And if you have so many hedges to cover the board where are the walls and doors to go with them?

      Half the map would be 3D and getting knocked over all the time (hedges) and half barren and bare. We have all played enough Zombicide to know there isn't enough space on a tile to fit the zombies, never mind all the extra massive abomination bases, huge necromancer ogres and dragons AND now hedges (although not enough for the map).

      This add on has confused me as I cannot see the benefit. Plus $15 for a bit of green plastic is hilarious.

    21. James Neuzil on

      Further proof that when people get what they ask for they still arent happy with what they get. "Its not enough" or "i have to buy too much to make it worth it." Its scary how needy and entitled people are today.

    22. DarthTomkat on

      It seems people are misunderstanding the point of this add-on. The cardboard barricades and hedges are to ADD them to the board, not replace preprinted hedges. This add-on replaces the cardboard ones with plastic ones. The intention is not to replace EVERY hedge with plastic, but only to place additional hedges where none are already printed on the board. It adds variability to the game layout beyond what is printed on the tiles.

    23. Ibrahim Edris on

      This is getting wayyyy beyond my paygrade

    24. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @Patrick Flanagan - there may be a hedge-only pack as well.

    25. Patrick Flanagan on

      Not really worth it. You would have to buy several packs, as it looks like 6 hedges would only be enough for 1 map tile. A 4 to 6 tile setup could be require 4+ packs, which would be $60. Example the board setup at the top of the kickstarter page, that has 4 to 5 tiles with hedges on them. Sorry I'll pass. If you could just buy hedges separately maybe. Do you need so may barriers?

    26. Miguel Angel Sanjuan Faus on

      Some stretch goals in massive darkness unlocked treasure chests and pillars (3d scenography) we will hope to get more of this optional buy aditional as a stretch goal

    27. Patrick Lee

      Not sure I want to accidentally step on the barricade.

    28. Akira on

      it seems like the point of this add-on update is to make the other add-ons look better

    29. Missing avatar

      hooomer on

      Please more hedges in a pack that fits all hedges on all possible map combinations.

    30. EtePetete on

      A very cool goal will be the Knights of ni with one hedge :) they must come together :)

    31. EtePetete on

      You make a good job defending the green horde :) against never get enough fraction....
      the update is good, replace all tokkens... and no one will realy place 36 hedges? There must be a reason why 6 markers in the game ;)

      Stretch goals are small benefits, not complete addon (cmon must earn some money to feed their trolls)

      I love the campaign... maybe not the best ever but still good.. very good.

    32. DevGuy on

      Yep problem here is there's over 20 hedge images on tiles. On top of that there's the 6 hedge tokens, so you will end up needing 25+ hedge minis. That means you're buying 5x this addon for a cool $75. Unless there's a big hedge pack add-on, I'll stick with the cardboard.

    33. Jacob Wojcik on

      Uuuuhhhh, $15 for some sticks and hedges? What?

    34. Akira on

      @Ryan, many people would prefer upgrades from cardboard components over survivor SGs and it would be something different from survivor figures which many have expressed boredom with, but yeah people will complain about whatever SG is presented

    35. Nathan Beitler on

      @Cador - You don't have access to in Europe? The 3D doors from Z:BP are $23 on Amazon. Crows are less than $20.

    36. Missing avatar

      NJ3478 on

      agree with @Clary
      This campaign is a bit of a drag compared to Black Plague...

    37. Low Visibility

      A Shrubbery! Oh, figures sharky beet me to the reference ;- )

    38. Pedro Nunes on

      Great! Thanks CMON!

    39. Krzysztof Lityński on

      I wanted to add it at first, but I also think there's no sense to have part of the hedges/barriers as a picture on board and part as the 3d objects, so I think I'm going to pass.

    40. Missing avatar

      Lucas Eneas de Sousa Neves on

      Finally!!!! Just add more hedges!

    41. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @Crazy Celt - just 1 box replaces the barricade tokens.

    42. Crazy Celt

      So how many boxes would you need to replace the cardboard ones?

    43. CrashOver1D on

      +1 for more hedges, readability of the map will be ... strange ... if it mixed 3d hedges and printed ones ... :(

    44. Spencer Skelton on

      @Ryan - True, but also not everyone wants heroes either. The comments are also evidence of that. Its nice to even it all out is all.

    45. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      Regarding just hedges - Thiago has said on the main comments that he's looking into just a hedge pack too.

    46. Jason Brown

      I agree with Daniel Palmer and others, it will be odd to have 3d hedges for the tokens but not those already on the map.

    47. Mellekai

      Really great update. I love how this will change the game presence on the table. Great!