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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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    1. Vincent on

      This is very nice ! Nice stuff !

    2. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @Akira - since this replaces tokens already in the box, I think this works better as an add-on. Not everyone wants these and the comments here are good evidence of that.

    3. Daniel Palmer on

      +1 for needing a pack of just hedges

    4. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @Clary Olivier - how is this tasteless? 1 exclusive dragon + ballista. Orc zombies - which are different than regular. 4 exclusive fatty bursters - which are not found in BP or Modern.

      In one expansion you have new zombies (basically toxic) plus pets.
      Another expansion gives you another dragon, ratz and spectral walkers

      Plus all the SG's. Sure, not everyone wants 40+ characters. But, hopefully, you'll like a few and then friends will like others that you don't. Sell the ones you don't like. There are lots of people wishing they had doubles of certain ones.

      I just don't see how this is in any way a bad campaign. I'm in for $320 and I backed Black Plague over $400 and I'm still super excited about this one.

    5. Akira on

      Would have been nice to give these as SGs!

    6. DungeonMaster 4 the ban of fossil fuels

      Based on the pic on the main page you need about 26 hedges.
      Need an add-on for just the shrubbery. As need more of them than the barricades.

    7. Missing avatar

      Clary Olivier

      @Duo Maxwell
      +1 I totally agree with you. I was expecting a lot from this campaign ... it's tasteless.

    8. Ben on

      @Peter - just add on more than one obstacle pack and use as many as you need to cover all the possible hedges

    9. Peter Sciretta

      Would love to have an additional add on where we can buy all the hedges needed to fill the map. Just replacing the tokens seems odd as there would be a ton of hedges that aren't minis on the board.

    10. Missing avatar

      John Evans on

      Please give us a Massive Darkness crossover kit.

    11. Missing avatar

      Erik Wantland on

      over priced! Give us more orcs! Also make all the animals, dogs, rats and cats, whatever, available as separate add-ons!

    12. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @Duo Maxwell - 2/3 of the SG's will be survivors. That's not going to change.

    13. Blacklist85

      Not a bad release. I am over the heroes/survivor after survivor was getting old. I dig the hedges and such, but I am lost will it cover the board just 1 box, or do I need to purchase multiple and if so how many? They left this really vague. I want to see more attractive stuff then survivors! Tiles , content, etc. I bet they have it saved for later in the campaign but who knows.... thanks to whoever helps us out.

    14. Sharkey on

      Yes, there are 6, which is why there are 6 3D in this pack.

    15. Markus on


    16. Gamborg on

      Are there cardboard barriers in the base game?

    17. Paboook on

      Doors please, even the older ones from BP! :)

    18. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @NJ3478 - there weren't any barriers or hedges in Z:BP. Doors were an add-on and so was the plastic token pack. So, I don't know what you're talking about.

    19. Duo Maxwell

      Worst campaing ever. Bring out more Zombies and/or extra tiles as SG. More game content NOT RELATED TO EXTRAS HEROES. Make this better!!

    20. Richard Smith on

      I was going to 3d print some but I might give these a go.

    21. Cador

      @dustin, not in Europe :-)

    22. Daniel Palmer on

      Seems like 6 hedges won't be enough since that only covers the hedge tokens that come in the game. The tiles seem to have a bunch of hedges on them, and it would be strange to have some 3D hedges and some printed on the tiles. I was really interested in this, but upon further reflection it might require purchasing too many of these to make it practical.

    23. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      I will be interested to see how many people actually think that this was a response to the comments/denands.

      This had to be in the works all along, carefully planned.

      Thad said ... heck yeah, I want them!

    24. Doctor Nny on

      P Led G, That will never happen.

    25. joltanddestroy on

      wish these were a stretch goal or not KSE.

    26. Missing avatar

      Poundshopper on

      ice sculpts ut plenty of alternatives available so i'll pass

    27. GingerBeardMan on

      @CMON can all add nod be purchased through the pledge manager?

    28. Generic Backer #6655321 on

      @Cador- the door pack can be found for $25-30, and there are Crows on e-Bay for $20, so just look around since they are available cheaper than you think...

    29. Bob Jones on

      Those hedges seem too tall to be really usable in a board game. I think they'll get knocked over. Half that height would be better and maybe include a couple more. I like the barriers.

    30. Missing avatar

      NJ3478 on

      zzz pass...... these should have been a SG just as in ZBP.

    31. Akira on

      @Thiago, please show a picture of these on the board next to a miniature

    32. Sharkey on

      Could we get a separate add-on for hedges only? I only need 6 barriers but way more hedges to cover the tiles! =D

    33. P Led Ge on

      I was expecting a KS exclusive tile set.... thos 3D things doenst interest me at all....

    34. Jan Franco

      All these add-ons, can we purchase them through the PM?

    35. Cador

      and to all saying you shuld buy the doors retail: the doors and the crows would cost me arround 80$ in retail. so that is waaaaay to much.

    36. Mark-Ders on

      @Gil Delepierre: thanks for clearing that up for me as well :)

    37. Armando Contreras Hermida

      Will six be enough?

    38. Chuck Hurd on

      Uh, nevermind - I guess they're supposed to block LoS. Too bad, scraggly would look better.

    39. Mark-Ders on

      Looking at the tiles setup sample, I get the feeling we need loads more hedges and not so much barriers.

    40. Gilian Jace on

      There are only 6 hedges/barriers tokens in de base game, so 6 of each should be enough to cover all the needs of the base scenario's

    41. MRiley on

      @Chuck - but the hedges block line of sight, so...why should the models have visible spaces through them?

    42. Mark-Ders on

      @Timothy: good question about the needed number of 3D pieces. Do we need to buy more of these packs to fully get the 3D experience they offer?

    43. Chuck Hurd on

      @CMON - it would be more thematic if the shrubs were more scraggly and actually had sparse greenery so actors can actually see through. They should look so lush in any case. Love the concept, just believe the art and construction could be more thematic.

    44. Mark-Ders on

      Not what I had hoped for, but pretty neat nonetheless.
      My wish would be extra thematic tiles. Themes like (most have already been mentioned) graveyard, sewer, cellar, church/shrine/temple, or just more of what we already have (like in the Friend and Foes expansion).

    45. Cador

      can we get the 3d doors also please? (and the crows)

    46. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      You guys usually mention if "x" amount of 3D pieces will be enough for a typical game, but didn't here. Will 6 hedges be enough for a typical game of Zombicide: Green Horde?

    47. Johnny D on

      I'll never complain about anything I can stick on a D&D gaming grid.

    48. Lance Banson

      The placeable hedges are going to look awfully weird standing off the board next to all the pre-printed ones.

    49. Dali on

      hmmm.... will be 6 hedges enough?