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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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Brannog will water the ground with Orc blood!

Posted by Thiago Aranha (Collaborator)

Hail Survivors!

We are now deep into the second half of the campaign, and still unlocking Stretch Goals:


Make sure to check out our two main expansions, being offered along with a couple peculiar Kickstarter Exclusive Survivors:




The next Stretch Goal may be short in stature, but he more than makes up for it with sheer ferocity and audacity:

When we reach $2,950k all backers will get the Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Brannog Steelgreaves, including his miniature and ID card!


Brannog Steelgreaves' master resin figure.
Brannog Steelgreaves' master resin figure.

For the Green Horde! 

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    1. hithwen on

      Must say that sculpt looks really good!

    2. Aviose on

      Why not both ratz rules?

      Use the swarms as is from No Rest, but add Dire Ratz that run off of Kycan's rules.

    3. Francois Therrien on

      +1 on Kycans Rat Rules

    4. Chuck Hurd on

      @Kycan - thank you for that clarification. I didn't think there were multiple ratz on the equipment deck spawn card...for some reason. But yeah, your explanation sounds much better.

      There's a thread on BGG about making the building rooms variable when you open the door. So you create a rooms deck that will include the objective cards and you don't know where the objectives are until you break open a door and "spawn" the building with room cards. The ratz could easily be included in such a custom deck.

    5. Ian Williams on

      @Gavilán Well, they're not really 'free' from certain people's perspectives. I wouldn't pay $120 + shipping for the contents of the Green Horde box. Not even close. Not enough value. So I consider the 'stretch goals' to be part of the price tag and essential to making it worth the money.

    6. Vincent on

      The mini is awesome. The kycan ’s rules are very nice. Getting new Arghhh ! ’s kind of cards is such a good idea . Thank you for the proposition. If cmon doesn’t make those cards, I will do it for my own game. Thank you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Yan Perron on

      What about something else than a survivor for next stretch goal CMON to help me spend another 50$ on the other "Half expansion" ?

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Schreyer on

      Hi Guys,

      it´s my first KS and it´s very exciting too see the SG an this Lots of very cool Miniatures.
      But i votet for the nex SG is Gimli from Lords of the Ring ;-)

    9. Epervier on

      I'm thrilled by my first KS experience!
      Thanks CMON for all the SG, and thanks to all the backers who give their FEED BACK to HELP improve the gameplay.
      I still don't get why other backers are complaining so much... Imagine that you are creating a great game, offering FREE SG and that people come and tell you, in their own selfish way: I want this, I don't want that, I don't like that...We are backing CMON, not Santa Claus!

    10. Ian Williams on

      I was hoping this campaign would finish off the starting line-up for a '7 Dwarves' campaign. With this guy and Badger I might not need to open Massive Darkness after all. He's a bit generic for my liking, but I love the cloak

    11. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Nice looking mini guys but don't let me down please. Bring on a bunch of survivors from some other fantasy races too. Orcs, goblins, elves, dark elves, minotaurs, centaurs, beastmen or the like. Me and mine would love to put a couple teams worth of orc and other kinds of survivors. Put out a survivor box or three. We're not looking for exculsive, even straight to retail or special buy like the ultimate survivor 2 box. The few here and there from black plague were hardly fair. We want the WAAAAGH!

    12. Amdor on

      Dwarfiest of Dwarves - look at those 'stache-tusk :P

    13. Missing avatar

      S.K. on

      also looking forward to some Massive Darkness crossover

    14. Missing avatar

      S.K. on

      Yes, melee skeletons that resist arrows and bolts are a great idea!

    15. Minty on

      'slice' through tissue...far out. :(

    16. Minty on

      @Jonathan L. Chappell: Yeah! Skeleton Undead would be fun too! Sort of like an addition to the Deadeye Walkers!!

      Not sure if arrows would do 0 damage to them - they'd still inflict some damage. The sharper arrows are meant to slide through tissue and hence incapacitate limbs - but there are some 'blunt' arrows or bolts that are meant to shatter bone as well - which in living things causes all sorts of terrible things to happen to the body.

    17. Daniel Kane Hercus on

      @Pretty Dead - his proportions look good when looking at him in the movie.

    18. Leigh George Kade on

      Oh, man! What a great fig! I love it!

    19. Pretty Dead

      I don't think this dwarf's arms are long enough to swing that hammer with both hands. Am I wrong here?

    20. Missing avatar


      shit..wrong section

    21. Missing avatar


      soo...what are the estimated retail prices?

    22. martin cloutier on

      Yes, +1 for a dwarf with crossbow or a cleric/mage one!

    23. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on

      More dwarfs are allways welcome but I would love to see a ranged one with a crossbow or even a magical dwarf.

    24. coRxx on

      Go to the faq and send tge rat rules via "ask a question". If they print an alternative rat equipment card for the equip deck, each player can chose how to handle with the rats. :)

    25. James Neuzil on

      @marcus when you day the same thing over and over again while complaining about what is offered it falls into whining catagory. Dunno how you grew up but coming up myself if you did that usually got your butt whooped.

    26. Missing avatar

      Marcus Hellyer on

      Telling CMON what we'd like to see is not whining, it's customer feedback. Its one of the main reasons this site exists. It's live, real time input from their user community that helps them understand their market and helps them to shape investment decisions.

    27. James Neuzil on

      @vladigar well said bud i agree entirely while some minor things are flexible most is planned ahead. Too entitled people instead of just being grateful of what is offered. Cmon doesnt have to offer stretch goals just like a backer doesnt have to invest. Be grateful offer your ideas but stop whining so much.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kycan on

      You are a few saying that CMON is more active on the main comments and don't really read the update comments.
      Do you think I should post my rat rule proposal rather on the main comment section ?

    29. GameMatz on

      Very exciting! Brannog has a face only a mother would love :)

    30. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      See my comment on the main comments section. Spoilers - Nothing is free.

    31. Simian scion on

      I will always imagine the accent Billy Connoly has when playing him

    32. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      @Ricardo - the SG's are planned. About 2/3 of the SG's are survivors.

    33. Missing avatar

      RK on

      @kycan great Rat rule, i hope it becomes offical.

      @CMON please ease up on the survivor SGs and get more monsters.

    34. Missing avatar

      RK on

      @kycan great Rat rule, i hope it becomes offical.

      @CMON please ease up on the survivor SGs and get more monsters.

    35. Missing avatar

      T Mc on

      lol meant to say "backing" not "baking". I must be hungry :)

    36. Missing avatar

      T Mc on

      OMG I'm so upset with all the FREE stuff we are all getting......... Don't I sound a little silly. Come on people lets just be happy that we are baking a great game and getting a ton of amazing limited edition models to add to our collections. I for one think this is a great kickstarter and enjoying the suspense of it all. Cheers everyone!

    37. Ryan (attacker of darkness) on

      I've backed plenty of games and almost every single one stalls a bit in the middle. It's very difficult to sustain rapid growth and SG unlocks. I also find you get what you put into it. If you're actively commenting and interacting with other backers you tend to have more fun.

      And CMON does read the comments. They aren't very active in replying on the Update-Comments but are on the main comments. That being said, most of this campaign has been planned out in advance. Some things they'll change, some things they'll add, but mostly, it is what it is.

      I'm not "wow'd" by every single SG, but at the same time there's plenty to excite me here.

    38. Jort on

      I find it really funny how people can complain about the stretchgoals. We get free stuff, and people are still complaining? No one is forcing you to back this campaign and accept all those horrible free miniatures, you know...

    39. Olly - Please Expect KS Delays.

      Not impressed so far with my first Zombicide Campaign. No wonder the totalizer has stalled. Pretty uninspiring. Take a look at Gloomhaven and Diceborn Heroes for example. Now they were fun to back and watch.

      Thank you for answering my question earlier re No of Survivors needed. Given the answer was 6, please can we start getting something else other than Survivors.

    40. Missing avatar

      NKFerg on

      Do they even look at these comments?? I agree enough survivors... more tiles, weapons, etc.....

    41. Missing avatar

      DHW Michigan on

      I threw this thought out a couple of days ago, but what about carts/ caravan wagons [similar to the cars in the modern Z] where they can be searched, or used to stash equipment/supplies. Or with 2 or 3 actions pts. can be flipped onto their side to form a temporary barricade.

    42. Missing avatar on

      The crossover with massive darkness can't be a SG because not everyone has both the game. You have to hope that they will make it an optional buy.

    43. Missing avatar

      Alex LIndner on

      no more Heros, we need crossover massive darkness!
      more tiles
      more weapons
      more exclusive dice
      and more more zombies exclusive sculpt please

    44. euansmith

      I love Brannog's face.

    45. Chris FR on

      no more Heros, we need crossover massive darkness!
      more tiles
      more weapons
      more exclusive dice
      and more more zombies exclusive sculpt please

    46. Akira on

      @Vladigar total agreement! this is zombicide and we've already got tons of zombie types. expanding monster types more might even start to weigh the game down in terms of finding the correct plastic to match the spawn card and keeping the rules straight on each one. no matter how many survivors are available, they all stay in the box except for the few actually chosen during a game. for those that like diverse monsters you should be still thankful for dragons, which even Massive Darkness didn't contain.

    47. Missing avatar

      stuart wilson on

      Billy Connelly dwarf from five armies, I like

    48. EtePetete on

      Good idea, 3d stuff, inventary....
      Maybe torchholders... so we have dark and light zones ... darkness... somewhere I have heard something like that... :)

      Mimikry with treasure card :) the ultimate arghhh card ... Survivor is completely eaten even some other has destroyed the mimikry... :)

    49. Vladigar on

      After 3 seasons of modern Zombicide and 1 season of fantasy Zombicide you'd think that people would understand that this is how the Zombicide campaigns are run. These campaigns are high on exclusive survivors referencing pop culture. These campaigns are planned out in advance that 99% of the content is determined. Please stop acting like spoiled entitled children because CMON isn't immediately falling over themselves trying to implement your brilliant ideas.