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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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No Rest for the Wicked!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

We are getting very close to unlocking the next Stretch Goal:


It might be the middle of the campaign, but that doesn't mean it's time to rest. We have a wicked expansion to offer you!

In some places, dark magic seems to permeate the ground itself, corrupting everyone and everything. It can be the consequence of a necromancer ritual, a desecrated sanctuary, or the recent manifestation of otherworldly forces, among others. In such areas, infected animals gather like moths to a flame. Zombies are almost immortal. And above all, scourges like necromancer dragons may claim the place as their wicked nest. From then on, nature itself seems to succumb to the zombie plague, and all hope is lost. Until we show up, that is. As long as we have something to say, there will be no rest for the wicked!

The No Rest for the Wicked Optional Buy is a full expansion for Zombicide: Green Horde. For $50 this box contains an absurdly wide range of enemies for you to face. From tiny scurrying swarms of undead rats, to spectral walkers that only magic can touch, to a humongous undead Necromantic Dragon that will haunt your nightmares! All that plus a Ballista siege engine to give you a hand in dealing with these wicked creatures.

The full contents of the Zombicide: No Rest for the Wicked expansion are:

  • 1 Necromantic Dragon huge figure
  • 18 Spectral Walker figures
  • 15 Swarm of Ratz figures
  • 1 Ballista miniature
  • 32 Zombie cards
  • 14 Dragon cards
  • 1 Rules leaflet

But backers acquiring the expansion during the Kickstarter will also get:

  • 1 Liam Exclusive Survivor figure and ID card 

Now let's explore each of these a little more in depth:

Fans have requested these little undead vermin since Black Plague, and now they're finally free to unleash their mischief across the land!

Swarms of Ratz only deal 1 damage and only take 1 damage to kill, however, these vermin scurry around with remarkable speed. They move 2 zones per activation, ignoring obstacles that prevent movement such as barriers and waterhole ledges, though they cannot cross walls and closed doors. It's hard to feel safe from this plague, though, as every Ratz spawn card also gives an extra activation to all Ratz on the board!

3D renders of the three different Swarm of Ratz sculpts.
3D renders of the three different Swarm of Ratz sculpts.


Spectral Walkers are not quite ghosts, though their somewhat ethereal nature can make the bravest knight shake at the knees.

Spectral Walkers are similar to standard Walkers, with the distinct difference that they can't be killed by mundane weapons. Normal swords and bows are completely useless against these specters. If you hope to destroy them, you need to use a Combat Spell, magic Vault weapons or the ever-reliable Dragon Fire!

3D renders of the three different Spectral Walker sculpts.
3D renders of the three different Spectral Walker sculpts.


There are fearsome foes, and then there are nightmarish foes. The Necromantic Dragon falls in this latter category. This undead behemoth towers above everything, making life miserable for Survivors.

Similarly to the Feral Dragon, the Necromantic Dragon spawns by crushing the central Zone of its tile. It deals 2 automatic damage to anybody there, and scatters any possible survivors. When it activates, the Necromantic Dragon disgorges more zombies onto the Zone with most Survivors around him, drawing a spawn card for it. If there are no Survivors around it, the dragon flies away to stomp an adjacent tile! It takes a 2-damage weapon to hurt the Necromantic Dragon and send it flying away until it spawns again. However, each time it spawns the Necromantic dragon is vulnerable to only one type of weapon, determined by the drawing of a Vulnerability card. Unlike the Feral Dragon, the Necromantic Dragon is often immune to mundane weapons like swords, requiring attack spells to be brought down. Only after all of its Vulnerability cards have been used, the Necromantic Dragon is ultimately defeated!

Resin master figure of the Necromantic Dragon, with Seli for scale.
Resin master figure of the Necromantic Dragon, with Seli for scale.

The Necromantic Dragon is far and away the largest figure we have ever done for Zombicide. While its base fits neatly inside a normal Zone, the figure towers above the board, even dwarfing the huge Kickstarter Exclusive Feral Dragon!

A scale comparison shot between the Feral Dragon and the Necromantic Dragon.
A scale comparison shot between the Feral Dragon and the Necromantic Dragon.


To aid Survivors against these new foes, this expansion comes with a Ballista siege engine. The Ballista can be moved or fired by spending only 2 actions. Its piercing bolt is able to target several Zones in a straight line, wiping out loads of enemies. Backers are already getting one of these siege weapons with the Feral Dragon pack, but it never hurts to have some more firepower at your side!

Ballista miniature 3D render.
Ballista miniature 3D render.


While the No Rest for the Wicked expansion will be later available on retail for an estimated SRP of $60, backers acquiring it through this Kickstarter campaign will also receive the bonus Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor Liam, including his miniature and ID card!


Liam's figure 3D render.
Liam's figure 3D render.


If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add $50. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

The contents of the No Rest for the Wicked expansion.
The contents of the No Rest for the Wicked expansion.

For the Green Horde!


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    1. Ladislav Majer on

      Is any chance to make spirit walkers from transparent material? Make them more like "real" ghosts? :)

    2. ExSheex Vanale on

      A little late to comment on this one, but I will be getting it, despite the lack of certain true expansion components. I don't plan to use either of the ballistae though, nor the trebuchet if I can help it, to make the games that much more intense. Wiping out swarms of zombie orcs with one of those doesn't seem as satisfying.

    3. Matthew Goldman

      Based upon how much my GF and our friends love the Black Plague, I know that I'll be trying to get all the components off of EBay if I don't buy them all now.

    4. Starlight on

      I really want to buy this expansion, but without tiles and quests... I just don't know that it's worth it. It seems many share these misgivings CMON, might be time to think about a response before the pledge manager opens at least.

    5. Wayu Suthisarnsuntorn on

      I added $50 almost immediately when this update came out, hoping that CMON would add a few tiles to this expansion before the KS ends. It appears that I was just daydreaming. I'm so disappointed with this so-called expansion and will reduce my pledge now. :(

    6. Marcello Malheiros on

      Some people just dont get that there's a bit of something for everyone. This exp clearly satisfies those who want a huuuuuuuge miniature to put on the table. Does anyone think it would be cheap to include such a massive sculpture with those spectral and ratz? If you want weapons, survivors, familiars and enemies get the other expansion.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mwaoci on

      All the same here. The dragon figure is really beautiful, but considering the 120$ needed to pledge (without an expansion, last year it was 150€ core box + Wolfsburg) & the huge amount of money needed to pledge everything (do you still really need kickstarter now to back your projects ?), I think this box is too expensive considering what it will bring to the gameplay : no characters, no tiles, no missions, we already have a dragon and a ballista, so yes, it's just rats and spectrals ! So I'm beginning to think they just said "let's sell this 50$, they love Zombicide, they'll buy it anyway"... If it remains as it is, I will pass on this one !

    8. Missing avatar

      Bruce Medic on

      The first expansion I'm not buying.. It's not an expansion, it's some figs.. tiles, rules.. an expansion should expand the game, not just add more monsters. Got a ballista, (as others have said - you just lessened the value of the 'kickstarter exclusive') got a dragon... make this an actual EXPANSION and you've got my money.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jerry Price on

      I agree with others, I find it hard to add this to my pledge. If it had a few tiles and additional quests It would be a no brainer to include this in my pledge.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alan Mander on

      I really like this expansion. as for the complaints about the price- are you kidding? $50 is a bargain for the Dragon, the ghosts and the rats. You don't have to use the dragon every time you play, but it is really a gorgeous miniature and given it's size you'd easily be paying more than $50 for the dragon alone with most other mini companies

    11. Tony Pezzuto on

      I wish we could buy extra rats... our family has wanted to deal with swarms of plague rats sense the Black Plague came out!

    12. Missing avatar

      Roman Powroznik on

      Basicly it's $50 for 15 rats and 18 walkers... As many others already said: We don't need two dragons. Make him a stand alone for those who didn't get him with this campagne later on. And to compensate the value of the addon put in a few new tiles and equipment cards. Or just lower the price. I'd really like to have access to rats and Spectral Walkers. But not in this box for this price.

    13. Missing avatar

      James Lee on

      Got to agree with Steven Crane (and all the others who've said the same) on this one: at $50 it's just too much, plus a Horde Level Pledge already gets us a balista and a much cooler dragon. The contents is kind of all over the shop, too, with Spectral Walkers, Swarms of Ratz, the ballista and dragon, and Liam the Thief.

      If it'd been a box with the Spectral Walkers, one of the Stretch Goal Kickstarter Exclusive Necromancer (swapped out for Liam as the Stretch Goal), and a bunch of cards for $20-$25, another with Swarms of Ratz and cards including traps and treasure for $15, plus a separate one for the dragon, then maybe. At least you could choose what you wanted, and for less.

      And without the Kickstarter Exclusive thing on the box. It's a little confusing that the Horde Level pledge section includes the entry "Note that anything marked with this: Kickstarter Exclusive! is an Exclusive item for Kickstarter backers" but not everything marked with Kickstarter Exclusive is actually a gifted reward for Kickstarter Backers.

      Seriously, it took me two days before I realised the hedges were not something the Horde Level pledge folks were going to get. It was only when I noticed that the Fatties with the Kickstarter Exclusive thing on the box were a Stretch Goal that I realised it should have said "Note that many things marked with this: Kickstarter Exclusive! are an Exclusive item for Kickstarter backers" (my 'duh, gee Micky' moment). CMON really should amend that issue.

    14. Steven Crane

      Yep, afraid $50 for this is out of the question, given that the ballista is already part of the core box as others have said, and do we really need 2 dragons? Meh.. Make it $25 and I could reconsider, or rejig the contents

    15. Tctsang Tsang on

      it is so good to have new type ghost, so pls don't waste the new type and make the Quests for this expansion. pls consider.

    16. Francois Therrien on

      Are we about to see Lucas from Stranger Things? This would force me to buy the two expansions to be able to go hunt the Demogorgon with all the kids :)

    17. Vincent on

      And, in order to change, insted of having a necrotic dragon, would it be possible to make him as a survivor? 1st, dragons are selfish. That means, no other heros can be in the same zone or they loose 1 life. Bleu level, start with fireball that can inflame the bile. Then, orange level, for 2 actions, he can spit dragon bile. Red level, he is enable to throw one die per zombie when he use a spell.
      I know that’s not the best idea, but maybe with the point of view of other players, we could create a nice dragon - survivor.

    18. Alrick Helin on

      Are You KInding ?
      50 $ for any Title, any Charater & any scenario ?
      Can you realy call this one an Add-On ?
      It's pretty expensive for just Zombie-Ghost.....

    19. Missing avatar

      Pierre Vandromme on

      you could add some sewer or cemeteries tiles on this expension and maybe some magic card to help us against those gosht

    20. Missing avatar

      kyagencs on

      I like everything here, but if you're going to call it an expansion, I need to see these extra things:

      - Extra Tiles - Looks like a sorcerers tower would be awesome with the ghosts.
      - Extra Equipment Cards - Even if you just add a couple new spells and armor that are relevant to these things. Greek fire that kills all of the rats in a square, or armor that repels the ghosts (mini-shove feature) so the tanks can hold them off while the magic damage dealers hurt them.
      - Some extra missions.

      Those are what make an expansion. Ideally, you'd have some extra survivors too, but I'm willing to slide on those. I mean, look at EVERY other thing you've ever called an expansion - this does not measure up to any of them. Is this a good value? Yes. Should it be 2 $20 boxes and an extra $10 dollar dragon box? Probably. Because it's not an expansion, it's a discordant group of things piled together.

    21. Paul on

      Lovely miniatures, and I was really looking forward to the Ratz in a separate box. The Spectres are cool, but I would like to see some specific scenarios to tie them into things. With already having the NPCs, Crowz and Deadeye Walkers in play, not sure I would use these. Sorry, not interested in another dragon, and definitely not interested in another Ballista. Sadly, for the first time ever I will have to pass on one of your add ons. Love the campaign though, cheers!

    22. Missing avatar

      James Lee on

      You know what? The more I think about this one, the more wrong it feels. The Core Box with Extra Figures and Stretch Goal kickstarter exclusives seems zombie-necromancer heavy. The fifteen Extra Figures added to the Core Box are more of a boatload of what's already in it and could easily have been swapped out for the Swarms of Rats.

      The No Rest For The Wicked could have comprised of just the Spectral Walkers, some new equipment cards and wotnot for just $20, with Count Tremeraire tossed in as a kickstarter exclusive, replacing him as a standard Core Box kickstarter exclusive (unlocked as a Stretch Goal) with Liam.

      Maybe a rethink on the No Rest For The Wicked could be considered, or even allow backers to choose from a couple of options for their Extra Figures as part of the Pledge Manager bit. Oh, and for the record, if you're going to go an extra Optional Buy, and can actually rustle up the creds, how could you go past the Special Guest Box by Paul Bonner?! That little set is awesome!

    23. Danny Wagenaar on

      Have to agree with everyone critical of this st add-on. Feels below par with another dragon and balista and lifts the price too high.

    24. Missing avatar

      James Lee on

      Love the rats. The Spectral Walkers are okay. But the Core Pack already provides a ballista and the Necromantic Dragon model isn't anywhere near as cool as the Feral Dragon in the Core Pack. Liam the Thief is a cool add as a kickstarter exclusive but seems out of place in this pack. Shame he couldn't have been added to the Core Pack, swapped out for one of the Necromancers used as a kickstarter exclusive there, like Count Temeraire - which would have been far more appropriate in this No Rest For The Wicked expansion, and helped deal with the Necromancer heavy kickstarter exclusives in the Core Pack. Ditch the dragon and ballista from this and either drop the price to $20 OR add some Survivors and other stuff, and maybe I'd be interested... and after reading the other comments here, my thoughts on this don't seem that unique either. C'mon, CMON

    25. Missing avatar

      timothy dienaar on

      @Dennis Lubitz your right in a sense, i dont have to buy it. but they have to convince me to buy it, and I'm not convinced. business 101

    26. torrential_terrain on

      Love the minis in this set, but it is too pricey for me, sorry!

    27. Vincent on

      @dennis, that’s True, nobody forces us to buy anything. But it would have been a lot easier if the initial pledge would have been the core box + the rest of the wicked + an exclusive dragon=150$. Like this we wouldn’t get a useless ballista. Who would buy a ballista without a dragon ?
      Or one of the ballista has to be different. Otherwise, we will get an extra and useless one. Moreover, what I undurstand about what backers say, is that the exclusive dragon is quiet similar of the necromantic’s one, but less impressive.
      May be I am wrong, but there is something here, that have to be clearer.
      The kickstarter is a good way to get backers impressions and make some corrections. No ?
      Cmon do a very good job. At least, that’s what I think. That’s why, I ’ m not affraid of what the kickstarter is going to be, reaching the hand.

    28. Tyrell on

      This is a great box, especially to buy retail if didn't kickstarted GH, but for me already getting a dragon and a ballista it is to expensive. Don't tell me, I can sell the rest. I just want to spend my spare time playing the game, not trading it. It looks I won't buy the spectral walkers and the ratz. I guess you cannot have it all, but I still feel disappointed. I would rather had paid 200$ for one "basic" pledge and two great add-ons, than this "exclusive" Horde Pledge with only one add-on for 170$.

    29. FlorianAliasJoe on

      I love this box but I think it really miss some tiles :'(

    30. Missing avatar

      Dennis Lubitz on

      Well nobody Forces you to buy this box or be part on this Kickstarter. this box is ideal for those who dont back on this campaign. you can sell the stuff you dont like and Keep the rest.

    31. Ryan Scott on

      I'm backing both but for variety more game tiles need to incorporated into the design, tiles that make the size and scope of the larger creatures and seige weapons to make sense

    32. Missing avatar

      david on

      Well... I already have a dragon and a ballista... no more cards or tiles or quests added... I won't pledge for this one.

    33. Missing avatar

      Bruns on

      The whole base pledge and no rest for the wicked expansion situation leave kind of a bad taste in my mouth for me.
      Normally cmon gives a little extra bonus to the normal pledge for backing... this time instead they force the feral dragon pack onto us spiking the base pledge prize
      and then they make it even worse
      making that pack pretty much obsolete by adding pretty much the same content to an expansion.
      A dragon and a balista... cramped into an expansion box with cool new monsters, but hey it's not like we have those already.
      With some new siege weapon or new items or quests the expansion would have maybe still felt worth it.
      Right now i just feel ripped of about the base pledge with a feral dragon pack that i dont want... this makes me not want to get that expansion and maybe not even the base pledge at all...

    34. Missing avatar

      Hunter on

      I agree with many on here, I would love to get my hands on that dragon, but without the addition of tiles, weapons, or even quests I don't see myself purchasing this.

      It doesn't even have to contain all of them, if it had only weapons or only tiles added I think it would be well worth the value.

    35. Missing avatar

      Simon-Julien on

      A few game tiles would be nice with this expansion, or maybe a few Survivors...
      I realise the necro dragon is huge, but still...

    36. Rand Chua TL on

      How can this box set be improve for all of us. Please add in Tiles, weapons equipment cards to kill Spectral Walkers, magic spell Cards & Quests!

    37. ELVIS LUCAS on

      Can´t you make a box with Supernatural Series cast ?
      Dean, Sam and Castiel (with angel wings) ?
      Please ???
      Could be an Addon !!! tks

    38. ELVIS LUCAS on

      +1 vote for tiles.
      Please send at least Two extra tiles.
      And add some magic spell cards

    39. Daniel Kane Hercus on

      This box is basically the same as three of the smaller enemy boxes from black plague.
      Essentially you are getting an equivalent of dead eye walkers which was 22
      murder of crowz which is 20
      And 2/3 of the zombie bosses box (the dragon and catapault thing) which was 25 so for this comparison we will say 15
      That comes to a total of $57 dollary doo's.... But you only pay $50. For what you get it is a good deal.

    40. Vincent on

      I agree with donald,
      in this Ks, when we reached 2 550K, we get 37 stretch goals. At the same level in black plague, there was 53 stretch goals. In massive darkness, 43 stretch goals.
      I understand that all the stretch goals are minis and some of them are really big. But the gaps are really big too. The extra boxes are more expensive too.

    41. Missing avatar

      Detlef Terpstra on

      +1 Extra tiles and extra weapons, please.

    42. Donald P. Rule on

      I'm actually dumbfounded here. In previous Zombicide KS campaigns, large box expansions had a separate pledge with the main gain. During Black Plague the pledge w/ the big expansion was $150. Now we only get to pledge a so-called deluxe for $135 then we have to add on $50 extra for a so-called expansion (that's actually missing stuff as others here have noted ... and now a second so-called expansion too?). This campaign is starting to get absolutely ridiculous and outrageously expensive compared to previous Zombicide campaigns. I'm now starting to debate if I should cancel my pledge. This is starting to feel like a money-grab by CMON to its loyal KS following.

    43. James Khoo on

      +1 for tiles
      Also, it'd be nice if it included some magic spells or weapons to counter the wraiths.

    44. Wayu Suthisarnsuntorn on

      +1 for tiles.

      Also, I wish there were more rewards for backers who buy the 2 expansions via KS (like Knight pledge exclusive the last time) otherwise I can just get them at retail (missing only 2 heroes, no big deal).

    45. Missing avatar

      Jabez Ho on

      I think there is a misleading to the backer.
      Cmon, how do you distinguish between an Expansion and a box ?
      I see no point that this add-on should be named as an expansion. Normally an expansion contains things , tiles or new rules, other than figures and cards.

    46. Vincent on

      First, this is a good job. But ... is it an expension ?
      For my self, there are some bad points :
      Like grian said, that’s really wierd to get a ballista that can’t shot any thing (except the dragon ) so, like he said, why not creating a magic ballista. Moreover, this is wierd,the fact that we could pledge for a standard box +a dragon+a ballista and then to get this proposition. The expension dragon is a lot cooler than the exclusive one (this is just my point of view ). That means, with the same ballista, I ’d rather buy the expension, paying less the basic pledge.
      Moreover, an ’expension’ makes me think about news opportunities and not about one new opportunity. That means I ’m surprised not to sea new heros, tiles, item cards, magic valt cards, magic weapons that could beat some spectrums, quests. ...
      Like someone said, it’s a zombie box and not an expension.

      Suggestion of solutions : change the ballista (magic or warp attack ), add cards, tiles, quests, héros (like dragon slayers, or spectal one, an exorcist, a dragon or dragonet survivor), make something that doesn’t let the impression the exclusive dragon and the first ballista that we pledge one, are not useless.

      Good things : the mini are very very nice. The rules of the new zombies are good ideas

    47. Bivitar on

      +1 vote for tiles. Also consider some metal graveyard fence barriers minis or tombstone minis that players can search for items or a walker surprise!

    48. Steve B. on

      I want to order this expansion, but like many others I agree that their should be at least a few quests, perhaps two tiles or so. Catacombs, graveyard, crypt, caverns, etc. We don't have anything like this yet and would make sense to do. Please...we have committed nearly 3 million dollars to your campaign. Think of the additional buys you will get from people on the fence for this expansion if what we want is included!

    49. Missing avatar

      Victor Villalba on

      Add a book of quest and you got me. Quest are the most apreciated stretch goal IMO

    50. Missing avatar

      Einar Wulfsberg

      To each their own. This add is just isn't worth it to me. It is a lot of money for a couple new game play elements that don't excite me much.