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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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Adrian Smith brings Doom and Gloom!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

We are almost there to unlock the heavily armored next Stretch Goal:


To help us on this quest, we have another Optional Buy to offer you. A Special Guest you should all be familiar with is back with some nasty surprises!

For $20 the Adrian Smith Special Guest box brings a very different mix of creations. This box contains 3 miniatures (2 of them pretty hefty) featuring 1 Necromancer and 2 Abominations, as well as their spawn cards!

Let's get to know these fearsome foes:


Lord of Skulls' master resin figure.
Lord of Skulls' master resin figure.

The Lord of Skulls is a Necromancer with amazing powers to control his corrupted subjects. When he spawns, he also comes escorted by his two faithful Abominations: Doom and Gloom! These brutes follow the Lord of Skulls around, considering his Zone as the noisiest on the board. It is only when they see a Survivor that they will charge them by moving 2 Zones per action, and beating them to a pulp.


Doom's master resin figure.
Doom's master resin figure.


Gloom's master resin figure.
Gloom's master resin figure.


If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add $20. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager. 

For the Green Horde!


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    1. DungeonMaster- Catapult for Feudum

      Agree on the staff way to thick.

    2. Herbert Geekswain on

      Love these figures, but staff too thick and really spoils an awesome mini. I won't be buying this unless the staff is adjusted.

    3. Missing avatar

      RedRon on

      those are tiny ogres

    4. Jocelyn Caulet on

      Oh gosh i wanna paint these beauties :)

    5. Steven Woods on

      I agree that the staff looks weird because it's too thick :(

    6. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Are we gonna get some more survivors that aren't human's or dawarve's? What happened to race equality and all that stuff. The zombies get all kinds of orcs and goblins, minotaurs, and orgres. What about us the people trying to kill these hordes it's not fair! Oh and don't forget the ninja's and sexy witch for my massive darkness characters.

    7. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Shame on you Adrian Smith your supposed to make super cool survivors not super cool necromancers

    8. Missing avatar

      Mrrisk1776 on

      Good day CMON. I love this new Adrian Smith box. I really dig that it introduces a terrifying necro as well as two amazing Ogres. If i can ask a favor please? Please change the pic showing all three minis together because the shot is photoshopped and doesn't reflect the size of the Ogres accurately. I feel that alot more interest would be garnered for this box if people could see the size and "heft" of the Ogres. Love the box and the art. Keep it up!

    9. Vincent on

      A bit of magic
      The stick is too think
      Bibidi babidi boo
      I would like a staff
      That’d be thinner the half
      Bibidi babidi boo.

      And caracters from grimm’s brothers storises ?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ayano on

      @Jake Chambers: We want Doom and Gloom to be bigger because we are paying $20 for 3 enemies with the guest box. The previous guest box cost $30 for 4 people, including one giant mini. Then the expansion cost $50 and you get a heck of a lot more stuff. When you compare the expansion price to the guest box prices, we expect something extra special from the guest boxes at the very least. It's not so much as the theme of the monsters...its really more about what justifies the high price tag of the guest boxes?

    11. Jake Chambers on

      To people saying the abominations aren't big enough...guys, think of abominations as extremely dangerous and feral foes, but not necessarily giant monsters. Being an abomination means you're way more fericious than the other Zs, but I guess you don't have to be massive. When we get the Abominabunny...wouldn't it be cool if it's actually a tiny little rabbit instead of a big ass monster? Think of the killer rabbit from Holy Grail or the one shown in the videogame Dragons Crown:

    12. Lantern-Parasite on

      +1 : "Please put two surivor Cards for Gloom and Doom in the box"

    13. JB on

      I hope some one thinks about this on CMON this minutuares are a great design. I rather pay 30 dollars but have the 2 guys be bigger so they have a lot more presence specially after painted etc.

    14. Erebos on

      Please put two surivor Cards for Gloom and Doom in the box

    15. Stefonator on

      A shame that these will not be available in resin. People would gladly pay USD 50 to have these in resin. Making them in PVC will loose a lot of detail.
      The pics are of the resin models, as well.

      @CMON: Why not make them available in reson for painters / collectors? Many other games (e.g. Sine Tempore) offer resin options for the minis. If they can do it, why can't you?

    16. Skritter on

      @MightyJack. I agree.

      But at what pace back towards the Necro Lord.
      2 move per activation or 1 move per activation?
      I would imagine 1, but as per usual these things are left unsaid.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ayano on

      So whats the consensus on this triad of death?

    18. MightyJack on

      @Skritter, yes because it says they consider him the loudest space as long as they don't have LoS on a survivor. They'll head to him each activation.

    19. Skritter on

      Rule Query:
      "These brutes follow the Lord of Skulls around, considering his Zone as the noisiest on the board. It is only when they see a Survivor that they will charge them by moving 2 Zones per action, and beating them to a pulp."

      ASSUMPTION: Do Doom and Gloom once separated from their lord and no longer have line of sight to survivors, RETURN towards their Lords zone at a PACE of 1 ZONE PER TURN. And only would move (CHARGE) 2 zones towards survivors. ?!?!?

    20. Skritter on

      The bottom pic size matches this Facebook reference - They ARE ALL on the same size base…

    21. partenopei on

      CMON needs to post a new pic showing Doom n Gloom in same shot as Skulls to show how much larger they are.

    22. Neelz on

      If you look at the background of the image with all 3 resin figures, you will notice that where the floor and the wall meet doesn't match up. This is a give away that the necromancer was photoshopped in from a different location, so the size comparison isn't accurate. I'll bet my $20 that are the size of regular A-bombs, and I'll find out in a year. Lets hope they post some more accurate images, so we can see a real size comparison.

    23. Graham on

      And the staff is way too thick, the original pic from facebook looks way thinner.

    24. Graham on

      They look awesome but it's hard to justify the cost with them being so small. Is the necro the same size as a normal mini? The box could do with a hero adding in.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dennis Lubitz on

      @ Johannes hes only the loudest Zone for These 2 Abominations.

    26. Fierce Tiger on

      The sculpts look great. All of you who think the staff is too thick have no imagination.
      No one said it was wood. It could be whatever material you can imagined it to be. So stop whining all you thin-staffers.
      As Eli says, more room to paint exotic designs. Well, he didn't actually say that exactly. But that's what he expressed.

    27. Pete "The Pigeon" Walsh on

      They are pretty good sculpts. When I saw Doom in the title I thought it may have been Dr Doom and got a little too excited though.

    28. Missing avatar

      Johannes Thaler on

      @ Eli Embroider the stuff with runes - even a better idea! Thanks!

    29. Kal on

      @Clint Good catch I totally missed that. It's pushing me towards getting it now...

    30. Eli on

      Very beautiful. Love to see more necros :)
      And the staff is not too thick! I am going to embroider it with runes all over :D
      Also the escort has the right size! ... (I don't really like the overly large abomination figs in all honesty ^^) Good to see some "normal" sized but hopefully equally mean ones ^^

    31. Clint Lee Werner

      Doom and Gloom look to be drawing from Chinese mythology, as they have prayers stuck to their foreheads, which is how a Taoist sorcerer would control jiangshi - the infamous hopping vampires.

    32. Missing avatar

      Johannes Thaler on

      Actually I don't care about the thickness of the staff. Once I've got the figure and I don't like the Diameter of the staff, I still can replace the plastic one with a thinner metal one. Help yourself!

    33. Missing avatar

      Johannes Thaler on

      I love this add-on! Great sculpts, look at all these ornaments. Just the stuff a little thinner please if possible. Great ability of the necromancer (loudest on field!) for an interesting new mechanic. These are not only figures, this is new content! For this the price is justified IMO.

    34. Jon Pryor on

      Cool add-on! Dual Abom escort is brutal! ^_^ very cool idea for a really Serious Necromancer.

      @ Chris

      While I do agree it seems to thick at first... I think it needed to be thicker to avoid really easy breakage, considering how often zombies get swept around the board in some games.

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris Basler

      Staff is too thick. Make it look more like the pic and you are golden.

    36. Missing avatar

      Aaron Burr on

      Love the designs though, and the mechanic that comes with them. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Aaron Burr on

      It IS a bit odd that they would describe two of the models as being pretty hefty and then show a preview of them side by side that makes them look the same height as the necro. Any chance we could get a cmon-approved size comparison? It's hard to know what we are Paying for otherwise...

    38. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Will - Good point, they do seem small in comparison with the necromancer. I hope that their real size is like the image that Chamoxil posted:

    39. Will Stahn on

      Look at the size of the ogre in the Paul Bonner box. Would be nice if Doom and Gloom could be comparable.

    40. Mike the Knight on

      Love it, Adrian Smiths sculpts are fantastic. New zombie race and special rules with a necromancer, exactly the kind of stuff I hoped to see in this project.

    41. Shucked on

      @Sylvain - Thanks for pic. Those are way too smalll

    42. Missing avatar

      Monsieurzin on

      Curious for new mechanisms! Ogres are not so big but their sculpt looks delicious!

    43. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Chamoxil - Thanks for the link.

    44. Sylvain Quirion @Aenor Miniatures on

      I think the pics with the 3 is photoshoped to show all 3 on the same picture (probably pictured each separatly for whatever reason) but they didn't change the size. The sculptor posted some pics of the sculpts:… great sculpts, I prefer that to bigger but uninteresting models

    45. Vincent on

      Very nice idea . A special guest box with badies. And the idea we have to kill 2 abominations before succed in killing the necro is nice too.

    46. Chamoxil

      @JB, as you can tell looking closely at the pic, the necro has been photoshopped into the pic and zoomed in. No idea why they did this, but @Alex in the comments has adjusted it for scale in his link

    47. Missing avatar


      Would expect much larger ogre abominations than that last photo, both from price and description. Not picking this up unless the scale is fixed.

    48. Captain Firepants on

      @CMON this project is getting worse. We do not have enough races in this game. Finally we could get 2 Ogryn in this game but we will get 2 new Abominations instead. And the Abominations look different than the predecessors Abominations. Why? I don't know? Hmmmm? BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST 2 OGRYN AND NO ABOMINATIONS!

    49. sascia on

      The mechanic its really bad...its like spawn 3 walkers and the dimensions of contents are absolutely wrong.
      The staff is too big and the keeper too small.
      I'd prefer two bigger ogres that require 2 damage to be slain and unusual trick to respawn... if you destroy once or twice but not the necro they can return immediately in play.In this way can protect better their lord.