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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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These zombies are going to blow you away!

Posted by Thiago Aranha (Collaborator)

Hail Survivors!

In what has certainly been a lovely day for unlocking Stretch Goals, Warchief Lividia has been unlocked for all backers!


The next Stretch Goal brings a host of Fatties that are bursting at the seams:

When we reach $2,270k all backers will unlock a set of Kickstarter Exclusive Fatty Bursters, including 4 miniatures with 2 different sculpts, and spawn cards!

Fatty Bursters are a terrifying version of standard Fatties. While they don't benefit from standard Fatty extra activation cards, any Fatty Burster spawn card that is drawn gives an extra activation to any Fatty Bursters on the board, before spawning a single new Fatty Burster.

But, of course, the most notable thing about them is the fact they are always about to explode with devastating consequences! Whenever it enters a Survivor's Zone, or if a crazy Survivor ends up in its Zone, or if it is destroyed by an attack, the Fatty Burster explodes instantly, dealing 2 automatic damage to ALL actors in the Zone (Survivors and Zombies alike). That means that while a Fatty Burster can wipe out an entire party of careless Survivors, they may also be used by cunning players to blow up an entire mob of zombies!

3D renders of the two different Fatty Burster sculpts.
3D renders of the two different Fatty Burster sculpts.

For the Green Horde!

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    1. Digimortal on

      "Exclusive Fatty Bursters, including 4 miniatures with 2 different sculpts, and spawn cards!" - This was a last minute reaction to customer demand, I would image the cards and sculpts are duplicates of those we have unlocked.

    2. Enivek

      I have a question:
      Does the cards that come with these four fatties, are the same identical four from the kickstarter bonus? (meaning will they will have the same or different numbered system between the two sets.)

    3. Sean Wheeler

      @Skritter, Thank you. Just the one add-on for me then. Exploding zombies is just so wrong, 4 is not enough lol.

    4. Skritter on

      As a backer we get 4 fatties (for free included in the stretch goals)
      ALSO (by popular demand) we can add as an EXTRA as many $10 Add-Ons to make as many bursting fatties you care to take on.

    5. Sean Wheeler

      This may have already been answered in the hundreds of comments? As a backer do we get 4 fatties and we can add another 4 to make 8 if we get an add-on. Or is it we only get 4 if we do the add-on?

    6. Vincent on

      If we buy an extra set of those zombiPouf, will we also get activation cards for the contemporary Zombicide ?

    7. Vincent on

      @dj bouillon +1

    8. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Why does it need to considered exclusive? They've given the mechanics for use if you haven't come up with with your own already. Just slap some of those colored base indicators on some regular fatties throw them all in a bag and when you draw a fatty card reach in the bag and if you get a colored base it's a fatty that explodes if not it's normal. So simple why all the fuss? The only thing exclusive is the neat sculpt. @CMON if your decision is to keep it an exclusive sculpt all the better for us backers to have something cool, I would recommend putting some optional rule/play mechanic's pages in the back of the instruction book for everybody to use.

    9. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      no these are human zombies

    10. kekkofs75 on

      How many Fatty Bursters I need to play the game for you?

    11. David K? on

      When it says people... does that mean that the Fatty Bursters are not actually orcs?

    12. Missing avatar

      Patrick bechtold on

      The extra fatties busters must also still be green the color then fit also come also extra runner busters?

    13. TheSirSpence on

      Looking at his teeth, I think the fatty on the left looks like it could be an Orc...

    14. Chris FR on

      Question: This campaign green horde is going to beat Rising Sun? I have a doubt

    15. Missing avatar

      Geoffrey Crick on

      I don't think the $ difference between rewards has anything to do with the quality of the reward. It just gets larger the further on through the campaign you go.

    16. DungeonMaster- Catapult for Feudum

      @ Robert M I created a event deck and those are for it. They are a range three, drag all survivors one zone.

    17. D.J. Bouillon on

      These fatty bursters seem like they would fit both the medieval as well as the modern Zombicide themes. It would be great to have spawn cards for both versions to include them in both games.

    18. Aviose on

      @Dungeon Master Trevon 4 free world.

      Nice. Those would be great for that role.

    19. Chris Z.

      How about 2 more types of familiars. Monkey and Cat!!

    20. Scott Gardner on

      Love this addition. Would actually prefer a set of 8+. Think this will add much more complexity to the game. Curious if their explosions will work on a necromancer

    21. Mike the Knight on

      I think I might try having my Bursters be spitters (is vomiters a word?) too from an adjacent zone.
      I lke your idea of having a gripping draging zombie Robert. Maybe a living plant zombie looking for food. Seymore survivor?

    22. Vincent on

      At first I was affraid of seeing 4 faites for 100K . But after reeding the explainations, this stretch goal is very nice. Moreover strategicaly talking. That will be fun to kill one of them with an arrow from far: it sounds like a small dragon bile.
      Very good idea.

    23. DaveTypo on

      I actually disagree. These guys fit completely with this expansion. This takes place on the outskirts of town in the villages. Exactly where the people with the diseases would living!

    24. TheSirSpence on

      I'm happy this is exclusive and his is exactly the sort of stretch that I was hoping for.... Thank you very much CMON

    25. Leigh Rees on

      So, to get these Fatty Bursters (or Fatty Boom Boom as they shall be know in my house) we are currently $32505 short. There are currently 16681 backers.. If each backer did a $2 pledge, we'd get them unlocked.. Just a thought.. Gotta be worth a $2 punt hasn't it?

    26. Ioannis Panagos on

      @EtePetete I totally agree with the phrase "This fatties don't fit to the orcs. I'm sure they are cancelled addon for Bp".

    27. EtePetete on

      Cmon are not stupid, they know that the busters will be great, and will run good in the shops. Simple waiting and enjoy all following stretch goals and the addon will also come.

      XPS for collateral damage to the player how has caused it

      Old and new cards (all sorts)can be combined

    28. EtePetete on

      I don't know why some people crying against cmon

      And exclusive fatties, where is your problem? Do you realy think they don't have orc toxic fatties? That would be stupid thinking.

      This fatties don't fit to the orcs. I'm sure they are cancelled addon for Bp.

      The orc toxic fatties and runners will come, I think as an additional pledge only for the addon.... et voila, add on is complete

      So keep cool, you don't have to buy. All stretch goals are presents... okay, a calculated one bit at last, presents

    29. Missing avatar

      Jaden on

      To help consolidate the KSE vs. non-KSE opinions on the bursters:

    30. Martin Champion on

      @Joshua - I don't know if there is a comparable situation currently in the rules but I my gut feeling is if a hero causes a burster to explode by a deliberate attach action then yes they would get the exp for anything else that dies as well

    31. Missing avatar

      Paul T on

      I love the new mechanic, but I disagree with this being an exclusive. This feels like it should be an expansion module.

    32. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      +1 to zombicide classic spawn cards.

    33. euansmith

      Those Fatty Burster renders look really horrible in all the right ways.

    34. Antony Barlow on

      I REALLY HOPE there is a zombicide classic cards as well to use the bursters in that game too. Just like Left 4 Dead!

    35. Neil H on

      Makes the premature yellow/orange a very dangerous prospect indeed.

    36. Joshua

      Does whomever kills a Burster get all XP for zombies killed with it?

    37. Gorak on

      Bursting Fatties? you guys are sick, something is wrong with you...
      Thanks Keep up the good work.!

    38. Anthony

      New add-on to boost funding? More Kickstarter exclusives with it? I want this campaign to top the Black Plague campaign!

    39. Missing avatar

      VonTesse on

      Nice. I like the bursters idea. Depending on how much damage the Horn Bow inflicts, you could use it to preferentially target the bursters to clear a horde (sans any aboms).

    40. Neil H on

      @Insider - Elitist my arse, guess I struck a nerve there huh? maybe stomping your feet and raging works where you are from but adding 'One' special type of zombie that is KS exclusive might actually persuade people to up their pledges instead of sitting at $1, you are overreacting somewhat. I assume people that are pledging will at the very least already own the original, there is more than enough content in the expansion (even the retail edition) to keep a person busy for their future Black Plague game. A few sweeteners along the way helps push the campaign along, otherwise a lot more people will just sit at $1 till the end and we'd miss a lot of great stretch goals, and as noted in a lot of the posts people want more zombies rather than characters.
      @Akira, totally agree, that is what I did with a lot of the original Zombicide miniatures when I got the dashboards in the second kickstarter, buying a miniature that looked a bit like the original.

    41. Joe Crane on

      When zombicide goes no exclusives I wait for retail. Which is a huge profit margin loss for CMON. If people can't afford it now, I highly doubt they will be able to afford it later, all packaged separately and 4 times the price. Not to mention it's pretty unrealistic to expect a FLGS to have everything zombicide on their shelf, not many people walk in to a game store and spend 500 dollars at a time on one game. CMON makes a great game, and our reward for backing it is some exclusive thank yous. Not only to reward us but it's the only realistic way to get it in to our hands for a decent price. And this isn't the first KSE mechanics, black plague had necromancers and abominations with unique things. Sit back and enjoy the ride, if not hop off and wait for retail. Oh and on the whole it's not fair thing, we aren't talking about food and shelter, we are talking about toys. It's not a big deal if someone doesn't get the same toy as someone else.

    42. trevor chadwick on

      I understand the KSE status helps boost sales, but I also think stuff like this would benefit from being bought as addons. Maybe have KSE sculpts, but new mechanics being open to all seems cool.

    43. Akira on

      @insider714 anyone can proxy and sharpie up some cards to get the same mechanics in the game. it's cool to me that cmon is adding some gameplay mechanics whether exclusive or not. and all will be available (on ebay) it's just probably cheaper to get it by paying money a year in advance. anyone can scrounge 100 if it's really important to them, they might have to turn off cable, celphone, coffee, not get new clothes or do some yard work for a few months. it's all about priorities, not entitlement.

    44. Silver Bowen on

      I dislike when stuff like this is exclusive. I don't mind the celebrity impersonation heroes and an abom or two, but all the aboms, the siege engines, and now this feels like way too much is KS exclusive.

    45. Gilberto Guillen on

      Love the idea, double edge sword, at range works at your favor will at colse combat against you, KUDOS for the idea

      @insider714, I was not able to back the ZBP initially, had to buy EVERYTHING at parts, yes there are things only KS exclusive that is the idea to get better stuff if you helped to make the project a reality, for the exclusive ones, common PROXY them, I currently have Queen Medea made from an elf miniature with green stuff, card created for spawning, same with Grinn, I did a convertion for it, still need to work for evil troy, and I know the BEST proxy figures for the abominorat and abominalpha, just need to get them, if some one wants to play with them there is always a way.

    46. insider714 on

      Wow, Neil H, I love that you wanna ruin backers' expression of inclusion because you wanna be an elitist asshole. Why not just, you know, let people include others who ca't benefit from things like, i dunno, having enough money at the time? Does backing this game make you feel special, snowflake, or you just trying to stifle peoples' desire to express their desires. Why don't YOU stop ruining the ride for EVERYONE ELSE???

    47. Ioannis Panagos on

      Nice mechanism, i didnt like the miniatures though.
      Would prefer orcs that would look like the Suicidal Orc Bombero at Helm's Deep explosion...
      (Lotr - The Two Towers).

    48. johnklauk on

      +1 for making available as a non KSE and additional add on for more.

      Cool new element to an already fantastic game!

      Still want a fatty Axl Rose.

    49. Aviose on

      Now we need a 'smoker' like one (as a runner, maybe) that can pull in players from adjacent squares.