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The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
The medieval fantasy Zombicide saga continues with a horde of undead orcs, new environment features, resources and challenges!
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Friends and Foes!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

We continue to try and unlock the Vault Warden, to get to its riches:


Friends, now it's time for an Optional Buy that many have been eagerly awaiting:

The Friends and Foes Optional Buy is a full expansion for Zombicide: Green Horde. For $50 this box contains a myriad extras to enrich your Zombicide experience. On the "Friends" side, it includes not only new Survivors and weapons to equip them, but also faithful Familiars to aid them in their quests. On the "Foes" side, you have the challenging Tainted Walkers and Abomination, from which you'll want to keep your distance, 5 new treacherous tiles, and 10 new deadly Quests!

The full contents of the Zombicide: Friends and Foes expansion are:

  • 4 Survivor figures and ID cards
  • 6 Familiar figures
  • 18 Tainted Walker figures
  • 1 Tainted Abomination figure
  • 5 double-sided tiles
  • 17 Equipment cards
  • 14 Zombie cards
  • Rulebook with 10 new Quests

But backers acquiring the expansion during the Kickstarter will also get:

  • 1 North the Halfling Exclusive Survivor figure and ID card

Now let's explore each of these a little more in depth:

Friends and Foes brings an eclectic group of Survivors, including a ranger, a mage, a shieldmaiden, and a half-orc!


Katelyn's figure 3D render.
Katelyn's figure 3D render.



Doran's figure 3D render.
Doran's figure 3D render.



Solveig's figure 3D render.
Solveig's figure 3D render.



Kabral's figure 3D render.
Kabral's figure 3D render.


This expansion contains 11 new Equipment cards, featuring 5 different weapons and spells for Survivors to use. From the Power Wave spell, that makes your other spells even more powerful; to the Horn Bow, which can aim at specific targets bypassing the Targeting Priority rules; to the Heavy Sword and Dagger, which become even more deadly when equipped together!

Power Wave spell, Heavy Dagger, Mace, Heavy Sword, and Horn Bow.
Power Wave spell, Heavy Dagger, Mace, Heavy Sword, and Horn Bow.


Friends and Foes brings a new challenge to Survivors in the form of Tainted Zombies, including Tainted Walkers and the powerful Tainted Abomination! 

Tainted Abomination and Walker.
Tainted Abomination and Walker.

Tainted Walkers are zombified Orcs who are even more corrupted and hateful than the normal breed of Orc Zombies. This shows on their infection as putrid and spiky growths. Upon being destroyed, the Tainted Walkers splutter acid blood and trash around with their infected spikes, so you don't want to be anywhere near these foul creatures on their final death throes. 

Tainted Walkers are considered Orc Walkers, dealing 2 damage per attack, benefitting from Orc Walkers extra activation cards, and contributing to the Horde when they're spawned. However, if you're standing in the same Zone as a Tainted Walker when you kill it, you automatically suffer a 2-damage hit (which might be prevented by armor).

Tainted Walkers' figures 3D renders.
Tainted Walkers' figures 3D renders.

Likewise, the Tainted Abomination is a brute that you really don't want to kill while standing in its Zone, as you'll endure a hit that deals 3 damage!

Tainted Abomination master resin figure.
Tainted Abomination master resin figure.


In order to help Survivors face this new threat, the Friends and Foes expansion introduces Familiars to the game. These fantastic animals will be your companions, helping you out in different ways and granting you some very welcome bonuses!

Familiars are Equipment cards that Survivors may start the game with, or that different Quests may indicate should be part of the Equipment deck or tied to specific Objectives. Placed on its Handler Backpack, Familiars count as Survivors that can only endure 1 Wound and may move freely with its Handler, or be sent out on its own. The Handler may choose to spend their own Actions to have their Familiar Move around, Search for equipment, or even Attack the Zombies! Each Familiar possesses different Skills and Attack stats, bringing different strategies to the game.

Wolf, Flying Feline, and Dog of War.
Wolf, Flying Feline, and Dog of War.

While all Familiars are able to Move 3 Zones per Move Action, ignoring Zombies with Slippery, they each bring something different to their Handler:

Dog of War: This canine is truly a Survivor's best friend. Its attack is a flurry of teeth that can wipe out numerous Orc Walkers and other weaker zombies. Meanwhile, if it's standing next to its Handler, the Survivor gains +1 dice to their Melee attacks.

Wolf: This massive beast is able to bring an Orc Fatty with its powerful attacks. If it's standing in the same Zone as its Handler, the Survivor gains +2 dice to their Melee attacks.

Flying Feline: While this fantastic creature's attacks may not be the most lethal, as it flies above the fray, its connection to its Handler can grant them a powerful tactical advantage. The Flying Feline extends the range of its Handler's attacks, and allows the Survivor to see over buildings and hedges (which may also allow for some amazing trick shots!).

The Familiars' figures 3D renders.
The Familiars' figures 3D renders.

The expansion comes with 2 different copies of each Familiar, so every Survivor can have a companion.

Finally, this expansion comes with 5 double-sided game tiles, featuring new artwork and new configurations of buildings, streets, hedges, and waterhole zones. The 10 new Quests included in Friends and Foes take full advantage of the extra variety introduced by these new tiles.

The 5 Friends and Foes tiles.
The 5 Friends and Foes tiles.


While the Friends and Foes expansion will be later available on retail for an estimated SRP of $60, backers acquiring it through this Kickstarter campaign will also receive the bonus Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor North the Halfling, including his miniature and ID card!


North the Halfling's figure 3D render.
North the Halfling's figure 3D render.


If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add $50. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

The contents of the Friends and Foes expansion.
The contents of the Friends and Foes expansion.

For the Green Horde!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Duplechin on

      I have to agree with what others have stated. The dog looks off to me as well. His ears should be more like the art, pointed up more, and his pose mid jump just looks wrong imho. Im not an expert mini maker or anything just my honest going to use the wolf more anyway! I am hopeful however that by the time production gets cranked up it will be sorted out.

    2. Michael Brooke on

      Just got my hands on Wulfberg.. with all you get in there, it's half empty.. are the boxes for F&F & NRftW going to be a more fitting size?

    3. Skye Williams on

      @Edwin Carrasquillo and Philly L - You purchase it about a week to a month (sometimes more) when the 'pledge manager' is ready. You can go to 'manage your pledge' then go to 'change your pledge' and type how much more you wish to add (this helps with stretch goals) and Kickstarter will eventually take your money.
      If you are not sure if you'll have enough then don't add any money and wait for the 'pledge manager' to show up as that is where you will add your items that you want. You'll have a certain amount of 'credit' to spend equal to the amount that you pledge to get the items that you want, if there are other items that you want eg. this expansion but all you pledged was $120 for just the main game then you will pay the amount for the items.

      Just a recap:

      Make a pledge $120 + $50 to the pledge = $170 taken out of your bank account.


      Make a pledge $120 taken out of your bank account then if you want anything else then you pay for those items when the pledge manager shows up.

    4. Missing avatar

      Philly L on

      I would also like to know how I can purchase this expansion...?

    5. Missing avatar

      Edwin Carrasquillo on

      so I'm new to kickstarter an was wondering how do i purchase the friends and foe expansion. is there a way to put it in a shopping cart or something so when the pledge is over it will come too? an info is great thank you

    6. Ber5erK82 on

      I think I don't buy the expansion unless the colored bases are inserted :(

    7. Ber5erK82 on

      There aren't the colored bases in the box...? Because I think "how do we recognize them without bases?"

    8. Francois Therrien on

      I think the front legs of the dog model are too straight. An animal at the end of a jump should have the two front legs in different positions I think.

    9. Fabien on

      No survivor plastic dashboard with this Expansion ???

    10. Koorak on

      The miniatures look awesome! My only suggestion would be to have Solveig's teeth showing like her pic or like Katelyn's model. Her current expression looks flat.

    11. Francois Therrien on

      @DanWolf + Liam (Will) from the second expansion. Lucas is still missing (Well didn't see him)..

    12. Chjulian on

      +1 I think the dog pose is pretty weird.

    13. Enivek

      6 Familiar are not enough... especially if we have more players due to using BP characters.

      We also need colour disks please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Dustin Call on

      I hope they fix the dog companion. totally missed the pose

    15. Matthew Guillemette on

      I think they should just make the character trays available as an addon. 2 trays for $5, and then you can get as many as you want. They would sell a metric ton of them!

    16. FlorianAliasJoe on

      What I just said makes me think :
      Instead of having 2 colours of companions, why not 2 poses ?

    17. FlorianAliasJoe on

      So as I previously said, it bugs me that there are 2 colours for the companions in BP.
      It didn't bug me for the Modern Zombicide as Survivors come in a lot of colours. In BP, there is only one even for a Necromancer Survivor. You see what I mean ?

      Am I the only one ?

      As a lot of people asked, I'd like to see more Familiars, maybe as Exclusive SGs ?

      And eventually, I think the dog pose is pretty weird.

    18. DanWolf on

      @Troy 4 Stranger Things Chars? I see North (Dustin), Billy (Mike) and...?

    19. Missing avatar

      Troy on

      Someone please tell me that North the Halfling isn't actually Dustin or Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things! I dare you! So yes we have 4 Stranger Things characters!

    20. Danny Shafer

      Do not like the canine pose at all.

    21. Missing avatar

      S.K. on

      I like to have a feline familiar, but fa flying one? Don't like that. Better to have a hawk instead. Maybe also a normal cat?

    22. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Do you thought about translation-packs?
      I think a lot of people (including me ;-) ) would be happy to have the rules, ID cards and equipment cards in there language and would pay for it. You could realize it as a optional buy. If the translation is not finished before shipping date, send it later in a second sending.

    23. Missing avatar

      Aaron Burr on

      Is there any chance of seeing a wip rulebook for this expansion? Pretty please?

    24. Grog Strong-Jaw on

      @Kevin...... TRINKET!!!!!!! YAS!!!!!

      But yeah. Trays should really be a must. Especially with a $50 price tag.

    25. Missing avatar

      Beat Bänziger on

      thats a lot of money for not so much content... Are you open/planing on adding or changing content of this expansion box?

    26. Missing avatar

      neal berkowitz on

      I agree with the other individuals who felt that a lack of trays in the expansion is a lack on CMON's part. There are enough of us who play really large games for whom the additional trays would make this really worth it. One of the reasons we went with Wulfsburg was because it offered the additional trays.
      Since the trays can not be purchased alone, having them included will make this expansion all that much better. Please?

    27. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Have to say that I agree that if this is a standalone game then including additional dashboards in the expansion would be good to allow for larger groups of heroes for people that only own Green Hoard.

      Also think it would be nice to see some more variety with the familiars, I vote for a bear familiar, named Trinket

    28. Nero on

      maybe new dashboards will be fine, and 3 new pets instead remakes in other colour

    29. Missing avatar

      Carl on

      Agreed - this needs more variety for familiars (6 individual ones would be nice) as well as fixing the dogs weird pose with it's hind legs off the ground.

    30. hithwen on

      Compared this expansion with Wulfsburg, Friends and foes brings: same amount of survivors, +6 familiars, -4 zombies, +1 abomination, +3 tiles, +1 card, -2 plastic dashboards, -32 plastic trackers. I don't see a good reason to explain the price difference given than the base pledge is also more expensive

    31. Curtis on

      While I appreciate that additional dashboards were already shipped with both BP and WB, if this is a standalone game with its own expansion, and at the same cost as WB, then by rights this entry should include an additional 4 dashboards for those who choose not to purchase BP or WB.

    32. Missing avatar

      Stephane Rainville on

      Expect, in future SGs, more tainted orcs, one tainted Abomination and probably at least another familiar! It follows the same path as BPs SGs...!

    33. Shane Jackson

      The dogs back feet up makes for a weak pose IMO.

    34. Joshua

      So, will the Tainted Abom create more tainted walkers in the same way the Toxic Abom does?
      This could be disgustingly nasty for survival...

    35. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      And by that i obviously mean the Green Horde core game.

    36. Paula on

      I agree more familiars, Please!! I absolutely agree with the others a "non-toxic green" for the Horde. Orc's are their own kind of green. ; )

    37. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      @Simian scion What are you talking about. There's dash boards in the core game. Else it wouldn't be standalone.

    38. Brian on

      Yeah, sadly it does not quite float my boat, as I have Zombicide Toxic City Mall and felt the mechanics added changed things nominally at best. Those rules and mechanics appear to just be repeated here.

      More tiles, cards, and familiars = yes

      Some other denizen with a novel mechanic would be more intriguing (boosting or reducing movement speed, blocking line of sight, ignoring the first hit on any attack roll, etc.)

      Still enjoying the rest of the campaign, but not interested in this box.

    39. Cooper Christian on

      If they could be a different green than modern toxics and GH regs, that'd be great. Sometimes I shuffle everything together and let the universe be crazy. Telling the two toxics apart would be nice.

    40. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      neat things in that box CMON. More survivors like Kabral please. Any chance of a familiar's box with some other selections, just look to Arcadia pets if you need inspiration. Don't forget the witch and ninja survivor I'm hoping for:)

    41. Missing avatar

      Fang Yin on

      “”The expansion comes with 2 different copies of each Familiar, so every Survivor can have a companion.” Why not 2 different sculpts of each Familiar?CMON is too lazy!!!

    42. EtePetete on

      @Andrew E -- maybe female mage char which had a magic accident and a beard growth ;)

    43. Simian scion on

      Thiago said that the dashboards are already included in ZC:BP hero box and Wulfsburg exp., so no dashboards this time :(

    44. Ernster on

      No Dashboards with Friends and Foes?

    45. Gutris

      Now for endless familiar packs... and I mean that will all the love in the world :)

    46. Paula on

      I love the familiar's! A very nice spin on the game.

    47. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      Some ks exclusive familiars would be awesome!

    48. Tony on

      @Alen, North the Halfling is not a stretch goal, he is a "bonus Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor" for people who purchase this expansion. That's how they sell more stuff.

    49. Martin Durand on

      I'm really dissappointed!! This is exactly the same as Toxic zombie in modern Zombicide. Next season, they will be adding berserker. cmon had plenty of other choice they could have made and chose to copy and paste. I'll send a few suggestion to them.

    50. Sluffmo

      I don't mind this being $50, but with all that content the Bonner special guest box makes even less sense at $30.