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The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
The ultimate zombie boardgame, reinvented in a medieval fantasy setting! New survivors, new zombies, new equipment, and revamped rules!
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Falstaff Unlocked! If this town is a maze, guess who rules it?

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Survivors!

It was a gruesome battle, but another stretch goal rests impaled on a spear! All backers now get the exclusive survivor Lord Falstaff!

 And we're still racing towards the beautiful and deadly Genevieve:

But I know what you're all really anxious to find out is what we have in store for you at the 1 million mark, right? Well, we didn't expect to be revealing this so soon, but that doesn't make it any less special (in fact, it makes it all the more impressive):

If we reach the amazing mark of $1,000,000 all backers will get to add the Abominotaur juggernaut to their games! This berserking beast comes with an amazing miniature, spawn cards, and broken wall tokens.

So, how will the Abominotaur work? For starters, it's an Abomination, with all that that entails. It can only be killed by a Damage 3 weapon (or Dragon Fire), it grants 5 experience points when killed, its attacks ignore armor, and it has 1 action per activation.

But then comes the really nasty part. First, each of its powerful gore attacks deal 2 Wounds to its helpless target. Second, it can break through walls and closed doors! At the start of the activation step of the Zombies' Phase, set the Abominotaur's target Zone before moving it, ignoring closed doors and walls (but not Vault doors and ramparts). If an Abominotaur has to go through a closed door or wall, first put a “broken wall” token to link its starting and destination Zones, and remove any closed door token that might be in the way. The broken wall is considered as an open door, and thus can generate a Zombie spawn in a previously closed building. Actors can now cross the Zones. After that, proceed with moving all the other Zombies (as the Zombies’ route can be redefined by the wall’s destruction).

As you can see, the Abominotaur is one nasty piece of work, relentlessly chasing you, and opening the way for all its zombie friends to get to you as well!

But isn't that how we like our Zombicide?

Raise thy Swords!

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    1. Jamal on

      love the abominataur. more stuff like this. go crazy with the fantasy stuff.

    2. Missing avatar

      Timothy Mullen on

      Falstaff seems miss-named. The figure looks like Vlad. Falstaff is a huge fat man from the Henry cycle of Shakespeare's plays.

    3. Becki Kaze

      I (still) feel a lot of hate for Season 2. But this stretch goal makes BP an epic game. The days are gone where you could hide behind closed doors. :) Fantastic.

    4. chang on

      NICE!!!! NICE!!!
      and keep the non-human fantasy characters, zombies and survivor, coming!!!

    5. Stefan Tremblay on

      Murder of CROWZ cards plz... easy enough, the minis are already out there. Why not swarm of ratz and a proper sewer addition... although I guess you want to keep something for Season 2.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Schmidt on

      @Jkk: Jup... ID cards for everyone... They just don't have their own plastic "character sheet". But we have 12 of those so far... that should be quite enough.

      But it's Time for the next stretch goals. We are beyond 1,000,000 now...

    7. Matthew Churchill on

      Best new stretch goal ever. I hope this means future goals/expansions may focus on other forms of undead than human zombies. Bring on the skellingtons and undead orcs for season 2!

    8. Jkk on

      Do those guest survivor comes with their own ID card?

    9. Sharkey on

      I think you're right! It doesn't say KS exclusive, so hopefully that means a few more awesome abomination variants! Bring on the dracolich! XD

    10. Frank Wisnes

      Makes you wonder. Does this special abomination herald a future boss-pack addon?

    11. Erick

      No place to hide!!

    12. Nathan Land on

      The Abominotaur is just sick. It's going to make things rather interesting.

    13. Patrick Heeran on

      Damn, now I want a Minotaur player character!

    14. Eric Arsenault on

      Wow, it looks amazing ! =)

    15. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Oh jeez, that's some scary stuff!

    16. MRiley on

      Lovely beastie <3

    17. Adrien Auger on

      Oh man. That's the sweetest abomination concept to date. You guys are geniuses.

    18. Kryzsko on

      Killing it with these sculpts!

    19. WarWolf on

      Love the Abominotaur

    20. Dale Spiegel

      BOOM goes the dynamite!!

    21. Jeremey on

      Oh yeah!
      Need some add-ons to boost my pledge!

    22. Sharkey on

      OH MY DAMN!