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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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10,136 backers pledged $1,464,489 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Michael Orvis on

      Still no pledge here...

    2. Kenny Ng on

      did not receive my pledge too. From Malaysia. How do I make a complaint?

    3. Alex Wright on

      I still haven't revived my pledge yet, I'm in the uk.

    4. Vileblood Hunter Isadora Collaborator on

      Hello Sinners.
      If you didn't receive your pledge yet, please contact our support team:

    5. Missing avatar

      gonzo2054 on

      Yep, nothing here also.
      The same is that the game is in store for a while, translated in French and I have played it many time with friend, with their copy they bought in store of course....not mine because I still haven't it .......
      And even worse, no new from CMON......

    6. Missing avatar

      Nziv on

      Nothing here in EU

    7. Missing avatar

      Panagiotis Papakos

      Got nothing here... Can we email anyone about this?

    8. Nadim Alam on

      Has everyone in EU already recieved there copy? I still have not got anything!!

    9. Missing avatar

      gonzo2054 on

      Same for me.....
      Some friend already bought in store and I have already played twice to it......
      What a strange situation, how can this be possible, the game is in retail store before I get my KS !!!
      Even the expansions are in store at the moment in France....

    10. Missing avatar

      fengor on

      Still havent received my game. Backer from germany here. No Update since november? Is this even alive?

    11. Errikos Erol Hammer on

      Any news about European pledges? When can we expect stuff in Germany?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jens Kraybørre

      Just received mine

    13. Nellodee on

      Hey guys, still nothing here (Rome - Italy). Should I be worried?

    14. M Lawler on

      I got mine as a late pledge in California (2 days ago I think?)... Some of the models are in serious need of replacement but CMoN doesn't strike me as the company to care about that sort of thing so much as keeping the KS money rolling.. I'm very concerned for my Massive Darkness pledge now :(

    15. Leonardo Nencioni on

      Nothing here (Florence, Italy)

    16. Matthew Friett on

      It's now nearly 2017 and still no delivery... (UK pledge)

    17. Peter Herman on

      still haven't received anything in belgium/europe

    18. Francesco Gapito on

      I have sent an email to cmon support and After two days and half they still didn't answer. What a kind of support is this? Really a terrible experience. Give my money back!

    19. zewolf84 on

      I have sent an email to CMON, and this is the response:

      "Hi Jean-Loup,
      Thank you for contacting us. My apologies for the delay. We are still in the process of shipping out The Others pledges in Europe due to delays that have been experienced. I have included a link to the Updates page of the Kickstarter page for The Others so you can see what we have experienced:
      They will ship your pledge as soon as they are able to and will send you the tracking information once it has shipped.
      Again, my apologies and thank you for your patience,

      So, I don't know what to believe. The shipping is over? Or not!
      The Schrodinger's Shipping !

    20. Missing avatar

      Lee Thomson on

      Looks like I missed the PM. However, $76 for shipping on top of a $100 pledge? So much for EU friendly. Never, ever again.

    21. Missing avatar


      At this point, regardless of your locale, unless you are a late backer, you should have received your pledge by now. There was probably a problem with you shipping payment, your address, or other snafu. If you changed your address since January, you can be pretty sure it went to the original address. You will need to contact

      To check payment status:

      Check . You may need to request a new password. Once you're logged in, look at The Others under Orders. When you click it, there should be an Order Status toward the top. It should say "Confirmed" in green. Scrolling down the page, you should see a summary of your order with a shipping cost and a Total Outstanding, which should be $0.

      If either of those things is different, most likely you missed the pledge manager and never paid for shipping. There was a Survey around November, then the Pledge Manager from December to February. Without the PM, they will not ship your order. If you believe you paid shipping, check whether you have a PayPal receipt.

      In case there is an issue:

      From CMON's website:

      CMON INC.
      1290 Old Alpharetta Rd
      Alpharetta GA 30005

      We can be reached by phone at 404-975-0975 during normal office hours EST 9am to 5pm. We do ask that if you can, please place your orders online. We'd love to hear from you too and you can use our contact form below or just email us at

    22. zewolf84 on

      Nothing here (Paris, France). :'(

    23. Francesco Gapito on

      Still nothing here in Italy. Are there some new problema? Please let us know. Thank you.

    24. Paul Gola on

      Haven't recieved our box yet, and we're sitting in germany.

    25. Wayward_Darkwolf on

      I've heard nothing since this update was released. Starting to wonder if somethings gone wrong.
      I've backed several CMON kickstarters in the past and they have been flawless. Unfortunately can't say the same for this one. The lack of communication for this is very disheartening.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ted Swalwell

      Mine did arrive yesterday... Followed by a tracking number. I'm not sure you understand how this normally works CMoN :-).

      Nevertheless - it all looks to be there, it was well packed, and I'm actually pleasantly surprised at the quality of the miniatures. Credit where it's due - it's a pretty good looking package (I hope it plays as good as it looks).

      I just hope next time we can get to this point without the drama.

      Thanks, Ted

    27. Missing avatar

      alejandro on

      I finally arrived, but without my apocalypse pack. often disaster

    28. Dominic Müller on

      I have no clue if it arrived, because I do not live at the address anymore for a few months. If I had a tracking number I could contact the Parcel Service to reroute the package, but I suppose this will never happen in time and my game will disappear...

    29. CaptainCrumpet

      My journey is near an end, I but have to check everything is there but alas the DPD Courier delivered my package today - UK, Surrey area.

      Hope you ll get your soon...

    30. Missing avatar

      alejandro on

      where are our pledges? the last pledges of the UE?
      All the people who have not received the game, where is, why there is an update, why not answer cool mini or not?

    31. Richard Olley on

      Would say it is getting ridiculous now but it is way way past that already, last time I back any of their projects

    32. Missing avatar

      Hazamel on

      Mine arrived today (Wuerzburg/Germany)

      Like the last times no tracking code yet. Guess I'll get one by mail the next few days �

    33. Thomas Bé on

      still nothing at Paris, France... :'(

    34. Missing avatar


      @Jason: Try

      Good luck

    35. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Got mine a couple of days ago. Imagine my massive disappointment when I set it up tonight and found two of the Hero Dashboards are missing.

      FFS guys, this is absolutely ridiculous! No idea how I'm supposed to get replacements or whether I'm even likely to get them given the terrible communication throughout this project.

    36. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      Mine arrived earlier today, no notification beforehand. UK southwest

    37. Glen Kehoe on

      Still nothing here. I'm in the UK.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ted Swalwell

      Still nothing (no parcel, tracking code, or notification in the pledge manager) for me in London, England.

      I've got a games day planned for Saturday, and I'm really hoping that I'll be able to play this!

    39. Missing avatar

      Aleksander P on


      I would love, that this what you say, just once is not a lie ...

    40. Missing avatar

      vrignaud benoit on

      ok, mine should be at home but I miss the delivery, but I got news from other french backers who got their minis in hands...and loved them! I'm still pissed off, lost the faith , but not the ability to enjoy when it comes ( this sentnce sound strange or is it me??)

    41. Francesco Gapito on

      Still no boxes and neither trackin number. I trusted in CMON but this is the first and my last pledge for CMON n kickstarter. Maybe i'm just unlucky?

    42. Missing avatar

      Aleksander P on

      You wrote - "ALL EU pledges will have been sent out by the end of next week" so today is that END OF NEXT WEEK ...

      So I will receive my package here in Germany next week ...? Is it correct or maybe your distributor has again some kind of holidays or vacation or is very sick or has strong hiccups or, or, or ? :-)

    43. Sebastien (Space Pirate) on

      To be fair, it's not Cmon who do the shipment now, it's their distributor, and if he is late, they can't do anything (plus, the first shipment were faster than usual, I suppose Cmon insist to make them a priority). But I still don't have mine, so patience is a virtue, while Envy and Wrath are a sin, so choose well.

    44. Missing avatar

      alejandro on

      I have contacted cool mini or not. They tell me that there are no tracking numbers and according to their latest update, tomorrow is the last day. The last update is a lie

    45. Neil H on

      Nothing here in the UK, East Yorkshire. Noticed a couple of people from facebook in my area have theirs so hopefully soon...

    46. Missing avatar

      TappedCrayfish on

      Sounds like mines arrived UK Leeds. No tracking number

    47. Ted Govostis

      Got mine this morning, Reading UK.

    48. Missing avatar

      Will W.T. on

      I just get mine, no tracking number. Brittany, France

    49. Missing avatar

      Lordnecro on

      A friend of mine, lives in the same Town as me, he recived is game befor 4 Weeks, but here nothing.
      I m very pissed


    50. Francesco Gapito on

      Still no tracking number