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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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10,136 backers pledged $1,464,489 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Michael "erzengel" Probst


    2. Michael "erzengel" Probst

      So this year will nothing arrive...? Because as everybody knows "ALL GERMANS ARE IN CHRISTMAS VACATION THE WHOLE DECEMBER..." like our strange summer absentence...!

      CMoN knows: Germany is closing in December, so they will sure not ship! ;-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Michał Miszczuk on

      Poland customer here. Today I've got a phone from courier. My first though - "Hey, it's Martians pledge", they had premiere on Essen. Later I open the doors for this guy, I see a huge box in his hands - "Hey, it's Lobotomy pledge somehow earlier". And then I noticed CMON markings on the label... still did not open the box to check whether all parts are in, but I suppose I should be called a lucky one here to be on the third ship. Yet somehow I do not feel happy...

      Actually, I still feel pretty much disgruntled about CMoN treatment of European customers. With that in mind, I'll think thrice before backing any future CMoN campaigns, despite great quality of components, good themes or famous designers collaboration. I know that my 100 - 200 dollars aren't any difference in your FABULOUS campaigns earning millions, so I suppose it's a win-win situation. You do not give a heck about me; I do not feel treated like a crap.

      And they all lived happily ever after.

    4. Missing avatar

      Durontan on

      EU customer here, from Croatia so I guess I belong to the 3rd ship that arrived in Hamburg group.

      Giving an update that I have recieved my THE OTHERS pledge today. Hope other EU customers receive theirs soon also.

      Have FAITH

    5. Emmanuel Turquin

      I'm sorry but this total lack of update and response to the many backers concerns is not acceptable... CMON, pull yourself together and do (at the very least, say) something, as it stands you are bitterly disappointing lots of people.

    6. Ugo Perillo on

      Hanjin Gold never detained in singapore. Vesselfinder states that is under south Africa.
      you are LIER!!

    7. Koen Hallaert

      Guess for Cmon we only count when it comes to paying. Cause the total lack of info or response towards their european customers, after the total lie, they pulled with the so called summer holiday of a logistical hub. Nice to hear the others is being sold at Essen.

    8. Erik Weidenbach on

      @steven: bullshit. Cmon is not at essen themselfes. If copys of the others are beeing sold it is by asmodee. And asmodee wont be selling backer copies since they like to have their name on the boxes. Which backer copies should not have. Asmodees games are a seperate thing. And since the convention is in essen i guess most copies asmodee will be selling are in german.

    9. Missing avatar


      Rum & Bones update #63 for air shipping reference.

    10. Missing avatar


      CMON typically has copies of new games shipped via air freight to sell at conventions. Seeing copies for sale at Essen will not mean that a bunch of backer copies have been looted.

      CMON certainly sucks at setting estimates, general project management, communicating with backers, communicating with everyone else, customer service, and customer support, so there's plenty of reasons to be upset with them.

      Just not this specific one.

    11. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      Hanjin Africa is just part of German pledges......... and no doubt redirected ones to Essen.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sidwick on

      "Hanjin Africa" arrived in Hamburg port today. So the majority of EU backers should presumably receive their games within the next few weeks.

    13. Xavier

      The Frenche Magazine Ravage talked about The Others and he talked about the boat probleme. And they said they think thzt Europe won't have the game before January. So does that means that the boats also have the games for the stores?

    14. Michael "erzengel" Probst

      Since 7 days no update or reaction from CMoN... Thanks for your support CMoN!!!!!!!!

    15. Aung Thu Hein on

      Hello... I am a backer from Myanmar (Burma) and I also haven't received mine. Could you please tell me when will I get the game....

    16. Missing avatar

      mayhemnc on

      Reading this comments makes you lose faith in the boardgaming community. I always thought us to be smarter and more social-intelligent than the rest of the internet :(

    17. Nicolas Dekaise on

      I want to be clear. I read the terms and conditions of the campaign. It's not my first rodeo with CMON (But it's my first not in "late pledge"), I know the retail will (probably) get copies of the game long before I get my hand on it. I can live with that.

      I repeat myself, but what I don't like is to be lied to. They say that APL Merlion has the pledge for the rest of EU. I'm in Belgium, if they don't mistake me for France, I'm in "the rest of EU".

      But suddenly no more news about this ship. Strange uh?

      You know I could have accepted an explanation like "Sorry guys, it's our business model, we have to relocate your pledge to the retailer and Essen, you will get it yours eventually."

      But no, you chose to serve us lies and most of all contradictory and malformed lies. It's not even crédible or consistent!

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul Posar on

      I'm from Melbourne, Australia and still haven't received mine? Are others from Australia still waiting?

    19. Peter Lowe on

      @Teskal I have read them, tracked the ships, tried to understand the logistics of global distribution, but thanks for your considerate comment.

    20. Chris Wheeler on

      I guess all we can do now is wait�Although I'm gonna be really annoyed if we receive copies at my workplace to sell,before we get our deliveries

    21. Devil Inside Productions

      That would make an amazing story if they switched ships around again and that one container had our games in it. No excuse could ever better that after all the stuff that's happened with this KS :)

    22. Missing avatar

      eric f on

      another opportunity for a new story from CMON

    23. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      You should not only open the updates, you should also read them, instead of sticking your head in the sand.

    24. Peter Lowe on

      It's a pity CMON don't see the opportunity to communicate with their backers at this stage of the project as being as important as during the money gathering phase campaign (Goodwill/ Trust/ Faith and all those other intangibles). Shit happens but sticking your head in the sand doesn't help, even though it will get sorted out eventually (probably the same time as if you had done your best). If CMON know no more than us then perhaps in future they should choose a better distribution partner as I personally fell let down by the lack of information not the sequence of events.

    25. Devil Inside Productions

      @Steven, considering the Hanjin Gold seems to be continuing along its original route, you do have to wonder. Especially since the info we've been getting has been all over the place.

      Clearly their intention was to switch the containers to another vessel, but by the time the Hanjin Gold docked it would've been known that it was going to still be going to Hamburg so that might have still changed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      It's not a hard question to answer CMON, are the pledges still on the Hanjin Gold that you said was in dock waiting to be unloaded but has actualy been on route to Spain a few days before this update was sent, or are they now on another totally different ship??

    27. Lazerus101 on

      This really has been a clusterfudge for those of us in Europe. I know its unlikely to happen, but CMON should really look to making it up to everyone who has had to wait.
      Ya know... as a show of FAITH.

    28. JAKUB on

      @CMON, please sumarize all vessels(its name and which country cargo it carries). Please do it correctly as what you present at the moment is totally missinformation. Cool minis are not 'everything' when you lose clients and fans as of crap communication and the whole chaos. I really doubt if I back 'The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch' when you are not going to fix commuication. Please remember, we (backers) have paid not only for game, but for the all service. Thank you

    29. Devil Inside Productions

      @ (aptly named) Judgement Dave, perhaps you should try typing that in Spanish and see how well you do.

      English isn't David's native language, but what he said was perfectly understandable, you judgemental....well, you get the idea ;)

    30. Judgement Dave

      @David Otero Losada "Not even a mental defficient would do a worst job than you with all this matter."
      Fantastic spelling and grammar for a comment criticising others. Glass houses and all that...

    31. Hubert on

      so a short summary.
      APL Merlion was not the first ship to unload and its name is in fact Hanjin Gold.
      APL Merlion was already in Hamburg weeks ago and now it somehow teleported to Singapore where is detained.
      Third ship appeared suddenly! and you didnt know YOUR boxes are on that ship.

      clap clap clap

    32. IluvatarIrmo

      That must be the first time Angelripper that ice seen you defend a company instead of making demands :-0

    33. Missing avatar

      Abel merin on

      Cmon ou l'art de te prendre pour un con ...
      J'étais déjà incertain. maintenant c'est sûr plus d'argent de ma part pour cette entreprise de menteurs et d'incapables ...
      J'en ai fait des kickstarter chez eux, mais là ils se foutent vraiment de la clientèle. C'est abusé !
      Je suis pas contre le fa

    34. Manuel Sapage on

      Personally I don't believe that they would lump the countries together and consider Ireland as UK or Switzerland as Germany.
      Having said that, I still believe they would lump the microstates like Monaco or the Vatican with their larger neighbors. Now that I think of it... could there be a copy of The Others heading into the Vatican?

    35. Crash Games

      I'm a U.S. Backer and I don't have any part of my $168 pledge in hand. I was told I didn't fill out the pledge manager, which I had. I was then told I could ask for a refund, which I did over a month ago and I have no response on any front. As someone that ran many campaigns, this is ridiculous and in my opinion CMON should be embarrassed.

    36. Graham Bailey

      Hi CMoN, can you please confirm if Irish pledges were shipped with 'the rest of Europe', or if we were lumped in with the UK?

    37. Daudod on

      Oh, by the way, all EU backers, I don't know if you have realized it was supposed APL Merlion was shippng Rest of EU pledges, but suddenly they mention the cargo supposed to be there is in the Hanjin Gold. So as if by magic, the Rest of EU pledges turned into UK, Spain, France, Italy and rest of Germany pledges.

      I'm starting to believe in magic again.

    38. Daudod on

      @CMON "The second ship to sail out, the Hanjin Gold (initially reported to be the APL Merlion), which contains the remaining German pledges, as well as UK, Spain, Italy, and France pledges, was detained in Singapore."

      I would like to know the nature of this detainment... detained by who? Company? Creditors? Harbour authorities?

      Anyway it isn't detained anymore, as it has departed Singapore at least on Oct 1st, 2 days before your last update. It has left the coast of Indonesia on Oct 2nd according to vesselfinder, and is on route to Alegeciras with ETA Oct 28th. Did the ship finally unloaded de cargo before departing to Algeciras? Is the cargo abroad still? If it isn't, when will we know the new ship? If you needed 3 weeks to know the ghost ship was Hanjin Gold, I don't believe you will know this before next year.

      Again another rubbish update of missinformation. Not even a mental defficient would do a worst job than you with all this matter.

    39. Judgement Dave

      @Thomas Schmell "Or to say it like Trump: WRONG!"
      I'm not really certain that saying anything like Trump adds weight to your argument.

    40. Peter Lowe on

      CMON if it possible to list the number of pledges per individual company in each container, and on which ship the container was placed, it would help alleviate some of the stress caused by the issues in delivering these pledges.

    41. Masoud on

      Haha, I wanted to ask whether Luxembourg is considered as "the rest of Europe" or not, but after I saw that there are questions about Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, I decided that it is better to be quiet for now :D

    42. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      @Nicolas Dekaise
      I could not agree more, i've backed Conan as well and the Monolith guys have been great, keeping us up to date with every development and delay, not once have i felt the same kind of anger towards them as i have with the past two CMON kickstarters i backed. Communication and honesty goes a long way.
      The last Conan update even said that the game would not apear on shop shelves untill every backer had their copy.
      It was their first kickstarter as well, the guys at CMON could learn a lot from them.

    43. Nicolas Dekaise on

      I can be patient. I am about the Conan KS. But they talk to us, they post regularly reassuring news.

      But I don't like to be lied to. You said that the APL Merlion ship contained all the pledges for the remaining EU countries. And now... nothing about it. I begin to think that it's true, you take our pledge to sell in Essen. and to deliver the retaillers on time.

      Et en bon Français : "Vous nous avez pris pour des vaches à lait."

    44. pimous on

      I am shocked by this update. What’s up with Switzerland? For your information, Switzerland is not France, neither Germany, and is NOT part of the EU. So what’s happening?
      In which boat are the Swiss orders?
      Your updates are completely useless, with your fake Hamburg vacations and phantom boats out of nowhere, you keep continuing with your updates filled with unusual information.
      Could you please be more transparent with your clients, after all, without us your company would not work.

      I accept the fact that you are victims of the Haijin bankruptcy, but your game was supposed to arrive in March… It is now up to you to take full responsibility and accept the fact that the fault rests on your shoulders because if this delay had not happened the shipping wouldn’t have been affected by the maritime company’s bankruptcy.

      The worst in all of this is your god-awful communication after the Kickstarter, you almost never answer in the comment sections… We need to be reassured with answers and I can’t repeat myself more: be more transparent and keep us up to date!

    45. Trx on

      What a mess. I get that a lot of things were out of your control, but you kind of messed up the things that were as well. Not to mention that the ship info you are giving and what we can see online does not match.

      Some sort of coupon/discount on future pledges is in order.

    46. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      So according to Vesselfinder this morning the Hanjin Gold is not detained in Singapore and is currently on it's way to ALGECIRAS,SPAIN due to arrive on the 28th of October.

      Are our pledges on this boat??

    47. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      I have completely lost FAITH!!!

      As a backer for many of your games I now doubt I’ll back another one and seriously regret backing Massive Darkness as I’m sure Europe will get screwed over with that as well.
      It was bad enough stores had Wolfsberg months before the european backers saw it, but this time I’m fully expecting to walking into a games store next month and see the full range of the Others on the shelves while I’m seriously doubting I’ll ever see my copy now. It could sit in that port of literally months and even then will take six weeks or more to make the journey on the boat.
      What happened to “we’ll send another container if necessary” as this certainly looks like it’s past the point of that situation now. Even backers getting the base game and having to wait for the rest of pledges will be better the current situation……. You need to start looking at rebuilding bridges and regaining so called FAITH.

    48. Naaba, the Voice of Valhöll

      @Karel : I really hope that they can make the difference... but I'm still full of doubt on that.

    49. Karel Byloos on

      Hopefully Belgium is considered as orher eu and not France. ��