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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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10,136 backers pledged $1,464,489 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Nathan

      I am a backer in the USA and have not received any notice of shipping. Is there something I missed?

    2. Nicolas Dekaise on

      @Karel Byloos I think so. I hope so.

    3. Karel Byloos on

      APL Merlion has the pledges of the other EU backers on board? correct?

    4. 4thwar Equipment on

      hi there, here is 4thwar from italy, can we have some more specific date for the shipping in our country? even something like "a couple of month" would be better than "in the future". thanks :)

    5. Naaba, the Voice of Valhöll

      Fred, same here, still hoping Belgium is in this "remaining EU countries" ship

    6. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      You're right Chainbreaker as according to vessel finder it docked in Germany on the 24th and is now leaving Singapore for a new destination.
      When CMON announced it was on the boat they only listed the Hanjin and Merlion, i don't get why they won't tell us the name of the third boat so we can track it.
      I think my error was waiting for CMON to give us more info as they apear to prefer to just ignore comments or questions.

    7. Simon Wray

      @Esteban: I live in Bermuda, and received mine today. I was in the Rest of World shipping category, so maybe a glimmer of hope that you're game is on they way.

    8. Frédéric Petit

      Any news about the "remaining EU countries" shipments?

      thx ;-)

      Have FAITH (LOL)

    9. Chainbreaker on

      I think the APL Merlion is no Hanjin ship and therefore unaffected by their problems so probably the one that already reached Hamburg.

    10. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      Cheers, it's the community that's providing the updates, not the company runnign the show, which is bad form.
      I beleive the APL Merlion is the ship that's stuck in Singapore, so the mystery ship is unamed along with the the transfer ship in Singapore.
      I get that it's not CMON fault, but their attitude towards their backers stinks.

    11. Chainbreaker on

      @Steven: The information is mostly here in this and previous updates but needs to be combined from different sources. What can be deduced is this:
      -The Hanjin Africa carrying most of the german pledges was denied passage at suez but is now underway
      -The Hanjin "Mystery" with the rest of the german and the uk, spain, france & italy pledges is held in Singapur and they try to move the containers to another ship. So the name of the old ship isn't really important and the new ship was still unknown when the update was written
      -The APL Merlion was carrying the pledges for the other EU countries and already arrived

      That's what we know so far. What we need is a CMON update telling us the name of the ship those containers at singapur were moved to.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      Dear CMON
      Can we please get some useful information, like which ship is carrying which destinations cargo and what the name of the third ship actually is???
      This would be very useful to people using vessel finder to track the ships in order to get the updates you are no providing.
      Your lack of communication on this matter is shocking, giving the situation a upate every two weeks is not enough and I’m rapidly loosing faith in you as a company.

    13. Esteban

      Any news about the "rest of the world" shipments?

    14. Missing avatar


      @Shaun: No problem

    15. Shaun Alexander on

      @Kevin Thank you! Turns out it was the shipping payment. I was unaware that I was never billed the shipping.

    16. Chainbreaker on

      NEWSFLASH: Status for Hanjin Africa on vesselfinder changed from "waiting for orders" to "sailing to suez" with ETA tomorrow !

    17. Jean Von Popowl' on

      Et toujours aucune réponse de Cmon ...

    18. John R Hood on

      An advantage of air shipping would be that the backer packages would be readily available at the distribution centres for the courier in each country, which would cut down on warehouse costs; the items shouldn't be there for long before being delivered. The handling costs would also go down as it takes far less manpower to unload a plane than a ship.

      Air shipping would also be useful to restore backer confidence/goodwill.

    19. John R Hood on

      Here is an interesting comparison of air vs sea shipping and the amount you need to ship by air to have a favorable cost difference.

    20. John R Hood on

      That would be dependent on the cost of air shipping.

    21. Luca Francescangeli on

      Hey guys! Is there any update on EU shipping? Would it be possible to quickly organize an air shipment to the EU hub, if a boat one does not work? We paid for a delivery. It is not our problem if the company they selected for the task failed... isn't that right?

    22. Pedro Sánchez on

      I would be surprised and glad if we see our pledges at all. No matter when XD

    23. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      @Aleksander p : Oh but you are from Poland I see.
      So your pledge should be in Hamburg by now. No worry.

    24. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      @Aleksander : you simply ask cmon for a refund.
      I honestly hope I m wrong but I don't believe in a delivery this year anymore.

    25. Missing avatar

      Aleksander P on

      "Paposaure: And one month and a half or two for the trip itself + unloading + delivery etc.
      Well first quarter 2017 is a good bet."

      CMON , is it so ?

      If yes, I want my $400 back, I already lost interest in The Others 7 Sins.

      How can I do this ?

    26. pimous on

      Switzerland will be delivered in October ?

    27. Missing avatar



      Check . You may need to request a new password. Once you're logged in, look at The Others under Orders. When you click it, there should be an Order Status toward the top. It should say "Confirmed" in green. Scrolling down the page, you should see a summary of your order with a shipping cost and a Total Outstanding, which should be $0.

      If either of those things is different, most likely you missed the pledge manager and never paid for shipping. There was a Survey around November, then the Pledge Manager from December to February. Without the PM, they will not ship your order. If you believe you paid shipping, check whether you have a PayPal receipt.

      In case there is an issue:

      From CMON's website:

      CMON INC.
      1290 Old Alpharetta Rd
      Alpharetta GA 30005

      We can be reached by phone at 404-975-0975 during normal office hours EST 9am to 5pm. We do ask that if you can, please place your orders online. We'd love to hear from you too and you can use our contact form below or just email us at

    28. Shaun Alexander on

      Should I be concerned as a Continental US backer who still hasn't received their pledge?

    29. Montgrele on

      Two Hanjin vessels are now near Hamburg, the "Europe" and the "Harmony" are lying in a deepwater zone.
      Anything interesting on them?
      I live in Hamburg, I would be willing to fetch my game, pirate style ;-)

    30. Missing avatar

      Sergi on

      Well, good news, apparently. Hanjin has received 47 millions of euros, that should help some ships get through port bureacracy and all that. (in Spanish, sorry).

    31. Missing avatar

      Sergi on

      @Steven Same. I'm a little burned by the lack of communication and respect. I understand that you get a big discount in the kickstarter, but here in Spain the shipping is not that great anyway, and then you add the constant half-answered delays and this feeling that since we've already given the money our games can wait and wait and wait while Gencon and Essen and the stores get priority over us... and on top of that, just the fact that you wait SO MUCH even if everything goes normal (this is not CMON's fault per se, just kickstarter's way of doing things)... If Rising Sun is going to follow the same model than Blood Rage, I'll just wait for the Spanish version in the stores, it'll be better and I can play it with people than don't know English. That's taking into account that CMOn doesn't mess it up even more, in which case I wouldn't gave them money in any way.

    32. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      The whole month delay because of one bank holiday did seem like weak excuse for shipping late to europe.... and now it's bitten them hard.
      I've lost all faith in their kickstarters this year and would seriously have to think before backing another.
      I'm however wondering when it will apear on shop shelves in Europe as most stores still have it released listed as a November release. Like wolfsberg if this just magically apears on shop shelves without Cool or Not at least warning backers it's going to just throw more fuel onto the fire and make them look even worse.
      So how's about some proper communication with the facts?

    33. Brian Powell on

      Just read all of the updates on this and can only say one thing: This had GENCON's fault written all over it.

    34. Mark T

      Ah well at least I have Conan coming next month. At the moment it's more a getting things I paid for rather than excitement for the game. I'll probably enjoy it but these problems have been too long and drawn out. That holiday thing was just utter BS.

    35. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      Or not seems likely.
      Expect several weeks or months before our pledges start their journey to Germany. (hanjin issue to be solved)
      And one month and a half or two for the trip itself + unloading + delivery etc.
      Well first quarter 2017 is a good bet.

    36. Mark T

      So are we going to see our pledges any time before 2017 or not?

    37. Felipe Silveira Bulhões on

      Yes, it would be good to have any news about south american packages.

    38. Esteban

      Any news on the South American Packages?

    39. Juan Tron

      If you confirmed your pledge late, you will receive your pledge way late. Here is CMON's response to me. Note that it sounds I have to wait for another production run as they state when the product is in stock in CHINA.

      Hello Juan,
      According to our records, your order was completed after the packaging slips were generated, which means that you rpledge will be shipping out with the late confirms. Once we receive the product in stock from China, we will be shipping out late confirms in the order that we receive them. Once your package has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information and the information will also be uploaded into the pledge manager.

    40. Edward Crutchington

      Any news on the third ghost ship in Singapore yet?

    41. MichaelTMcD on

      No-one can reasonably blame CMON for a shipping company going bankrupt. If you wanted to I suppose you could suggest that other companies saw signs of Hanjin going belly up and avoided using them so perhaps CMON could have done the same. But I think thats unreasonable (and possibly they were on Hanjin ships due to being shipped through a group Hanjin are part of). So yes, it is silly to blame CMON for Hanjin declaring bankruptcy.

      However, this wouldnt be an issue (or as much of one) if it werent for things which one can legitimately criticise CMON for. The first would be (yet again) missing their projected date by a significant margin (despite having ample experience with KS, their production companies and their delivery pipeline). The second would be the ludicrous and consistent misinformation, if not perhaps outright lies, delivered to certain segments of backers e.g. the mysterious EU holiday, the sudden appearance of a third ship, etc. The third would be the poor level of communication and updates on the project post funding. And so on.

      Trying to deflect legitimate criticism by using hyperbolic positions (e.g. "OMG People are blaming CMON for Hanjin's bankruptcy!") to derail the conversation is, well, just sort of sad honestly. But also silly.

    42. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      Has the hanjin phantom been clearly identified now or our pledges are "somewhere" in Singapore Port?

    43. Judgement Dave

      @Ole "Think CMoN GAINS from this?"
      Don't tell me that you missed the update saying that CMON had bought out every single legal firm dealing in maritime law and were well on target to buy out the international bankruptcy specialists...
      It was two updates after the one that declared Ernst Blofeld the new owner of CMON.

    44. Ole Ingvar Stene

      CMoN are not perfect, but seriously people, you need to be a special kind of stupid to blame them for this one? Think CMoN GAINS from this?

    45. Missing avatar


      No worries, you misinterpreted the shipping time frame. It "clearly" stated March 2017. We are still on target for this date........

    46. Michael "erzengel" Probst

      So "March 2016" shipping is a farce now..., in September, with ships from bankrupt company Hanjin will "never" arrive...
      The bankruptcy is not the fault of CMON but the massive delay before shipping is the reason the games are on these ships... So CMON IS full responsible!

      Like the last KS Zombicide Black Plague which everybody got earlier in retail than their backers...
      It seems it will happen again!
      If yes, this was my last CMON KS and last CMON sale!

      So come on, CMON and do something to regret and give some hugh compensation to your loyal backers!
      This was my 8th CMON KS and the outcome will decide if this was my last...

    47. Missing avatar


      March 2016 delivery ... :D !!! GUYS !!! LOOK INTO YOUR MAILBOXES !!! YOU MUST HAVE MISSED THE PACKAGES BETWEEN NEWSPAPERS !!! This is even gonna be even better than ZBP delivery... seems it 's possible to learn from the past how to make things even worse... great job you guys! :D

    48. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      @tappedCrayfish : I don't understand how you can expect november delivery.
      Our pledges are stuck in Singapor with absolutely no good outcome of the Hanjin issue for now.
      November would be great but I think it is optimistic...

    49. Paul Davies on

      You really need to change the tag line on this project, my faith went a long time ago. Hanjin bankruptcy not your fault, the fact it wasn't shipped earlier because of your piss poor bank holiday excuse, definitely your fault and stinks of the usual CMON halve truths and ambiguitys from a few years ago. I thought you had got better since then.