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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Karel Byloos on

      In the update 58, they mention two ships for EU. HANJIN AFRICA/0020W & APL MERLION.
      In update 60, they mention 3 ships. Any idea what the name is of the last vessel?

      If you check the site of Hanjin. You can see that the ship HANJIN AFRICA is stuck at the Suez Canal. But no mention of the APL MERLION.

      In regard to the third ship they mentioned it was close to Hamburg. I assume it is or HANJIN EUROPE (waiting in open Sea) or HANJIN HARMONY (Berthing Preparation).

      As a EU backer from Belgium, I hope it is the HANJIN HARMONY.

    2. Nick Van Dusen on

      I haven't seen any mention of this impacting shipments to US backers, but a friend of mine received her copy nearly two months ago and I'm still waiting for mine...

    3. zombie57

      @CMON, please stock this "Have FAITH!" shit that you post.

      This is not a joke here and we're not children and have a little respect.

      We have backers without pledges, people that support that. We have a backrupt company where the actual most important thing is those poor workers on those cargo ships stuck at sea with I would assume limited food and water supplies and not knowing when they're going to see their familes next.

      Closing what is actually a set of depressing and bad news message with "Have FAITH!" is just BS when it comes to this. This is not a themed message like "Raise Thy Swords", this is actually something that should be taken a little more serious then this as your speaking about a company that has been seriously impacted with real people who are the workers. The lack of delivery of this game is really only a minor second issue compared to the real problem.

    4. Jean Von Popowl' on

      According to @Koen ... Déjà quelques projets que Cmon joue avec ses bakers, et surtout en prenant les européens pour des blaireaux. Et vu le taux de réponse (proche de zéro) de Cmon aux commentaires postés ici, et sur les anciens projets type BP, prouve bien qu'il n'en n'ont cure !
      Je ne cherche pas à obtenir une "compensation" (même si elle serait la bienvenue), connaissant maintenant Cmon et leur optique première n'est pas la satisfaction de leurs clients ; mais dèjà de voir que Cmon fait REELLEMENT quelque chose pour nous.
      Encore une fois, le jeu sortira dans les commerces AVANT que nous n'ayons les nôtres ; et j'ai de plus en plus l'impression que cela est fait de manière volontaire.
      PIGEONS ....

    5. Missing avatar


      This is such an obvious betrayal that I'm definitely not gonna back any more of CMON's campaigns. It simply sucks and they are making so much profit from it all on the backs of there loyal community...
      I mean... seriously? I have backed 1 man campaigns which ended BEFORE this campaign and already received it in perfect condition...
      Have FAITH in your **** or what?

    6. Kai Barnard

      any real news or are we just flapping int he wind

    7. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      Obviously Europe has been "sacrified" regarding the production and packaging.
      And then the Hanjin issue happened and that's one more sentence.

    8. Devil Inside Productions

      @Koen, agree 100% I believe that something happened at the factory and they were short of something for the KS pledges, then Europe were given the short straw and got the extra delay while that was rectified. And look where that's left us now.

    9. Koen Hallaert

      Instead of selling the game at Gencon, they should have put work into getting the games to the european backers. I've been working in logistics all my life, and NO company in the logistics business shuts down for an entire month. Sad to see that even a company like CMON lies to its backers.

    10. Ramon Romo on

      We know that things happen. Ok, but during these moments we should receive more updates than usual. Our games are in the middle of noway and apparently we are not going to receive them in the next couple of .... months?

    11. Missing avatar

      Aleksander P on

      I'm with Dani Dominus - I want my core box !!!

      And I hope you WILL NOT SELL the game at Spieltage in Essen.


    12. Missing avatar

      Sergi on

      They can a) have better communication b) start producing/rerouting games to send to the backers c) stop waiting to send the inevitable update where all of this is looking like we're going to get a 6 months to a year delay on a game that is already seven months late according to their estimated delivery date.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrej Medved on

      the worst part is that there is a big chance that backer games will go to Essen spiel and we will wait for next vessel in 2017 :(

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrej Medved on

      I'm angry because of the fake holidays delay.. just to catch the Essen Spiel...that backfired.

      but really what can CMON do here? What update you expect?
      They are a big company in the boardgaming industry.. but boardgaming industry is small compared to others..Maybe they have 10 containers on Hanjin vessel.. which can hold up to 8000/10000 containers. They have no real power in this area.
      What I want to say is that they can only read the news and report them here same us some of the backers are already doing.

    15. Dani Dominus on

      Good morning CMON,

      The Hanjin situation is the strow that broke the camel's back of the EU backers.
      1) Have we believe that you don't know about the chinese new year?
      2) The HUB in Germany is closed the whole August?
      3) The ship couldn't start the trip during August for arriving in the first days of september?

      Cuestions badly answered with absolute lies.

      So please, send to the backers the core copies that you keep for retailers and fix something before it explode on you.

    16. Ian in SLC on

      News update:

      Big take away from the article is that some of the ships are not being allowed to make it into port.

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven John Date on

      An update of any kind would be helpful CMON

    18. Thomas lesh on

      I'm in Wa. state and STILL waiting for my email :(

    19. Matthias Kroll

      An update would be nice CMON....

    20. Wolfgang Zellermayer

      any news on when well get our items CMON?

    21. Bruno Gaia

      Real lack of regular updates on this KS in the current circumstances...
      As a EU backer I'm glad I have good reviews on the game to quench some of my thirst. Without this hope I'd be extremely angry...

    22. Larkin on

      Hanjin Africa still stuck at suez and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I don't expect my game before christmas.

    23. Manuel Sapage on

      @Itthi Mongkolwat
      Perhaps this will help?
      It still only has a phone but at least is an international one with the English option.
      If that doesn't work, you can try to send an email to CMON.

    24. Jack Rayner on

      So any update when we should expect to see our goodies in the UK?

    25. Itthi Mongkolwat on

      I have check my EMS tracking but why my item stuck at Guangzhou for a month now.
      and I can't find a way to contact China EMS they have only phone call and I can't call to them.
      what should i do ?

    26. Eric LAURENT on

      @ Andrew Lee : most trackers show her still in the red sea?????

      Yes because it sank....if we are lucky the container is floating somewhere... :(
      ....I guess it will be the next CMON update we are all waiting for.

    27. Hubert on

      @Andres: I do not believe it left Suez. I think its there where we see it on vesselfinder...

    28. Frédéric Petit

      @Eric LAURENT Chinese Gods before ;-)

    29. Frédéric Petit

      @Eric LAURENT Both and maybe all Gods of the universe too ;-)))))

    30. Aleksi Satukangas on

      Well this kickstarter has been a rollercoaster of disappointment and continues to be so.

    31. Andrew Lee on

      According to Hanjins own vessel tracker Hanjin Africa has arrived and cleared Suez overnight though most trackers show her still in the red sea?????

    32. Missing avatar

      Christopher Rusk on

      Is there a way to find out if your specific geographic area was impacted or if your pledge has been shipped or not? I'm not even sure if I have been delayed or not.

    33. Eric LAURENT on

      @ Frédéric Petit : you'd better ask to Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy :)

    34. Eric LAURENT on

      I would like to thank all the backers who give us updates on the ship status. I wish CMON would do the same and their lack of communication is irritating.

    35. Frank Wisnes

      I don't think impatience is a sin though.

    36. Frédéric Petit

      I think a commercial gesture from CoolMiniOrNot would be appreciated :-)

    37. Alan Morales on

      CALIFORNIA people! I just got my FedEx notice and it said there are two packages total weight is 50.10lb and eta is next Wednesday ....I hope so.

    38. Mark T

      I did read this though and it says a little ways down in the article that Hamburg is a safe port.

    39. Mark T

      Well I waited to see if the ship moved but apparently it's still awaiting orders. Looks like we've got a long wait on our hands.

    40. Missing avatar


      @Matt Drake: Agreed, 90 days really seems like it would be the misdelivery sweet spot. I hope it gets worked out for you.

    41. Mark T

      Lets hope!

    42. Andrew Lee on

      Schedule indicates that Africa will be arriving at Suez Port between midnight and 1am BST and then departing 5pm BST tomorrow evening through the canal. If it docks tonight then we could be back in business!

    43. Mark T

      I've watched Hanjin Africa most of the day and it's going around in circles :(

    44. Matt Drake

      @kevin Thank you! They contacted me today and told me it hasn't actually been shipped, so hopefully they can get the address changed before that happens. FedEx told me I can't sign up for that service until I've been at the new place for 90 days (which seems counter-intuitive, because that would seem like the time when it would be most likely to have mail go to the wrong house).

    45. Missing avatar

      Sergi on

      So... someone with a little experience in shipping/ks's/whatever can speculate when we will see the game here in Europe? Is there any chance of seeing it in october, early november?

    46. Manuel Sapage on

      Do you think that the European hub can handle the containers from both vessels at the same time without screwing up the orders?
      If they did, why would they send the orders in two separate vessels in the first place? Just a thought.

    47. Mark T

      Yeah it looks like it's waiting on orders. I think once the money side of things is sorted out with the bail out things should start moving a little quicker.

    48. Judgement Dave

      @Frederick Looks like HANJIN AFRICA didn't pass Suez overnight.
      VesselFinder is showing her still idling away south of Suez with the last report from her being within the last couple of hours…