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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Edward Fife on

      I haven't received my copy yet, is there any way to check my shipping status?

    2. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      I, too, got the paints and no minis.
      Anyway, it will be my first time painting , complete beginner.
      I've read the the army painter guide, I have a book about painting and wtached several videos.
      But I must confess this seems an unreachable goal, what is shown in the different updates....
      I understand the basic step : priming, basecoat, wash and drybrush.
      But experimented people give some advice, how much time to get a good result.
      Is one priming, one bascoat, one wash and one drybrush enough?
      Thx for your help everyone. :)

    3. Manuel Sapage on

      I just got my paints and no minis to paint them on...

    4. Lee Northway on

      Be warned army painter have a habit of renaming paints that have been out for ages and calling it a new paint set.

    5. Errol George Davison on

      Still waiting for any proof of shipping my order. And Cmon is not answering my mails. Such a wonderful company�

    6. Paint'Riot Studio

      any news on EU shipping ?

    7. Alan Morales on

      CALIFORNIA people!!! its the 28th and no notice or anything! has anyone received their pledge yet? Coolmini has not responded to my questions so if anyone has some solid info I would appreciate it.

    8. Silver Hawke on

      I'm probably going to pick this up with the quickshaders. I'm still waiting on my game but I don't want to miss the deal :D

    9. Benancio Pineda on

      Really looking forward to the painting guides.

    10. RoelandVL on

      Why are so many of you so negative about this update? Thanks to to this update I decided that maybe I should start painting all my miniatures because it looks awesome, and not only on CMoN games. The Army Painter's paints are on par with other brands and their quickshaders give you a nice mini without too much effort.So thank you for this deal and while waiting for my game to be shipped I will do something useful, like playing boardgames, instead of whining.

    11. Lazerus101 on

      Have to concur with what some others have said. Army Painter brushes are total guff and this "deal" isnt much of a deal. You can get everything much cheaper if you shop around.

    12. Manuel Sapage on

      I really want the mega bundle, but I'm very hesitant to buy the paints before getting the minis. Are you really asking us to have that much faith? I don't know... :(

    13. Isaac Rooskov on

      No postage to Australia - could have saved me some time by stipulating that in the update :(

    14. Michael V. Drejer on

      For once shipping won't be an issue for me. The Army Painter guys are located 20 km from me, so yay for paints (and no minis to paint). I had already considered getting the TO:7sins paint set, so I don't mind this deal, though I don't really need the brushes.

    15. Missing avatar


      Buy a paint set before the game even arrives? Dream on, guys...

    16. Darren Christie

      Wait let me think - er no. What am I going to paint? I'm in the EU so already being shafted by CMoN - don't fancy giving you or a partner a second chance

    17. Denis Maddalena

      @Dan Fuller
      Man, if you wind up with something missing, just strap in for a ride. Took me almost five months to get replacements for some XenoShyft stuff.

    18. Missing avatar


      Still waiting for ultimate survivors 2

    19. Dan Fuller on

      Pushing a The Others: 7 Sins paint set, (that would've been better suited as an add on during the KS) after the KS and before a large amount of backers actually have their pledges,(with ya know minis to paint) seems to indicate one thing. This update seems to indicate that CMON's main concern is making as much profit as possible. Now while in of itself there is nothing inherently wrong with making a profit, (after all that is one of the purposes of establishing a company). However, things such as customer service, respect for those who buy your products and providing actual honest non-confusing communication, (should a company choose to do so) should not be set aside or abandoned all together in the name of making a profit. Furthermore if you are going to push a product that is not available to all of your customers than you should offer a reasonably similar alternative. Up until shipping of pledges started I had no issues/complaints, but no seeing how unorganized CMON's approach to shipping is and how nonchalant they appear to be regarding concerns of backers only serves to further those concerns.

    20. Todd Ferrullo on

      They could have shown us some of the remaining miniatures painted (men of faith, sons of ragnarok, etc) at the least while trying to hock new product.

    21. Charles Dexter Ward

      So even though I'm a backer of this, it doesn't apply to me because they won't ship to Canada.

    22. Charles Dexter Ward

      Too bad can't this shipped to Canada.

    23. Denis Maddalena

      This deal... not so good actually.

      If you want to paint, Army Painter paints aren't bad, but their brushes... no. Just buy the paint from an online vendor, and a Winsor Newton 1, and you'll not only have a better brush, but save at least 10 bucks from this "sale" price.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Kropp on

      Wow, lot of crankiness going on in here. Looks like a good deal to me, happy to be made aware of it.

    25. estrus on

      Alan backers in CA are reporting they are getting their shipments next week. I myself (in Portland, OR) got notice yesterday for delivery next Thurs.

    26. Alan Morales on

      I have not received my pledge yet and CoolMini has not answered any of my messages regarding my order, I wouldn't want to order anything else or consider it until I get my pledge or someone can answer my questions. So far I'm very upset that many people were able to purchase the game before the people that pledge support did, and from all those comments I'm not the only one with communication problems, so the fact that you guys want to sell a paint set without addressing your backers concerns is very disappointing and disrespectful. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BACKERS!!! Stop avoiding our concerns!! Your shipping updates are not clear!! Contact your hubs and get real updates to notify all backers!! Also give instructions on how to download the soundtrack on iOS and other mobile devices or use a proper download hub for it .This is the least you can do for your supporters This is something to consider on the next Kickstarter CoolMini offers.

    27. Paint'Riot Studio
      on can also have it alone on armypainter website.....or on a retailer have it....

    28. Paint'Riot Studio

      @estrus/rob,the paint looks like the red beige from vallero/prince august.....

    29. Paint'Riot Studio

      want to recieved my package before :)

    30. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      @estrus, you mix some orange in with pale flesh? ;)

    31. estrus on

      What is the point of a KS exclusive paint lol? What happens when you run out?

    32. Agreave (A new wardrobe IS required) on

      I actually like the look of the paints-but sadly no figures to paint, as I'm a second class EU backer :/

    33. GM Drew on

      Hmm... no minis have showed up at my house. Hence, paint not needed.

    34. Michael Glambeck

      I saw this paint set on meeplemart as a TBA, but of course it'll be without the special deal that backers get from TAP

    35. Peter G. Evans

      I'd be more excited about this if I had my game or at least a shipping notification.

      I have never been into painting miniatures, but have been strongly considering starting after watching several YouTube videos on techniques.

    36. Eli Butcher on

      I get some people's frustration, but this is a deal being offered by The Army Painter, in celebration of CMON's The Others game coming out, since their product is essentially a "tie-in". It would be wrong of CMON to not mention it, as well as they're supporting a partnership with The Army Painter. CMON has no control over who TAP ships to.

    37. the other jason on

      oops my bad missed the last update saying it wont be here till the middle of next month lol derp

    38. the other jason on

      so no mention of where the eu ships are but a paint set that tbh im not fussed about cmon get your priorities right wheres my stuff

      cheers thanks jason

    39. The Inner Geek on

      @Owen I understand the disappointment, but to imply none of the 10,000+ backers should be made aware of the offer because some backers cannot take advantage of it seems a bit selfish.

      In all fairness, if they offered the EU something that I couldn't get I'd probably be disappointed too. But, I could still be excited for my fellow EU gamers who got the offer.

    40. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      @Inner Geek: Some of us are complaining because it doesn't ship to our countries. Therefore, an update saying that it is a special "deal", sent to all backers, is rather bad on the companies customer relations.

    41. The Inner Geek on

      Wow... I think the average CMON commenter would complain about free stripper factories and beer volcanoes...

      "The factory is not producing enough blondes, I only like blonde strippers, the factory should be shut down"

      "The beer is too dark, I only like pilsners, no one should get the beer"

    42. Kevin O'Mara on

      @Matthias Schneider - No new miniatures. Paints only.

    43. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      Yeah...that's just not right. Posting something about paints, when only select countries are able to benefit from it....might want to quadruple check those things before even contemplating that.

    44. Angus Lost

      oh sweet! paints I can't buy because I'm not in Europe or the US... doesn't make a guy feel particularly valued as a backer. :/

    45. Matthias Schneider on

      Beinhalten diese Sets neue Miniaturen? Nein, oder?
      Does this sets contains new miniatures? No, or?

    46. Daudod on

      So.. Europeans won't see our games until October... but this deal ends on... August 31st? Is this a joke?

    47. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      Looks great, totally sucks that they don't ship to Canada. Probably best not to send out updates that all of your backers can't benefit from. This is more of a "hey look at this cool set that you can't have...".

    48. soulchief on

      Updates are not meant to sell products from third parties, use your newsletter for this.. Please don't spam us here.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jason peacock on

      Let's not call 8 paints for 55 USD a deal. Geez.