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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Austen Mengler on

      I'm from Perth, Australia and still haven't received my pledge of the game + art book + lithograph. Any info on how to get a tracking number for the delivery? Thanks.

    2. Mike Dempsey on

      Still waiting in Indiana. Keeping the Faith on pins and needles.

    3. Esteban

      Any news on the last few South America packages?

    4. Missing avatar

      Greg Steiner on

      @daniel bogdan, same in long island

    5. Volkan Küçükemre on

      Just received a tracking number from Turkey.

      Have Faith, RoW! ^_^

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bogdan on

      Haven't gotten a tracking number nor a package, Faith level, NYC

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Garcia on

      Received my Fed Ex shipping info and should be here by this Friday. \(^^)/ Location: Colorado

    8. William H. Nelson on

      I think I may have just received a tracking number here in the Seattle, WA area.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kurt Ranes on

      Still waiting for mine as well here in Washington state.

    10. Missing avatar

      rob gale on

      hay in Oz and still waiting.....any updates please?????!

    11. Glass Cabinet Hobbies on

      Just posting to add to the places that may not have games. Florida and no game yet. However I think I know someone locally that got it a few weeks back or something but no game for me yet. Just making sure its still coming :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Justin Hansen on

      Still waiting in Texas

    13. Missing avatar

      Marcus Tibblin on

      How does the Hanjin shipping bankruptcy affect the EU deliveries?

    14. Warlock00 on

      cover.jpg is actually a psd/8bps file. You can click on the image above and save it.

    15. MichaelTMcD on

      @2ndlayer I'm fully aware of what promised means. Its the past tense of the verb promise, one of the definitions of promise being "give good grounds for expecting (a particular occurrence)" an estimated date from a proven company's twenty second kickstarter certainly meets that definition.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Garcia on

      If I read the site correctly, the last North American cargo ship (SANTA LIVIA 001E) is scheduled to be delivered 9/08/2016 to Savannah. The CMoN rep that emailed me last week said they were getting a shipment this week. Maybe it arrived early? or she was mistaken on when it arriving. So close!!!

    17. William H. Nelson on

      Still waiting in Seattle. No tracking and no shipment yet. :(

    18. Missing avatar


      Any ROW with their stuff yet? I'm worried my package was swallowed by Cthulhu or sumtin'.

    19. Eileen Lee on

      Still waiting on tracking number. Hope to get it soon. Anyone else in the same boat?? :(

    20. King Purvis on

      I have yet to receive any type of tracking number or address verification. Can we receive an update on the product itself and not a way to spend more cash?

    21. Rob Byers on

      Still waiting in Ohio.

    22. Missing avatar

      Thorin on

      someone knows where is the second ship? (the first is in Sri Lanka...)

    23. Missing avatar

      Mike McCarthy on

      Still waiting in Arizona as well. Fortunately, CMON games are worth the wait!

    24. Missing avatar


      Not yet... still waiting in Germany too ;)....

    25. Missing avatar

      Aleksander P on

      Someone from Germany received something ... ? :-(

      The very busy European distribution center has probably another 2 weeks of vacation. ;-)

      They certainly worked very hard so they deserve 4 or even 6 weeks of vacation.

      "Anthony Felton" - I hope you will receive your minis in January - so you will be able to paint even more old stuff ;-)

    26. Sebastien (Space Pirate) on

      @Marco Depends. As a EU backer, I only received a tracking numbers for the ultimate survivors 2, and it was after reception of the package, and a second time 1 week later, for the same product. For Zombicide BP base box or the resrt of the order, absolutely no tracking number.

    27. Marco Lazzeri on

      Will we be warned & receive tracking # when itens ship?

    28. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Garcia on

      Just received word that there is one container being delivered next week still for North America.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Garcia on

      I'm a total newb to this whole Kickstarter. This game was my very first backing. I was wondering if anyone knew which cargo ship or port handles the Colorado region? I saw some links in other posts but I couldn't figure it out. When I contact CMoN on 8/12/2016 I received a response the same day stating the package would be shipped early the following week. No tracking info has been received yet. I'm thinking maybe the cargo ship is still en route.

    30. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      Still haven't got mine yet. Been trying out ZBP and R&B. Pretty cool games. Lobotomy is TBD on delivery and Rail Raiders Infinite's right on schedule. Then next year will be MD, R&B 2, ED2 and TWD: NS......hopefully.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jason Jones on

      I just can't win, I should get my game on Monday aug 29th or Tuesday Aug 30th next week, but now Canada post is talking about going on strike. If they go on strike it will start this Sunday Aug 28th which means no game for me:(

    32. Stephen Zammit on

      @Tom Bath - I haven't received anything either and also freaking out a bit. Have contacted Aetherworks but haven't gotten a response. Hopefully it all works out for us.

    33. William H. Nelson on

      @Michael Kruml-Ditto for what Andrew said.

    34. Andrew Parsons on

      @Michael Kruml - have you had any updates for Seattle area? It's the 23rd, and I don't even have a packing slip on the pledgemanager, so I'm assuming Fedex doesn't have it yet.

    35. Missing avatar


      @Darren Christie: brilliant analysis! Could not have done it better myself!

    36. Anthony Felton on


      I am disappointed so many people are complaining. My friend, who works at the same school I do, got his box 5 weeks ago. Mine still hasn't arrived. However, rather than bitch and mine about how unfair that is, I have been checking the shipping details. My box should have arrived in port at the end of last week, been unpacked early this week, and I will probably get it before the end of this week.

      Annoying? Yes, but it happens and I understand that. Estimations are given, then backing starts. If they get more than they expected, production time expands. I am still waiting on other projects that were supposed to arrive at the end of last year. Some that I have already received were also very late. Not once have I ever not received what I paid for, and on very rare occasions I have been given a little extra for the delay.

      If you don't want to wait for the production times, don't use Kickstarter. However, if you want to support companies get cool idea off the ground for a reasonable price, then stick it out, be patient and supportive.

      In other words, suck it up princesses and stop complaining. US patrons, you often get free shipping from what I see throughout Kickstarter. So spare a thought the next time you want to rant about you should be first to get it. Hey, we pay for our shipping. Does that mean we have backed the project more than you and should get ours first? No. It simply means the company doesn't have to freight across the world at a large cost, so is able to do a deal with local transit companies. I don't like it, but I live with it.

      Retailers getting their product first? Good. More people getting the game and learning the rules. I still paid less than they will and got mo stuff as well. Again, I can live with that.

      I have already the chance to look through box and I know the product is amazing. CMON always have great minis and this is no exception. I did make the wait more frustrating knowing exactly what I hadn't received yet, but will make its arrival all the more enjoyable.

      Patience. In the mean time, get the rest your crap painted, because you are not going to want to paint anything else when these figures arrive!

    37. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      Still haven't got mine yet, and Rail Raiders Infinite is right around the corner as my next delivery.
      Lobotomy is still TBD.

    38. Missing avatar

      Mr. Nobody on

      For those who are interested, there's a web ( which allows you to track vessels and find out where they are approximately. You just have to introduce the vessel name, Hanjin Africa for example, and you got all the information.

      I hope this could help a little :D

    39. Tom Bath

      Did anyone in Australia get shipping information?
      I'm kinda freaking out I might miss the delivery

    40. Missing avatar

      grainger on

      It's etd estimated time of departure and eat estimated time of a rival then you've got to add courier time onto that

    41. Darren Christie

      It's obvious what happened. Priority to US and having product for GenCon to sell. Followed by trying to save money by having EU shipment and Essen product leave at same time. In meantime give bs reason for delay and shafting EU, get Dice Tower guy Oren to act as corporate shill saying how great the folks at CMoN are, salt of earth, do anything for you types, job done.

    42. Missing avatar

      grainger on

      Stuart log in and there's a download file I thought the same only backsers can download I guess

    43. Stuart Baines on

      Anyone else unable to download this music?

    44. Ryan on

      Yeah I wish these updates were a little easier to decipher. I'm not one that's used to looking at cargo shipping manifests so the info we're given is kinda foreign to me.

      But no update on the pledge manager so I guess mine is still in a shipping container somewhere and not in the mail to me yet. That's my takeaway.

    45. Judgement Dave

      I do like the way that all the Sins tracks have titles that aren't just the name of the sin, except Sloth.

    46. Matt Drake

      I'm very excited. I am looking forward to the game and I'm thrilled to know it's happening real soon.

    47. Missing avatar

      2nd Layer on

      @MichaelTMcD: I really wish you wouldn't use "promised" when you clearly don't know what it means. There was never a time frame promised. It clearly says "estimated delivery".

    48. Derek Mackinnon on

      Thanks! Got my shipping notice yesterday afternoon :) Was supposed to be ddelivered today, but it didn't make it out of the GTA, so I'll now get it Monday. Still can't wait! :)

    49. Battleshark on

      For all of you fearing the Oktoberfest will crush your delivery, let me ease it for you. I'm living in Germany for my whole life and never recognized Oktoberfest impacting on german mail services.
      Since all the EU stuff is landing in Hamburg, which is north of germany and roudn about 400km away from Munich (south), I dont supect this to impact on shipping at all. I know that I may disappoiont some of you wiht this, but Its not like the whole country is boozy and shitfaced in October ;)
      Like said before, there is a bankholliday on 3rd of October, shuting down the whole country for a day. If we're in a bad luck, shipping will be ready for mail around this date. This would mean an aditional day of delay which is, compared to the whole delay in this KS, a minor drawback.
      Have F.A.I.T.H and see the upside on this. Our stuff is on its way and it will arrive just in time for the shitty weather hiting us in fall :D