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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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      Greg Steiner on

      9/10, still no tracking info or delivery in NYC

    2. King Purvis on

      Any word on this? I have never seen tracking information?

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Clifford on

      Still no delivery to California, USA...

    4. Missing avatar

      Sal Gruttadauria on

      Aug 29 and no delivery or tracking.

    5. Missing avatar

      Alejandro De La Mora on

      I got my pledge, but didn't get any of the kickstarter exclusives. Where those sent on a different box? Should I be worried?

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul S on

      @Paletti They had it an GenCon with Arcadia quest too, which is fine with me, as those weren't the Kickstarter sets. It's also one of the big places to pitch and sell new games or concepts. CMON does really need a community manager though as they have a truly dedicated following which drops millions into these campaigns.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paletti on

      So I wasn't talking about 'lack of communication' or 'flat out ignoring of messages' or 'guilt of CMON' or 'the lack of a community service manager'.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paletti on

      @Paul S: Where did I say I have had good luck with them? My experience: I backed this project and now I wait for the product (as it goes with every Kickstarter project), that's it. And by the way, I live in the EU so I will be last to receive the game.
      Don't get me wrong, I really hope that people have a good feeling when having backed a project (I don't know if this a correct sentence, not a native English speaker), I only replied on a comment saying that it was not nice receiving the product after people already picked up the game at Gen Con. CMON warned up front that this scenario would be possible and that if you don't like this scenario, that you shouldn't back the project. I didn't say anything else.

    9. estrus on

      KS really needs to add an ignore/stifle button so we can get the useful info and leave out the whining and empty threats.

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul S on

      @Paletti The lack of communication. responses, and flat out ignoring of messages does not excuse them. As stated they should have this down to a science by now. If time needs to be planned for then they need to push out the date. People would be a lot happier with an early delivery, late just pissrs people off. Their baker kit people are horrible to deal with too. We're glad you've had good luck with them but some of us have had a horrible time with this project.

    11. Court Campion on

      Just got my box and holy cow is it HUGE. I was not expecting a nearly 4 foot tall box that weighs 24 pounds! I just spent the last 2 hours opening and examining each component and figure and wow I am impressed by the quality.

      Overall, there is a lot of wasted space in the expansion boxes with the figure trays and for someone like me who is lack on space I combined everything (Core + 7 Sin, O,B,G Teams) into the core box, two "team" boxes, and the Apocalypse box.

      I'm willing to send anyone the empty boxes for the 5 Sins, Beta and Omega Team if they pay shipping. And, I'd love it if anyone was looking to change boxes and had an empty Core box they'd be willing to send me I'd be grateful!

    12. Missing avatar


      @Quesi00: Agreed.

    13. Quesi00 on

      @Paletti: Being "warned" does NOT alleviate CMON of guilt.
      They need to figure out their production chain. After 20+ projects the number of surprises should be hovering around zero.
      They also need someone act as a community service manager. You know give us updates and respond to concerns & complaints etc.
      Basically the point is, relying on an excessively broad campaign disclaimer to wash their hands of accountability and rabid fans to badger any dissenting voices is not exactly model customer service.
      In fact, it's actually abysmal customer service.

    14. Darrell Jones on

      Got confirmation from FedEx yesterday. Mine is to be delivered 8/20 in Southern California.

    15. Missing avatar

      Paletti on

      @I_Eat_Food: you were warned on the campaign page: "Please note that while we do our best to get you your rewards in a timely manner, you may not necessarily receive your rewards before the product makes it into distribution in your own country or before it's made available in conventions and special promotion opportunities. We hope that the special price and exclusive items you will get during the Kickstarter will make up for any such possible lag. However, if this is something that is not acceptable to you, please do not back this project, and instead wait for the retail release. Thank you for your understanding."

    16. Jason Masarik on

      Got a shipping notice and tracking number today. I'm in NY.

    17. Missing avatar

      R.Webster on

      Starting to feel a little disappointing myself. Colleague who works meters away got his delivered last week but no sign of mine yet.
      Hoping that its something alphabetical his surname starts with B, mine with W or he got some sort of preferential shipping as he got a couple of extra things.

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul S on

      My last one also. I called baker kit folks and they were horrribly unprofessional and aloof. Can't tell me anything, referred me to FedEx, and that was it. I'm going to see if my credit card company can do anything at this point.

    19. Michael Holland

      I wish it had worked for me Garrett Lacich. My forwarding has worked for all of my other mail and deliveries but this one.

    20. Missing avatar

      Wayne Welgush

      Yeah this was my last one as well since their next one I pledged and shipping came in at $75 on a $100 pledge. Got a refund on that one, and checking this one I noticed that they gave me a $25 credit on the $75 shipping fee which I paid. Was reasonable enough to make me pay the shipping grudgingly thus making me no longer willing to pledge to CMON projects in the future, shipping is way to much. Hopefully they will reply to this soon about the Canadian shipping here since I removed my self from their email list because I view their emails as spam now.

    21. Garrett Lacich on

      Central Florida - I just received mine today. No tracking notice or anything. I also moved after the cutoff to change shipping address and just set up my forwarding address with the post office and it got delivered no problem.

    22. I_eat_food on

      This is my LAST CMON project, having my friends come home from GENCON with it and I still don't have mine is pathetic.

    23. Missing avatar

      Wayne Welgush

      It has been over a month now and there has been no update for Canadian shipments of this product. I have not even received my product as well and am wondering what is happening here. Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

    24. Strogar on

      got the tracking number email about 3 weeks after the packages were delivered....never got any notice from CMoN for the ZBP package.
      the only way to get the tracking before it gets delivered would be to sign up with FedEx and get the notifications when something is scheduled to be delivered to your address.

    25. Tyrone

      I haven't received a tracking number either, but I'm not in California.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul S on

      Has anyone in northern California received theirs? I do not have an email with tracking and it's not posted in the backer kit site.

    27. Michael Holland

      Yep, thank you for the link. I have sent them a message. Being the weekend, I don't think I will hear from them for a bit.

    28. Missing avatar


      @Michael Holland: Try

      Good Luck.

    29. Michael Holland

      I received my tracking info and when I checked, it said it was delivered last Friday (8 days ago). Dug into it and it was delivered to an old address. :( Called a friend near the old location and they went to check for me (because the house hasn't been rented out yet) and there was a delivery slip but the package was long gone. Not sure what can be done at this point. :(

    30. Nigel McNaughton on

      Or look 4 comments down.

    31. Charles Dexter Ward

      "Canada packages will be ready to ship later in the week. We'll update you when we have the shipment information."

      So I guess I can only assume they still don't have shipment information to Canada.

    32. Missing avatar

      James Leisner on

      @Andrew I received an email from Fedex of the label being printed and a tracking number, about a day later I received an email from CMON under "CKPM" notifying me of the shipment.

    33. Court Campion on

      My tracking number originally said delivery was scheduled for today but it never updated past "shipment info received" until just now and it's not coming until next week now. Boooo! So excited I can't wait another 4 days.

    34. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      @Matt, sweet! Thanks for posting!

    35. Strigis Nox on

      For all of us Canadians waiting for word, I got this message about 30 min ago.

      "CoolMiniOrNot says:
      Hello Matt,
      We are still waiting for the container to arrive at our Canadian hub. Once we have shipping information, we will update the pledge managers."

    36. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      @Alan, stop being rediculous and chill out! Many backers have recieved thiers so far, with many left to go. People buying the game at GenCon had to pay at least $55 more for thier copy as thats the cost of admission. They were also only able to buy the base game only. If you look on BGG or YouTube you will see many different pics/videos of unboxings. CMON are notorious for very slow updates, and they typically only do that when they have new information. For the record, I still have no idea where my pledge is yet either, it ok, you're going to get it. Try and find something else to occupy your time until it shows up, or don't.

    37. Alan Morales on


    38. Alan Morales on

      has ANY ONE received theirs yet??? if you have please take pics of the miniatures to see the quality of the detail, please!! and yes It does suck that they can sell copies of the game at Gen Con and no backer has theirs yet, I wonder if they sold the kickstarter exclusives at Gen Con too?

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mariani on

      What's the email address that the shipping info came from?

    40. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mariani on

      Kansas City and still nothing. Come on Midwest shipping!!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      James Leisner on

      Just received a shipping notification, I'm in Illinois.....sin is manifesting in the midwest!

    42. thanossurfer on

      @Court..awesome..hopefully I will have mine soon. Congrats

    43. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Garcia on

      Reside in Colorado and no word yet on tracking/delivery. I did see the game at Gen Con and it looks fantastic! Was kind of bummed they were selling it there and most backers haven't received theirs yet.

    44. Brian Powell on

      @Sion - I would assume we'll get an update when Canada does.

    45. Sion Oxford on

      Is Europe on the boat yet?

    46. Benoit Toulouse on

      Any update for the Canadian shipment?

    47. Missing avatar


      Any update on Puerto Rico boxes?? I have yet to receive a shipping or tracking email =(

    48. Nigel McNaughton on

      Arrived in Wellington, NZ.

    49. John Armbruster on

      I'm in El Paso Texas and have not receive anything. Still waiting.

    50. Missing avatar

      robert on

      in TN and still not a peep...anyone in my area still waiting?