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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Ramon Romo on

      I saw some miniatures during the Salute. They looked amazing!
      I cannot wait but I guess that Black Plague has priority

    2. Missing avatar

      R.Webster on

      So many comments asking for an update, it it really 'pushy' or 'demanding' to ask for something that resembles regular updates.
      Monthly updates would be fine by me (and other i know who have backed this), even if it a 'production still going strong' or 'slight delays' any information is better than none.

    3. Missing avatar

      benwerden on

      Super Excited! Any updates?

    4. Eddie on

      This project still exists?

    5. Missing avatar

      Christian Skovgaard on

      Hi how do i change shipping address?


    6. Mark Bird on

      The last two updates took a month & 10 days to come through, so if that is anything to go by you could possibly "expect" to see one around the start of June.

      I don't think there is much to report so they're not spending the time to give an update, which is fair enough.

      I'm as excited as the next person to see another update come through, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

      You can check out some great paint jobs on the Studio McVey Facebook page (like I did today) if you want to see something fresh to keep you engaged :)

    7. Shi Kwan Pak Stanley on

      Come on guys!! Any update for this game?

    8. Alex Tzakis on

      So is there an updated schedule anywhere in regards to this game?

    9. Mark Bird on

      Thanks for listing off Todd :) Certainly an update or two worth of miniatures to see painted! That's still a decent chunk.

      Still can wait for this game, even just to get stuck into painting it all.

    10. Ryan Smith on

      I'm surprised this update didn't mention The Army Painter's recently announced Others paint set.

    11. Todd Ferrullo on

      I believe that the only figures we not seen painted yet are the five Apocalypse figures (although they were shown at Salute), the two KS exclusive figures that come with that set, the seven Sons of Ragnarok set figures, Baldur and the five Men of Faith figures.

    12. Domenic Gefeng on

      Really great news !! :) thx

    13. Sam

      Love the card stock news! Thank you so much for that.
      Appreciate the short update just to touch base. :)

    14. Rand Chua TL on

      Hope to see a picture of the cards.

    15. Mark Bird on

      I'm with Tristan, these short updates are great just to know things are running as expected. Hopefully another in June.

      That being said the card stock is awesome news, definitely makes a great difference for longevity of components.

      Hope to see more of the miniatures painted. Has anyone been leeping track of what has been done and what is still left to see?

    16. Scott D

      Fantastic news about the card stock. It will give the game an even more deluxe feel to it which matches nicely with the miniatures.

    17. Todd Ferrullo on

      Great news on the cards but how about posting some more pictures of painted miniatures to tide us over.

    18. Tristan Whitley on

      Thank you for letting us know. I'm more than happy to have these kind of short updates just to know that things are ticking along okay.

    19. Mark T

      That sounds great to me. Having thicker card stock will make for easier demon slaying! Now to find a demon with aversion to cardboard!

    20. Bruno Gaia

      Sounds like a "free stretch goal" to me the card stock. This KS has been great since the beginning and it goes on that way! Goooood!

    21. The Inner Geek on

      Will the weight of the card stock be sufficient to, say, beat an unruly opponent with?

      Either way, woot for heavier card stock!

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Lionheart on

      Thank you! Heavier card stock is always a good thing.

    23. Olli Toivonen on

      Thank you for the "free" card stock upgrade. We all appreciate your move on there.

    24. Missing avatar

      Caldebraun on

      That's great -- thanks for the update. Even a tiny bit of good news is better than no news.

      Looking forward to this.

    25. Shawn Torno

      Good news. Thanks for the update.

    26. Frederik Wunderlich on

      That is great news and unexpected kudos for investing the savings in higher quality materials instead of pocketing it :) This gives me Faith ;)

    27. Danny Shafer

      Can't wait to play this great looking game!!!

    28. Chantal Noordeloos

      Is it July yet?? Squee!!

    29. Ken Lo on

      can't wait. wish we was receive this earlier tho :(

    30. Bill the Raven on

      I love the card stock upgrade. An improvement on the thinness for some of Zombicide and Blood Rage character/clan is appreciated!