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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. M Lawler on

      Also, Augustine's neck does look a touch long but his head looks a bit small too which would make the neck seem even longer.

    2. M Lawler on

      I am a R&B backer and a B-sieged and ZBP late backer and I held off on upping my pledge here until we heard back on the rulebook fiasco on Z:BP. When CMON decided to stop communicating with backers I held off on upping my pledge. Then over the last couple of weeks, they have new Kickstarters coming out so they start playing damage control and trying to put out all the fires they let burn. I missed my window to up my pledge here and that's regrettable but CMON you've got to do a bit better in replying... and not just when you're about to throw up another KS. To everyone who did get a pledge in, I'm envious. These look like great figures and I'm sure the game will be fun.

    3. Judgement Dave

      Gaw Augustine - will you wind your ruddy neck in.

      Other than that - looking great.

    4. Missing avatar

      paul clark

      wow, absolutely stunning. the detail and accessories really give these minis 'tude and character, and my anticipation factor has now skyrocketed. pix of painted ones desired!

    5. Frederik Wunderlich on

      I'd have the same question as Quang Hoang. would be nice to have the cheaper shipping option and a refund of the shipping costs.

    6. Missing avatar

      Quang Hoang on

      Had a change of heart and finalized my pledge after the deadline when I read about the delay. Was hoping that because of the delay, there would still be time to get the game sent from the EU hub (I live in Europe). Sent a mail to about the likelihood of getting the game shipped from the US but I haven't heard back. Support ticket #49309.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lil Keezy

      Given that I've had to wait 12-18 months at times to get mediocre games I backed, a few months for what looks like a fantastic doesn't bother me.

      However I beg CMON to not let this turn into a Shadows of Brimstone. Where backers are still waiting to get their stuff months after the product hit retail shelves.

    8. wikiro on

      Lol I thought it was coming out in July. The delay is fine with me.

    9. U Majuran on

      Just get the quality up to blood rage production and not sedition wars. If it takes time then so be it.

    10. U Majuran on

      Just get the quality up to blood rage production and not sedition wars. If it takes time then so be it.

    11. Scott D

      Will do. I was hoping they would come on here and see it but seeing as they are all but vacant lately, I will PM them.

    12. Bill the Raven on

      Scott, nice pic. I would suggest messaging CMON with it (if you don't already). I sent them a PM as well. :)

    13. Scott D

      @ Bill K. made this before to show just that. compares the prototype to the resin to the final plastic...things are indeed messed up:/

    14. Bill the Raven on

      Look at the original master sculpt for Augustine. Something about his neck got seriously screwed up for this "final" version. This is clearly an error. Please fix this before having him mass produced.

      You can see the original non-giraffe Augustine in this thread here:

    15. Vaughn Allen on

      @arakin Kd is definitely a labor of love, or dementia. I'm loving every insane moment of it. If this game is as good as the miniatures for it look, between the two I may have to give up video games.

    16. Jason V on

      Looking forward to July, thanks for the update.

    17. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      @Arakin,@Webs, had not thought of that angle, but I see the wisdom in your words.

    18. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      @Webs lol, in pretty much any sci-fi film or series it is always the crazy customised weapons that win the day. The whole point is that standard weapons just can't defeat them, so the crazier and whackier the better!

    19. Webs on

      @Grither: I don't think of FAITH as your standard large organization, but rather a small secret special operations Team. Which is lead by an incredibly rich Vampire, so money shouldn't be an issue. And is comprised of very peculiar, even excentric characters with their unique fighting Styles and Gear. Some of them, like PHD, are even Customizing weapons for the organization.
      Apart from that I don't believe standard weapon s would fare that well against the Sins and their abominations..

    20. Missing avatar

      Paletti on

      Thanks for the update.

    21. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      Just an observation. But who would want to be the armorer for all the custom assault rifles? I mean you would think that a large organization like FAITH would have a pretty awesome standard assault weapon. This would save cost and space in maintaining all the various repair parts and calibers of ammunition. Not to mention maintaining familiarity with all the various weapons. At least that is what I can gather from the sculpts.

    22. Scott D

      @ 2nd Layer. I think you will find that generally I am a stalwart supporter of CMON and their projects, both during the campaign and after. However when something feels off to me, I voice my opinion. Now CMON is more than welcome to refute these opinions as is any member of the backers board, in fact I welcome it. I am not just complaining. I have a genuine concern and one it seems that is echoed by some of the backers. If i choose to show some concern surrounding what I see as unreasonable and somewhat unprofessional behavior from a multi million dollar corporation that wants my money (and the money of others too), than I will.

      I simply choose to do it publicly in hope that the company will take some accountability and not continue to sweep it all under the rug.

    23. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      @Scott @Webs. Be careful, some people like to just poke the bear. It's not whether people have either an opinion one way or another, they just want a reaction.

    24. Missing avatar


      +1 for lowering Augustines Head... or Shortening his neck... or raising his shoulders !!! ;)

    25. Webs on

      P.S.: That was a pretty weak retort to Scott's extensive statement. ;)

    26. Webs on

      So you want to ban any comments that dare to question or even criticize a project creator?
      That's funny..
      I don't think you have even read what Scott and I have been writing for the past days.
      Hint: It was not "booh, I will get my game delayed" whining.
      I have had enough trust in CMON to give them about 400$ in the last months. I just decided not to increase this amount before I have gotten something in return. I call that reasonable.
      You are free to continue giving money to CMON in good faith, but be aware of what you and others reminded us of: Kickstarter is not a shop. You might get burned.

    27. Missing avatar

      2nd Layer on

      I don't understand why people invest in companies' projects when they have no faith in the company. Is it just to bring negativity into the comments sections?

    28. Scott D

      @ 2nd Layer. I read the update before, but apparently my and CMON's opinion on what constitutes 'much later' differs somewhat. You see, when somebody tells me it shouldn't be much later, I don't automatically jump to the conclusion that it is going to be 1/3 of a year late. More so, CMON were asked about The Others in two separate campaigns and they declined to comment aside from that 'The factories are in full swing and that there would be an update after Masmorra ends'. Now I am almost certain that they knew there would be delays, even more so than what they quoted as 'not much longer'. Despite growing concern during two other campaigns that their games would be behind schedule by other backers, CMON did not address this issue aside from the above blanket comment and the following PR drivel '...projects are independent of each other and a delay in one will not affect the other KS's...'

      I say drivel, because as far as I can tell, each project after the rather delayed ZBP, has been delayed by a larger increasing amount, yet the gaps in between projects has become smaller. I am aware of the reason for the delays, but it seems to me at least, that there is some relationship between the delay of one project and the release and delivery of another. I may be wrong, but it seems that ever since ZBP, CMON has been on a bit of a downward spiral. They seem to be desperate for funds (given the shorter time between projects and the increasing delays), and their willful ignoring of backer concerns in both private message and public forum. They are extremely active when they want our money (which is to be expected) but almost unreachable and unavailable for comment once they have it. This is the same behavior exhibited by dishonest and desperate people. Not the qualities I would expect from a professional company with vast KS and production experience that raises several million gross per annumn.

      Now, once again, before I get inundated with comments commenting on how delays are part of kick starter and the whole spiel about value to backers vs late delivery, how they didn't expect it to be so big and the inexplicable quote of their terms and conditions..I KNOW! I just have an issue with how it feels like information is being withheld for profit margins and the bottom dollar. Masmorra will tell if the trend continues with delays or whether that project will be delivered on time. A company as big as CMON should be prepared for big interest in their product and over expected sales numbers should be factored in to their sales projections and production schedule. I expect such rookie mistakes and subterfuge from fledgling companies and minor developers with no experience. Not a large experienced company like CMON.

      Also, to the people who love to call those of us who have concerns some kind of derogatory statement or name, grow up, If you are entitled to your opinion that everything is cool and what not, other backers are entitled to have a counter opinion. It's not like we have money invested in this thing or anything.....oh wait, WE DO...

    29. Missing avatar

      2nd Layer on

      @Scott Drechsler: CMON didn't let their backers in the dark about delayed delivery or kept it a secret. Just read update #51, Jan 18:

      "Therefore we already have a pretty good idea we won't make the initial estimate of a March delivery. "

    30. Jason V on

      SMH KS newbies...

    31. Ben "Who Let The" Robz "Out"

      Plastics seem super nice! Love the quality!

    32. Scott D

      @ Timmoth. I didn't realize that kickstarter was entirely about deceiving and not communicating with your backers. I know in many of the kick starters I have been part of, they have communicated very well, with clear expectations and realistic delivery dates. I know, thus far, three of the projects I am waiting on are going to be delivered on time.

      @ 2nd Layer.I know and agree to the terms but there is an expecation that with a major company like CMON that they would communicate better and not keep its backers in the dark, especially when they (I suspect) have knowledge in advance that projects will be delayed beyond the expected delivery time, but keep it a secret so it doesn't impact on their reputation during their ongoing active campaigns. This is not their first Rodeo. they should be getting better at predicting delivery times, not worse.

    33. Missing avatar

      2nd Layer on

      @Webs: "If you do not accept these terms, please do not pledge on this project but instead wait for the general release."

    34. Webs on

      @Timmoth: that's not true. There might many creators that work like that, but that doesn't mean it's alright. There are many others that understand that realistic timelines, regular Updates and general tranparency are the best way to skeep Supporters happy.

    35. Timmoth on

      @Scott What you're describing is called Kickstarter.

    36. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      @Webs @Scott. As a newly fledged UX Designer (User eXperience), the two big trends this year are UX Researchers (listening to the customers and building experiences around them), and CX Design (Customer eXperience).

      (CX...) The trend states that to keep a user you should be looking at the whole product lifecycle and looking at ways to engage with and keep your customers satisfied in the long run, and keep them returning over and over again.

      I would personally love to join Cmon and feel a lot of things were missed, or more specifically, not communicated very well in Masmorra. For example SG gaps, we had to guess why they were so large, I can only assume they had to pay the creators more for their game rights). For post Kickstarter cmon could use a ticketing system, where a ticket is shown to everyone and that anyone can take action and reply to it, making responses far faster, not just a few people dealing with it (a question could have been asked before, so could be answered quickly by anyone).

      We have daily stand-up meetings to discuss things in teams, including ideas and blockers, then team leaders do the same with the best ideas and biggest blockers (you can Skype/google hangouts people-in easily). We also use the program/app 'Slack' for chatting, sharing files etc and different 'boards' within it for different things to do/address/subjects. If Cmon implemented even more Lean/Agile practices, they could save tons of money and also improve the CX.

      On the note of both shipping costs and delivery dates, I think looking at the estimates date/price vs actual date/prices could really help. If all projects had both higher $ states from the start, the increase in either would be far less, and people would not worry (delivery for Massmora being longer is a nice start). If people get delivery cheaper at the PM stage (ordered less extras), or delivery is faster than predicted, people would be super happy and it will actually generate huge good will towards Cmon. For example I was super chuffed to get one copy of ZBP early and that was a super fantastic PR move and good-will to all backers! (sorry for the essay :p

    37. Missing avatar

      Morten Brandt Jensen on

      The delay is ok. I look forward to playing this game oh so much.

      Agustine - what's up with him. Has he had his neck prolonged with rings?

      Benoits rifle is sculpted in hand. That's not a good idea, as it shows it is very hard to get the barrel straight and have the vent holes accurately in line. It won't be seen on the board, when 1 meter away. But still, CMoN have high standards.

      The rest is fine sculpts ;)

    38. Webs on

      Scott, to be fair, they have factored in 8 months until delivery with Masmorra which seems a lot more realistic. So they seem to be reacting to the Situation.

    39. Scott D

      Just food for thought...But I know that I personally would be happier with a realistic delivery date at the start of the kickstarter than a unrealistic one that suckers people in on false pretenses. At the moment, I am starting to see CMON as the creator of projects that offer outstanding value but poor delivery. I would much rather have CMON as the company that delivers outstanding quality on time. I still would have no issue pledging for a game that was to be delivered in a year or 10 months if I could expect that the game would be in hand at this time. As it stands now, you can pretty much ignore their delivery dates as they don't mean squat. Not only that, but I feel deceived and feel that due to CMON's actions, they knew the game would never be delivered on time and that this information was withheld until the last possible moment to avoid detracting from their other projects that they want people to pledge on. the avoidance behavior and the rinse and repeat excuses just reek of purposeful subterfuge. I know i'm not the only one but I can only speak for myself. I hope CMON give a more realistic and transparent approach to rum and bones 2. time will tell, but I fully expect AQ:I and Masmorra to be delayed by several months because of 'unforseen delays'

    40. Webs on

      I think it's sad that some people don't seem to accept different opinions and resort to petty defamations, strawman arguments or simply ignoring other points. That's really low.
      Fact is, 4 months is not that bad, but communication could have been much better. And so what if there are many projects that are way worse - at the same time there are a lot where Information policy is much better. And imo CMON should try harder to be one of those companies. I appreciate Thiagos cool handling of running campaigns, but that should not coincide with a lack of presence in the comments once a project is ended.
      As for AQI, I think a delay is unavoidable, nor because of delays in other projects, but simply die to the fact that the PM plus late pledge possibility is open until the beginning of April.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andy Stanford

      @CMON: Does this mean we'll be getting *everything* in July, or just the base game with the extras arriving Wave 2 around Christmas?

    42. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      @Todd, Thiago's painting elves were flat out painting for TO7S, then Arcadia Quest Inferno. Without a doubt they have already been painting Rum and Bones 2. With so many campaigns now running back to back, it made sense that Massmora was painted by another set of painters. I am sure any we have seen unpainted they are already tasked to do as soon as they have capacity, fear not :o)

    43. Bill the Raven on

      Please fix Augustine… he should not be a giraffe.

    44. Scott D

      I would also like to add that if you look closely at Augustine's neck, his collar is all ganked up too. its like the mold went off a little.

    45. Zain 'Sylverphyre' Hamzah on

      I have to agree, Augustine's neck looks way off. I really hope they'll shorten it!

    46. Missing avatar

      Gary Wallace on

      I find it rather comical how so many will come down on some one who has a right to complain... That in itself is rather childish... Only an infant will not question and accepts what ever is put before him at face value. Michael Sprague has some valid questions and comments... It is not like CMON has not made a ton of money off of this Kickstarter... Over a Million Dollars was made on this Kickstarter... Granted, I realize that is not clear profit but it is surffice to say they made a pretty good junk of change off of this... At least, it would of been nice to be given the courteous respect of knowing sooner of the delay then the Month it was suppose to come out. I don't think that is to much to ask for... :~}

    47. Missing avatar

      Paul A. on


      Or maybe his shoulders are too low....

      He does look a bit odd.=-O

    48. Scott D

      Also, whats up with giraffe neck Augustine. surely that sculpt is unacceptable.

    49. TigerNineThree

      Hey thanks CMON for the update! Not sure where the hate is coming from,but I'm thankful that my funds are being put too good use by all those involved with The Others. I guess by reading these here comments it's easy to see who have learned the art of patience and those who,like a needy child, throw tantrums at the delay. Ah well to each their own.I'm just glad my central care unit does not rely on "Others" to fill complete. ;)
      Keep up the good work ladies and gents!

    50. Scott D

      I'm OK with receiving the game in July. I figured I wouldn't have it in hand til Sept. On a side note, CMON's line that 'Projects are independent of each other, have different teams working on them and a delay in one project does not influence another' is seeming more and more like marketing guff and in no way true. I place cash money on the fact that Arcadia Quest Inferno and Masmorra will be delayed by this game running behind. CASH MONEY!!