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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Tim on

      Everyday I'm thinking about this game! I'm dying for an update! I just want to hold it in my hands and play it so so bad!

    2. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      Never thought sin would take a holiday break.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andy Stanford

      Now approaching mid march, still waiting for an update due "towards the end of the month" ie feb. Come one guys.

    4. Eka Setiawan

      any updates regarding the shipment?

    5. Charles Dexter Ward

      Feels like forever ago there was a meaningful update.

    6. Creepy Pumpkin Head

      Agreed, I was hoping for an update! March has arrived, and I have no idea where we are with production!

    7. Missing avatar

      TappedCrayfish on

      Any news yet was hoping for news back end of Feb. Hope we get an update soon

    8. Dawn Newton on

      Couldn't get survey submitted before the Feb1 is anybody looking over their messages ?

    9. CMON 37-time creator on

      Hello Sinners! For those of you that have submitted requests to our Support team and didn't heard back from us yet, could you please post your ticket number so we can help you with that? Also, @Flavia and @Lost-Brain, please contact so we can try to help you with that. Thank you!

    10. Daniel on

      So emailing CMON seems pretty hit or miss, guess I'll hope to kind the KS heroes from the box in the aftermarket.

    11. Lost-brain -Obsidian Order Dark Goddess on

      @CMON : same case as Flavia. Does that means we have to wait a second wave of shipping for having our items ?

    12. Sean Mulqueen on

      Received no email about the pledge manager, received no response on my requests for info on what to do. Typical CMON really. Having similar problems with Zombicide Black Plague.
      Wont be backing CMON kickstarters in future.

    13. Flavia on

      @CMON I messed up and didn't finalize my pledge in time, what can I do?

    14. Nathan Rhys Rudd on

      So, i've been fighting with my paypal account for three weeks to absolutely no avail. Is there any chance there's some alternative method to paying for added content with the pledge manager?

    15. Missing avatar

      Steven Bice on

      So if I don't finalize my pledge now I can still add stuff but might have to wait longer then everyone else to get it, and possibly pay more shipping if I'm international.
      Well waiting longer than everyone else is better than never getting it at all.

    16. MaxPuster

      This fellow looks revulsive.

      As he should, given his job...

    17. Best Bay Comics & Games

      I have messaged for the last few weeks to customer support that I had a problem editing the amount to pledge, with one message being not answered properly, and another not being answered at all. Is there another email or person to contact to get help editing the amount I would like to pledge? I have tried and just sent them another message

    18. Missing avatar

      JJ Parus on

      Pretty sure this sinner completed everything, but is there a way to verify?


      I too can't wait to get this guy to paint!


    19. Todd Ferrullo on

      Now we just need to see some painted pictures of the last few expansion box sets of figures for inspiration.

    20. Simona Dostalova on

      Cool, I can use him in Cthulhu Wars :-)

    21. SoylentRobot on

      i just noticed the smaller bodies coming out of the arms. cant wait to paint this guy!

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike McCarthy on

      + Erick .... I too want to add Apocalypse

    23. Ehren Woods

      I contacted you via email several times and haven't heard anything about my questions(#43390). Please contact me ASAP

    24. Erick

      Can I still add Apocalypse?

    25. Dabiglulu on

      Status: confirmed
      Outstanding: 0$
      Bring it on!

    26. Brian on

      Wow...13cm? That model is HUGE. This the last update until after the Chinese New Year? :(

    27. Josh (no not that Josh)

      Not shipping in March? My address may be changing after March, here's hoping lol

    28. Dabiglulu on

      Nice, Giger would have loved it!

    29. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Nicholson

      Dope! Thanks for the reminder. Is this deadline at midnight tonight? Can't fill it out until this evening