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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. CMON 37-time creator on

      Hello @Andrii Chabykin, how are you? No, to finalize your pledge manager it means you will have to pay for it. So hurry up so you don't become a late confirm! :)
      @Mark Liebold: How are you Mark? Support told us that this issue is now fixed. Can you please check and get back to us? Thank you!
      @Ivan Ronald Schablotski: Hello Ivan, how are you? Have you tried writing to yet? If you haven't, can you please do so we can try to help you? If you already did and we didn't reply to you yet, can you please post here your ticket so we can track it down? Thank you!

    2. Mark Liebold on

      @CoolMiniOrNot - I have sent an email regarding a problem I have with the pledge manager to the cmon support. So far I haven't received any feedback (#42582). Can someone please respond?

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrii Chabykin on

      If you fail to finalize your pledge by the deadline - does this mean I can finalize it and pay in March or even May?

    4. Todd Ferrullo on

      @george stewart: Originally it was March but it is going to be delayed. My best guess is probably sometime in May.

    5. Missing avatar

      george stewart on

      Can anyone remember when the planned shipping date for this is?

    6. Todd Ferrullo on

      @Outosec: I think that the Apocalypse figure is one of only like two (the other being Baldur) that we have now not seen production versions of yet. Hopefully they will show those off as well as some painted versions of the sets we have yet to see.

    7. Ivan Ronald Schablotski on

      I am still unable to log into the Pledge Manager. It insists it does not recognize my email address.

    8. CMON 37-time creator on

      Hello everyone! For those of you having issues with the pledge manager (either unlocking it, missing passwords, etc), please contact so we can help you. Thank you!

    9. Marco on

      @CMON - Is it possible to unlock the pledge to add more funds? I've recently canceled another project and wanted to add the Gamma box to my pledge but the unlock button isn't anywhere I can see!

    10. Missing avatar

      Outosec on

      isn't their suppose to be 5 em, including apocalypse himself. haven't seen any pictures of him since the beginning. just wondering cause every time you show off apoc set, never see this piece.

    11. Erick

      It just happened to me too.... PayPal and return... No confirmation.

    12. Ivan Tejada

      the pledge manager is OK? when I pay in the PayPal window, it charge a while and return to the CMON pledge manager page. Someone have the same issue?

    13. Missing avatar

      Gunter Schmidt on

      Pestilence's needle got turned into a wiener. Booooooooo!

    14. Dabiglulu on

      @CMON or @ anyone, hi there, I was just checking my pledge and the unlock button has disappeared I hope everything is ok and that no "bug" has corrupted my pledge since my order says it is confirmed and that my shipping is paid. Thx for your replies

    15. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      I'm impressed.
      Worst case scenario, CMON can do the same thing as ZBP. Tbh, I don't think the game would be quite the same w/o the rest of the goods.
      Love the addition of The Necronomicon, often used in lots of different medias (films, games,etc.)
      Definitely looking forward to this one.

    16. Derek Johnson on

      Super psyched. I'm all for a release delay at this point, as long as the final product is at least 90% accurate to the production plastics shown here. Just keep us in the loop, eh?

    17. beefarm on

      Sorry, just rechecked the PM and the unlock button seems to be gone...

    18. beefarm on


      In the PM there's a button at the bottom left that says unlock. Click that and you can add more stuff, pay for it and re-finalize.

    19. Navin Johnson on

      gah, to add or not to add! the extensions gives me another week of agonizing over what to do :\

    20. Missing avatar

      Portrait on

      I'm quite disappointed by the plastic tokens (especially the Sin tokens). They aren't as cool as they were during the campaign (less grey and less rusty).

    21. Herr Berends on

      @CMON: When logging into the Kickstarter Pledge Manager "The Others: 7 Sins" isn't listed in my orders.

    22. Webs on

      @DevGuy: What halos?

    23. Rockatansky on

      Are the upgrade cards for the Apocalypse Box too powerful to use with the basic 7 sins ? Or can we mix them without problem for le balance of the game ?

    24. Jimmy Trinket

      Are we able to add to our order if we have already finalised it? I have already finalised my order but was thinking of adding some more items. Thanks, Jimmy. :)

    25. DevGuy on

      Wow you guys love your Photoshop sharpening, check out the halos!

    26. Jam Ibañez

      @andrii: i thinks it is more for us backers that would normally have the game shipped from a hub other than the us. For example, as a backer in asia, i usually recieve cmon games from their china hub. I was late for one project before so they shipped it from the us instead so not only did i recieve it later than usuaL (late backers have their games shipped after everything else has shipped)l, i also had to pay higher shipping costs.

    27. Missing avatar

      Andrii Chabykin on

      ... your order will be shipped later and from the USA hub, incurring higher shipping costs ...
      Why shipping cost is higher if shipped from the USA hub (to USA)?

    28. Steve "my-bank-account-is-hurting" Phy on

      What hasn't been said about those crazy-amazing miniatures! Congrats! Now, if only we could get affordable game-making here in the U.S......

    29. Piotr Buchali

      You get deadline from me - you got 1 week to send me refund for which i am waiting since 9th december. Request no (#37237)

    30. Todd Ferrullo on

      The figures look amazing. I also hope that we will see painted examples of them soon (as well as the remaining figures painted that we have yet to see).

    31. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      (looked back, update 28 seems to show the apocalypse figures being barely 2x as tall as the hero, so I guess the image making them look only 2x as tall is accurate) :D

    32. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      it's hard to tell how much bigger the apocalyse towers over the normal players... can you take a group shot of all of them along with a hero mini and a normal enemy mini? I thought these were a lot bigger/taller, but the image makes them look only 2x as tall.

    33. Daniel Picazo

      Great update, the minis look amazing! Thanks for extending the PM, I never realized I didn't get PM email yet. already jumped on there and confirmed my pledge.

    34. Danny Shafer

      All the mini's look fantastic ! The tiles are nice, even though the theme seems way off. I mean the Apocalypse has to do with the end of days. Since the Apocalypse expansion is all wrapped up, where is the biggest monster of all , The Apocalypse Beast,(or whatever it's called). That is the figure I really want to see. Keep up the good work.

    35. Dabiglulu on

      Really amazing update, can we see them painted? Can we have a glimpse of the expansion rulebook? is it me or you're keeping apocalypse itself for later?

    36. Kenna

      I had faith that you would pull out all the stops for amazing detail on the horsemen, but these have completely blown me away. I really did not believe you would get to keep THAT much detail. Those feathers are insane!

    37. Ravenwing on

      Never mind a bit of delay. The most important thing is to keep the high quality level.

      Looking forward to see this in real life :)

    38. M.TERAN


    39. Janos on

      Excellent sculpts! After seeing the Zombicide - Black Plague miniatures I am really looking forward for these demonic guys.

    40. Sławomir Ruszkowski on

      Nice to see! Many thanks for the info about progress! :D

      BTW: Could "Arcadia PM" in March? ;) Good... ;]

    41. DungeonMaster 4 the ban of fossil fuels

      Need it open till Feb 9th

    42. HPLustcraft

      Hmmm... Tempted to add more. Can anyone tell me how to unlock my pledge to do so?? I haven't had to do that before.

    43. Jansim on

      Oh my... I am stunned by the quality of the sculpts

    44. Brett Smith on

      Amazing detail on the figures look forward to this game when it comes out

    45. TyDeL

      Great update, even if it comes with news of a delay. This is one of my most anticipated games of 2016. Can't wait! The Apocalypse mini's look completely astounding. It's great to see the plastic proofs since that's something I've been deliberating on. They are brighter than I expected, but at least they look really clean.

      I'm always disappointed to see city tiles, especially in the Apocalypse box, I continue to wish that the city tiles matched the extremely dark feel of the theme, art, and miniatures. This even more so when we're talking about the end of days, Four horseman coming down on the city yet here we still are, at dusk with street lights and clean streets.

      Any way, thanks for the update!

    46. Brian on

      Thanks for the update - and confirming the delay, the new year in China having an impact is not too surprising. And making sure things is perfect is paramount!

    47. Judgement Dave

      Good to see the Apocalypse maps/upgrades - bit confused as to why the theme park has such a spread of city action bonuses. And I guess that putting the Necronomicon in the upgrades helps justify TO:7S's nomination for BGG most anticipated Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos game ;)

    48. Judgement Dave

      Shame that the pentagram/fire/corruption/nest tokens have a white background. Purely subjective, but it feels like that cheapens them.