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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Tim Harris on

      I've now sent two emails to your customer services and a third today, I've had no response yet! Rather disappointed in the lack of response?

      I like so many others wish for the deadline to be pushed into February, so that I can purchase most of the add on items. Wish that'd I'd pledge their amount up front now, but am new to KS, will learn from this.

    2. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Lazerus01: Hello! To access your Pledge Manager, please go to :) If you have any other doubts, you can read the update above, it has some general information about it. Let us know if we can help with anything else!

    3. Greg Krywusha

      +1 with others here. Too many projects are pushing their PM deadline too close to the end of the holiday season. It would really help to have an extra 2 weeks to budget accordingly. Wish there was more money to go around, but can't help but feel I'll have to short myself some addons.

    4. Cullen Gilchrist

      I'm another person who would appreciate the deadline being extended until the end of the month

    5. Marian Dinca on

      It will be great if you delay the end date until the first week of february so we can buy more add-ons.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andy Hackett on

      +1 WarWolf and others in this pledge extension plea.
      Is there any chance of putting the closure of the pledge date to the end of January/ beginning of February to enable those that get paid at the end of the month to pledge enough money to cover what they want. I envisage that if it remains the same that the project will miss out on a whole swathe of people who can't afford to increase their pledge after the festive period.

    7. Lazerus101 on

      I still have not received a pledge manager link and despite numerous emails to support I have not had a response.

    8. WarWolf on

      I'd be up for a later deadline. Xmas has done a number on my bank account so I won't be able to grab every thing I wanted with the current date. If you can move it up till at least the start of February myself and others would appreciate it.

    9. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Ben Holland: Hello Ben! Can you please write to so we can help you with that? Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Caldebraun on

      Thanks CMON: Pledge Manager worked flawlessly and the shipping is extremely reasonable (three complete base pledges, plus one set of all the extras except the lithographs and extra dice, shipping to Ottawa in Canada for les than $25.)

      I did break down, unlock my pledge, and add the art book after my first completion of the PM. Not a hitch; the change went smoothly.

      You've done a great job for this backer.

    11. Tim Harris on

      What a really stupid deadline, at least make it the end of the month or early February? I won't have been paid before then and if the deadline is kept at 22nd January, I won't be upping my pledged amount! C'mon you know it makes sense!

    12. kisnord on

      Please push the pm deadline to early February! It makes a huge difference in my wallet. :)

    13. Ben Holland on

      You didnt answer me on KS (for 11 days) and you didnt answer me on FB - would you PLZ tell me whats wrong with the pledge manager and where i can see what amount i pledged - i cannot add shipping, i cannot add items i dont know if i bought too much - nothing.

    14. Severine Fabretti on

      troubles there too... no mail for the PM link, when i go to the site, others orders and pledges appear but not the others.
      ticket sent but i have a bad feeling as most of you have no answers....
      hope it'll be fixed for all very soon

    15. Missing avatar

      Andy Hackett on

      Is there any chance of moving the pledge date to the end of January to allow people to recover from Christmas expenditure and get in another pay day before pledge is due. I'd really struggle giving this project the attention and monies it deserves if the pledge dates remain the 22nd!

    16. Lazerus101 on

      I am did not receive an email, So I tried the reset, but that tells me I don't exist.

    17. Diana Smith on

      I did want to increase my pledge but never found a way to do so.

    18. Runeclaw on

      Got the core box plus the Apocalypse. It was tempting to get the Men of Faith box as well, but it just lacked that little extra thing to make it feel worth it. If it had extra dice, some universal upgrade cards or new areas of the city to play it, then it might have been worth it.
      I wanted to add the Gamma team as well, but I need to try the game a few times before spending even more money on it. I must resist the sin of Hype. :)

    19. Mister Nova on

      @Dan - Shipping costs are constantly going up, and just the base pledge for this alone is quite a few boxes! (Core game, 2 team boxes, 5 sins.) The shipping cost is well in the realm of normal.

    20. Angus Lee

      I logged in to the Pledge Manager but only found my Blood Rage order, no The Others: 7 Sins order. I sent an email to CMoN and I am waiting for a reply. I suggest all supporters log in to check the Pledge Manager as soon as possible even if you plan to complete it near the deadline.

    21. Dan Fuller on

      Question for those who have pledged for other Cool Mini Kickstarters. Is it common for them to have such high shipping costs? I'm located in the northeast of the U.S. and just for a base pledge without any add-ons shipping is nearly $18. Compare that to the $19.20 I paid for shipping for the Conan, (King pledge) Kickstarter including all the Kickstarter exclusive add-ons; which is most likely shipping from France. Also I might add that because of the higher amount of stretch goals unlocked in the Conan Kickstarter compared to those in this Kickstarter the weight of the Conan boxes will likely be heavier than those of a base pledge for TO7S. So as I asked at the start are the high shipping costs on a Cool Mini Kickstarter usual? Perhaps I'm not accounting for something but to me shipping seems high but as this was my first Cool Mini Kickstarter I can only compare it to other Kickstarters I've backed.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sean watkins on

      I am not getting an email with my pledge info. So I did the reset, but I am also not getting that. I really hope this doesn't effect shipping dates.

    23. Derek Mackinnon on

      Worked great for me, simple to add stuff, confirm address and then it tells you what the shipping price it will be. Also shipping seems reasonable to me. One core set, all add on boxes, the art book and the tokens and it only cost 17 and change to ship to Canada (Ottawa, Ontario). Also, @AJ, an FYI as it's with paypal, if you confirm it, the money goes through right away...

    24. AJ Carruthers

      Why'd you have to put it as early as the 22nd... gah! I mean most people get paid now then have to be careful with their money till the end of January.

      Can't the deadline be pushed back a little till the end of the month? I know it probably won't but no harm asking.

    25. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      you can get everything you want and as much as you want!

    26. Missing avatar

      David Latimore on

      If I pledged $1 originally, is this my chance to pick all the tiers I want and pay more?

    27. Missing avatar

      Glenn Duncan on

      Unable to confirm my address... not sure why although the STATE field is showing red no matter what I input. Email sent... hopefully something easy to fix.

    28. Rand Chua TL on

      Glad to know we got 30 days to save some money.

    29. Christopher Shorter on

      I found the pledge manager easy to use and refreshingly simple compared to campaigns from other companies. I liked the simple design. Sorry to hear some people are having trouble!

    30. Missing avatar

      Dimitri on

      Pledge Manager not working for me too.
      It doesn't accept my user / password and can't get a new one -_-! .

    31. Kuangkai Tsai on

      @Dan you can see the total price after confirming your address. Unfortunately CMoN only computes shipping based on destination and the total weight. CMoN is notorious by its high shipping; those who said acceptable are probably those who had already backed other CMoN projects before. I'm charged $43 for basic pledge only (I live in Taiwan). Well, that's "acceptable" since they charged me $63 for Z:BP.....

    32. MrDL on

      I've been trying to get a new passord for weeks, never get one. Sent an email to cmon, weeks go with no reply.

    33. Paul Gola on

      The Pledge manager isn't working for me. Same as the others it neither accepts my log in info nor does it send me any E-mail ti reset my password.

    34. Dan Fuller on

      Couple questions for those who have managed to go through the PM successfully. First is it possible to go through make selections and get a total including shipping without having to actually commit? Second it seems, (for those who have posted) that shipping charges are higher than what was expected? Are there mitigating factors that influence the high shipping costs, other than distance and amount of items selected?

    35. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Hi my credit card was expired I updated it but it's not letting me run it again if you could please contact me I would really appreciate it thank you.

    36. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      My shipping is $34.09, but I got to get some money into my PayPal account soon. I just purchased a ticket for Medieval Times for NYE, plus got to pay my rent.

    37. Missing avatar

      Scott Duncan

      I too am having errors when I try to access the pledge manager. First it says the URL in the email to me is no good, then is claims it sends me a password reset followed by "Oops, something went wrong" and no password email comes. Then is has locked me out of the site for "security" reasons. I have emailed the support address already. And the only reason I have to get a reset is that this is the only option available because of the bad URL claim. It did not recognize my Kickstarter login information which is why I requested a reset email. Not sure why this pledge manager from Cool Mini is working differently than the other one I used for Blood Rage from them. That worked fine with not a hitch.

    38. estrus on

      Dayum $23 shipping

    39. Francis Lim on

      i encounter error 500 on trying to reset password... no email received either...

    40. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Isn't even showing up there for me at all.
      I can just see the previously backed Zombicide stuff.

    41. Sebĉjo on

      Same as Andy Poelma, here. :/

    42. Andy Poelma

      My link did not work and the password reset gave me a SMTP error. "SMTP Error: Data not accepted."

    43. Dan Spezzano on

      @Paul Murry Mine knew the right amount, the first 2 times I tried there was no checkout with paypal button I just hit continue and my pledge was confirmed. I have no idea what I did differently the 3rd time that the paypal button showed up but it is correct now.

    44. Ian Noble on

      Same here, Damien. More than I anticipated.

    45. Damien Smith

      $13 shipping? I'm looking at $24.40 for $100 worth of goods to CA. Where do you live @Paul Murry? Atlanta?

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Murry on

      The pledge manager worked for me.
      I filled in my address.
      Then filled in my extras.
      I got a total of $190 + $13 shipping and was asked to pay.
      I clicked on PayPal opened my PayPal account, and was charged $13 for shipping. So the website knew that I had $190 credit in my account.

    47. Dan Spezzano on

      I unlocked my pledge a second time went back in and selected my items again and this time was prompted to check out with paypal. I have no idea what was going on before, but this time it worked I just had to pay my shipping charge,

    48. Arcknight on

      'Thoroughly explained' aren't the right words, but the pledge items are listed =P

    49. Arcknight on

      After you update what you want, and save it, and put in your address, it's able to calculate shipping and THEN gives you a total items / total pledge / total cost remaining confirmation. It ultimately is thoroughly explained, but not until you're in the later steps, so many people wont notice.

    50. Missing avatar

      Swindger on

      As I was in the PM the first time I have seen my FAITH pledge with all the additional sins and the Beta and Omega team. Both are stretchgoals included in the Faith Pledge!

      As soon als I confirmed my address, the money I allready pledged was shown.
      But neither the PM nor CMON knows what you are planing to take for the money you have spend in the campain. And the survey was just a check for CMON to know what they have to produce. They did not take over your survey into the pledge manager. I think the only looked WHAT the people plan to buy, but they didn't care WHO exactly plans to buy what.

      Now you can order all you want. And the only flaw of the PM is, that every time you want to check the money you have spend, you have to click "Confirm Address". Everything else works exactly as I expected.