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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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10,136 backers pledged $1,464,489 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Johnsen on

      One week left to complete pledge? But have the pledge manager been released?

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Meaden on

      Still waiting on pledge manager so I can choose my extras! Any timeline?

    3. Tim on

      The timeline at the bottom of the campaign page says the pledge manager goes out 1-2 months after the end of the kickstarter.

    4. Gordon Dupuis on

      Has a pledge manager been released? I still haven't seen one to manage my extras! Anyone with info would be appreciated!


    5. Ikael on

      November is too near....
      My wallet need oxygen.
      Anyone know a secret passage to enter Fort Knox????

    6. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      With AQ Inferno in November I don't see my family getting Xmas presents at this rate! Lol

    7. Rand Chua TL on

      Nooooooo, my wallet need time to rest. :(

    8. Kenna

      INFERNOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh my, still putting the last bit into Black Plague, then this, and Inferno so soon. My wallet is screaming, but I'm oh so happy!

    9. Elessara

      +1 to Jakub Kuczynskis' wallpaper comment!

    10. Mackenzie Upchurch on

      Oh no! They didn't even give us a month to prepare!!! My wallet can't even.

    11. Christian Cavicchio

      Awww I can't wait for AQ: Inferno... and I want that BIG BLUE DRAGON GUY!!!!!

    12. mortendk

      ok i have to sell crack now or something to provide for my boardgame addiction
      also i need 36 hours a day to get time to pain all of these minis - i guess this is a first world problem ?

    13. Ron D. on

      Oh dear, not another Arcadia Quest Kickstarter... My wallet will not survive this :'(

    14. Jakub Kuczynski on

      I have a financial problem right now and i cant afford the pledge - if i pay for late pledge in November do i still get all the unlocked stretch goals?

    15. IluvatarIrmo

      great job everyone :-D

    16. Julian Schuetze on


      CMon...please....stahp. My wallet....

    17. Zain 'Sylverphyre' Hamzah on

      Could we please get that pic of Hell club with the 7 avatars witbout the text? Would make an amazing wallpaper!

    18. Greg Hardy

      @Nigel - Thank you :D

    19. Chris Reaume

      Can we have a wallpaper of the avatars without the text?

    20. Nigel McNaughton on

      Yes, getting the survey and the into the pledge manager is the reason to pledge $1. If you can comment here, then you are in! Yes you will be eligible for the KS stretch goals too.

    21. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      Wish I could justify backing that other one. Unfortunately budget is completely spent for the next while....especially since I need to save for vacation in January.

    22. Selgador

      oh man Arcadia, i missed the first, wont make that mistake again :P

    23. Will Jackson Jr. on

      @albedo777 I too see a lot of overtime in my near future >_< haha. That box art and minis alone look AMAZING!

    24. Missing avatar


      Good. Gods. C'mon CMON! Give my wallet a rest! November?! I love Arcadia Quest.

    25. Greg Hardy

      Yes, I was also wondering how $1 pledges worked. If we pledge Up in the manager, do we still get all stretch goals?

    26. John J. Walsh IV

      Will us $1 pledgers still get a survey, or will you contact us via other means?

      It was really cool of you to do that for us folks who only have debit cards and paychecks that aren't quite here yet.

    27. Rick Koeppen on

      Dang, how could I forget the next Arcadia Quest KS? I'll be there! Good lord I spent a fortune gathering up everything from the first AQ KS project on eBay so there is no way I'm missing it this time. lol

    28. Missing avatar

      Scott 'Jager' W.

      That Arcadia Quest tease... Can't wait!

    29. Eugedelapuente on

      Arcadia Quest Inferno seems interesting... to my little brother, not for me, but we always join KS together :D

    30. Josh Kimbell on

      I wonder what's after Arcadia Quest hmmm....

    31. Max Maloney on

      Arcadia Quest... *droooooool*