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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Chris Schrader

      -1 for more boxes. Please, please please CMON help us find ways to store this in as few boxes as possible. Organizer inserts for the game to hold, say, all the boards and bits in one box and all the characters and monsters in another (ideally grouped by sin for monsters and grouped by roles for characters) would be awesome and an insta-buy add-on for me

    2. euansmith

      @U Majuran... that's the best comment EVER :D

    3. Cooperton, Shotgun Shogun of Brimstone on

      The final goal is... a box? Thats anticlimactic

    4. Strogar on

      a box is a weird stretch goal
      usually don't store stuff in the original expansion boxes anyway and use storage containers for the minis to cut down on the boxes to transport for playing.

    5. Stickler Meeseeks on

      Ugh, -infinity to Pride and Sloth boxes. They already COME in a box. The main box. Talk about wasteful.

    6. U Majuran on

      So what's in the box. Gwyneth Paltrow's head?

    7. Fernando Guizar Rojas on

      +1 on Pride and Sloth boxes to match the other 5! I want to display all 7 in a row on my shelf.

    8. Ugo Perillo on

      Please, two box for Pride and Sloth! PLEASEEEEE!!

    9. Marc Stephens on

      need to add another $130 to my pledge but it will have to wait until the pledge manager comes out as too much so far this month

    10. NecroNuke9

      I am guessing that the Claw Corporation is an upcoming future adversary for FAITH. A rival to the Raven Corporation. Possibly, they may have their own anti-FAITH teams.

    11. Nigel McNaughton on

      I'm impressed how accurate some people's guesses were!

    12. Kenna

      Lust and Greed have been activated. The goal: sexy box.

    13. MRiley on

      Eh...I don't think this is the final - this is a work-up to it.
      And you can be damn sure I want that box - the more "themed" boxes they have for things, the easier it is for me to grab and go with a selection of things - plus it looks good on the gaming shelf.
      Bring it on.

    14. Isaiah Hawk on

      The box is sort of underwhelming but incredibly practical. I hope it is good quality is all

    15. Missing avatar

      Thomas Robinson on

      @vadim, I wasn't going for the "I want more stuff" . I see the final stretch goal as something that's supposed to squeeze that little bit more from us, the tipping point to a first pledge to oothers. I'm more than happy with the gear we have so far, I just expected something that would make me throw a little extra their way. Can't wait to play!

    16. Kenny

      Awesome update, here's hoping we get that last goal!

    17. Vadim Deylgat

      I can't understand the people that are underwhelmed or are asking for another stretch goal. Have you counted what you get for a 100$ pledge?! CMON are known for a huge return on your basic pledge, this campaign is no different. Look at yourself in the mirror and say after me "I will not behave like a spoiled kid".

    18. ROGAR

      Boxes are ART, this IS a very valid and quite doable stretch goal.

    19. R2ShihTzu

      Given my concerns for storage, I'm fine with a box to help transport all this loot.

    20. Draelin

      Omega Box, great Idea, i seriously hope we get this. With it i can make use of my own foam storage system inside it, a must have for me !

    21. Crystal Groves

      I think this box is my favorite box. :3

    22. Gonzalo on

      A box? Seriously? The tiles are nice though.

    23. Reality Games Studios on

      @Will It's a SG for an extra 10k. It's a gift :P

    24. Will Jackson Jr. on

      Keep the box. Give us an actual SG lol

    25. Bill the Raven on

      @Adam, yes we do get more that just the Alpha and Omega. I was only focusing on those two words for the revelations significance. :)

    26. Renato Lopes on

      I don't see Adrian in the Art =/

    27. Danny Wagenaar on

      Is that a KS Exclusive premium cardboard box with authentic seven sins artwork on it? And companybranding by GG etc? My dream has come true, the climax of all climaxes of all endings of great kickstarters... they are just messing with us right? C'mon, right?

    28. I_eat_food on

      Well I upped my contribution to $326... hope the wife doesn't notice :( We have got to hit this last goal!

    29. Mister Nova on

      Alpha, Beta, AND Omega with just a basic pledge :P

    30. I_eat_food on

      @Estrus: You the man ;)

    31. Crystal Groves

      @Judgement Dave - you just made me snort and laugh at work.

    32. Missing avatar

      Timo Lorenz on

      A box? Seriously!?

    33. estrus on

      If you combine the last two stretch goals.... you get a Dick in a Box.

    34. Snycher on

      @Thiago. So this box comes with 5 heroes, 2 boss type monsters, 6 tiles and 6 sin dice? Are the 2 dice bags being thrown in there as well?

    35. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      Actually, Bill K, we get three teams in the basic pledge: Alpha, Beta and Omega.

    36. Missing avatar

      Thomas Robinson on

      I can't help but be wholly underwhelmed by a box as the last stretch goal.

      Oh I hope there's more to it than that!

    37. Eric M. on

      But I'm unsure if those are the last SG or not?
      Didn't think so till I read the last sentence "Can we reach the final, the Omega Stretch Goal?".

      What you guys think?

    38. Bill the Raven on

      So the Omega box will have 6 tiles (instead of the normal 5). It will likely substitute the Major and Nicolas for acolytes. It is missing the upgrade cards and the 3 FAITH dice that the other add-ons included, but it has 2 dice bags. Maybe we will still see some more upgrade cards. :)

    39. Olli Toivonen on

      @Thiago - Will there be ALL of this art in the Art Book add on? Is 80 pages enough for all of this?

    40. I_eat_food on

      Is this the last stretch goal?

    41. Judgement Dave

      Omega Team "Excels when end is near!"

      They just Word or Powerpoint up until then...

    42. Crystal Groves

      *deep inhale*


    43. Domenic Gefeng on

      Great !! But no upgrade cards ?? :(

    44. Missing avatar

      Carlos Pena on

      i don't want that box. i NEED that box.

    45. Mellekai

      Great we get a new box! :)

    46. Jace Silvestre

      This is the first box I really want! Time to have some FAITH.

    47. Ravenwing on

      Pretty underwhelmed by a box and three tiles.
      Well, fair enough. The value is already mind blowing high. Outstanding deal as it is.

    48. I_eat_food on

      OMG I WANT THAT BOX!!!!!

    49. Olli Toivonen on

      Yeeees! I want these!