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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      @ Crimson Ghost - I have a Bones C'thulhu model ao I may have to draw up rules for it and put Deep Ones in my games heheh.

    2. Daudod on

      Rossy de Plama, omg!!! LOL. Delta team... Gamma Team... Beta team... Rosario leader of Alpha team? Or Alpha team released to buy as the others...

    3. Timmoth on

      Wow, I think the miniature looks better than the art this time.

    4. Oscar Iglesias

      Nice to have more female (although not a leader).
      As a spaniard myself i thx the fact that the mini does not reflect perfectly the picture of Rossy De Palma. Sadly it uses the stereotyped Sevillana dress... ¬¬. At least is not a bullfighter.

    5. CK Lai on

      Isn't PHD the late Philip Hoffman?

    6. Missing avatar

      Sergi on

      @Eugedelapuente Yeah, she's Rossy de Palma, absolutely :P At least in the picture; the mini downgrades her nose haha.

    7. Alan Morales on

      @ Crimson Ghost i agree this game could benefit from a big creature model, one that the whole team of heroes needs to group to take down or seal away.

    8. Fernando Guizar Rojas on

      Now this lady is awesome. Probably my favorite Fixer so far.

    9. Crimson Ghost on

      This is Awesome, perhaps Cthulu will make an appearance...?

    10. Inustar on

      Rosario might be my favorite female character so far.
      I do hope we see a women of faith box, cause I'd love to see more great women to add into the game. If some could be non human then even better.

    11. Eric MacNaughton on

      @Sammy, totally agree, both the latest female characters are really good.

    12. Alan Morales on

      is Rosario a member of another team like "omega team"? or is she a stand alone character?

    13. Alvaro Santamaria Martinez on

      @Eugedelapuente está claro, no? xD A mí me encanta.

    14. Green_Lumux on

      after seeing rosario painted, i think she's one of my favourite female characters.

    15. Cyrano on

      @Crystal - there's a difference between being negative, and asking for what you want, or what you would prefer.

    16. Jack Francisco on

      PHD looks like Rutger Hauer. Looking good. I'm only in for $1, right now, but we'll see.

    17. Crystal Groves

      People have a right to criticize characters, rules, poor quality or whatever they think is wrong with the game. Part of the perks of being in a conversation with the creators is having both parties getting what they want. Like a lot of people have said, ZBP got a plague doctor and the abomirat because backers wanted it and were very vocal. You can't blame people for voicing their opinions when there's a chance the creators will listen. So long as people aren't being abusive and stay on topic I don't see the problem.

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul A. on

      Cyrano wrote, "I'm really amazed at how negative some people are on here,"

      Whining and complaining takes no skill. talent, or intellect.

      To some....

      it comes totally naturally.

    19. Cyrano on

      @Sammy - totally agree - 2 very cool women - characters and sculpts. I'm really amazed at how negative some people are on here, most of it is a negative comment for the sake of doing so . This game is very diversified with something for everyone, it doesn't mean everyone has to like or buy everything. Im a very happy chappie with all the content here...

    20. WarWolf on

      Rosario is a very kewl looking mini.

    21. Michael LaMastra

      Let's get more evil guys, there's enough heroes.

    22. Michael LaMastra

      Stretch goals are getting too far spaced as far as amount needed.

    23. Sammy on

      2 cool women in a row! (with Freya)

    24. gawain_77 on

      Nice one... this femme fatal. First time in this campaign that the face / facial expression of a female character is that close to the art, thumbs up!

      After breaking this down go for an epic and abyssal evil stretch goal for the last run, please :-)

    25. Eugedelapuente on

      @Israel Yeah, I thought the same, I´m Spanish too :D

    26. Riptide X-7 on

      Wait, I'm confused - does this mean we get more corrupted firemen and police as well? Or are they just part of the box?

    27. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      Great character and mini though I'd put her as 15 -20 years older given the bio, also great to see a herione with smaller (dare I say more proportionate) breasts to prove that not every woman in F A ITH has had breast aupmentation. Easy my favourite character in the game and I hope we bust this SG wide open!

    28. Pirrakas

      Oh my God! She is Rosy de Palma! I'm a Spanish guy and I still can't believe it!

    29. Judgement Dave

      @MNR so the text needs changing to at least 151 and if she was 10 when she toured as a sharpshooter she's at least 161...

    30. Eugedelapuente on

      Rosario, "maybe Spanish"... as a Spanish I say: YES!!!
      Omega Team with KS-exclusives? Here we go :D

    31. NecroNuke9

      I am curious about what she is? An immortal or something else?

    32. Vincent, Wandering Samurai of Brimstone on

      Glad we almost got the Exclusive Team Box together. Looking forward to those last stretches!

    33. Mister Nova on

      err, minimum 141.

    34. Michael B

      a female hero is a heroine - the drug that makes you high is heroin... just saying

    35. Mister Nova on

      Game is set in like 2025 (I assume due to some flavor text that referred to Hurricane Katrina)

      So shes like 141 :P

    36. Judgement Dave

      @Thiago I know that it's correct stating that Rosario is more than 131 yrs old as the earliest evidence of her life is DNA evidence from 1884 - 131 yrs ago from now (2015) but:
      - is the game set in 2015 or a few years from now?
      - Presumably to tour as a sharpshooter in 1884 she must have been at least a few years old... probably a teen at least or I imagine she'd have been recorded as a child prodigy sharpshooter (or some such)

      But, apart from wondering about that, I like the bio/character.

    37. Crystal Groves

      Lol, omg, I love her!~

    38. Eric M. on

      10K increase by SG, feels like the end =/

    39. Mr Lucky on

      Ok. Phd may be inspired by Phillip Seymour Hoffman.. But the painted model screams Andy Warhol!

    40. Shane

      Rosario's boobs are kind of small. I might have to drop my pledge.

    41. Bill the Raven on

      Nice! Thiago is this your favorite char?

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      We need REAL SUPER COOL LAST SG!!! Not more heroes...