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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. I_eat_food on

      Also agree there are WAY too many tentacles in the game... maybe tone it down some?

    2. I_eat_food on

      +1 For swapping Gluttony and Lust controllers.

    3. Eric Lotos on

      +1 For swapping Gluttony and Lust controllers.

    4. DevGuy on

      +1 For swapping Gluttony and Lust controllers.

    5. ROGAR

      TO CMON: I really love the design and colors of the additional sins boxes, since each of them has different color then I assume that PRIDE and SLOTH, the sins that come right with the base set have a different color cards and are different color based.
      Is there any way that you can either present them well organized inside the Core Box with each inside their own same size but different color based box too, just like the other 5 sins?
      I think that the Core set will look more impressive this way and will motivate retail buyers to purchase the additional sins as they will be familiar with the sin boxes size and presentation.
      And for us, the ones in this campaign looking at the 7 colorful sin boxes together will certainly look even better displayed in our shelves. And will give players the vision to select the sin that they want to fight against in the game.
      If you can not do that this late in the hour then how about offering those 2 "missing" boxes as a reward on the Kickstarter for pledgers? I am sure that shipping those 2 sins apart will leave you guys more room inside the core box to fit the multiple stretch goals already unlocked in this campaign.

    6. Rand Chua TL on

      Can we have others type of Sins monster without tentacles? ^_^

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrej Medved on

      I agree with the tentacles overload comments...
      I also got from wuhuuu to.. eh .. another tentacle guy.
      I was looking forward to paint the minis.. now the only ones that are pulling me are the apocalypse expansion minis. Those are GREAAAT!!

    8. Roy Westerman on

      So much for ever playing this game with the women in my gaming group... *sigh*

    9. Todd Ferrullo on

      I love the way these look personally and hope that we get a painted version of them update tomorrow (plus a painted Delta Team update soon).

    10. Sammy on

      More boobs for ya fellas! :D

    11. Ir0n F4ther on

      I look forward to seeing the spiky pain goodness of my favourite sin...... WRATH.

      I imagine they will be by far the most brutal looking of the sins. I hope the controller is a really angry/raged out nerdy looking guy with a football sock full of metal miniatures that he uses to beat his victims to death.

    12. dafrca on

      To be honest, I am starting to feel tentacle overload. I get they are going for a Psudo- Cthuhlu theme, but right now I have gone from super excited to sort of "Ok" and it is because of the tentacles, so many of them they are growing less and less scary to me. With they would have aimed for different not just melted flesh and tentacles for all.

    13. Doug Chapman

      @Brian LOTS of tentacles in this game. Seems 'Melted Flesh and Tentacle Fest' Would be a better name for the game.

      Allow me to throw a caveat in here real quick: I like the art, the story and the sculpts. I hope this turns out to be a strong horror game. That is why I backed it.

      I do applaud the choice to stray from the norm somewhat (a new vision is always welcome); but if you were to drop all the minis in a box, and ask someone who has never seen the game to divvy them up by their sins, you would probably end up with a single big pile of tentacles. And melted flesh.

      I realize that clichés can be boring; I just hoped to see some difference in all the sculpts besides length and placement of tentacles.

      Scene in a FLGS-
      TV stereotype nerd: "Obviously this is a lust acolyte as the tentacular membranes are jutting from the torso above the median plane at a 47 degree angle with a reach-arc of 92 degrees."

      Customer in game shop: Oh. So this be-tentacle person is a lust demon?

      TVsn: Uhhhh, No. That is OBVIOUSLY a gluttony controller. Gah! The tentacles are at a *48* degree angle. Shah, N00b.


    14. Jace Silvestre

      @Timmoth Thats the plan I got. The models look better suited for those sins then the ones they are supposed to represent.

    15. Dagda

      Awesome minis. And I find the controller just perfect. :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      The all gluttony minis are great!

    17. Timmoth on

      Actually it might work to just swap the gluttony and lust controller models around when playing, but still use the same rules...?

    18. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      I find it refreshing that the lust character isn't an oversexed, leather-clad woman and the gluttony characters isn't just a fat naked man. Those would have been the obvious choices.

    19. Brian Wolf on

      Lots of tentacles in this game.

    20. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @James Ruggles - Don't worry, we will. With 6 days left, We'll reach 1M$+ for certain. The last 72 hours of CMoN KSes tend to be awesome.

    21. James Ruggles on

      I'll be so happy if we end up with all of the sins! Fingers crossed!

    22. Double-Plus Ungood on

      The Gluttony Avatar looks like he has a tentacle comb-over. "I'm NOT bald! See, I have a full head of writhing hair."

    23. Missing avatar


      I think the lust controller is perfect, maybe the best overall ^^. And this one is nice too pls don't change :D!

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Alan Porter on

      The abominations look like baby apocalypse :-p

    25. Michael Sprague

      I like the Avatar and Abomination - but the Controller, not so much. The lack of clothes seems unthematic... I think that's what I want to say - something just doesn't connect... I wouldn't have been surprised to have seen this one for Lust - although, too on the nose - though the whip in this one is also a little too on the nose, too - Glutton for Punishment?

      While Gluttony certainly can be about more than just eating - it really is about the over consumption in a wasteful way.

      This one just feels called in, no offense to the artist, it's a fine piece, just doesn't work for this theme/sin... and this is the first one I've felt about that...

      Maybe it's because it's a woman (and Lust was, I think, a man) and usually this one would have been reserved for a more Boss Hog or Henry the 8th kind of feel... actually, I kinda like that - why not a fat king like looking guy?

    26. Jan Schattling

      Great Update.
      I knew we would get boobs, I would have never thought it would be on the gluttony abomination. :-)

    27. Missing avatar


      Lol :D a pre**** gluttony bi*** ^^ that's kinda ironic isn't it? I like it all! Nice one on this, thing it nails the theme as good as greed and better than the rest ^^!

    28. Michael Pflug on

      That's what we were waiting for!

    29. MRiley on

      There. You get your boob controller. Happy now, people? XD

    30. Roland

      I approve of this update.

    31. Godfather Punk

      Om nom nom