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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. GothamCityBank on

      Really should be core box inclusion.

    2. Julian Schuetze on

      Might do that actually. Fire tokens red, corruption tokens green, pentagrams black.

      You'd have to make sure that none of the edges get paint though, because if memory serves some tokens are played upside down for a reveal.

    3. Julian Schuetze on

      You could always paint the token. Find a red primer, paint the flames black or any other way you see fit.

    4. Josh on

      @ Awesomus Prime
      Thanks for clearing that up - it makes sense now.
      Although I still feel like the graphic design on them is a little strange.

      I do like the multi-colored tokens they use in the video. Even though they're prototypes, they make the board look more like a part of it's on fire than these plastic ones do. The plastic ones might as well just say "fire" on them. At least they'll last longer than the cardboard ones.

      Plastic dice, plastic figures, plastic tokens... all I need now are plastic dashboards and some card sleeves and I can make sure it will be around for my grand kids to enjoy. ;)

    5. wikiro on

      Gray might end up being my favorite color

    6. Kenna

      These are exactly what I want and always hope to have in my CMON titles, plastic versions of the cardboard tokens that will be harder for people to mar and will stand up to repeated wear. In Zombicide, one of my colored objective markers got a big ding in the back so it was glaringly obvious where that certain objective was on the board when face down. You try not to let it affect your choices, but it's going to. So plastic = win for me.

    7. Awesomus Prime on

      @Court Campion @TyDeL CMON has stated multiple times that 3D fire / nest / pentagram / corruption tokens would not happen. The sin player has opportunities to play these tokens face down, and that doesn't work with 3D tokens. These were a compromise so no game mechanics would be harmed and we could still get plastic.

    8. Danny Shafer

      I love using the plastic tokens in my Zombicide games and I know I'll love them in this game too. They look great and 22 cents a token is reasonable.

    9. Julian Schuetze on

      22 cents for a nicely made, etched double sided token that will last longer than the cardboard counterpart is reasonable to me.

      I'm fine with the 2d tokens. Too much 3d and the board just gets too cluttered, need to see the heroes and the enemy position clearly.

    10. Josh on

      These plastic tokens aren't worth $20 for me, maybe if they were 3D... They all look too iconic like they belong in Pandemic or something, especially the the fire tokens. It draws away from the atmosphere of the game. Thanks for the effort, but these are pretty lame. :/

    11. etkeller

      To Andrew Charles
      $20 for 88 plastic tokens is expensive. Like each token is about 22 cents. Seems pretty expensive to me. I agree, seems like should have been a core box upgrade. But thats the way CMoN roles its kickstarters. Keep adding addons to drive up the $. But then why not..cause people like me buy them. No one is forced to buy them. I must have changed my pledge 5 times by now. Well see you. Got to update my pledge!

    12. Court Campion on

      I would like to see an $8 add-on that lets us choose 6 of the same type of dice.

    13. Court Campion on

      Count me in the camp of wanting actual 3D "shapes" instead of flat tokens. I wanted something similar to the corruption or heart counters for most of these: a pack of little fires, some cool tentacle nests, a small cop figure or hoodie guy figure. Something more like the 3D doors from previous campaigns. Don't get me wrong, these are cool for most of these but some screamed for more to me. Already $200 deep so I will be passing on these.

    14. Max Maloney on

      While I would love figures for police and proxy and ravencorp, I am so glad the tokens this way in general. 3D fire and corruption would be cumbersome and make the board too crowded.

    15. Frank Wisnes

      I'll join the "black instead of grey" as well as "why not minis"-bandwagon. B-Sieged did the mulfin set for token replacement, why not go all in and do minis here as well?

    16. TyDeL

      I was actually expecting an Orbital Strike figure also, seems anticlimactic to move a representative disc around that's doing something as cool as shooting lazers from SPACE! Wouldn't it be great to have a figure that was a really long lazer beam hitting the ground?

      Maybe I just had too much built up in my head, I'll stop spamming here.

    17. TyDeL

      Maybe there will be stretch goals to "upgrade" The Commissioner, the Proxy and Ravencorp to cool minifigs for this addon?

    18. TyDeL

      Yeah wow... this is a bit disappointing. First time I've said that for this project. I was really expecting more 3-dimensional tokens. Especially for the fire I was expecting stand up flames. Also for the guys that travel around with your characters... was hoping for something more thematic for disks. Guess I'm just surprised from CMoN, you guys are usually gratuitous about this kind of stuff.

      I'd honestly MUCH rather have miniatures for many of these figures than for extra hero's. These are goign to be in every game of The Others.

    19. Missing avatar


      Why did you make the character tokens still as tokens? Would have been nice to make them actual miniatures or a little more 3d. I always have to search for proxys for these things.... ;)

    20. Tarrant

      I own most of the Zombicide stuff but never jumped at the plastic tokens...that is, until we played one evening with a friend's Zombicide set and we used the plastic tokens. So awesome...purchased them the next day! Also made sure I picked up the plastic tokens for Z:BP too. They are great quality and really add to the game experience. I can see plastic tokens being even more important for the longevity of this game where the tokens are being handled more frequently (+1 action tokens, tokens being added/removed from the board constantly, etc.).

    21. Michael Pflug on

      I was hoping that this would be a stretch goal. 20 bucks for something, that doesn't enhance gameplay in any way is a lot of cash. 10 to 15 $ would have been ok. Might skip this one.

    22. Andrew Charles on

      What are people's thoughts? $20 worth 88 plastic tokens?

    23. Missing avatar

      Juanjo Roche on

      Love the plastic tokens BUT I really hope there is still a chance to have plastic figures for PROXY and Commissioner... Cmon they ARE figures! Innocents would also be more than welcome.

    24. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      Constructive feedback is that I prefer the black plastic and printed colour of ZBP, over the grey, but I truly love the designs on them, especially he faith ones!!! I am getting them for sure, if you can consider black over grey, you might get more takers as its sexier and more thematic that way (darker). Great work designing them all so fast for sure :D

    25. Zain 'Sylverphyre' Hamzah on

      Is there any reason to get more than one of this?

    26. Piotr Michalski on

      Very nice!
      I was here only for base game, now I pledged for apocalypse and this. Umhm, it's going to be expensive again.

    27. Oscar Iglesias

      Ups, i really thought it would be a core box upgrade :(

    28. diversionArchitect on

      Another insta buy! Not AS exciting as the Apocalypse pack, but I was really hoping for this!
      Keep em coming CMON!

    29. Nyrmala on