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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Eric Lotos on

      I was thinking kangaroo...

    2. Ramón on

      im going to paint her like "avatar" :P and i would really like her if she was in a running position, like when the runners are waiting for the "start shot" in a race

    3. Rand Chua TL on

      Pls make kitty Kanga tail correct 28 mm size to miniature.

    4. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      Can anyone say 'Avatar'?

    5. Scott D


    6. wikiro on

      She is going to be awesome to paint!

    7. Missing avatar


      I like it.
      Fingers still crossed for a Canadian character though :)

    8. Xavier

      At least she bring variety for the hero choice

    9. Jeremy Slottje on




      Please, we need snarf and the rest of the thundercats.

    10. Julian Schuetze on

      Also the orbitals are human yet have the narrow feline eyelids. I think my biggest issue is that they put cat features on a human skull. Doesn't look right.

    11. Julian Schuetze on

      I wish the face was more feline. They put a cat nose on a human skull. Proportions are off.

    12. David DD on

      Love the idea and the drawing.
      For the lonnnnggg neck: It may be a reference to african "girafe-women" with long neck s and rings around it...
      besides ... the face has to be reworked ... pleassseee she can look so great :)
      (close her mouth first ^^)

    13. Michael Pflug on

      I like the Design and the character. But I have to agree, that the neck of the sculpt is too long.

    14. PG on

      Kanga does not look good ... compared to the other sculpts ... I hope there will be rework on that one !

    15. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell

      After the apocalypse box, I wasn't expecting this... Meh. Everything else has been awesome so let's get this one in the past already.

    16. Roguebaron on

      Kanga looks horrible, when did the seven sins become the seven sins of Avatar?

      Rest of the sculpts look great.

    17. shawn warcot


    18. Julian Schuetze on

      Yeah, looking more at it this is my least favorite. The body looks okay until the neck. It's weirdly elongated and the helmet weirdly frames a face that doesn't look right to me.

      At most I've not been a fan of some of the other sculpts, but still find them okay. I just don't like this one at all, will probably not spend the time painting it.

    19. Hubert on

      40.000 USD grap? wtf?
      and the mini - big MEH

      Apocalypse big yaaay

    20. Julian Schuetze on

      The neck on the sculpt looks silly. Not excited about this one at all, which is too bad because the art made it look interesting

    21. Elessara

      The character does look much better than the sculpt (The head/helmet just looks weird) and I would like her much better if she were wearing some.... not underwear, but I'm sure she will still get plenty of playtime at my table.

    22. David on

      NOOOOOOO...more sin! Haha. Throw this in the box after we have all our sin! :P

    23. Missing avatar


      You are right guys + The image looks much better than the sculpt... Seems like the sculptor didn't like that idea either ^^.
      Waiting for 40K on this one... bad deal.
      Give us some wrath and gluttony !
      By the way... doesn't greed already look pretty gluttony at this miniatures? ^^

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Actually, maybe I'm being overly harsh. The sculpt is pretty and and will paint up fine.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Another Polly as far as I'm concerned. Bad idea, bad sculpt. Still, the apoc. add-on totally blew me away so who cares!

    26. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      We need the last 2 sins, not some furry cat hero.

    27. Crystal Groves

      To be fair, fantasy cat people tend to have the same kind of anatomy. It may not be to your liking but I don't think it's a straight rip off of Avatar. Hell, Batman the Animated series had cat hybrids that looked exactly like this.

    28. James Ruggles on

      40k for a cat person? Meh.

    29. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Maybe it isn't an intentional reference, but you have to admit the resemblance between Kanga and a Na'vi is definitely there.

    30. euansmith

      Catperson with boowbz... this and Doc the Gorilla are certainly the two weakest looking minis in the collection; which is a shame as so many of the others are cool and original looking designs.

    31. TyDeL

      Neat! I'm less enthused about more hero's, and this stretch goal is further away than most have been, but at least happy she's not a straight human.

      I'm curious, this talks about her stats, I didn't realize there were different stats per character, how come those haven't been shown with each character? I'd be more interested in having variety if I knew how different each Hero player was.

    32. Thiago Aranha on

      This figure was sculpted by Juan Navarro Perez, who's an amazing sculptor.

    33. Missing avatar


      Na just kiddin I like anything more fantastic. To many humans ruin the mix ^^.

    34. Missing avatar

      Gunter Schmidt on

      I think the CONCEPT itself is interesting, but that design, no thank you. Catgirl in underwear. Urgh. With armour and a better pose she could've been great.

    35. Missing avatar


      Lol those Avatar rights must have been expensive haven't they? :D
      To those who say thosw who say - I say :D!

    36. diversionArchitect on

      Anthony- I would. 5 spaces!

    37. Alexander B. Hill on

      No relation to Neytiri, right?

    38. Gavin Meakings on

      For those saying its an Avatar reference I don't think it is. It's just a human feline crossbreed and this is similar to how they have been visualised in hundreds of books, movies, RPGs, etc.
      Not the most exciting sculpt but I don't think it's a move into pop culture references which I am grateful for.

    39. MRiley on

      Well, the size comes into play - I think she looks okay, the concept is a bit different than the usual catperson (definitely some Avatar Na'vi in Kanga).

      I like the character though - will look pretty good in some black and gold. Bring it!

    40. Anthony on

      Needs a rework I think - who is going to want to play this character when there are other far better looking models?

    41. Shane

      I'll forgive the stupid cat-person hero in light of the amazing Horsemen add-on.

    42. Green_Lumux on

      @ Crystal we have seen two so far (the gorilla, Doc in th first team add on); wouldn't be surprised if others pop up as well!

    43. Eric M. on

      Such a difference in sculpt quality between monsters and Faith member ...
      Guess that's why the monster sculptors are named and not the faith one.

      Kanga and Poly are really poor sculpt.

    44. Vernon Piper on

      @Piotr The problem is, I don't want F.A.I.T.H. I want to SIN.

    45. diversionArchitect on

      I like her, but isn't 5 spaces 3 more than most heroes?

    46. Piotr Michalski on

      @Garlock, yeah, it's not the best looking model, but she's free, and with Apocalypse, we will unlock her today without any trouble. Better things are coming, have faith :)

    47. S Buntenbach

      can`t we see s weaver and not avatar

    48. Crystal Groves

      So she's *one* of Dr. Leah Solomon's experiments....does that mean that there are more?

    49. DarkWolff on

      Cool update. 5 spaces a turn is nuts, but there seems to be a typo:
      "5 Spaces per turn, 2 more than normal heroes!"
      Heroes can only move 2 a turn, so 2 + 2 = 4. Can she move 4 a turn, or 5 (3 more than normal)?

    50. Vernon Piper on

      Less shitty F.A.I.T.H. heroes, more SINS.