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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Lindon Paxton on

      @nupraptortwo. That is what they do in the video but not what it says in the rules. I actually prefer the rules since a fire can readily kill a hero if rolling to many additional roll results. Should there be some fire extinguisher inventory items readily available or even a fireman as a supportive innocent to help put out fires. How about a priest innocent to help get rid of corruption.

      I sincerely hope that we get 3D models for the innocents.

    2. RabidBlackDog on

      Page 35, image to the right, caption says: "(...)but he takes 1 Corruption.w"
      Delete that "w".
      The whole "inventory of upgrades" seems a little unclear to me, could be explained better.

      Also, for the innocents tokens. We have a woman, pregnant women, choldren, a person with a child, a disabled person, animal lover but not a perfectly healthy, single male. That's a little bit sexist :)

    3. Eric Roberts aka TechnicolorTaco

      I haven't gotten a chance to look through the whole thing, but noticed that in the Credits section, specifically the copyright paragraph, mentions Blood Rage and not The Others: 7 Sins.
      I'll post other concerns if I find any that haven't already been posted.

    4. Feqz on

      Feedback on the rules draft:
      Overall nicely done. I especially like the layout and design.
      Little things I noticed:
      - p14 city action: picture shows trophy - no symbol explanation in the rules text for that symbol.
      - p24 sin cards: confusing text on 'limited sin cards' - there is no hand limit for the sin player.
      - p29 fire check: missing 'hit with burst' - might be confusing. Dice rolls are explained later.
      - p39 index: missing page numbers :)
      - p8/9 game term 'monster': has no definition - effectively all sin minis are monsters (sin and acolyte monsters) might be confusing in the beginning

    5. nupraptortwo on

      @Lindon Paxton: "This mentions nothing about "hit plus burst" allowing an extra dice to be rolled (unlike corruption)."
      But in the video of the team playing, the fire rolls uses "hit plus rolls", Eric killed Morgana with that

    6. Lindon Paxton on

      @CMON: In the opening story it talks about Strike Team One but the Teams we are getting have Greek names not numbers. So should this be Strike Team Alpha?

      Consistency in using either "Sin Player" or "Sins Player" but not both (several instances throughout the rules).

      At the end of the choosing a story it says about placing the tokens on the story. But then you have to the map that requires looking at the reverse of the story board. Probably best to have he placing of the tokens on the Story Board as the last of the FAITH set up procedure.

      Hero Turns. Two of these should be indented (as per Rules Summary) or even removed to avoid confusion. Also might mention that the Sin Player can play a Sin Card during the Hero Turn (at any point during?) At the end have a line saying "Sin Player decides whether to play a Reaction Token".

      Sin Reactions (pg 12). Should add "Choose whether to play a Sin Card".

      Sin Reaction (pg ) Change from "by spending his Reaction tokens to react to a specific Hero’s Turn." to "by spending a Reaction token to react to a specific Hero’s Turn."

      Page 18 Change to "Permanent Sins Token"

      Should not be "Draw Extra Sin Cards" but "Draw Sin Cards". And should make clear that this is the only opportunity to gain Sin Cards (unless there are some Apocalypse Cards that can do so).

      Sin Cards: "As a reminder of that, each Sin card should be played in front of the Sins Player, and kept there until the end of the Turn. When the next Hero starts his Turn, move that Sin card to a discard pile."
      "Each Sin Card shows the moment in which it can be played. The Sins Player can only play a Sin card at the moment indicated on it, executing the effect described in the card and then discarding it." (note it should be "on" not "in"). These are inconsistent rules. The former rule allows a Sin Card to have an effect in both the Hero Turn and the Sin Reaction.

      Fire Checks (pg 29): This mentions nothing about "hit plus burst" allowing an extra dice to be rolled (unlike corruption). I like this. However, later in the "Rolling Dice" section need to remind players of this - "Hit with Burst – Counts as a Hit result, but also immediately roll an extra die (unless for a Fire Check). If that die also results in a , roll an extra die, and so on.

      There may be some other typos etc. but this should do for now.

    7. Sammy on

      Just finished the rule book. All seems pretty straight forward. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    8. Manuel Sapage on

      On page 6, in the contents, it's strange to have the werewolf figure without any description. I would add something like "Karl in human and wolf form" below both figures (and remove the "Karl" description below the human form).

    9. Awesomus Prime on

      The outer cover (page 40?) says "Sins roll again the original hero role" under ranged fight. I think this is supposed to be "against" and not "again"?

    10. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      On page #14 of the rule book, it describes the 5 city actions, but there is a sixth action in the example (trophy cup). Is the mission exclusive?

      Also a spelling error on page #3. '2 orbital strike token'

    11. Santiago on

      it would be great if those tentacle tokens were exclusives, many backers would add them, also the boxed gamma and other expansions

    12. Alan Morales on

      would you guys consider selling duplicates of the kickstarter exclussive figures? and additional green rings for those of us who dont want to switch back and forth from human to werewolf ? it can help with reaching the goal for the next sin box. will there be more faith heroes?.

    13. Thiago Aranha on

      @Alan Morales: The final production plastics always lose some resolution in comparison to the original resins, but you can see examples of how well they turned out in the main page and in several of the updates.

    14. Alan Morales on

      the miniatures painted are resin, so they have sharp details specially on the faces, are the plastic ones that we are getting as detailed or have they lost significant detail where the faces are almost rubed off? can you guys show a video of close ups of the character models?. also can you guys provide the models unasembled so we can get the best detail painting on them?

    15. nupraptortwo on

      We need more addons to finish this sin fast.
      Maybe a 8th secret kickstarter exclusive sin...? :)
      In the past there were more than 7

    16. CK Lai on

      @ Alviaran: check out CMON's Wrath of Kings demo videos. You can see the scale there.

    17. Sammy on

      Is the blonde Nun Acolyte a female or an alter boy or something?

    18. Thiago Aranha on

      @Alviaran: Base of these tokens is 15mm.

    19. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      @boo. It's story sensitive. It tells you on the back of the card, along with recommended city scape set up.

    20. Missing avatar

      Booyakasha on


      How many abominations/acolytes does the sin player get to set up in the beginning? All of them?

    21. Frank Wisnes

      I prefer having everything in one rulebook over having to look up rules in 6 different books. All in one place is a huge advantage.

    22. C on

      The Sin player gets as many reaction tokens as there are heroes. "After each Hero finishes his Turn, the Sin Player can choose to spend a Reaction token or not." Does this mean the Sin player can only play one token against the hero, or can he still play another token against the same hero??

    23. Court Campion on

      Page 10, section 6 "Choose Heroes" was a bit confusing for me but I did ultimately get it... Maybe a reword like such:

      "...The number of Heroes in play is determined by the number of Hero Players:
      1 Player controls 3 Heroes
      2 Players control 2 Heroes each (4 total)
      3 Players control 1 Hero each (3 total)
      4 Players control 1 Hero each (4 total)

    24. George Cook on

      @Thiago 1st page, 3rd paragraph. It should read, "Soloman sighed AND sat down"

      And I don't think you should talk about expansions and all the sold separately stuff. This rule book should only cover the base game and any rules for the expansions should come with them.

    25. George Cook on

      @Michel if they add another green ring for him they have to add another ring for the other werewolf and then if any others come out it just goes crazy. If you can't be bothered to change the bit of plastic take a few minutes and paint the bases.

    26. Michael Pflug on

      There is only on green ring for both of Karls miniatures in the game box. The rulebook says wie should switch it between the minis every time he transforms from man to werewolf and vice versa.
      Why don't you include a green ring for both of his minis in the game?

    27. Sebastian Pa on

      My fresh notes on rulebook. There should be a chart and explanation how and when does Sin Player get additional sculpts. How he summons and gets dead figures back The description of summoning suddenly mentions dead figures... That means Sin player need to have some sort of order in his figures which is not stated at all.

    28. rodney nadeau on

      Probably not the best way to up the pledge #'s

    29. Missing avatar


      Exactly how wide is the base of the heart tokens? I am considering adding some to my pledge for another game entirely, but want to make sure they are not too big.

    30. diversionArchitect on

      Another note- p27 Psychopathy Trigger. It is unclear what is meant by "adjacent heroes," I would assume "heroes within 1 space" but it could mean "within the same space."

    31. Syco54645 on

      @Rogar, yeah I would pull out if that happened. Not as excited about this game as I was at the beginning anyway.

    32. diversionArchitect on

      Also a few notes on the rulebook:
      -Setup is left mostly unmentioned. It is unclear if the Sin player always has 2 altar tokens or if it is based on player count or game mode.
      -Hellclub summoning- The blurb describes the Hell Club members as being summoned to a nest, while the cards state they are summoned to any pentagram when summoned. Are these three examples shown exceptions to the rule, or is this a mistake?
      -The Hero dice picture on page 34 is a bit confusing based on it's placement. It is showing how the dice are tallied up for the roll, but then shows the results and the extra die from the faith roll explode (but does not call out that as the source of this 6th die)
      -"Draw Extra Sin Cards"- is misleading because it is described as the ONLY way to gain Sin Cards, but implies that this is on top of some pre-established number of Sin Cards drawn.
      -Corrupted Nun board p22- This seems like a good place to explain what this Acolyte does. It is not clear what "city icon" means, nor what having the corruption token replace it means for play.

      I'll keep looking, but that was what I noticed.

    33. Bruno Gaia

      Is it me that is having a bout of fanboyism or are those rules extremeley well-written and clear already?

    34. DarkWolff on

      Noticed a few things in the rulebook:
      - At least one of the tile pics has the old extra turn icon (the trophy)
      - Page 35 has an extra w as the last character. "but he takes 1 Corruption.w"
      - The explanation of the player dashboard doesn't reference the HP track at all.

      In a ranged combat, are monsters required to move towards the hero after the shot? I assume yes, but I can see situations where the Sin player might want to move them somewhere else and the rulebook doesn't explicitly spell this out.

    35. ROGAR

      You guys need to ignite this campaign by offering a few Kickstarter exclusives. To be honest we are not too far away from the end and it will be quite a dissappontment to back a 7 sins game that only has 5 sins unlocked.

    36. Bill the Raven on

      Are these the tokens for the dashboards only? They seem completely unnecessary if so. I was hoping for the plastic tokens to replace the cardboard ones used on the board. Hopefully those are still coming. :)

    37. DeLo on

      @Thiago, Thanks, these are some of the best heart tokens in board gaming!!! I use them in many of my games.

    38. James One of Many

      Corrupted accordion!! How fabulous is that!?!?

    39. Thiago Aranha on

      @DeLo: Yes, these are the same heart tokens as AQ.

    40. Court Campion on

      Those painted minis looks amazing and I can't wait to dive into the rulebook. Going from 7 to 67 corruption tokens seems a bit excessive so I most likely won't be buying those. Also a little bummed these aren't 3D tokens for the other exploration tokens: Fire, Nest, Proxies, etc.

    41. DeLo on

      Are these the same woulds as Arcadia Quest?

    42. Cerealkiller195 on

      @Soulchief quite a few people were asking in the comments section for 3d tokens and extra tentacle/heart tokens.

    43. Jansim on

      Never mind that stupid comment, I just realized we already have tokens included in the base pledge... So everything is awesome, as always with CMON

    44. Jansim on

      Everything cool is extra $. makes me wish I had an unlimited stash of $ :)

    45. CK Lai on

      OK, ya got me, CMON. I don't normally do add ons... but the tentacle and heart tokens will be perfect for Wrath of Kings. So... ya got me!

    46. Missing avatar

      tyrone bachus

      what about a split pack... 15 and 15 for like $5 or even 30/30 for $10?

    47. soulchief on

      Not sure if I need the extra tokens or not.. What's the reason for the extras?

    48. Crystal Groves

      Those doctors look so freaking good/scary. I love it. I really hope I can do even half as well when I paint my stuff.

    49. Christophe Loyce on

      @ Ryan - it looks like it is a corruption of the flesh around the bone, though, rather than a "proper" peg leg. Like your flesh goes first, and you're left hobbling on your shin bone...