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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Alan Morales on

      Im hoping for more heroes or mercs perhaps, we need the really weird heroes like a group of super powerfull children from some forgoten asylum or orphan home, powers to regenerate the sin that has been taken by a choice or make the heroes imune to some element , and then have one of those kids like that firestarter movie. Honestly i cant wait for this game to come out it looks like a ton of fun.

    2. Missing avatar


      I think we will be able to unlock the whole package of sins... hopefully.
      But they should unlock the last sin set completely at least at 800k, since even this will be heavy to archieve.
      It would somehow be a very incomplete game if not, wouldn't it?

      By the way nice painting job! I hope I will manage to come close to that quality ^^

    3. Renato "Merc with a Mouth" Lule on

      @Adam and @Adrien, idk about that. Even though CMON nixed the 3rd sculpt SG for this one, it's still 70k to unlock the full sin set which is the same as last sin.

    4. Michael LaMastra

      I agree Adrien, I just want all 7 sins included before the end but I don't think that's going to happen.

    5. Adrien Auger on

      Yeah, when you think about it, making a stretch goal for 6 figures, and then the next stretch goal for two of those figures to be replaced is kind of a cheap ploy.

    6. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      They are because there wasn't a SG to unlock a third sculpt for them. Tbh, if they hadn't for Lust and Greed by doing what Envy had done, we honestly could have been in the next Sin....maybe.

    7. Renato Lopes on

      Is it just me or the envy abominations are by far the most varied?

    8. Alan Morales on

      Hey guys will there be an OMEGA squad?

    9. diversionArchitect on

      Unlikely I'll even attempt painting these. Just wow.
      But I am super glad that these minis do not require assembly. I never knew how spoiled I was until I got Shadows of Brimstone. Assembly sucks!

    10. Missing avatar

      grainger on

      Will you be doing a full paint guide as I am new to these models and I don't want them to look bad

    11. Ir0n F4ther on

      My pledge unlocked it. I demand tribute!!!!! :P

    12. Jordan Hill on

      666 The Number of the Beast!

    13. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      my guess: paint the interiors first, regular brush or airbrush... cover interiors with liquid mask to paint the outside... remove liquid mask before it adhere to the paint

    14. Bill the Raven on

      Yes, please explain how one might paint the interiors of these. :)

    15. Adrien Auger on

      Those would be an amazing pain in the ass to paint.

    16. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      Amazing painting once again... How on earth did you paint inside those fly traps!!! All secrets and methods welcome!

    17. Crystal Groves

      How did they paint these?! Can we get a video? XD