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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Foundryfire on

      The best advice that I received about painting miniatures is to paint them from the inside (and what is the hardest to reach) parts and paint each area as you go to the outmost parts.
      Also, seal the finished miniature with a sealant. I use Testors Dullcote for most areas as it gives the most realistic sheen for most projects. This stuff is the best that I found for this - other products (even ones that say they are matte) don't work as well. On individual area that need moist looks (mouths, eyes, etc) I use a spot of a gloss finish.

    2. Eric the Shed on

      just backed this on the strength of the envy miniatures...

    3. Renato "Merc with a Mouth" Lule on

      @Fernando, wait until you see Wrath!

    4. Fernando Guizar Rojas on

      All the other sins can go home, this is obviously the best one.

    5. QuoteStar

      For those wondering, Thiago mentioned earlier that we would be seeing the rule book ideally by the 2nd.

    6. Renato "Merc with a Mouth" Lule on

      Minis will come PRE-ASSEMBLED. CMON has confirmed this multiple times.

    7. dafrca on

      I am interested in a board game with cool miniatures. I am not looking for unassembled miniatures for painting. While I understand those who hope for unassembled, I would be sorry to see a board game where I had to be a modeler to assemble the figures just to play the game.

      Does anyone know for sure either way?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan the Lunatic on

      If they don't come pre-assembled, I'm out. Nothing worse than gluing minis in my book.

    9. Gonzalo on

      @CoolMiniOrNot Are you going to make a preview of the rules like in the last 3 campaigns? The overview of the game sounds incredible with lots of replay options, and the gameplay video gives you some idea, but there are lot of things not explained.

    10. Greg Taylor on

      @MRiley/Re: I also have this concern, Ideally some of these miniatures would be better supplied UN-assembled, such amazing minis but painting them assembled would be pretty tragic... I would appreciate any CMON response on this subject if possible.

    11. Crystal Groves

      I'm planning on going from the inside out. Just try and stuff the colors in the crannies inside (probably various reds and pinks), do a wash, paint and dry brush the teeth (or use a very sharp watercolor pencil to reach). Then delicately try and paint the outer layer without screwing everything up. That's my plan anyway. I'm going to practice on the abominations first.

    12. MRiley on

      If these are coming pre-assembled, I must insist upon a painting guide. That's a lot of interior space to get to...

    13. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      Envy's abominations above all.
      Super minis!

    14. Charles-Antoine on

      Really nice figs. It's not only a tentacle orgy for once :)

    15. Luke Willcock on

      These look awesome, at this rate expect the next sin at the $820-$890 mark and the final sin at the £1010-£1080 mark. Also another team box, Beta Team. Can't wait!

    16. CaGeRit

      I love the demons in this. Very gribbly, very alien. Too many people try to make stuff like this "relatable". Lust is sexy, greed is fat, pride is vain etc. The seven Sins have just enough characteristics to sort of clue you into what they represent, but other than that it looks like you've gone through some cyclopean portal. It gives the impression that these entities aren't molded by the gestalt consciousness of mankind, rather that they're their own thing and the 7 sin paradigm is something man came up to explain them based on what buttons they press to manipulate lesser species.

    17. TyDeL

      Hah, good point... that Envy Avatar is going to be a huge PITA to paint.

      GREAT update! So happy to see another Sin, nice to see some stretch goals compiled into quality over quantity. Tons of great stuff getting piled onto this campaign. Can't wait!

    18. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      My goodness! Those Abominations look beyond awesome! The entire sin faction looks to have a good solid feel in their mechanics filled to the brim with theme too, wonderful stuff and a more than welcome SG.

    19. Eli Butcher on

      I love these figures, but they are going to be insanely difficult to paint... Especially the Envy avatar, and getting inside the stomach area, that are hidden behind other layers. Does anyone have any suggestions for how they plan on overcoming this obstical?

    20. Christophe Loyce on

      Just noticed that the envy box was green.... with Envy, presumably :D

    21. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      The Envy forces remind me of the Necromorphs of the "Dead Space" franchise. And their abilities are BRUTAL.

    22. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      I KNEW IT!!!!
      I figured we were due for a Sin, and I was right.
      However, my voices didn't expect Envy, not that I'm complaining.
      I mean, even the controller looks cool.
      Thanks, Thiago and CMON, for the SGs. The Sins dice bag is a nice touch as well, to complement the FAITH dice bag. One for the Hero dice, the other for the Sin dice.

    23. Warlock00 on

      @Claus Appel: Definitely must have the miniatures. They are the driving force behind the game. I feel the sin models are a little different because only one sin set is in play at any one time if you follow my drift. Suffice to say I am merely looking to enhance the game, not take anything away. :-)

    24. Christophe Loyce on

      Those minis are very disturbing (tat's a good thing).
      I think I'm really getting the vibe of "heroes are completely overwhelmed, and their struggle is desperate" just by looking at the minis - even a Captain Americanesque Keanu, or a millennia old vampire do not make one feel powerful or in control...

      (LArge werewolves with a sword still do the trick, though :D )

    25. Claus Appel on

      Fuck, yeah! These look great. :)

      @Dan Ederveen: Sure, you could just use the rules for one faction and substitute miniatures from another faction. But in the same vein, you could play the entire game completely without miniatures and just use pieces of cardboard. Would you want that? Maybe you would. For me, the cool miniatures are a very important part of what makes the game fun. :D

    26. Todd Ferrullo on

      Fantastic update. Tossing in the dice and bag plus reducing these to just three SGs are all great. The envy sculpts are truly creepy (in a good way). Hopefully we manage to hit all of these before the beginning of next week so there is time to get in a few more SGs before the 6th Sin (which I still feel needs to at least be in the queue before the final two days)

    27. Warlock00 on

      Awesome congrats, love your work. To critique, I feel the formula of 1 avatar, 1 controller, 6 abomination models to be somewhat redundant. It's like I could simply apply the sin cards and sin board to any of the previous models. I am sure you are aware of this. I wonder if in some way you could mix this up. Different Sins could have different model count, structure, or unique type. eg. A 4th type of creature "type D", whereever rules refer to abomination you may choose either an abomination or "type D". eg. A pair of avatars symbiotically linked, a story/mission that requires the death of the avatar now requires the death of both in the same round. eg. 4 Controllers and 8 small Abominations, when deploying a controller it is paired with an abomination. Just some ideas. Sorry if this has already been discussed, I only just came on board and there are a lot of comments. Great job.

    28. Godfather Punk

      Ok, as these minis come pre-assembled, how in 7 Sins name do you paint the inside of those maws?

    29. Paint'Riot Studio

      Envy controler is awesome !

    30. Xavier

      Long road in front of us.

    31. Kursh on

      AWESOOOOOOOOOME! Dice bag is epic :)

    32. Drive Elizabeth on

      Love the look of the Envy Abominations - fantastic sculpts!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Scott 'Jager' W.

      I am already looking forward to the painted Envy sculpts update. :)